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polar code and ballast water management
isps and ism
fuel oil regulation that is coming up in 2018
difference between tank washing in chem and crude tankers
how tank washing done
is the tank washing machine permanent or portable
tank washing machine type and its working
what is CLC currency
slop tank requirements for chemical tankers
new annex IV reg
why some ships has no bulbous bow
bulkhead stool
damage stability
why Nox emissions need to be reduced?how to reduce nox?Nox technical file and its contents.
what is caused by green house gases(answer is global warming)
wht are green house gases emitted by ship( 2 gases-co2 and methane)
list of annex VI pollutants ( evenafter answering list from ODS to Nox he wants incinerator in the answer)
CO2 system pressure testing ,fixed CO2 safeties,how will you blowthrough the lines of CO2,how eill you make sure the air will n
ows regulation, discharge criteria of oily bilge in and out special areas
sewage discharge criteria including flow rate of the sewage discharge pump formula
static and dynamic test of lifeboat brakes
risk assessment matriz
torsion box purpose
what is TLV and its unit
ENCLOSED SPACE ENTRY,what all check to be done,what all gases to be checked,how much should be O2 content , hydrocarbon
use of explosive meter, why not tankscope?
mlc resthours
lifeboat brakes
cargohold smoke detection system
4E called at night saying flooding in the engine room.what is your action(he wants us to give AE cooling using emergency fire p
how static electricity in tank cause explosion (he wants to know how spark is generated)
IG system use
CPP installations
how H2S can cause explosion (answer with regard to pyrochloric iron sulphide)
how will you ensure pv breaker is operating correctly.what is the principle of pV breaker operation
Cross section of a bulkcarrier
propeller pitch,wake,wake fraction, definition(exact definition he wants)
how to find KM,GZ,GM
explain inclining experiment
GZ curve and its explanation
static stability booklet contents
who issues the static stability booklet
rudder checks
bilge keel
when ship heels why centre of buoyancy shifts
slip -all types with fig
reserve buoyancy
ou make sure the air will not reach the cylinder

O2 content , hydrocarbon, LEL%

ng using emergency fire pump and shut the sea chest..

cross section of container ship
torsion box
shear strake, bulbous bow , tumble home
stability questions
stability booklet explanation
angle of lol
co2 system cross questions
co2 head
fire detectors and type
inclination experiment
righting lever
cargo hold fire detection system explanation
chapter 12 for bulk carriers conditions
sox and nox
ultra low sulpher fuel oil problems
container percing tool ?
new regulation regarding container fire fighting
shell expansion plan
hypermist regulation where it is given?
difference between deficiency observations audit survey . How to close a audit preventive and corrective actions how dpa invo
bulk carrier ..what all things you see inside cargo hold,strengthning parts and its names
enhanced survey program
solas chapters
marpol annex 6
what are the certificates to be carried by the ship.
d corrective actions how dpa involved
amendments in IG system
ballast water management D1and D2
implementation of SMS onboard
noise code and max sound limit in engine room decibel A,B,C
Isps certificates
how to close a non conformity
dcp fire fighting sysytem
co2 early maintainnence
static and dynamic stability
incling experiment
ism audit preparation in engine room
mlc chapters and cadet regulation in mlc
annex 2 discharge regulation
latest regulation on ig
o2 analyser working
motor safty in gas carriers
difference between interim and initial certificate
ism audit preparation in engine room
purpose and principle of ISM
what is assessment according to ISPS
length of fire hose
low expansion foam ration
compiance and enforcement
static stability requirements
freee fall lifeboat requirements
how to calculate ship power when other parameters are known
light ship
MLC requirment
what are expectations and rights of seafarera
db tank strengthing members
types of floors
p & a manual
intact stability criteria
angle of loll /heel
co2 cyl head assy
function of relief valve in co2 system
IAPP certificate
annex VI complete
material for contruction of ship and their properties
gusset plate
goose neck
manhole door how to ensure not leaking
types of paints
difference between water tight and weather tightdoors and their locations
nox file contents
different types of ows
certificate of ISM
chemical certificates
classification of tankers based on IBC code
what is the international code for identifying chemials .which body decides it
green house gases which convention
apart from seemp ,eedi ,eeoi what is done onboard to reduce CO2 emissions
why sprinkler on lifeboat
what are lifeboat maintenance
imo guidelines for maintaining lifeboat hooks
what is the latest method of reporting green house gas emissions MRV
upcoming annex explain in detail
solas certificates carried onboard
mlc 2006 explain
annexIV files and records maintained onboard
o2 analyser calibration
flammability chart in tanker
chain up. Hawse pipe contruction regulation
how anchr holds ship when dropped
jumping clearence
rudder carrier bearing and pintle bearing
P&a manual
a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaldar=====sa====--
loadlne survey of engine room

