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Digital Economy of


Presented by Anthonius Malau

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
October 26, 2016
Digital Economy Vision

Becoming the biggest digital economy in 2020

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The government is confident that e-

commerce will be the economic driver in the
future. Many e-commerce websites have
proven to be able to keep growing and
developing, they are even feasible to be
included in investment-grade category.
Opportunities and challenge run
concurrently. Like what?

*) presidenri.go.id
Source : kompas 2016

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Total trade transaction (e-commerce)

• 2013 à US$ 8 billion
• 2014 à US$ 13 billion
• 2015 à around US$ 20 billion
• By 2020 predicted will reach US$ 130
billion or more than Rp180 Trillion
(ER: Rp13.900 per US$)

Source : kompas 2016

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Demography Digital Industry

Demographic bonus:
Government Support
Internet users:
By 2020-2030, productive Creating conducive business
environment : •2015 : 88.1 million
age 180 million > 60
üIssuing ‘Economic Policy •2017: 135 million
million, or 10 people cover
Package’ assuring open 100% (prediction)
3-4 peopleà Expected foreign investor in marketplace with
high public saving minimum investment of IDR 100 à attracts foreign investor
(source: kompasiana) billion (US$ 8 million) or 49% open to invest in Indonesia
for foreign investors for minimum (source : APJII,2015)
investment of < IDR 100 billion;
üRoadmap of Ecommerce;
Trend PC to mobile ü1 million domain names;
•internet penetration 34% ü50 million SME’s to go digital; Creativity and Innovation
ü1000 techstart-up entrepreneurs in
of population 2020; Readiness to adopt digital
•users of mobile 64,1 üInfrastructure of broadband to life style or digital era such
million build across nation (regency) with as the start-up, e-
target in 2019 all capital city of
(source: We are Social Regency/Municipality (514) are commerce, e-health, e-
2015) connected with fiber optic. fishery, e-agriculture, etc.
(source: MCIT 2015)

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