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In Indian society, especially in South, much attention is paid in matching the horoscope of
the bride and bride groom at the appropriate time of marriage. More or less same is the position not
only in North but in entire areas of the country now a days. While matching the horoscopes with
reference to Ashtakoota or Dashkoota the matching of Mars Dosha is made with much importance.
In ancient texts the Sages have given many verdicts with regards to Ashtakoota as well as
Mars Dosha but some of them are controversial to each other. Many leading Learned Authors in
Astrology have given deep thoughts on such verdicts in Texts, having carried various research at
their levels and have pronounced their views in this regard.
The subject on Mars Dosha is taken here in details culled out from various articles published
so far and gone through by me.
According to Ancient text the Mars Dosha is formed when Mars is found placed in following houses

Mars in 1,2,4,7,8, and 12 and according to some it is formed in only 2,4,7,8,and 12
houses.After research the following levels of Mars Dosha is established now.---

1.From Lagna –Mars in 2-4-7-8-12 houses –Dosha 25% only.

2.From Moon-Mars in 2-4-7-8-12 houses –Dosha 100%.
3.From Venus-Mars in 2-4-7-8-12 houses -50% only.

Generally Mars Dosha is reckoned from Lagna to the houses 2-4-7-8—12.Few reckon
from Moon and from Venus are rare.
The detailed principles brought so far from Texts and research are as follows in the light of views
made by Ld.Authors….

1.Mesha 2nd Rishava Yes No exception

-do- 4 Karkata No Exceptional Sign
-do- 7th Thula No Exceptional Sign
-do- 8 Vrishchika No Exceptional Sign
-do- 12 Meena No Exceptional Sign
Mars causes Dosha in 2nd house in this Lagna only.

2.Rishava 2nd Mithuna No Exceptional Sign

-do- 4 Simha No Exceptional Sign
-do- 7th Vrishchika No Exceptional Sign
-do 8 Dhanu No Exceptional Sign
-do- 12 Mesha No Exceptional Sign
No Mars Dosha is caused in any of the houses in this Lagna

3.Mithuna 2nd Karkata No Exceptional Sign

-do- 4th Kanaya Yes No exception apply
-do- 7th Dhanus No Exceptional Sign

-do- 8th Makara No Exceptional Sign
-do- 12th Rishava No Exempted Sign
Dosha caused in 4 only in this Lagna.

4.Karkata No Dosham in this Lagna at all in any houses and signs

5.Simha No Dosham in this Lagna at all in any houses and signs

6.Kanya 2nd Thula No Exceptional Sign

-do- 4th Dhanus No Exceptional Sign
-do- 7 Meena No Exceptional Sign
-do- 8 Mesha No Exceptional Sign
-do- 12th Simha No Exceptional Sign
No Dosha operates in this Lagna as per exceptions

7.Thula 2nd Vrishchika No Exceptional Sign

-do- 4 Makara No Exceptional Sign
-do- 7 Mesha No Exceptional Sign
-do- 8th Rishava Yes No exception
-do- 12 Kanaya Yes No exception
Thus Mars Dosha in 8th and 12th in this Lagna

8.Vrishchika 2nd Dhanus No Exceptional Sign

-do- 4 Kumbha No Exceptional Sign
-do- 7 Rishava Yes No exception
-do- 8th Mithuna Yes No exception
-do- 12 Thula No Exceptional Sign
Mars Dosha in 7th and 8th house only in this Lagna.

