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nature The Riverside Nature Trail offers a

rare opportunity to observe four
Continuing downstream, you’ll
What Did You Do on Your Hike?
Kids, fill out the hiking journal below and
bring this page to the Visitors Center for a free
"I Hiked the Riverside
Nature Trail" certificate!

• I hiked ___ miles.

• I saw _______________________________________
nature trail

distinct ecosystem communities notice a wetland developing to

during a hike of just a half mile. the left of the trail. Wetlands • I heard ______________________________________
You’ll return along the same path, are covered by water or
making a total journey of one mile have waterlogged • I touched ____________________________________
through riverine, wetland, soil for long periods
successional forest and open during the growing • I smelled ____________________________________
field ecosystems. season and
often include • What I liked best _____________________________
The trail begins near the parking swamps,
What Did You Find on Your Hike?
lot for the "Old Schoolhouse" marshes, bogs,
Write down what you found on the trail::
area, about two miles downstream wet meadows or shallow ponds.
from the Raystown Dam. The first The waters in these areas contain • In the riverine, I saw __________________________
Water is the dominant major community you’ll encounter many microorganisms, insects,
factor in wetlands. is the riverine, which provides crayfish and fish, and serve as The Snapping • In the wetland, I saw __________________________
plants and wildlife with a constant important nesting, migrating and Turtle lives in
source of running water—in this wintering areas for waterfowl. freshwater • In the successional forest, I saw_________________
case, the Raystown branch of habitats and
the Juniata River. The trail follows the wetland to does not ____________________________________________
a 55-foot-long arch span bridge, hesitate to
built by Penn State University defend itself. • In the open field, I saw_________________________
engineering students in 1994.
An observation deck at the south
end of the bridge offers a good
vantage point for spotting
For updated trail conditions or more information, visit our website:
Children animals that make their home
in the wetland. www.raystown.nab.usace.army.mil
studied in a
schoolhouse Next the trail passes through a
in the early successional forest, demonstrating
1900s, giving the development of woodlands
this area the from shrubs and plants to
name "Old towering trees. The final
Schoolhouse." community along the Riverside
Nature Trail consists of open Baltimore District
fields that have been cultivated Christmas Ferns like these
Raystown Lake • R.D. #1, Box 222 • Hesston, PA 16647-9227
for wildlife food and cover. are commonly found in Baltimore District • US Army Corps of Engineers
A relaxing place for a picnic. the successional forest. PO Box 1715 • Baltimore, MD 21203-1715
r a y s t o w n l a k e
map Parking at Trailhead
Wooded Marsh
Camp riverside
nature trail
Wooded Marsh
2-3 ft. Deep

Wood Duck/Squirrel Box

Standing Water

Grain Food Plot


Corn Food Plot

Old Schoolhouse Area

The woodlands have many

species of plants and trees.
a Riv
nc A riverine
wn always
sto be a
y contains water;
a wetland safe & courteous
does not.
• Carry drinking water and a first aid kit
• Let someone at home know your plans
• Leave only footsteps, not litter
• Stay on designated trails

Trail Length: 0.5 mi

Map not to Scale • Dress for the terrain
and the weather
• Don’t smoke or start
fires outside official
Wetlands serve as buffer areas, camping areas
protecting the shoreline from erosion • Don’t disturb
by waves and moderate storm surges plants or animals
while collecting sediments to help
clean the water. • Share the trail
with other users
Watch for wetland wildlife such as • Take time to
muskrats, ducks, geese, beavers, look and listen
deer and bears.