reserve buyouncy explain
angle of lol
isps certificate who issues it
chemical foam diagram
foam system with diagram,foam proportionator with diagram-what happens to the foam in the line when the proportinator va
righting moment,righting lever
ows diagram and ows coalesced filter, how is oil separated in second stage filter, material of coalescer filter
types of bulkhead and its materials
co2 system draw,bursting disc release to where.?-co2 head assy , bursting disc, relief valve pressure..--co2 line safeties and purp
ism audit
stability booklet contents
damage control plan
condition of assignment of freeboard and cross questions
stable conditions
intrinsic safety
docking plan
sprinkler system-how to test
annex 6.methods of reduction of nox
nox file
pv valve purpose and working -how overpressure and under pressure is formed in tank
reserve buoyancy
ship coefficients explain
tpc details
enclosed space entry in HFO tank
vaccum sewage
annex 4 dishcharge criteria
free surface effect
freeboard and condition of assignment
objectives of ISM audit
incinerator alarms and cutouts
pumproom blowers wrking and regulation for that
draw automatic foam proportionator
simsons rule
explain free surface effect with a diagram
internal audit objective
conditon of ship to be stable
global warming potential
e line when the proportinator valve is fully closed

alescer filter

ssure..--co2 line safeties and purpose

IG diagram ,new amendments in IG system
fixed gas system diagram
battery room safety
pump room safety pump room ventilation and cross questions
CO2 sageties -relief valve operation
tanker cross section function of floor
type of floor ,
fire line relief valve -operation
numbering of hull framing .
general plan
engine room isolation valve
rudder carrier bearing how load is transferred
drawing of foam expansion ratio
explain stability of ship.,dynamic stability ,angle of lol
suezmax v/s aframax ship explanation
GT,NT, dead weight , light ship , displacement
law of floatation
dynamic stability and criteria in detail
draw the cross section of ship
draw and explain the longitudinal metacentric height
angle of lol and explanation
free surface effect
annex VI and explanation
ozone depleting substances and potentials
Nox fully explain , why Nox regulation required ?
ill effects of Nox
fire line safety
purpose of isolation valve and relief valve
CO2 system draw and explain
rudder carrier bearing drwing in detail
jumping clearances how provided and how measured in vane type.
CO2 relief valve -how setting is carried out
draw CO2 weighing arrangement/tool
enclosed space entry
name of oxygen analyser(it should be said O2analyser)
toxic gases and its limits
if CO2 bottles leak , how will you know?,how will you tackle it as second engg?how will you empty leaked CO2 in pipe.?
steel types (needed classes of steel )explain contruction of container ship from keel laying
torsion box
CO2 requirement calculation in detail.
deck foam expansion ratio, define expansion ratio
hypermist in detail and pressure of hypermist
mpty leaked CO2 in pipe.?
enclosed space entry
how to do welding in enclosed space
oxygen analyser
ballast water management
polar code speciality of stertube oil in polar region
static and dynamic stability and units
what is pitch and rake for propellers
marpol annex2 explain
widas ,solas chapter 2
types of sensors in cargo hold for widas
tangential velocity and slip
flammability diagram draw and explain
enclosed cargo tank entry procedure In tanker
purging, gas freeing with flammability diagram
how to check hydro carbon using explosive meter In inert tank (not possible)
explosive meters and other gas meters difference and working
inert gas system explain
what is cow and cow regulation
what is sbt ad cbt
polar code explain engine room specific
explanation of NOX tech file , its contents and entry made,how surveyor measure
emergency generator require ment as per MLC
what is marpol( it’s a convention)
what are the different convention
Enclosed space entry and how to do welding in an enclosed space
o2 analyser
polar code and its imp with stern tube
what is pitch and rake for propellers
marpol annex 2
widas and solas chapter 12
cow jet pressure?
advantages of cow
condition for cow
flammability diagram
dilution with air
tank entry
testing inside the tanks
equipments used
Enclosed space entry
components of deck seal -use?working?
draw deck seal and how overboard line not allows IG to escape when deck seal pump is off due to blackout?
how to measure oxygen and hydrocarbon in a cargo tank
how these instruments are working and its principle
number of total annexes and there headings
annex one discharge criteria
differences between odms and ows
system for separating oil from slop tank
annnex iv
reg 12 ods
gases in ods
what are we doing to maintain reg 12
no x file
solas what and why it stand for
emergency fire pump solas req. and fire pump regulation
and capacity of fire pump
A-60 bulkhead ..how we will achieve it normally
B-class ?what are the differences between B and Aclass for doors
what is standard fire test and what do we obtain from standard fire test
on board engine room fixed fire fighting system
co2 system ventilation of co2 room
relief valve of co2system opens to where.?
how to calculate co2 bottles req.?
compensation on calculating co2 bottles
if air bottle has no fusible plug or air bottle fusible plug opening to engine room
cross section of a oil tanker and explain parts
height if DB tanks stiffners
what is GM
what is stability ,intact stability and damage stability and its units ?
flammability diagram draw and explain
entry into an enclosed cargo tank procedure in tanker
purging and gas freeing with flammability diagram
working of explosive meter and other gas meters difference and working
cow regulation.what Is cow
wat is SBT and CBT
polar code .explain engine room specific
annex II explain
dcp system
co2 periodic checks and year wise maintenance
annex 4
nox tech file
ism audit and survey perparation