9.Dhanus 2nd Makara No Exceptional Sign

-do- 4 Meena No Exceptional Sign
-do- 7 Mithuna Yes No Exception
-do- 8th Karkata No Exceptional Sign
-do- 12 Vrishchika No Exceptional Sign
Mars causes Dosha here in 7th house only in this Lagna

10-Makara 2nd Kumbha No Exceptional Sign

-do- 4 Mesha No Exceptional Sign
-do- 7 Karkata No Exceptional Sign
-do- 8th Simha No Exceptional Sign
-do- 12 Dhanus No Exceptional Sign
No Mars Dosha is caused in any house in this Lagna

11.Kumbha 2nd Meena No Exceptional Sign
-do- 4th Rishava No Exceptional Sign
-do- 7th Simha No Exceptional Sign
-do- 8 Kanya No Exceptional Sign
-do 12th Makara No Exceptional Sign
th th
No Mars Dosha arises as per exceptions ( 4 and 8 vide Balu Author)
12.Meena 2nd Mesha No Exceptional Sign
-do- 4 Mithuna Yes No exception
-do- 7 Kanya Yes No exception
-do- 8 Thula No Exceptional Sign
-do- 12 Kumbha No Exceptional Sign
th th
Mars causes Dosha in 4 and 7 house only.

In this way applying the antidotes/exceptions as laid down in various ancient text and by the
Renowned Authors we find that out of 12 Lagna only Mars Dosha is not there in 6 Lagna out rightly
and in rest of 6 Lagna only few places the Dosha is caused.

The followings are the reasons of above detailed exceptions as per old texts and Authorities-----
1.If Mars occupies his own signs Aries or Scorpio.
2. If Mars is placed in exalted sign Capricorn/Makara.
3.If Mars is placed in Cancer, Leo,Sagittarious,Pisces which are owned by his friendly Planets.
4.If Mars is in Aquarius/Kumbha.
5.If Mars is in conjunction with Moon or Jupiter.
6.If Mars is in conjunction with or has aspect of --- Sun,Mercury,Rahu,or Saturn Mars Dosha is
7.If the dispositor of Mars is in Kendra or Trikona there is no Dosham.
8.No Mars Dosham is caused for Cancer or Leo Lagna where ever Mars may be.
9.If Mars is in Moveable signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn (1-4-7-10 signs).
As per Late Shri B.V. Raman------
10. Mithuna and Kanya happens to be 2nd house.
11. If Aries or Scorpio happens to be 4th house.
12. If Cancer or Capricorn happens to be 7th house.
13. If Sagittarius or Pisces happens to be the 8th house.
14. If Taurus or Libra happens to be the 12th house.
15. If Jupiter or Venus occupies Lagna there is no Dosham.
As per P.Balu-------
16. If Mars is in 4th or 8th house in Kumbha Lagna no Dosham is caused according to Puliyur
balu a leading Astrologer of South.

( As per KP Astrosecrets Vol-I )
17. If Mars has aspect of Saturn or conjoined with Saturn.

18.If Mars is placed in a Sign reckoned as Dosha but the Sign Lord is beneficial and also with
strength no Dosha caused.
19. If Mars is occupying benefic house in Navamsa and along with Rahu or Kethu in the
Navamasa and Mars having Saturn and or Jupiter no Dosham is caused.
20. For boys crossing the age of 30 and for girl crossing age of 24 no Dosham is declared.

There are various verdicts, vies, exceptions and antidotes in ascertaining Mars Dosha at various
level while matching the horoscopes and no concrete and settled principle is there on this issue. The
renowned authority on the subject of the time Dr.B.V.Raman has expressed his views “ that much is
made of the so called Kuja Dosham and this bugbear has been the means of destroying the happiness
of many families by preventing marriages otherwise eligible
and anxiously wished for”.Further Late Shri KSK says that one is baffled as to which of the rules to
be applied and how to arrive at the concrete results in matching the horoscope. Naturally, each one(
an astrologer concerned ) will have their own say according to their whims and fancies and due this it
is the general Public pushed to run from pillar to post.
Therefore,Late Shri KSK has made detailed research at his level for long time and put a methodical
and scientific approach in this regards.----as set below----
( Ist level matching of the horoscope According to KSK )
On thorough analysis of a horoscope, all the 12 houses level it has generally been observed that a
marital status can be weakened or cause to separate, only by Two Houses that has malefic influence
i.e. 6th and 12th .
In the Girl’ Chart Lord of 7th should not be in any way connected to 6-12 houses of the Boy’s
Similarly, in a Boy’s chart the Lord of the 7th house should not be connected in any way to houses
6-12 of the Girl’s Chart.
(2nd level matching of the horoscope as per KSK )
( Very Important Rulings in KSK )
2. If in a Girl’s chart,the Lord of 7th should station in 2-3-5-7-10-11 of Boy’s chart Or vise-
versa, provided that it should not connect to 6-12 in any manner as said above,and even if all other
routine matching points are positive or negative along with Mars Dosha in varying positions ,the
Dasa sandhi etc all these will never foretell unhappy married life.

