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Surname: Name:


1. I normally _________________________(have) lunch at 14:30
2. The bus _________________________(leve) at 17:00, not at 17:30, so hurry up!!
3. ____________you _____________(travel) to India very often?
4. They _________________________(not believe) in Aliens so
_________________________(not ask) them those kind of questions.
5. Sophie _________________________(be) a policewoman, she
_________________________(arrest) thieves every day.
6. He _________________________(not walk) to school in the morning.
7. ____________ Kate ________________(take) the bus in Mapleton Road?

1. They _________________________(live) with some friends at the moment.
2. ___________ Brian __________________(train) for the following NY Marathon?
3. She _________________________(not learn) German at school at the moment.
4. What degree ____________ you _______________(study) at university?
5. I _________________________(not work) right now because I’m on holiday.
6. My mum _________________________(get) ready for my brother’s graduation.
7. ____________ Angela ___________________(lie) on the sofa? I need her.
8. Catherine _________________________(not receive) a prize for her work.


1. Today she ’s spending/spends time with her grandmother.

2. They usually are going/go to the gym on Sundays morning.
3. We ’re having/have a barbecue in Bill’s house at 15:00. Do you want to come?
4. No, she can’t answer the phone, she has/is having a shower now.
5. I always have/am having a coffee before I ’m leaving/leave for work in the
6. They sometimes fly/are flying to Sweden, but usually they are going/go by boat.
7. Where are you? I ’m sitting/sit outside in the sunshine!

8. He always brings/is bringing a monolingual dictionary to his English class.

1. go / you / restaurant / often / a / do / how / to / ?
2. when/ baby/ up/ The/hungry/wake/is/always.
3. it/never/ am/ rains/ happy/I/when.
4. sometimes / do / she / Fridays / on / shopping


1. I _________________________(come) to England in 2006. It’s been a long time.

2. Lucy _________________________ (not pay) the bill, before leaving the restaurant.
3. _________ he________________(write) an e-mail to his parents? They are worried.
4. We _________________________ (go) to New York in January.
5. Bart _________________________ (not eat) all the cake because he
_________________________(fall) ill.
6. ____________ you _______________________ (get) a new bike for your birthday?
7. We _________________________ (open) the windows because the air conditioner
_________________________ (break) down yesterday. our car into the garage


1. We _________________________ (not chat) with friends at 21:00.

2. I_________________________ (not play) the guitar, I
_________________________(play) the drums.
3. ____________Sheila ___________________ (study) French?.
4. They _________________________ (not laugh) at you.
5. ___________ It _____________________(not snow) in the city?.
6. Sarah _________________________ (lie) on the sofa and she
_________________________ (listen) to a CD.
7. Jo and Tom _________________________ (dance) in the disco.


1. When I phoned/was phoning my friends, they played/were playing Monopoly.

2. What did you do/were you doing yesterday when the television broke/was
breaking down?
3. It was a sunny afternoon and people sat/were sitting on the grass in the park.
Then suddenly it started/was starting to rain.
4. Vicky had/was having a beautiful dream when the alarm clock rang/was
5. Susan played/was playing the piano while Mary sang/was singing.
6. Yesterday morning I woke/was waking up, I dressed/was dressing up, I
had/was having breakfast and then I ran/was running to school because I
was/was being late for school


1. Tina _________________________ (forget) her backpack again.

2. I _________________________ (not have) a routine checkup yet.
3. Christopher _________________________ (suffer) from allergies until this year.
4. _____________ They ____________________(go) to USA yet?
5. _____________ I _______________________(meet) you before?
6. We _________________________ (lose) our tickets for the concert.
7. She _________________________ (freeze) the meat for next week.


1. Nobody has come to see us ___________ we bought this small house.

2. I’ve worked with you ___________ nine years.
3. Jack the Ripper has been in prison ___________ two years
4. They’ve had this car ___________April.
5. We have been there ___________ October
6. I have been a vegetarian ___________ 1998
7. My family and I have lived in this flat ___________ five years.
8. I’ve been very patient with you ___________ several years.

1. Have you finished your homework _____________?.
2. Yes mum, I have ________________ finished them.
3. We are going to a concert on Friday but we haven’t bought the tickets __________.
4. I have ________________ spoken with my parents at the phone.
5. Freddy has ________________ sung “We will rock you” in the concert!!
6. Have you thought about coming to the party ___________________?
7. Mike hasn’t showed up ___________________
8. My parents have ___________________ visited me in Italy.