mlc convention
types of rudder
static and dynamic stability explanation with curves and how to calculate
inclining experiment
safematic system steering gear
draw and explain lPG deck and DCP system
annex2 discharge criteria and special area criteria
widas special safty features
hypermist diagram and wrking principle and maintenance to be carried out on it
ship security plan
ism audit check
discharge criteria slop tanks through odmcs
types of radar and features
company sms and how many manuls
draw stability curve and do dynamic stability calculation
MLC titles
ism audit prep
annex 2 criteria
new regulation for the container ship fire protection
parametric rolling
information from stability curve
how stability curve is plotted
ism survey prep.
annex two discharge criteria and special area criteria
special area feature of WIDAS
ships security plan--sp notes/master authority /vulnerable points to be described/levels of security
ism audit checks
dishcharge criteria for odmcs annex 1 reg 34
yearly maintenance of co2
types of rudder and features
ballast water management
co 2 maintenance
lifeboat brakes static and dynamic tests
ssp,who is rso, what is his role,
high expansion foam system diagram foam sample and analysis frequency
dishcharge criteria of annex II
as 2E survey prep for ISM
draw and explain the cross section of boiler and explain,boiler survey-boiler water test chloride test and step wise reaction
capacity control draw and explain
explain bunker plan and calculations
draw and explain the ME holding down bolts
yanmar aux engine conrod explanation and drawing.
Man and Sulzer fuel pump difference
vit and it purpose
how scavenge fire occurs in M/E,why is it found less in the modern engines,give scavenge space inspection details
thrust pad and its lubrication
leak test in freshwater generator.
pid controller and basic explanation with simple diagram.
centrifugal pmp characteristics
calculation of mean effective pressure with out power card
alfa lubricator checks
boiler safety valve,setting -accumilation pressure test
air starting valve
telemotor and hunting lever
ae main bearing overhaul
ME maing bearing overhaul
high pressure pipe checks
bunker pressure test
exhaust valve diagram and overhaul
omd alarms omd testing crank case
primary and secondary explosion comparison
tube plugging of boiler
BOD in sewage and how to test
improved high lift diagram
hunting gear
power calculation methods used onboard and indicator diagram
refrigeration property
serration checks
RTA fuel timing
ref discharge pressure gauge
thing to be checked for reversing
centrifugal pump priciple ,explain with characteristic graph
how thrust pad fitting create pressure
fwg press testing
boiler blowback reason
no water in the boiler gauge glass what is the action
gauge glass is showing wrong reading -what will the action
main bearing removal of main engine
s.w pump shaft checks
main engine not starting on air in astern .what is your action (give ahd kick or turn engine)
meat room temperature not coming what are the actions
liner removal of main engine
JCW explanation of control action
MC and MCC difference
smoke tube coehran boiler diagram emphasising insulation area
composite boiler diagram
AE camshaft renewal
conrod ovality-why the oblique cut -reason and checks to be done in conrod-reasons for serration (lapping of seration with ea
liner not coming out- what are the actions to be taken
superheated steam -definition and how does it work
difference between man and sulzer
refrigeration compressor pressure gauge.how is air detected in that compound gauge in refrigation-how air purging is done
what system is there in man b&w to prevent FO leak from FO pumps into crankcase
Ae conrod -purpose of big end oblique cut
boiler water level controller
RTA sulzer pump timing check and adjustment
how to plug boiler tubes in 1 fire tube boiler 2 water tube boiler
how will you find a cracked liner while running
gate v/v cross section and operation
tie rod function
crankshaft deflection and analysis with graph
bunker plan calculations
Main engine holding downbolts ,draw and explain
Main engine electronic governor
how to control fuel in sulzer
why fuel pump timing changed when engine reversed.
In CPP how oil is transferred from pump to propeller(oil transfer box)
how CPP connected to propeller shaft(flanged coupling )
cross section of boiler
main engine lub oil properties
how fuel is controlled in fuel pump RTA
working of VIT & eccentric drives in RTA
how will you come to know whether a gate valve is open or not
draw and explain the rapson slide
how in vane type steering gear clearance is afforded.he needs drawing of anchor bolts
priciple behind thrustpads drw and explain oil wedge formation
difference between man SMC engine and sulzer engine
what is superheated steam
proportinal control
what happens when bridge telegraph is given signal
what is meant by main engine chocking ?
how to do emergency manoeuvring
explain complete boiler shutdown for a survey
air register , explain its funciton with a drawing
boiler super heat steam application
how to detect air in the refer compressor system
what are the course and sequence of action while engine room is flooding
blackout recovery and main engine performance
ramson slide mechanism explanation with drawing
nox reduction how it is achieved what are things in nox technical file. In which section is the part change entered
summer freeboard
reserve buoyancy
block coefficient
righting lever
why buoyancy is shifting
inert gas pv breaker pressure , how to make sure it is set properly
inert gas O2 content level?if O2 level high what happens . Is it possible to make the O2 level zero
deemulsification property of lub oil
main reason for boiler backfire (repeated manual firing )
critical temperature of a refrigerant
how ram is connected to tiller (rapson slide)
why tierod is needed why engine is kept in compression whydont AE have tierods
e test and step wise reaction

