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Anybody can use a mobile phone to answer the work and personal calls at any time or 7 days a week.

Does this development have more positive or negative effects on both individuals and society?

Sentence 1- Paraphrase question
Sentence 2- Thesis statement (state which one outweighs the other)
Sentence 3- Outline sentence

In our digital era the use of cell phones for both personal and professional purposes is very common
among people. This essay will argue that the drawbacks of this outweigh the advantages.The present
essay will first demonstrate how phone calls can affect work productivity and business profit and then it will
follow an analysis on how usage of cell phones inhibit face-to-face interpersonal communication. Eventually
the discussion will focus on how the usage of mobile phones can be extremely helpful in urgent situations
when there is need for fast communication.

Main Body Paragraph 1 (Stronger Side)

Sentence 4- Topic Sentence
Sentence 5- Explain why it is strong
Sentence 6- Example
Sentence 7- Topic Sentence
Sentence 8- Explain why it is strong
Sentence 9- Example

The main reason for which using a cell phone can represent a serious disadvantage is because it hinders
one`s effectiveness during worktime. To say more, employees who are constantly checking their cell
phones for texts or social media feeds cannot perform well enough at their job. A recent survey carried in
United States found out that over a half of companies who forbade the use of mobile phones during
worktime had a higher revenue than those businesses who allowed their employees to use constantly their
phones during the worktime.
Another major disadvantage of using the cell phone is the negative effect which it has upon social skills and
interpersonal relationships. A group of friends could all be sitting together but no one would be talking to one
another because everyone would be reading their twitter or Facebook page. For instance, in preschool, children
are taught how to share, wait their turn, make friends, and good manners. Cell phones are now preventing these
social skills from being taught because children are too caught up in technology than the real world. Since our
face-to-face conflict is so limited, it causes us to be anti-social and lose patience quickly.

Main Body Paragraph 2 (Weaker Side)

Sentence 10- Topic Sentence
Sentence 11- Explain why it is not strong
Sentence 12- Example

However we have to admit that in certain circumstances which require the possibility to communicate or send a
message in a matter of few minutes like an accident, or when someone gets sick out of the blue, a cell phone
can be a blessing in disguise.

Sentence 13- Summary of main points and restate position.

On balance, the disadvantage of mobile phones slowing down work productivity and affecting human
communication and development of social skills