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Certificate III in Pathology Collection

Interpret and apply medical terminology

What is Medical Terminology?

 A special vocabulary used by healthcare professionals
 Words made up of scientific and technical terms
 To assist those in a healthcare environment to speak
and write in a precise manner
 Often derived from Latin and Greek words

HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 2

 Build medical words using word components. HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 3 .Objectives  Name and identify components of medical words.  Split medical words into their components.

The components of medical words  Prefixes  Roots  Suffixes  Combining Vowels  Combining Forms HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 4 .

Key points  To determine the meaning of a medical term start with the ‘suffix’  Then the ‘prefix’  Then identify the meaning of the word root or roots last HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 5 .

Example of a medical term Laryngopharyngitis  itis always means inflammation  laryng/o refers to the larynx or voice box  pharyng/o refers to the throat or pharynx Laryngopharyngitis is the inflammation of the pharynx or larynx (upper respiratory tract) with symptoms of sore throat or loss of voice. HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 6 .

Word roots: establishes the basic meaning of the medical term A word root typically indicates  Tissue  Organ  Body system  Structure  Condition HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 7 .

Root Word examples  Phleb – vein Phlebotomy  Aer – air Aerobic  Ceph – head Cephalic  Neph – kidney Nephritis  Pul – lung Pulmonary  Bronch – bronchus Bronchitis HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 8 .

HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 9 . Suffix “to fasten underneath or behind” A suffix when it follows a word root it either changes or adds something to the meaning of the word root.

al – pertaining to Cardiac  emia – blood condition Anaemia  oma – tumor Hepatoma  pathy – disease Cardiomyopathy  Osis – condition Necrosis  Tomy . Common Suffixes  Ac.cutting incision Phlebotomy HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 10 .

HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 11 . Prefix “to fasten before” A prefix modifies the meaning of the word root by adding information such as the presence or the absence.

an. Common prefixes  A.ar – without Arrhythmia  bi – two bicuspid  brady – slow bradycardia  micro – small microbiology  poly – much many polyuria  semi – half semilunar HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 12 .

added to word roots to add Root meaning pronunciation Suffix meaning stomach and connect the incision into root HLT37215: to theBSBMED301 suffix. Word Root. words. Combining Vowel and Suffix GASTR O TOMY COMBINING WORD ROOT VOWEL SUFFIX Roots are Combining The suffix follows basic medical vowels are the word root. (USB) 13 Meaning of Gastrotomy – incision into the stomach .

The Combining Form and Prefix Word root + combining vowel = combining form Gastr + o = gastro Most combining forms end in o EPI GASTR IC PREFIX SUFFIX WORD ROOT Prefix meaning Suffix meaning upon/above Word Root meaning pertaining to stomach Meaning of Epigastric = pertaining to above HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) or upon the 14 stomach .

a vowel) HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 15 . meaning condition of pain. meaning study of and –algia. to the combining form gastr/o we make two new words: gastr/o + -logy = gastrology (study of the stomach) gastr/o + algia = gastralgia (condition of pain in the stomach) (note `o’ has been dropped in gastralgia because –algia begins with `a’. Rule 1: Adding a combining form to a suffix If we add the suffixes – logy.

the combining vowel is left in place if the suffix begins with a letter other than a vowel. Rule 1: Adding a combining form to a suffix Key Point  When a root combines with a suffix. Examples: Gastr/o + -tomy = Gastrotomy (incision into the stomach) Gastr/o + -it is = Gastritis (inflammation in the stomach Gastr/o + -ectomy = Gastrectotomy (removal of the stomach) HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 16 .

HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 17 . the combining vowel is kept.Rule 2:Combining two word roots GASTR/O ENTER/O LOGY Combining Combining Suffix form of word form of meaning root meaning word root study of stomach meaning intestine The full meaning of gastroenterology is the study of the intestines and the stomach Key Point – When two roots are combined.

periosteitis) HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 18 .Rule 3: Adding a Prefix to a Root Key Point  When a prefix that ends in a vowel is added to a root that begins with a vowel or `h’.g. Example: Anti + acid = antacid Prefix meaning Root meaning against acid antacid – a drug used to neutralise stomach acid (note: this is not a strict rule e. the vowel of the prefix is dropped.

Reading and understanding medical words Split the word into its components endo-. gastr/o³. enter/o². etc Then: Think of or look up the meaning of the components. Finally: Read the meaning of the word beginning with the suffix and reading backwards: e. -ology¹ 1 study of 2 the intestines 3 the stomach HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 19 .g. -it is. gastr/o.

Pol/io myl/ itis ↓ ↓ ↓ many muscle infection HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 20 .Examples hypertonic quadra plegia ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ High tone 4 paralysis ……………………………………………….

Abbreviations  Abbreviations are commonplace in a Healthcare environment.  What are some that you are aware of already? HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 21 .

electrocardiogram  LFT.twice a day  SOB.short of breath  Tx.full blood examination  BD.liver function test  FBE.Abbreviations-common  RBB-random blood glucose  ECG.treatment  Keep a note book of all new abbreviations and tests HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 22 .

What resources can assist?  Medical/Nurses Dictionaries  Online dictionaries  Colleagues  Supervisor  Doctors  Lab staff  Internal computer programs (intranet) HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 23 .

Although all terms cannot be covered some may be found by looking up the following internet address: http://www.htm#cytoplasm HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 24 . Chemical Abbreviations relevant to Pathology Collection A pathology report is filled with numerous terms and phrases that may lead to a mad scramble for a medical dictionary.com/pathreports/commonly_us ed_terms.thedoctorsdoctor.

Checklists Checklists are very common in a Pathology environment  Checklists assist to ensure all tasks are complete  They assist with time management  They assist with delegation of tasks to team members HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 25 .

Checklists  What tasks in a Pathology Environment would a checklist be useful for?  Do you use checklists at your current employment or at home? What for?  Do you think a checklist would assist in following policies and procedures?  How? HLT37215: BSBMED301 (USB) 26 .