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100 Best Bots For Brands & Businesses


March 15, 2017

You’d never expect Mark Zuckerberg, king of social networks, topublicly admit that
“messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking,” but the
evidence is now indisputable. In 2015, Business Insider reported that messaging apps
overtook social networks in popularity.

Since then, every major messaging product — from Messenger to iMessage, Slack to Skype,
Echo to Allo — opened up their platforms for “bots” and “micro-apps” which enable users to
interact with brands and business without leaving the app. Leading companies from every
sector jumped at the opportunity to use conversation and voice to engage customers in a
scalable, personalized way.

As a nascent and experimental interface, bots present many challenges to developers.

Nevertheless, launching early and iterating quickly enables brand executives to gain critical
knowledge of real consumer behavior and stay ahead of their competition.

Below are the 100 best bots from brands and businesses leading their industries in
messaging innovation. Click here to download a full-size PDF of the infographic. You’re
welcome to share and use the infographic in any media as long as the image remains
unmodified and in full.


Not only can you browse beauty products via chatbots on Kik and Facebook Messenger, but
the best bots in beauty can recommend tutorial videos (via Sephora and BeautyTube on Kik)
and let you book an in-person appointment with a professional makeup artist (via Sephora on
Facebook Messenger). Estee Lauder’s holiday bot №6 Mortimer makes it easy to browse gift
boxes available in stores. Covergirl’s bot even lets you chat with celebrity dancer Kalani Hilliker
and get real coupons for product discounts.

1. Sephora (Kik, Facebook Messenger)2. Estee Lauder (Facebook Messenger)3. Covergirl


Consumer Goods

CPG companies have used chatbots and Alexa Skills to engage fans who are already
consumers of their products. Campbell’s, Hellman’s, and Johnnie Walker can personalize
product recommendations and suggest related recipes. Unilever’s Signal Pepsodent chatbot
helps parents teach their children healthy brushing habits, while Miller’s Alexa Skill lets you
order beer without leaving your couch.

4. Unilever (Facebook Messenger)5. Hellmann’s (Amazon Echo)6. Campbell’s (Amazon
Echo)7. Miller Lite (Amazon Echo)8. Johnnie Walker (Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo)


The best bots can be an incredible way to get engagement beyond clicks. Activision, Blizzard,
Disney, Marvel, and Universal all built companion bots to promote the launch of new games
and movies. Fandango and Stubhub allow consumers to easily search for tickets to nearby
movies and shows. Mattel’s Hello Barbie doll brings the childhood fantasy of talking toys to life.

9. Activision (Facebook Messenger)10. Barbie (Hello Barbie doll)11. Blizzard (Facebook

Messenger)12. Disney (Facebook Messenger)13. Fandango (Facebook Messenger)14. Marvel
(Facebook Messenger)15. Stubhub (Skype, Facebook Messenger)16. Universal (Skype)


Fashionistas can get customized recommendations from one of these helpful fashion brand
bots. Whether you want to see the latest runway shows (Burberry, Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger) or
get personalized shopping recommendations (Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Aerie), the best bots in
fashion make styling simple.

17. Victoria’s Secret (Kik)18. Tommy Hilfiger (Facebook Messenger)19. British Vogue
(Facebook Messenger)20. H&M (Kik)21. Burberry (Facebook Messenger)22 Aerie (Kik)


“I love paying my bills,” says no one ever. Whether you owe money to the tax man or just your
buddies, you can easily pay your friends (Paypal, Transferwise), check your account balances
(Capital One, Bank of America), find a financial advisor (Xero, Nerdwallet), or get stock
updates (Fidelity). You might even notice better customer support because some banks (like
RBS) use internal chatbots to help their customer support associates be even more productive.

23. Xero (Facebook Messenger)24. TransferWise (Facebook Messenger)25. RBS (Internal)26.

PayPal (Slack)27. Nerdwallet (Mobile App)28. Fidelity (Amazon Echo)29. Capital One (Alexa
Skill, SMS)30. Bank of America (Mobile App)

Food & Beverage

You have to feed yourself three times a day, so why not get help from the best bots in food?
Food can arrive with the ease of a chat (Wingstop, TacoBell, Starbucks, PizzaHut, Jack In The
Box, Domino’s, Burger King) or you can search healthy recipes (Whole Foods) to cook. If
you’re feeling like going out for dinner, OpenTable is your go-to bot for reservations.

31. Wingstop (Facebook Messenger)32. Whole Foods (Facebook Messenger)33. Taco Bell
(Slack)34. Starbucks (Mobile App)35. Pizza Hut (Facebook Messenger)36. OpenTable
(iMessage)37. Jack In The Box (Facebook Messenger)38. Domino’s Pizza (Amazon Echo,
Google Home, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter)39. Burger King (Facebook Messenger)


Staying healthy can be a challenge, but these bots can help. HealthTap, BabyCenter, and
KidsMD from Boston Children’s Hospital can help you answer health questions, while Fitbit can
help you stay in shape. If you do need to go to the doctor, Baidu Doctor’s chatbot Melody can
help you find the right provider.

40. HealthTap (Facebook Messenger)41. Fitbit (Amazon Echo)42. Boston Children’s Hospital
(Amazon Echo)43. Baidu Doctor (Mobile App)44. BabyCenter (Amazon Echo)


Insurance can be a confusing subject. Liberty Mutual can give you quotes as well as advice
about choosing the right insurance, while Allstate can remind you when your bills are due and
who your friendly local agent is.

