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St Patrick’s College Canteen is operated by a fulltime Canteen Manager, a part-time

employee plus Parents and Friends volunteers. This canteen supports a daily College
community of over 1250 students in Grades 7 to 12 plus 150 staff members. On average,
the services provided by the canteen are utilised by approximately 60% of the College
community on a daily basis. St Patrick’s College Canteen offers a wide range of healthy food
and drink choices. These choices comply with the current guidelines of the Tasmanian
Schools Canteen Handbook.


The St Patrick’s College Canteen aims to:

1. Provide food according to guidelines from the Tasmanian Schools Canteen
2. Maintain standards of hygiene in accordance with the guidelines of Launceston City
Council Health Department and St Patrick’s College Food Safety Plan.
3. Ensure that all canteen staff (voluntary and employed) are maintaining high standards
of health and hygiene.
4. Be aware of the nutritional needs of students.
5. Be empathetic towards the specific food needs of the College’s multicultural
6. Support classroom nutrition studies by providing healthy food options.
7. Liaise with canteen users and consider their views, options and choices.
8. Insist upon courtesy and consideration to all people when using canteen facilities.
9. Be financially self-sufficient to enable replenishing and upgrading equipment and
hardware when necessary.


1. Maintain the Canteen Policy.

2. Ensure cleanliness of all canteen surfaces and equipment.
3. Ordering – receiving and checking goods and completing regular stocktakes.
4. Adequate supervision of the voluntary helpers.
5. Maintaining a high standard in presentation of food.
6. Organisation of volunteer rosters.
7. Preparation of food including regular temperature checks of equipment in use.
8. Encouraging a high standard of behaviour from students in liaison with the teacher on
9. Record takings on a daily basis.
10. Regular and End of year stocktakes.


1. Voluntary helpers to view safety video.

2. Willing to work under the guidelines of the St Patrick’s College Food
Safety Plan.
3. Requested to contact the Canteen Manager as early as possible if they are unavailable
on a rostered day or organise their own replacement.

The Canteen is operated within the Finance structure of the College Administration system.
A yearly report is completed as at 31st December which coincides with the College financial
year. The College finances are audited by external Auditors every year.

___________________ ___________________ ________________

Phil Hollingsworth Simon Cobiac Keri Sidney
Business Manager Principal Canteen Manager

Date: ______________________

Approved by: Principal/Board

Issuing Group: Leadership Team
Implementation Date: 2007
Supersedes Policy Dated: New Policy
Revision Date: January 2009
Contact Officer: Canteen Manageress

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