1. Have you just/never/ ever been camping?
2. I have just/never/ ever finished reading the book you recommended me.
3. Cervantes has just/never/ ever (not) sung a pop song
4. Steve has just/never/ ever been to Barcelona.
5. Has she just/never/ ever won a competition?
6. No, She has just/never/ ever (not) won any swimming competition.
7. Susan has just/never/ ever committed a crime.
8. The Queen has just/never/ ever (not) visited Spain.
9. Has your mother just/never/ ever punished you?
10. No, she has just/never/ ever (not) punished me


1. How long _________________________ (you wait) for?

2. We _________________________ (live) in this street for twenty years.
3. He _________________________ (work) in the garden since morning.
4. It _________________________ (not rain) since September.
5. I _________________________ this laptop for three years. (use)
6. _________the girl _________________________ (learn) her lessons?
7. The children _________________________ (not play)in the garden.
8. Who _________________________ (sleep) in my bed?


1. The population of China __________________(be) more than two thousand million.

2. Next summer I _________________________(travel) to Japan in September.

3. Ring, ring!!! Don’t worry I ______________________(pick) it up.
4. My friends and I _________________________(meet) at the university tonight.
5. She _________________________(get) married in July. I can’t wait for it.
6. Look at that man on that building- he__________________________ (jump)
7. They have said that it ____________________(snow) this evening.
8. We ____________________(climb) Mount Everest next year


1. If we __________________ (not / work) harder, we __________________ (not pass) the

2. If she __________________ (not go) to the meeting, I __________________ (not go)
3. If Lucy __________________ (not quit) her job soon, she __________________ (go)
4. If the children __________________ (eat) all that chocolate, they
__________________ (feel) sick.
5. If Luke __________________ (not sent) flowers to his mother, she
__________________ (be) angry.
6. If John __________________ (drink) too much coffee, he __________________ (get) ill

1. If she __________________ (have) her laptop with her, she __________________
(email) me.
2. If the baby __________________ (sleep) better, I __________________ (not be) so
3. If Lucy __________________ (have) enough time, she __________________ (travel)
4. If José __________________ (not speak) good French, he __________________ (not
move) to Paris
5. If I ________________(be) rich, I ______________________ (buy) a Masserati.
6. If Julie __________________ (like) chocolate, I __________________ (give) her some

1st or 2nd CONDITIONAL

1. If you left your job, you ________________ (travel) around the world.
2. If you _________________ (not study), you will fail the test.

3. If you _____________ (be) nicer to him, he would lend you the money
4. If she is late, she _______________ (call) us.
5. It would be nice if the rain ____________________(stop)!
6. I _____________ (lend) you my umbrella if you need it.


Type 1

They have left early __________________? I have seen them before

I am cooking tonight __________________? I can’t believe it!!

He is not a baby __________________? He still looks like

She does the housework __________________? She is really small.

Mary can’t sand you __________________?I thought she was my friend

I love playing the piano __________________? Me too, that’s amazing.

Type 2

You are Australian, ______________________?

Let’s go for a walk _____________________?

She loves playing volley-ball _____________________?

Don’t shout! __________________?

You can’t be quiet __________________?

I’m the first one __________________?

David won't come, __________________?


1. She's the ______________________ (strange) person I've ever met.

2. I think this shop is _________________ (good) than that one.
3. This system is _________________(easy) than the last one we had.
4. He bought the _________________________ (expensive) flowers in the shop.
5. I think you're _________________ (tall) than your father now.
6. It was the ________________________ (beautiful) music I had ever heard.
7. My brother's the_________________ (young) of all the family.
8. I think this shop is _________________ (cheap) than others around here.
9. People here are _________________ (polite) than they are at home
10. She was feeling the _____________________ (miserable) in the world.


1. They are the trousers __________ I told you about.

2. This is Mrs Hansen ________ is my Music teacher.
3. Can you think of a person ________ has cheated?
4. This is the car _________ has had its tires changed.
5. The knife in your hand is the one __________ needs sharpening.
6. The girl, ________ had a budgie in a cage, has moved.


I know a man. He writes film music.


We broke the computer. It belonged to my father.



1. Julia rescued three cats. (past simple)

2. The students are doing an exam. (present continuous)
3. Steven has forgotten his book. (present perfect simple)
4. They were playing handball. (past continuous)

5. The policemen helps the children. (present simple)
6. Emily is finishing this exercise. (present continuous)
7. The teacher will open the door. (future simple)
8. Edison invented the light bulb. (past simple)


Remember: Each one counts two points, bad spelling one point and wrong

Municipio 

Reservar 

Patoso/a 