If Lord of 7th of Girl’s chart is connected to 6-12- of Boys’s chart Or Lord of 7th of Boy’s chart has
connection to 6-12 houses of Girl’s chart and even if all other routine matching points are positive
with No Mars Dosha ,Dasa Sandhi etc the married life will be hell on earth.
2.2. Except Sun and Moon all other Planets have ownership over two signs.Therefore,according
to the particular Lagna the Lord of 5th will own 6th ,the Lord of 6th will own 7th house ,the Lord of
3rd will own 12th house as per set of the such chart of such particular Lagna.In this way the Lord of
7th will have to be stationed in one of the harmful houses.
2.3 Therefore,the analysis on this level should be limited only to see that such Lord should not be
stationed in 12th to that owned house which would be a negating house of the mater related i.e.

2.4. For example in Karkata Lagna the Mercury will be Lord of 3rd (Kanya) and Lord of 12th
(Mithuna).Similarly, for Kanya Lagna Saturn will be lord of 5th and 6th and for Simha Lagna it will
be Lord of 6th and 7th both. In these circumstances the Lord should be stationed in 7th instead of 6th
or 3rd in place of 12th etc.This should be understood likewise that is without occupying a negative

2.5. The Lord of 7 if posited in the Stars of the Occupant or Owners of the desirable houses will also
be correct way to judge the horoscope.

The above rulings is explained more clearly with the following example----
Let Cancer be a Lagna for examination of the Girl .The Lord of 7th will be Saturn.This Lord of 7th
of Girl should occupy Makara the 7th house, or Simha 2nd house, or Mesha the 10th house, or
Rishava the 11th house of the Boy’s Chart.
Let the Saturn the lord of 7th of Girl be in 3rd -12th of the Boy’s Chart, the Lord of which is Mercury,
then the Saturn should be in Kanya the 3rd house and not in 12th the Mithuna.But at the same time it
(Saturn )should not be stationed in 6th house Dhanus.
3.Another way is if Lord of 7th of the Girl’s Chart is posited in the Stars of the houses 2-3-5-7-10-11
of the Boy’s chart then it is in order like aboe.

Let it be explained clearly by the example as under:-

For this Cancer Lagna born Girl Mercury is the owner of the houses 3 and 12. The Stars of
Mercury are Aslesha, Jyestha and Revathy.The Ashlesha covers Cancer the Moon sign.The Jyestha
star is covered in Vrishchika the sign lord is Mars.The star Revathy is covered by Meena the lord of
which is Jupiter.
Moon is the Lord of Lagna.Mars is owner of the houses 5th and 10th .And Jupiter owns 6th and 9th
.Since as the Jupiter is the Lord of 6th the lord of 7th of Girl’s chart should not be deposited in
Revathy Star of Boy’s chart.It may be in Jyeshtha or Aslesha in Cancer born Boys chart.
Likewise the chart of both be examined vise-versa.
To sum up the 7th lord of Girls chart should not occupy Stars of the houses in the Boy’s chart which
houses are detrimental to the marriage matters.Therefore,we should reject such house stars in the
Boy’s chart and look for other house,Star area, favourable to marriage matters.

