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JL Series I Video Broescope Specification Introduction

JL Series Easy Operate for Quick Inspections JL series video broescope


• Automobiles • Aircrafts • Ships • Railways • Welding • Architecture

ADJUSTME NT NTSC /PAL • Mechanical equipment • Generators • Electricity • Manufacture
• General equipment • Gas, petroleum, and chemicals
• Defense, security, and surveilliance
• Exploration, education, and research and experiments .

Feature Function
2.4" TFT LCD
LED brightness adjustment 1.5X Zoom - In
l.SX Zoom in and Mirror image Support up to 1.5X Digital Zoom .
Economic Videoscope
Easy to Operate
Energy saving ( 4 AA batteries for 8 hours operation )
Main Console System (Display)
Display 2.4" TFT LCD QVGA
Display Resolution 320 X 240
Power Supply 4 Alkaline AA 1.5-volt batteries
Estimated Battery Life 8hrs
Shock Proof Moderate shock proof

Mirror Image Languages 27 Languages: English I French I German I

Italian I Spanish I Portuguese I Japanese I
Support mirror image to correct the direction of probe. Traditional Chinese I Simplified Chinese I
Danish I Dutch I Polish I Russian I Bulgarian I
Turkish I Swedish I Finnish I Norwegian I

Standard Accessories Estonian I Lithuanian I Latvian I Hungarian I

Czech I Slovak I Sloven ian I Romanian I Greek I
Storage Temperature -2ooc- 600C

Working Temperature ooc- 60°C

Dimension 93.5* 209.5 * 57.5 mm

Weight 0.27kg ( 0.591b)
Video Cable 4 AA Batteries

Series Accessories
Insertion Probe Options

Probe Material Probe Diameter Tube Length Detail

General Probe Soft-Metal <D 5.5 mm 1m I 2m I 3m I 5m I 1Om I 20m I 30m P.17-18
General Probe Semi-Rigid <D 3.9 mm I <D 5.5mm I <D 8.5 mm 1m/2m/3m P.17-18
70° goo 110°
Dual-Camera Probe Semi-Rigid <D4.9 mm 1m/2m/3m P. 19

<D 5.5 mm Mirror Variable Angle Mirror 2 Way Articulation Soft-Metal <D6.0 mm 1m/2m/3m P. 20
Only for CD 5.5 mm general probe Only for CD 8.Smm probe Pipe Inspection Probe Hard Soft-Metal <D 6.0 mm, <D 22 mm (camera head) 22m P. 25-28
<D 6.0 mm, <D 28 mm (camera head) 5m I 1Om I 22m I 30m

P. 09 P. 10
Specification Introduction
General Probe

• <D 3.9 mm Probe

Front view I Side view
(Semi- rigid)
1m I 2m I 3m

<D 5.5 mm Probe

(Semi- Rigid )
1m/2m /3m

<D 5.5 mm Probe

Front view I Side view
(Soft- Metal)
1m I 2m I 3m I 5m I 1Om I 20m I 30m

<D 8.5 mm Probe

(Semi- Rigid )
1m/2m/ 3m

3.9 mm Extremely Small Front I Side View optional

Insertion tube & Camera System
It's the smallest diameter Insert Probe on the market, You can select the corresponding camera in accordance
Diameter <D 3.9 mm <D 5.5 mm <D8.5 mm
only 03.9mm. with the circumstances you need.
Extremely small
Only for 03.9mm, 05.5mm
Material Semi-Rigid ( SR) Soft-Metal ( SM ) Semi-Rigid ( SR)
Semi-Rigid ( SR)

Type of Camera Front I Side view SM : Front I Side view Front view
SR : Side view

Length 1m/2m/3m SM : 1m 12 m I 3m ISm 1m/2m/3m

10m I 20m I 30m
SR: 1m/2m/3m

Light Source Front view: White LED* 3 Front I Side view

3.9mm Other diameter White LED*6
Side view: White LED* 2 White LED*4
90° Side View Front View
F.O.V 57 °

D.O.F 1 - 6cm


~- .
JF Series

JK Series JL Series
Frame Rate

White Balance

Resolution Pixels
- 30fps


QVGA ( 320 * 240 )

(Dynamic I Static)

Image Sensor CMOS Image Sensor

Main Console JF Series, JK Series, JL Series, JM Series

JM Series

SM = Soft-Metal, SR = Semi-Rigid
~ 17 ~ 18
Dual- Camera 2 Way Articulation

One Click Switch

Front view Side view

X ••
2 Way Articulation Wireless Probe
( Front View I Side View )
2 Way Articulation
( Front View I Side View )
1m/2m /3m 1m/2m/3m

Daul Cameras Probe Insertion tube & Camera System

(Semi - Rigid)
Forward View I Side View One-click Swich 2 WAY ARTICULATION 2 Way Articulation 2 Way Articulation
1m /2m /3m Wireless Probe Probe
2 way articulation probe helping to check angles that
Type of Probe Wireless Wired
hardly can be checked easily (over 300° of view).
Front view and Side view optional. Type of Camera Front view I Side view
Insertion tube & Camera System Diameter <D6mm
Diameter <D4.9 mm Resolution 325(H) * 250(V)
Type of Camera Daul Cameras ( Front & Side view) Head Material Stainless steel

oo Frontward view Camera Resolution 320 * 240 Light Source White LED
Head Length 28mm Length 1m/2m/3m
Head Material Stainless steel Front view F.O.V Horizontal field angle 45.2°
Connector Metal Vertical field angle 34°
Diagonal field angle 56°
Light Indicate Green light (forward view), Red light (side view)