e inspection details
tion (lapping of seration with each other till contact becomes 80%.pursian blue to be used to find the contact %)

ation-how air purging is done

art change entered
hunting gear.
what action to be taken while starting air line bursting disc burst during ME running
improved high lift safety valve
accumilation pressure test'
starting air valve working diagram
slide type fuel injectors testing
aux engine main bearing removal
enclosed space entry.
multigas detector
new regulation of enclosed space entry
types of ME reversal in MAN ,sulzer and mistubuishi.
starting system interlocks
boiler blowdown rates
pressure jet type boiler burner (swirl action- nozzle diagram)
how to check fuel pump timing of ME
ME not starting in air
me not starting in fuel
scav. Fire in malaca strait ..what to do
vessel indry dock .inspections to be carried out on hull and under water suvey
exhaust valve overhaul and clearences
boiler safety valve setting after class survey
gas sampling in pump room
crank pin brg removal for survey
manoeuvring diagram
cross head bearing lubrication in MAN and sulzer and clearences( why sulzer has pump and man has no pump)
fuel pump timing measurement
safematic system explanation
forces on the transverse girder of ME
torsional vibratin
tailshaft alignment
latest types of fuel injectors.
puncture valve
resonance and critical speed
boiler turndown ration
liner wear
tailshaft alignment with crankshaft
me fuel pump timing
fail safe steering gear
rotary cup burner
surging diagram for turbocharge
starting and reversing of mainengine
liner wear profile for max and min wear
pid control detailed explanation
max wear percentage of me liner also for sterntubes
packing replacement in steering gear rams
rudder drpp and types of rudder
alignment between tail shaft and crankshaft
what all forces acting on transverse girder
reversing mistubishi engine
tie rod material
checking of chain slackness checking
cutting of unit
resonance (torsional vibration and how to limit)
sterntube wear down .how to check ?
crosshead bearing removal,survey,bearing clearences
soot fire actions
drydock checks
exh valve overhaul and clearances
turndown ratio
alternator rotating no emf generated ..reasons?
how to check the slackness of the chain
rudder drpp and types of rudder
tierod tightening procedure ,precaution and pressure
VGT turbocharger principle and advantages
AE compression pressure less, wat are the checks and action.
winch brake test ,
hydraulic pump working principle
EGB fire ,what to do
EGB safety valve pressure setting
annealing ,hardening
high temperature corrsion
vanadium sodium ratio in lab report
ME main bearing removal
purifier checks if not desludging
propeller drop