45. Liberty Mutual (Amazon Echo)46. Allstate (Amazon Echo)

Media & Publishers

Media and publishers are leading the way with the best bots for content consumption.
Washington Post and NYTimes built special bots to gauge the pulse of the country during
Election 2016. Many other publishers allow you to access content via voice on Amazon Echo
or chat on Facebook Messenger or Slack. Quartz even made reading news a conversational
experience in their mobile app.

47. Wall Street Journal (Facebook Messenger)48. Washington Post (Facebook Messenger)49.
Today Show (Facebook Messenger)50. TechCrunch (Facebook Messenger)51. New York
Times (Slack)52. NPR (Amazon Echo)53. NBC (Slack)54. Harvard Business Review
(Slack)55. Fox News (Facebook Messenger)56. Forbes (Telegram)57. The Economist
(Amazon Echo)58. CNN (Facebook Messenger)59. BBC (Facebook Messenger, Telegram,
Twitter)60. Quartz (Mobile App)61. The History Channel (Amazon Echo)

Real Estate
Searching for a new home can be a daunting and complicated task and you might wonder if
your real estate agent really has your best interests at heart. Enter Trulia, a trusty, neutral bot
that can understand your needs and show you summaries of qualifying properties nearby.

62. Trulia (Facebook Messenger)

Retail & E-Commerce

Why go to the store when you can shop via chat? UNIQLO, Nordstrom, eBay, and 1–800-
Flowers all help you hone in on the perfect purchase, while Macy’s OnCall connect you with a
shopping assistant in stores. Even if you don’t have a Casper mattress, their Insomnobot will
accompany you in the wee hours of the night if you’re suffering from insomnia.

63. UNIQLO (Facebook Messenger)64. Nordstrom (Facebook Messenger, Kik)65. Macy’s
(Website)66. eBay (Facebook Messenger)67. Casper (SMS)68. 1–800-Flowers (Facebook

Social Good
The best bots are not only good for business, but also good for humanity. The World Wildlife
Fund bot on Kik will educate you about the planet and environment. HelloVote makes voter
registration as easy as sending texts. Unicef’s U-Report helps citizen journalists around the
world report on social and environmental injustice.

69. WWF (Kik)70. Unicef (SMS)71. HelloVote (SMS)


Die hard sports fanatics will be pleased to know that they no longer need to neurotically check
scores. Bots will do that for you. All of the sports bots we feature let you subscribe to your
favorite teams, get live game updates, and never miss any important news.

72. TheScore (Facebook Messenger)73. Sports Illustrated (Facebook Messenger)74. NFL

(Facebook Messenger)75. NBA (Facebook Messenger)76. Copa 90 (Facebook Messenger)

Travel & Hospitality

Flight and hotel search can be a nightmare with all possible parameters and choices to
consider. Instead, just tell one of the handy bots below your preferences and be shown a short
list of the best options. If your Airbnb isn’t quite as nice as you’d hope, you can start by
reporting your issues to their customer support chatbot built right into their websites and mobile
apps. If you need more of a concierge feel, Rose, the sassy chatbot of The Cosmopolitan in
Vegas will give you local suggestion based on your preferences.

77. Skyscanner (Facebook Messenger)78. Hotels.com (Facebook Messenger)79. Marriott

(Facebook Messenger)80. Kayak (Slack, Messenger, Echo)81. KLM (Facebook
Messenger)82. Expedia (Facebook Messenger)83. Hipmunk (Email, Slack, Skype, Facebook
Messenger)84. Lufthansa (Facebook Messenger)85. Great Western Railway (Facebook
Messenger)86. The Cosmopolitan (SMS)87. British Airways (Facebook Messenger)88. Airbnb
(Website, Mobile App)

Remember how hard it was to get a ride before Lyft and Uber? Now when you tell a friend on
Messenger that you’re “on your way,” they can pop up automatically and make ride hailing
even simpler. If you’re in the market for a car, Kia’s chatbot will tell you all about the tech specs
of their new Niro line. For Hyundai and Ford car owners, you can even control your vehicle
with your Amazon Echo.

89. Uber (Facebook Messenger)90. Lyft (Facebook Messenger)91. Kia (Facebook
Messenger)92. Hyundai (Amazon Echo)93. Ford (Amazon Echo)

Everyday errands are simplified with bots who can help you find the best shipping prices
(UPS), order prints (HP) or office supplies (Staples), and make sure you dress appropriately
for the weather ahead (The Weather Channel).

94. UPS (Facebook Messenger)95. The Weather Channel (Kik)96. Staples (Facebook
Messenger, Easy Buttons)97. HP (Facebook Messenger)

Some of our best bots are multi-talented and can’t fit into a single category. Yahoo’s bots help
you with weather forecasts, personal finances, and even fantasy football. Microsofts’ chatbot
personalities like XiaoIce and Zo entertain consumers in China and the US. ADP’s innovation
labs are working on chatbots to make HR processes simpler, such as sending jobs to
prospectives or reminding employees of their vacation times.

98. Yahoo (Mobile App)99. Microsoft (Kik & Messenger)100. ADP (Internal)

Did We Miss Any Bots?

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