Light Source Forward: 140-224 mcd*2 LED D.O.F 1 -6cm

Side: 210-330 mcd*l Material Soft-Metal

90° Side view
Length 1m/2m/3m Working Temperature ooc- 6Q°C
Left I Right 155° Side view
Material Semi-Rigid Articulation Angle Left: 155° I Right: 155°

F.O.V Horizontal field angle 45.2° Articulation Radius Front View: 48 +/-1 mm I Side View: 60 +/-1 mm

Vertical field angle 34° Waterproof IP67

Diagonal field angle 56° Dimension 139.3 * 34.9 * 31.8mm

D.O.F 1 -6cm Weight 1m-260g I 2m-340g I 1m-370g I 2m-450g I

JM Series JK Series JL Series 3m-420g 3m-530g
Working Temperature 0°C- 55°C
JM Series JK Series
Waterproof IP67 Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer None
battery 3.7V
Main Console JF Series, JK Series, JL Series,

Lightness Control Variable None
JM Series
Main Console JM Series JF Series, JK Series,
JF Series [!) ~ ' 0

JL Series, JM Series
JF Series

P. 19 P. 20
Features Introduction
Pipe Inspection Probe PIPE INSPECTION PROBE series video broescope

I 28m m TIP I
I 28 mm TIP I
Camera Head

• Interchangeable Camera Head • IP 68 Waterproof

• Bright & Clear Image • 640*480 Resolution • Stainless Steel
• 8 High Brightness LED (3000 lux)
Wireless Detection
Power of the Locator transmitter can detection tube probe
position better let the smooth operation.


\1/ ,. . . . ..
-~ I
' I
<D 22 mm I <D 28 mm
22m I 30m

<D 28 mm Optional Accessories

Rock sol id reel stand not only improves the image qual ity, but also provides Sm l lOm
the convenience and flexibility for your pipe inspection.

Pass through two 90° elbow bends Recommended Combinations Locater

Diameter L : 293.5mm
W: 144mm
Centering Metal Ring CDSOmm Centering Brush CD150mm
(standard :CDlOOmm) H: 486.5mm

Weight 2kg

Power Source 3.7V I 200m A Li battery

Power Consumption 282m A

Battery Charge 3-4 hours

40mm I JKS- 2822M

Power Cycle
Power Adaptor
6-7 hours
s.sv I 1.8A

Orbit Glider CD150mm ~ CD300mm Working Temperature -10°-60°

Storage Temperature -20° -80°

Drop Resistance 60cm

Locator & Transmitter Waterproof IPSS

( Only for CD28mm Length 22m ) Alailable <D 28mm Length 22m Only
JK Series JF Series JGS- 2222M

P. 2 P. 26
Specification Introduction
PIPE INSPECTION PROBE series video broescope

Optional Accessories
Screen display LCD
Extension Pole

No climbing and no ladder. Ideal for inspections that to access like ceiling, air-condition duct, bridge, tunnel, sewwe ... facilities. l m ft Switches @] Power I Reset

m/ftl m/ft counter

Power I Reset
r-l Jl Jl 1-
t!!..Jl mttt R_-"'-' Backlight [SJ Backlight

m/ft counter I Dimension 62 x 110 x 24mm
Meter counts Forward I Rewind

., @ Display digits
Meter display
3 (1 decimal place)
± 0.4m(±1.3ft)
IP 55
Power source 2 x AAA (DC 3V)
Power capacity 2: 90hrs

Pipe Diameter <D6mm

Camera Length 25mm 24.3mm

Applicable Pipe <D40mm-70mm <D50mm-1 OOmm

Goose neck 27cm

Extension Pole
( 120 ~ 503 em ) Pipe Length 22m 5m I 1Om I 22m I 30m optional
Interchangeable Head NO Length 22m Only
Usage scenarios
Meter YES YES, ( non 5m I 1Om )

Resolution 640*480
Camera Material Stainless Steel

D.O.F 30mm -100mm 10mm -oo

· Highly convenient for operation in heavy duty
F.O.V 62S(Diagonal) 150.8°(Diagonal)
· Up to 5m inspection
Illumination High Brightness 8 White Led (3000 lux)
Waterproof Probe-IP68, Reei-IP65
Working Temperature
Extension Pole
Operating Hour 3 Hours
Length 120-503 em Material Fiber Glass
(main pole only)
Flexibility Continuously go• sharp turn in <D40mm I <D50mm Water Pipe

Weight 1275g ( w/o flashlight) Whole Reel Diameter 30cm

Probe Holding Pole Angle adjustable Main Console JF Series, JK Series, JL Series JF Series, JK Series, JL Series
JM Series JM Series
Flashlight IP 55
Length: 5m/1 Om JF Series Only

P. 27 P. 28