rt flux fuel line diagram
cascade control
lube oil , types of greace and types of geace
nlgi number and abbriviation ( Lo )
lube oil properties
piston clearence
exhost valve checking
lube oil analysis ashore
boiler water treatment and how to scavanging in boiler and methods
appearns of boiler drum
why thrust bearing placing afetr main engine and why not forward
PPMS? (some system like PMS ?
turbo charger static and dynamic balancing,how it is done ashore
turbo charger cutoff procedure (other than rotor lock ,ext temp,engine speed)
vane steering gear why not used for large ships, sealing arrangements
egb safety valve setting
axial vibration damper
reversing mechanism
chock different type ,funtion , material
lo sprectrographic test
boiler safety valve type difference , lift
A/E overspeed trip
cascade control
chain tighting procedure
thin shell bearing cross section , thickness
fuel pump timing
bearing jack up method
boiler steam drum inspection
pitting corrosion
SW pump survey
mechanical seal , wear ring material
exh valve specialites of seat material
piston checks .what coating on piston
VGT working
torsional vibration damper working
alpha luricator input signal
how sloc is reduced
pumps. Boiler feed pump type , why centrifugal pumps are not used for pumping oil
exhaust valve seat types ,advantages of w seats than conventional seat
functions of top bracing
liner lacquer reasons
mechanical factors affecting ignition delay
what is cascade control
types of fuel based on the hydrocarbon structure
function of erosionplug
function of delivery valve in fuel pump
governer dead band and its values
working of labrynth seal in turbocharger
AE lambda controller and its input references
what is peak pressure , exhaust temperature mismatch in generator wat to do
reasons that affect specifically without the overall performance change
stuffing box overhaul and clearence ,where will wear happen when value fall or increase,what is the problem is clearence value
centrifugal pump what are the thing a surveyor checks or the document prepared when he prepares a survey report.what does
is the problem is clearence value low,
epares a survey report.what does it contain
explain crash manoeuvring with diagram,explain crash astern
how will you measure main bearing, bottom end brg, crosshead bearing clearences?
explain cross head lubrication in man engine
hunting gear explanation
what is catfine and it limits by maker and steps to reduce onboard
explain stuffing box and its overhaul,stuffing box how many rings name each and draw sketch ..rings how many pieces,draw stu
why we use alcap purifier(density of oil and water nearby),working principle and gravity disc selection of it.
crankshaft deflection with diagram ..after taking crankshaft deflection what are you finding and how will you find which brg is b
VIT explanation. Its relation with alpha lubricator
ae starting air system
accumilation test
EGB safety valve setting
holding down bolt checking
turbocharge parts functio ad construction
hydraulic jack diagram
what is the difference between ME and normal engine
how fuel injection takes place in ME engne
draw a fuel valve
foam system for engine room draw and explaing
how foam propotionators work
economiser safety valve hw many numbers and procedure of setting
safeties and alarms given for steering gear
ig scrubber tower and flow sensor level switch position
exhaust valve hyd and air pistons connected to valve spindle ,explain exh valve damping
hydraulic pump working with diagram
cw and blr water test
jogs in the bottom structure of engine room and types
propeller removal and fitting dry push up working diagram
schedule of sw pipes and paints, schedule 40 means wat?
how to order a sw pipe
after drydock chcks on the hull nad sw chest and anodes propeller etx
hwo turbocharge rotor connected to shaft
how blades are attached and clamping wire
how to fix pocker gauge and drawing
sturn tube diagram and complete system
indicator to take mep
thrust block lubrication with diagram
lube oil analysis
difference between MCC and ME engine.
electronic fuel injection
how is tacho signal measured for it,what is the clearance
boiler water tests and interpretation of results,what are the ph and chloride value of boiler water,what will happen if each valu
function of tie rods and its tighting procedure
cylinder lubricating system ,explain mechanical and alpha lurbication
pulse lubrication
crankcase explosion explanation and safeties provided to avoid crankcase explosion
pressure testing of crankcase relief valve
what is stern tube explain complete with diagram its functioning and materials used
measuring propeller drop ,what are the limits where to measure
measuring rudder drop
thrust bearing clearances check
types of liner corrosion-reasons for liner wear .(catfines),how to reduce the rate
material of liner and piston rings
rudder inpsection,plate renewal
thrustblock lubricatin
thrust block drawing
poker gauge draeing
shaft earthing
iccp and its working and components
ME and MC differences and advantages
fo valve
specific WIT interlocks
aux engine crankshaft deflection s and values
ME Engine
how to convert mcc to me
rt flex engine
fo pressure in rt flex common rail and in ME engine fuel pump
draw boiler safety valve and explain the setting ,what to do if lip clearence is more?
how to arrest seawater leakage?
different type of air dryer
calibrition of OMD
exh valve overhauls and measurements ,what are the materials use for each part?
sfoc calculation
t/c parts function contruction ,overhaul .suging of turbocharger .bearing of turbocharger.clearence measurements.
turbocharger wet and dry cleaning
turbocharge labrynth seal
plate type and tube type heat exchanger, material and pressure testing,where are they being used?
why corrugation in plate type heat exhanger
how ME engine working ,how fuel pump is actuated,how it senses the crank angle from where control gets signal about the po
alpha lubricator in M E engine
boiler alarms and trips (is there any difference when boiler trips due to any alarms and when cut off during normal cutoff -cut i
variable displacement pump .how is piston is attached to swash plate
starting air explosion and bursting disc
how to check cyl head air starting valve
new development in turbocharger
why refeer compressor stops?,back pressure valve and solenoid valve
design of anchor chain,purpose of stud?
difference between mc and me
how lubrication working in ME engine
manoeuvring diagram,reversing,running direction interlock
fuel pump timing ME engine . Position of rack during lead measurement
rudder checks in drydock, draw ship rudder ,types of rudder
scale removal from boiler
main bearing clearence
air starting distributor working
turbocharger overhaul for AE
power calculaiton
purifier working principle,gravity disc selection ,explain ALCAP system
shell and tube /plate type heat exchangers , explain ,cooler pressure test
propeller push up method
sterntube and tailshaft sealing arrangement
any major overhaul in your ship
crash manoeuvring
.rings how many pieces,draw stuffing box and how to check when to change the rings
election of it.
d how will you find which brg is bad

