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Name of Work :Construction of Bridge across Cauvery River in the v

Taluk, Mysore Dis

Providing and constructing one span service road to reach isl
length 35mtr , width of service road 9mtr depth of water 5.5 m
ERL-05 transporting the material by tipper. Placing sand bags for pr
labour, lead, lift , loading , unloading, transporting hire charge
in-charge of work, and in accordance with MoSRT&H Technical
Non Sr
Unit = 1796.5 cum
a) Material
Earth Granular material Sl no 57 code 0751

Mate (0.24/1.25)*6.0 Page no LII

Mazdoor for filling sand bags, stitching and

placing (6/1.25)* 6.0Page no LII
c) Machinery
Front end Loader 1 cum capacity
(27/1.25)*5.0 Sl.no 15 code no 1012
Tipper 5.0 cum capacity (28/1.25)*6.0 sl.no
78 code no 1096
D Over head Charges @0.1 on (a+b+c)
E contractor Profit @0.1 on (a+b+c+d)
F Cost for 1 span (a+b+c+d)
G Rate per cu.m (a+b+c+d+e)/1767.5

Cauvery River in the vicinity of Holesalu near Kaveripura Village in T.Narsip
Taluk, Mysore District."
ervice road to reach island location from one pier to another pier location of s
r depth of water 5.5 mtr and ht of road 6.0 mtr in 1:2 slope using front end loa
acing sand bags for protection of earthern slopes , including cost of all mat
ransporting hire charges of machineries etc; complete as per the directions of
th MoSRT&H Technical Specification Clause 1200


cum 1796.50 170 305,406
day 1.15 249.55

day 28.80 244.55 7,043

hour 129.60 700


hour 134.40 240

Tender premium 24%(H) 70.43

Total Rate per cum(G+H) 363.90

llage in T.Narsipura

pier location of span

sing front end loader,
g cost of all material
the directions of eng-

Rate per