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ADI KRISNA BAYU (0515140134)

Put each of these examples in the correct column

No Material Uses Is made of Contains

Aluminum Aircraft, shipbuilding, Cu, Mg, Si,
1 Aluminum (Al)
alloy automotive manufacture Mn, Zn, Ni
Protects the foot from Thermoplastic Polymer, Fe,
2 Safety shoes
falling objects polyurethane and steel Cu, Al
Housework, drilling,
3 A power tool Metal Al, C
cutting, etc
Sewerage pipes,
Acids, Na,
4 A plastic tube insulation on electrical Plastic polymer
A spring To measure the mass of
5 Steel Fe, Al
balance different loads
6 A gas burner To generate a flame Gas
natural gas
Pertinaks material that
To connects electronic
7 A circuit board has been coated with Cu

A foot pump : a pump which is operated by foot
A ribbon cable : a cable which is like a ribbon
A college friend : a friend in a college
Do as the example!
a. Safety helmet : a helmet which is used to protect the head from falling object.
b. Fireman : a rescuer extensively trained in firefighting.
c. Public speaking : a individual to perform a presentation
d. Driving license : a official document to permitting a specific individual to
operate vehicles.
e. Safety talk : a public speaking to presentation safety instruction.
f. Aircraft enginner : a specialist about aircraft manfacture or maintenance.
g. Laser light : a device that emits electromagnetic radiation light.
h. Main point : a place for gathering people from emergency situation.
i. Water heater : a device to increase water temperature.
j. Emergency call : a call service for emergency situation.

Shorten the following phrase
a. A room for stores : Room store
b. A station for express train : Express train station

ADI KRISNA BAYU (0515140134)

c. A size of cable : Cable size

d. A reduction in cost : Cost reduction
e. A machine which is used for washing : Washing machine
f. Shoes for safety working : Safety shoes
g. Pipes made of plastic : Plastic tube (PVC)
h. A course for three months : Training
i. A harbor for cargo ship : Cargo ship dock
j. A track which is used for jogging : Jogging track