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Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray.

anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise... If
they have sinned, they will be forgiven. Therefore
January 2018
confess your sins to each other and pray for each
other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a 11 Pray for healing from past traumas for our clients at Turning
righteous person is powerful and effective. Point.
James 5:13,15-16 PRAYER CALENDAR

1 Praise God for His provision for YFC in 2017! We ended the 12 Pray for the board and senior leaders who are meeting today for 22 Pray for youth to have open hearts and minds while they
year with all our financial obligations met with the excep- Strategic Planning. They need God’s direction. Pray for discern- participate in God Talks each week in Athletics, and that
tion of the funds for the new property next door ($25,000 to go). ment and selection of two new board members this coming year. God will reveal His truth to each one.

2 Pray for our Central Regional Retreat taking place at Camp

13 Pray for our Teen Mom’s program as Debbie seeks to raise
23 Pray that “J” would decide to ask Jesus into his life and to
Cedarwood, January 15-17. support. trust God is good and wants the best for him.

3 Pray that YFC’s presence will be of assistance to those 14 24 Pray for Masterworks’ February Show “B-Sides” to run
wishing to avoid or exit gang activity as Amber meets with Pray for safety on the roads for the volunteers who serve at
smoothly, and for a big turnout as all the ticket sales go
GAIN on January 18. towards sponsorship and subsidy programs.

4 Pray for peace for our volunteers as they enter a new 15 Praise God, one of the older Work Force youth got a job! Pray for 25
year, often with many commitments and a burden for the a stable place for her to live, as she has been couch-surfing since Continue to pray for Cedarwood teachers to make mean-
souls of the youth they are working with. summer. ingful connections with their students.

5 Pray for two more volunteer soccer coaches to join the

16 Pray for one of the Work Force youth who prays that Jesus
26 Pray for mental and emotional stability during the ‘darker’
months. Pray for some of the Work Force youth who are
Indoor Soccer program. would bring healing to his mom’s anxiety.
trying to support friends through depression and self-harm.

6 Pray for one of our Athletics youth as he struggles with

17 Pray for more youth to attend our Satellite Youth Centres, find a
27 Pray that more youth would want to go to our Sunday
evening youth church program and learn more about
stress, anxiety, and depression. place of belonging there, and ultimately find Christ. God.

7 Pray for some of our youth who are actively trying to

18 Pray for our programs such as The Drop-In that are hoping to 28 Pray for Cedarwood as they look to hire a cook to help in
decide if they believe in Jesus right now. open on another evening if enough volunteers come on board. the kitchen.

8 Pray for more certified belayers who are able to take on

19 Pray for one of our Athletics youth as he struggles with splitting
29 Thank God for all the people coming to Cedarwood for
the responsibility of supervising at The Rock. time between his parents’ homes each week. spiritual renewal!

9 Pray that youth and volunteers will do their best to be

20 Pray that youth will have a blast at the Annual New Year’s Indoor
30 Pray for God’s protection on our total staff team for 2018,
spiritually and physically, and for increased awareness
committed to their weekly programs. Soccer Tournament. among youth of the many program opportunities at YFC.

10 Pray for the health of our Masterworks teachers and stu- 21 31 Pray for all those involved in preparing to participate in
dents. It is flu and cold season, and we want everyone to Pray for the remaining work that needs to be done at the Rig
stay strong and healthy. before the doors can open! Missionfest 2018 on February 2-4.