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- what's P.P.E and what means ?

Personal Protective equipment, Specialized clothing or equipment

worn by employees for protection against health and safety hazards.
2-what's safety ? To protect the personal from injury or harm, to protect the environment & property.
in other words, Safety is a state where the Risk has been Eliminated or Reduced to an Acceptable Level.

Control of Accidental Loss of Resources Human and Material

3- what's safety responsibilities ?

 Daily safety inspection of site to identify the hazards unsafe condition and act.

 Ensure that all activities are going in accordance with the safety procedure and
guideline of the company.

 Ensure that all employees having specific personal protective equipment as


 Report all incident accident and unsafe condition to HSE site manager.

 Attend tool box talk every morning.

 Supervise safety activities for the immediately completion of the job and prepared
accomplishment and safety reports.

 Discover and determine unsafe working condition and initiate corrective remedial

 Inspection of all kind of tools.

 To attend safety coordination meeting with the client.

 Duties include monitoring of daily traffic activities and instruct enforcement.

 Checking of fire extinguisher and grounding of machine and connection.

 Making the awareness of among the workers.

 Meet with representative of clients other contractor to discuss requirements

regarding accident prevention in job site.

 Conducting regular safety meeting such as toolbox.

4- what's Excavation. >>>.. A man-made cut, cavity, trench or depression formed by earth removal.

If the excavation is 7.4-meter-long what's requirements? Provide access every after 25 feet interval,
sjouring benching, should be provide, as well as required PTWC and gas testing.

1.2 meter excavation was could what ? it will be considered as confined space
If the excavation 1.2 meter you need to provide what ? provide access, benching/slooping/shoring/
dewatering etc. all employees should be trained. Conduct gas testing if required.

triangle of fire F🔺H ? Fire , Heat & oxygen, its called traiable of fire.

Distance between heavy equipments with the excavation? 1.5 timed depth of the excavation

Standard weight of storage materials.?

Class of sand . Class A slope 53 Degree, Class B slope 45 Degree, class C 34 degree angle.

What kind of scaffold accept to RC >> S-S O.T. ?

If scaffold is 10. m long over 8m height. Scaffold 8 m required >>> P.S.E . ? its considered as special
scaffold platform , required to design by qualified sacffol or structural engineer.

When you will check the scaffold >>> d.b ?

Minimum dimension for working platform >> 600 mm wid. ? True

Max distance working platform structure from work is 300 mm. ? True

Ladder must be extended height of 1m. ? true

Distance overhead power lines >> up to 25,000 volts >> 10 m ( 35 feet ) ?