ter,what will happen if each values are more of less

ence measurements.

control gets signal about the position of each cylinder , how many sensors and their location , is there vit in me

ut off during normal cutoff -cut in operation,how to start after a trip

main engine reversing and how rollers are attached?
main engine interlock and fail safe system
turning gear interlock explain how it is operated
air starting main engine and generator
air starting motor , what type in your ship
SFOC of ur ship
feed rate of cylinder lub oil of ur ship
VIT , explain in a power card
boiler safety valve
what Is happening in steam trap
stern tube drawing , how attached , how liner fit.
centrifugal pump starting
stern tube cooling sys
glove valve drawing
alignment of shaft
lifeboat engine starting diesel flash point
rudder carrier bearing
heat exchanger tube attachment
SFOC power calculation
tie rod arrangement
air compressor safeties
intercooler diagram
how AE air motor works
sterntube sealing arrangements
psychrometric charts
main bearing and crankpin bearing clearence increase what adjustment without overhaul
type of fit for chromeliner fitted to tailshaft
actions for economiser tube leak
tailshaft survey
capacity controller
pintle brg
vibration damper
hot gas defrosting diagram
equalising line in ref system
4stroke indicator diagram draw and explain
in cylinder head why 2exh valve and inlet valve instead of one
types of cross head lubrication,cross head bearing removal
aft and forward seal draw and explain
compressor discharge valve overhaul diagram.
slide type fuel valve explanation with diagram
methods of reducing Nox emissions
anti polishing ring when scrapes the top land the residue formed how will it go away
pv valve diagram ..when positive and negetive pressure occurs in tanks?
types of rudder
use of thermostatic expansion valve
exh valve actuator diagram explanations
turbocharger nozzle ring disassembly
ignition delay ,reason and fuel quality causing delay
turbocharger wet and dry wasshing explain
thermal efficiency and methods to improve
sulzer fuel pump diagram and explain how timing is checked
properties of refrigerant explain
ae main bearing removal
tie rod tightning preparations
crankcase explosion
soot fire
propeller drop and sterntube bearing wear
how exhaust gas flow to ME , type of flow,type of main engine charging
crankshaft deflection
chaincase inspections and tightening procedure
power calculation for main engine
power balancing of AE
coss section of boiler
undersling bearing removal.function of the side bolts
main engine power balancing
lub oil quills and lub oil properties
RT flex fuel system
conrod lubrication
Fuel pump timing and zero setting
draw stern tube diagram
types of rudder and pintles
5 yearly tailshaft survey
ulsfo lubrication problems
expansion bellow
exp coupling in deck
mid stroke insulation
lo different types ME AE ST etc
TBN in st lo required
stuffing box construction
crosshead bearing clearance where to take and why
how to check the quality of lub oil
precautions while lifting piston and two major problem associated with lifting
piston crown clearances
axial and radial hydraulic pump
boiler foot maintenance
oxygen ingress control in boiler feed water.
alpha lubricator working -does lubrication happen in all strokes or how the criteria is decided.
boiler water test(Palk and T alk)
RTFlex engine advantage
batch purification
lub oil properties
windlass fail safe arrangements
FTIR, elementry spectrography
types of lubrication in the intermediate shaft bearing
hydrodynamic lubrication
reversing in MAN engine
rudder carrier bearing
difficulty faced in removing catfine from FO
why engine makers fear about cold corrosion on ULSFO with low TBN cylinder oil
propeller new development
cylinder lubrication system in new engine hot , cold corrosion
rudder carrier bearing drawing
nox tech file
bearing corrosion
why ship has to go to drydock
what all shell plates are measured
how welding seams are checked
what is sweep test
whhat is batch purification
how rudder weight is taken using rudder carrier
what is rudder drop
how many rudder bearing are there in a rudder
what inference do you carry when you do the ring calibration
crankcase relief valve and its arrangement
what are the uptake maintenance to be carried out
boiler manhole door how do you check for alignment,proper closing , when assembling back
functions of atmospheric valve in a vaccum condenser
shell and tube type cooler , leak test of tubes ,tube replacement
how to get access to the measure propeller drop measurement
tribo pack
sweep test
tailshaft NDT testing in drydock
how fuel pump rollers are shifted in MAN B&W
types of rudders
how torque is achieved in unbalanced rudder
how rudder carrier is fitted to rudder stock- how to take rudder weardown clearence, purpose of jumping clearence , differenc
how blowdown is achieved in safety valve high lift
heleshaw pump
pulse convertor
labrynth seal working
sulzer main bearing tightening torque 600 and tierod 550…how it is reasonable.hot corrosion and cold corrosion
checks to be done while fitting new liner
checks to be done while fitting a cyl head
how hydraulic lines on deck is connected
new developments of turbocharger
how intermediate shaft bearing cooling is done.
hydrazine test on boiler , effects of o2 in boiler water
alfa lubricator and sox reduction relation
how to detect steam line leak inside tank
explain steam trap
what is sequential turbocharges
piston ring checks during overhaul
luboil cooler pressure testing .how wil you identify any tubes are leaking
gasset plate
how will you verify the boiler manhole is secured properly without any gap in between after an ispection
stuffing box ring clearance
hydraulic jack working
hybrid turbocharger and recent developments in turbocharger
what to do with LNG boiloff
of jumping clearence , difference between type of boiler safety valves

