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My dog

bit my wife yesterday.

And what did you do?
I took it to the vet.
Did you have it
put to sleep?
Of course not,
I had its teeth sharpened!

SUBJECT + TO BE (in the appropriate tense) + PAST PARTICIPLE (regular

verbs: vb+ed
irregular verbs: 3rd form)
e.g. The grass is cut every day. My shirts are being washed just now. The

Use the passive:

-when the agent (the doer of the action)is unknown,
Cats drink
unimportant or obvious from the context
The invitations have been sent.
-the focus is on the action (in news reports, headlines,
He cuts
formal notices, advertisements, instructions, processes
German spoken here!
Early Morning Burglars Caught Red Handed By
Neighbours! Milk is drunk
-to make statements more formal or polite by cats.
Salaries will be reduced by 25 % next month. The grass is cut
Do as in the model:
Present simple They cook the food at 6. The food is cooked at 6.
they send the invitations
Present Continuous They are cooking the food now. The food is being cooked now. they
arrange the flowers
Past simple They cooked the food. The food was cooked.
they make the salad
Past continuous They were cooking the food. The food was being cooked. they
wash the dishes
Future simple They will cook the food. The food will be cooked. they
wash their clothes
Future perfect They will have cooked the food. The food will have been cooked. we
make the beds
Present perfect They have cooked the food. The food has been cooked.
you clean the rooms
Past perfect They had cooked the food. The food had been cooked.
we write our homework
Modals They must cook the food. The food must be cooked. he
cooks breakfast Turn the sentences into the passive
Fill in by or with: (both ways):
My red dress was designed ……………. Irina Schrotter.
They say he is a con man.
Who was America discovered …………….? We expect Jane will be honest.
This sponge cake is filled …………. raspberry whipped cream.
They believe he is the robber.
The match was watched …………… millions of They
people.say she swindled money from the
Do you like Basmati Rice flavoured ……………. company.
Who was the thermometer invented …………….? Miss Johnson says they miss too many
Mona Lisa is a painting made ………….. Leonardo da Vinci.
They know she lies all the time.

Write sentences in the passive voice paying attention to the tenses:

1 Our papers / mark / by our French teacher / at the moment
2 The Starry Night / paint / Vincent Van Gogh.
3 Blood oranges / widely / grow / in Spain and Italy
4 The convicts / release / from prison / last week
5 The dishes / already / wash
6 Mozart / always / regard / a great composer
7 Reservations / make / 36 hours / before / day of play
8 We / bring up / our grandparents
9 Look at that boy!!! He / bite / that venomous snake!
10 My room / clean / weekly
11 The new sports centre / open / the mayor / tomorrow
12 Complaints /can / make / telephone / 24 hours a day


2 by, by, with, by, with, by, by

3 He is said to be a con man. It is said that he is a con man.

Jane is expected to be honest. It is expected that Jane will be honest.
He is believed to be the robber. It is believed that he is the robber.
She is said to have swindled from the company. It is said that she swindled from the
They are said to miss too many classes. It is said that they miss too many classes.
She is known to lie all the time. It is known that she lies all the time.
She was thought to have been brave to do such a thing. It was thought that she had been
brave to do such a thing.
She is said to be a better person now. it is said that she is a better person now.

4 Our papers are being marked by our French teacher at the moment.
The Starry Night was painted by Van Gogh.
Blood oranges are widely grown in Spain and Italy.
The convicts were released from prison last week.
The dishes have already been washed.
Mozart will always be regarded as a great composer.
Reservations must be made 36 hours before the day of play.
We were brought up by our grandparents.
He is going to be bitten by that snake!
My room is cleaned weekly.
Complaints can be made by telephone 24 hours a day.