When there are various rules that too controversial to each other ,antidotes, parihars/exceptions
,why such importance is attached to the Mars Dosham alone?.Whether it means that Mars alone can
cause evil and other can not do and is not a bluntent declaration and unnecessary exaggeration on
evil results of Mars without considering the following points:-
1.What is the nature of the Mars?.
2.Of which house Mars is Lord? Does it become a benefic or malefic by owning such houses?
3.Which house is occupied by the Mars? It is favourable or Unfavourable one?
4.Are the evil results of Mars are uniformly the same when it occupies any sign in the chart.
5.If there is no change in the results of Mars if it were to be in Moveable, fixed or common signs
6.If there is no difference in the effects of Mars if it occupies various houses of the respective Lagna.
7.Does Mars Dosha mean only death of the either of the Partner and it can not cause any other
trouble during married life?.
8.What are the modifications in the results of the Mars if it occupies its exaltation, own, friendly,
inimical or debilitation signs?

9. Whether conjunction or aspect of other planet benefic or malefic does not alter or mitigate the evil
results of Mars?
10. Even if Mars is in favourable house whether the adverse aspect can not bring disagreeable
11.Will Mars be evil even when it owns Rajyoga houses 9 and 10 )?.
12.Will there be no un favourable results if Mars occupies a favourable house even though its owns
evil house.?
13.Whether the position of Mars is to count from Lagna, or Moon and Venus also?.
14.If there is Mars Dosha what is the exact nature of difficulty?.
15.Whether afflicted Mars has to offer adverse result throughout the life or during the particular
16.If evil effects of Mars is indicated in both of the Charts what would be the result if they get
17.If Mars Dosha is found in of the horoscope and other is free from such Dosha how will be the
married life of them?
18.If both of the horoscope are free from Mars Dosha is there happy married life is guaranteed for a
long numbers of years?
19.If the houses 2-7-11 indicating ones married life and are occupied by the benefics whether their
married life will be effected by the Mars owning evil sign?
20.If the houses 2-7-11 owned and occupied by the malefics and there is no Mars Dosha can the
partners lead peaceful and prosperous life?


There are three groups in Mars Dosha as follows—
There is a Dosha clearly without any modification.
There is a Dosha with modifications and mitigations.
There is no Dosha at all.

Now let us consider how to match the horoscopes while fixing marriage---
1. If there is a Mars Dosha in bride’s chart select the groom with similar Dosham.
2. If there is Dosha in One’s chart with modifications and mitigations select the match having similar
Dosha with such mitigations.
3.If there is no Dosha in either of chart it is termed as Suddha Jathakam..
If a planet is deposited in such a position that the Sub Lord of that planet is the significator of 6 or
10 or 12 Or the constellation Lord in which the Sub Lord is posited is the significator of 6 or 10 or
12 such position causes difference of opinion, disagreement, dispute ,divorce etc among the couple.
If the same planet is also the significator of 2-or7or -11 then such difficulties said above will be for
short period only.
If the Sub Lord is Mars or if it is in the constellation of Mars and is the significator of 6 or 10 or 12
there will be violence or divorce.
If it is Saturn it will sit silent, dumb but strike suddenly.

This is an example chart discussed in reader V at page XXXV relating to timing of marriage.
The Longitudes of Ascendant are 30-34’ as per calculation made by the Author while here in
software are 30-28’.Likewise Moon’s degrees are 50-51’ in the example chart but are 50-44’ in
software calculations. There are many differences is degrees of other planets. Why? The Geo Vision
is to be informed later.