and cold corrosion

maintenance of refeer compressor
AE turbocharger overhaul and measurements.he need root cause of the problem why u need to do breakdown maintenance in
k value how it is measured
turbocharger overhaul and measurements
intermediate survey
ME reversing not workng .reasons as per manual
tie rod tensioning preparations.if tie rod screwed down like in MCC the how to remove the screwed part
explain the reefer compressor check u do
explain leak test
piston rod pressure testing how to find out internal leakage
EGB safety valve pressure setting procedure
sterntube seal overhaul
chain tightness value and tightness method
boiler burners and types
while manoeuvring crankcase door feeling hot.what action to be taken?
turbocharger surging
why crankshaft deflection is taken and how to find the error reading ?
hunting of steering gear and how you come to know its hunting
drydock preparation
surveys in drydock
loadline survey
auditing how will you do
non destructive testing onboard other than DPT
main bearing crosshead
to do breakdown maintenance in turbocharger or what is the reason for the bearing failure of turbocharger
alternator electic circuit diagram
how will come to know ship dc or ac
plc drawing how will you manipulate plc
types of battery In ship.
how to test sealed type battery
how will we get apparent power
calculate power factor
AVR output voltage , air gap of AC alternator , air gap of DC alternator
earth lamp circuit diagram
synchronoscope diagram and working
when will the reverse power trip occur
dc generator paralleling
VFD and it advantages
example of VFD controlled motors onboard
why emergency bilge suction connect to MSW pump . Why not ballast pump
insulation tesing in alternator
why air is prefered In control systems
induction motor working
draw cross section of pneumatic valve controler
why air used in control system
block diagram of electronic governer
(drop in speed and pickup rpm)
in a boiler level indicator how will you ckeck by simulation
boiler water level indicator
earth fault what will you do if you cannot find it even after switching off
megger testing
what happens if overload of alternator(he wants preferential trip)
definition of intrinsically safe eqp safety barrier
close loop and open loop
how does the slip react to load change in induction motor
hysteresis loop
slip ring motor starting
cable standards under SOLAS
how many nav lights/indication lights and how to change fuse of navigational light panel
induction motor speed control methods
emergency generators starting
power factor
reactive power
where is reactive power availiable
solenoid valve (why activating in one direction
properties of electrical cables
interloack between MSB and ESB
thermal tapes
high voltage work permit
synchronous motor
slip in motor why
cable standards
Types of transformers and it methods of cooling,difference between oil and air cooled transformer
Star delta,draw and explain.. control circuit voltage and type of current.
Msb and alternator safeties
Battery room safeties
How to test under voltage trip ashore and onboard.
Significance in airgap in both AC and DC.Explain what happens if the airgap increases in Dcmotors(explain what happens if air g
Electromagnetic brake slipping in a provision crane due electrical reasons.??
Why voltage is developing in alternator.?
what are the precautions while taking IR of alternator windings
working principle of induction motor,speed control of induction motors.,why is slip necessary in induction motors
advantages of high voltage,high voltage system normally earthed or insulated?
thyristors and its priciples of operation
PID controller
shaft earthing purpose and how its done.
what is cycloconverter and its uses.
preferential trip operation and what all equipment trips while activation
IEC cable standards
difference between synchronous motor and induction motor
boiler electrical safeties
min gap between MSB and bulkhead(0.65m)
star delta starter and DOL starter
recent updatess in electrical system( high voltage)
intrinsic safety definition(Exi)
arc chut drawing
alkalyne battry advantges
differnce between ac motor and dc motor
alternater produces no voltage while starting (residual magnetism and diode failure)
flame proof enclosure (Exd)
AVR explanation
what is superconductivity
alternator excitations
Ni-Cad battery and Lead Acid battery advantages and disadvantages
ors(explain what happens if air gap increases in DC motors armature

n induction motors
what is the definition of RMS value
what is the resonance in PLC circuit
draw star delta and explain
Emf equation of alternator and explaing
types of synchronising of generator and draw dark lamp method
alternator safeties
Emf equation of transformer and explaing
rms equation for alternators and explain
sychronising methods -3 methods
explain dark lamp method
soft starter explain with triggering
control wave form
intrinsic safety
capacitor energy equation
DC motor types and its use
electromagnetic brake diagram
RLC resonance
alternator emf equations
principle of transformers, losses
day efficiency of trnasf
synchronous motor starting and speed variation
navigational light circuit diagram
electormagnetic brake of large induction motor
dol starter power and control circuit explanation
MSB safeties
transformer working priciple
resonance in the circuit
how to control speed of synchronous motor
all day efficiency of a transformer
emf equation for alternator
battery room safeties
megger diagram
paralleling methods dark lamp method
battery charging diagram
transformer losses and causes of iron loss
exd, exi
zener diode
how to reduce torque in induction motor while running
single phase motor working
current transformer and voltage transformer
induction motor overhaul
battery room safeties
megger diagram ,insulations and its class and types ,how to calculate temperature for each class
emergency generator criteria
shore supply connection
induction motor working,starting methods and overhoul
indution motor protection
transfer losses
what is hysteresis loss
which loss is higher
what is iron loss
synchronous motor starting and its working dc supply
single phasing and protection thermistor how it works
difference between dc motor and generator principle
star delta and DOL starter
maintenance free battery,battery maintenance specific gravity based on type of battery,battery charging circuit
synchronoscope wrking
emf equation of alternator ,safeties and maintenances
motor overhaul ,bearing type
zener diode,working and characteristic curve
HV system ,actions to be taken before working on HV,hv breaker system ,hv advantages and disadvantages
trips/under voltage.overload.preferential and reverse power
motor protection
intrinsic safety
VCB working ,ACB working
emergency supplies
what all electrical works done onboard.
megger LV/HV,difference and working
explosion proof explanation and how to maintain explosion proof after maintenance
annual survey in electrical equipments
airgap measurements in motors and overhauling of motors
pump room equipment and which are intrinsically safe
motor safety
deck crane safety how it receives supply .
y charging circuit

lenz law and fleming law
IP and what is Ip number for engine room motor
acb related question
insulated neutral system advantage
megger drawing and explain how to carryout test
phase sequence
zener barrier
electrical distribution system
AC advantages
ship earth system
how voltage produce in a generator
megger reading insulation resistance means what it showing
form factor
what is frequency ,what will happen if altered.
DC and AC difference
high voltage precaution to be taken before working on it
how high voltage is earthed
AVR-name the components,its function,diagram location how it gives exitation
boiler water level controller
alternator maintenance
lockout and tagout
soft starter
high voltage safeties
dark lamp method
pid controller
types of transformers
auto transformer what is the name of which we take tapping
pid boiler feed water control,how to test after overhaul
steering gear motor special consideration as per class
nickel cadmium advantage over lead acid battery