However, the calculation is taken as such given by software.
Now judge as to whether marriage is promised or not. The Cusp Lord of 7th is Saturn who is in its
own Constellation and hence strongest one to give marriage. It is Significator of 2nd house and hence
marriage is promised.
Now find out Significators of houses 2-7-11 as under:-
House 2nd:-
It is vacant. The owner is Saturn. Only Rahu is tenanted in the star of Saturn who is in Sub of Mars.
There is No Planet in Rahu’s Star and hence Rahu is Strongest as the GOLDEN RULE APPLIES
Thus Rahu and Saturn are significators of 2nd house.
House 7th.-
7th House is occupied by Jupiter. Only Mars is tenanted in the Star of Jupiter. Mars is in Sub of
Saturn. The owner is Moon. Sun, Mercury and Kethu are in the Constellations of Moon.
Hence Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Sun, Mercury and Kethu are significators of 7th House.
But here Mars can be Stronger as it is in the Sub of Saturn who is significator of 2 nd. Next can be
Jupiter and others are weak.
11th House:
It is vacant. It is owned by Mars. Only Venus is in its Star who is in Sub of Mercury. Since Mercury
is not finding place in the Significators, Venus is out from giving results. Only Mars can be taken as
it is in the Sub of Saturn.
Out of all these Rahu is most Strong Significator to offer the results who is in the Sub of Mars who is
also a significator .
Therefore Rahu has given Marriage in Rahu Dasa, Rahu Bhukti and Rahu Antara.
Now Let us see the Transits of Sun to find out month and Moon to get the day.
The Sun was in Venus Star and Venus Sub and Moon was in Kethu Star and Rahu Sub. Mars was in
Jupiter Star and Jupiter Sub. Saturn was in Moon’s Sub, Mercury was in Venus Sub and Kethu in
Mercury Sub.
What we have to find out is the Transit of the Significators in the Constellation and Sub of the
Significators of the particular matter. This Rule is applicable to one and all

PHUNARPHOO YOGA:- ( Page 74 of 4th Reader)

According to research of KSK this yoga is caused with the combination of Moon and Saturn and
very important in judgment of Marriage aspect of the Native. This connection between Moon and
Saturn causes Delay, disappointment, though ultimately, both of them do much more good with a
better partner.
How this yoga form?
If Saturn is deposited in the Constellation of Moon and Sub of Saturn. ( that is Saturn should be in
either Stars of Moon—Rohini, Hasthi, Srawan and then it be in its own Sub)
If Moon is deposited in the Star of Saturn and Sub of
Moon.( that is Moon should be in any 3 Constellations of Saturn and then its own Sub.
If Saturn is deposited in the houses 1,3,5,7,10 then such difficulties may arise.
If Moon and Saturn are conjoined together.

There are following important position for Happy married Life:-
Jupiter Or Venus being Lord of Sub of 7th Cusp and being significators of 2 Or 11.
Mercury, Moon Or Sun being significator of 7th house and receiving beneficial aspect from the 11th
Sun Or Moon in 7th with mutual good aspect from the other being significators of 2 Or 11.
Either of Sun Or Moon in 7th aspected by Jupiter Or Venus favorably being significators of 2 Or 11.
Venus and Mars in good aspect is very advantageous
Provided they are not Significators of 6-10-12.
Moon receiving good aspect from Saturn ,Venus and Jupiter is auspicious .
If the 7th House to Lagana Or Moon is occupied by Or aspected by benefics by Lordships.
Venus in 1 or 2 and of the Upchaya Sthan provided it is not in the Sub of 6-10-12.


1.If the Lord of the Sub Or Sub Occupied by the Significator 2-7-11 Owns the House 4 Or 10 ,the
partner may be Co-tenant, Or live in One’s Street ,Town,Distt. Or in nearest place and not involving
journey to reach partner’s place.
2.If the Lord of the Sub Owns 3rd house the partner may be cousin Or near relative or one living at
short distance
Which can be reached in few hours.
3.If the Sub Lord owns the 11th house he/she comes from family of friends.
4. If the Sub Lord owns 5 Or 9 Stranger, Love marriage,
Foreigner, long distance .
Consider houses 4-8-12. Why?
Because 4th is 10th from 7th . 8th is 2nd from 7th and 12th is 6th from 7th . ( As we have to judge the
houses 2-6-10-11 for one’s profession the houses 4-8-12 are for his partner he/she.
Note down occupants in the houses 4-8-12.
And then note the Constellations of these Planets.
Then note the Planets posited in the Constellations of these
Occupants of 4-8-12.
Then Planets in the Constellations of Lords of 4-8-12.
Then Lords of 4-8-12.
Now find out the Significators of 4-8-12 and then decide the
Profession of the partner.
Note down the Sub Lord of 7th Cusp.
Find out in which Sign this Sub Lord is posited.
The results depends on the Nature of the Planet and also the Sign occupied by it.

( Refer page 86 onwards for results of each sub )

Houses 2-7-11 show the marriage. The 12th houses from these indicates negating such marriage.
Therefore ,1-6-10 are 12th houses from these. But the author in Reader IV
At page 105 has taken houses 4-6-10.Because,5th house shows love affairs Or children and 4th is 12th
from this negates such affairs Or children. Similarly, 7th shows partner and marriage and 6th is 12th
from this and negating house. Like this 11th is house of fulfillment of One’s desires and 10th is 12th
for it and negates such desires.
Important Note:-
Note the Sub Lord of 7th Cusp.
Note whether this Sub Lord is connected with the houses 4-6-10. ( This findings of Late Shri KSK )
If this condition is fulfilled there is a denial of Marriage.
In a unique case of Miss Alka Bhargawa who is still unmarried in the age of 55 so far the 7 th Cusp
Sub Lord is Jupiter who is significator of houses 7-2 and 4. Whether this cause is enough to remain
her unmarried?.
In her case Saturn and Moon are in conjunction in 11th house and both are in the star of Jupiter.
Saturn has 3rd aspect on Lagana and full 7th aspect on Lagana Lord Mars. This may be cause of such
delay and it may be denial.

1. By marriage means that One more member is added to the family. The family is denoted by
2 House.
2. This addition is on mutual agreement by both couple and family members, leaving in
exceptional cases of love marriage and against the desires of parents of the couple. This is denoted
by 7th house being House of Partnership between two bringing permanent friendship, for pleasure
and progeny.
3. This permanent friendship is indicated by House 11th .

Therefore Houses 2-7-11 are to be examined to find out whether:--

(a).Marriage is Promised Or not.
(b).The description of Partner. For this His/Her Ruling Planets are to be examined whether these are
related or Not. And to find out their features, characteristics, profession etc.
©.Time of Marriage.
(d).State of married Life whether harmonious or Otherwise.
1. Before this we have to first Judge Whether marriage is Promised or Not.
1.1 If marriage is promised Or not—

( Pl refer page 70 of reader IV for various traditional Rules laid down by Hindu Sages and not
detailed here for sake of brevity.)
Marriage is Promised but it comes off Late in life:-
If Saturn is either in Houses 1,3,5,7,10 Counted from Lagana Or Moon.And he does not Own
beneficial Houses.
If Malefics are in the 7th Bhava receiving ADVERSE
Aspects from Jupiter.
If Mars is in the 8th Bhava.
If Moon and Saturn conjoined together Especially in the Houses 1 Or 2 Or 11.
If Mars and Venus are conjoined together in 5 or 7 or 9 and both receive evil aspect from Jupiter.

If Lord of 7th and Venus are aspected by Saturn.
If Moon and Venus are Squared by Jupiter.
In these positions many proposals come one after another and many years passed. The parents and
the Native become dejected. But at last suddenly a proposal comes and marriage settled suddenly.
Whenever Saturn happens to be a Significator of a Particular Matter It will not deny but will cause
If it is connected with houses 2,7,and 11,by occupying the house Or Owing it Or situated in the
Constellations of the Planet posited in any of these Houses , it will cause delay at every time in
fixation of Marriage but it will not deny marital happiness
Generally it is observed that in whose chart If Saturn is placed in the 5th house will have their
marriage delayed till the very end.
Why this observation is here---Because Saturn fully aspects the 7th House by its 3rd aspect, 7th aspect
on 11th and 10th full aspect on 2nd house and all these are the houses related to Marriage.


Which are the planets who are connected with marriage and marriage life. VENUS is considered
to be Chief Governer/Karak of the affairs concerning Marriage. It should be reckoned More
Especially it happens to be Significator of the Houses to be judged
In this respect i.e. 2-7-11.


Note down the Planet/s occupied by the Houses 2-7-11 here under consideration. Then note down
Constellations of that Planet/s. Now find out which of the Planet/s are deposited in the Constellation
of these occupant. ( These are Strongest Significators)
Next note down the Occupant Planets in these Houses who are Significators at 2nd Level.
Now find out the Owner/s of these Houses. And then note down the Planet/s posited in the
Constellations of these Owners of these Houses.
(These are 3rd Level Significators)
Now note down the Planets who re Owners of these Houses. ( These are at 4th Level Significators).

And then
( V) Note down the Planet/s Conjoined with Or aspecting these Significators and also the House
under question.

S Planets House 2 House 7 House 11

A Planet/s in the Constellations Sun --- Mery.Rahu.
of Occupants
B Occupants Mars Mery Rahu

C. Planets in the Stars of Lords of Jup -- --
D Lords of Houses Saturn Mery Venus
E Planets Conjoined/& Or
aspecting the Significators Or

(a). Rahu is placed in Thula the Sign of Venus and hence an Agent of Venus. Further Rahu is
also aspected by Lord of 2 ,Saturn, Rahu and Mercury are in the Constellation of Rahu.
(b). Kethu is conjoined with Saturn, the Lord of 2nd .And is aspected by Mars from the 2nd Bhava.
Kethu is also in the Sign of Mars. Kethu is thus Substitute of Saturn and Mars. Further Kethu is also
Sub of Mercury. Thus Kethu is very powerful.

(c ).The Houses 2nd,7th and 11th are aspected by Saturn. No other planet aspects any of these houses.

Thus Rahu,Kethu,Mercury,Sun,Mars,Jupiter,Venus and Saturn are the SIGNIFICATORS.

Note :-- (2)

The Dasa,Bhukti and Antara periods according to Vimsottari Dasa and RULING
PLANETS AT THE TIME OF JUDGMENT will help to eliminate the Planets which are not so
Here in this example case the Dasa is of Rahu and Bhukti is of Kethu. These nodes are very
Strong here as detailed above.
The case under consideration was taken for judgment by the Author on 22-10-1969 at 10-25PM

The Ruling Planets at the time of Judgment were as under:-

M/R/L…………… Jupiter ( Meena )
M/N/L……………Jupiter ( P.Bhadra.P)
M/N/S/L………… Rahu
L/L………………. Mercury ( Mithuna )
L/N/L…………… Rahu.
L/Cusp/L……. Rahu.

The 7th Cusp Lord fell Jupiter’s Sign Dhanu. Kethu’s Star-Moola, and in Sub of Rahu.

Therefore on this basis it was foretold that in the Conjoined period of Rahu and Kethu marriage
must be fixed.

At the time of Judgment Moon was in Jupiter’s Star .In the Natal Chart Mercury was in Rahu’s
Star and Sub of Jupiter. Hence from this Mercury Antara was picked up for fructification of event. (
the Antara of Saturn being of delaying Planet was over).


It is necessary to take every one of transiting Planet and relate them to their Own Birth position and
to the Radical Position of all the Other Planets and also to the Cusps of the Houses in the Birth

According to the KP System the Transits of Planets

In the Various Constellations and Sub divisions of such Constellations should be given importance.

Compiled by

Pt. R.P.Ojha Bhardwaj

Jyotish Praveen ( ICAS 1990)
( Gold Medalist )
Shree Pitambara Jyotish Anusandhan Kendara
A-2 Govindpuri Gwalior M.P.
Mob. 9425336868