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TPA Gesellschaft für Qualitätssicherung
und Innovation gmbh
THE company

OUR AIMS OUR organization

• To constantly improve quality standards TPA Gesellschaft für Qualitätssicherung und Innovation GmbH (TPA) is the materials
in the construction industry technology competence centre for asphalt, concrete, earthworks and geotechnical
• To provide top-level services engineering within one of Europe’s largest construction groups – STRABAG SE. As
• To continually extend our range of services an independent laboratory organization, TPA is represented by more than 780
• Total customer satisfaction employees at over 130 locations in around 20 European countries thus making it
one of the largest private laboratory companies in Europe.

We offer our customers a wide range of services in all sectors of the construction
industry. Consultancy services are as much a part of our range as expert statements
and solutions with or without investigations on construction sites, in the field or in
• Testing and measuring in the laboratory the laboratory. We use our professional skills to support our customers in maintaining
and in the field quality assurance for construction projects, in selecting appropriate building materials
• Advisory services regarding construction and construction methods as well as in developing and introducing them. As an
materials engineering and technology acknowledged specialist, during our work we rely on latest test methods and
• Expert statements know-how on the current state of technology.
• Engineering services
• Technical training courses

Our organization owes its success to the huge number of proficient and highly-
motivated employees whose experience is also the result of their involvement in a
large number of national and international committees on transportation infrastructures
as well as on civil and structural engineering.

As a company with global operations, we are committed to acting in a manner that is
responsible and environmentally aware. Our work follows structured procedures: from
data acquisition and analysis up to drafting and development of coherent solutions.
We keep a constant eye on the feedback of our customers and ordering parties and
likewise on potential risks.

Open and partner-like communication with our customers is our top priority. The
earlier we are involved in a project, the more efficiently we can solve problems. We
always draft several solutions so that we can respond more flexibly to unexpected
and novel situations. At the same time, our research-based and practical experience
and our highly-qualified employees ensure that our customers always benefit from
the best possible professional expertise.

During our work, we use all the resources at our disposal in addition to third-party
service providers to ensure excellent solutions and to satisfy our customers.
Target-oriented, cost-efficient results are our stated aim. We allow for local market
requirements and act with respect for the national culture of each country. Our
international presence and an extensive technological network enable us to use
innovative developments on a project-specific basis.
www.tpaqi.com 1
OUR expertise


Asphalt technology Traffic areas of all types require pavements that meet the requirements placed on
• Initial tests, production inspection and them, not only when they are opened for traffic but also long-term. The recipe of
optimization of construction the asphalt used is a key factor, bearing in mind specifically the effort and expenditure
• Extended tests (EN, SHRP, ASTM, BS, required for maintenance and repair. The specialists of TPA work closely with
AFNOR, AASHTO, GOST etc.) asphalt manufacturers and asphalt constructors to develop needs-based recipes
• Tests of functional properties which are tailored to meet specific requirements. Be it traffic areas, streets, railway
• Suitability tests and designing of asphalt construction projects, heavy-duty flight operation areas, waterworks or landfill
for traffic infrastructure with high sites – we develop the most appropriate type of asphalt.
operational demands
• Development of asphalts with special The quality of the building materials depends not only on the recipe but also on the
properties, e.g. open porous asphalt methods used for their production and placement. Therefore, in addition to initial
pavements, coloured asphalt, etc. tests and production inspections, we also carry out extensive tests on the functional
• Factory production control at asphalt properties of asphalt as well as extended tests in accordance with all common
mixing plants standards (such as EN, SHRP, ASTM, BS, AFNOR, AASHTO, GOST). Beyond this
we also optimize installation on site. By using state-of-the-art equipment technology,
we ensure maximum asphalt quality from the beginning to the end of the production

1 Marshall compactor
2 3
2 Viscosity test
3 Rutting test
4 Bending tensile test
5 Skid resistance prediction test
6 Universal testing machine

4 5 6
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OUR expertise


Concrete technology Concrete is no longer the classic 3-component mixture that it used to be. Today’s
• Initial tests for all cement-bound building high-tech concrete is now used in almost all areas of construction as a 6-component
materials system. We adjust its composition specifically for each defined use. To find the
• Development of component-related optimum recipe for the individual requirements of our customers, we offer them
concrete designs/initial tests technical support and carry out feasibility studies – and we do this at the stage of
• Optimization from a technical and cost quotation. This means we avoid unnecessary costs and ensure that the
economical aspect building material is perfectly matched to requirements.
• Preparation of quality assurance concepts

We also support our customers during the execution of construction works. In

Traffic areas addition to the optimization of materials, we ensure a smooth construction process
• Concrete technology advisory services for the production of structural components that conform to requirements. We
• Tests for base layers using hydraulic accomplish this by applying continuous quality control and a seamless quality
binders and concrete for traffic areas assurance system which requires us to determine warning and limit values. We also
(including exposed aggregate concrete) act in an advisory capacity for our customers in the event of warranty questions.
• Monitoring of all primary materials and This is where the country-specific and technical expertise of our employees really
building material mixtures makes a difference. However, we never lose sight of our aim while working: total
• Determination of air void characteristics in customer satisfaction.
fresh and hardened concrete
• Mortar viscosity measurement

1 Compressive strength test

2 Water permeability test
3 Exposed aggregate concrete surface
4 Non-destructive strength test
5 Compressive strength measurement
6 Test of fresh concrete

4 5 6
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OUR expertise


Technical petrology Mineral aggregates are raw materials and feedstock for many important building
• Assessment of the size and quality of products. The geological assessment of quarries and the development of processing
sources methods by TPA specialists form an important basis for successfully handling
• Determination of the geological parameters complex construction projects. The tasks of this specialist department include
of mineral aggregates estimating the quality and volume of deposits and quarries in addition to geological
• Petrographic assessment of mineral assessments of construction or landfill locations.
• Initial testing of aggregates and assistance

Environmental engineering
with the procedure for attestation of

and analysis
• Monitoring of mineral aggregate production

and assistance with factory production

• Mineral Aggregate testing for various Due to increasing environmental awareness, the requirements for construction sites
construction technologies are becoming stricter with regard to contaminated waste and excavated materials.
• Assessment of alternative building TPA’s laboratories conduct overall evaluations of waste and excavation material in
materials addition to renovation studies. Our knowledge of groundwater remediation, soil
• Expert
statements for building ground and vapour remediation, renovation planning and monitoring means that we are
abandoned waste acknowledged experts in this field.

Environmental engineering and

environmental analysis
• Testing and assessment of waste and

excavated materials
• Renovation planning

• Renovation monitoring

1 Caliper gauge for grain shape

2 Bar sieve
3 Determination of polishing resistance
4 Aggregate types
5 Thin section

4 5
Dimensioning and evaluation TRAFFIC AREAS
• State-of-the-art pavement diagnosis using

non-destructive methods The planning of renovation, strengthening and reconstruction measures for
• Evaluation of existing pavements in pavements is based on the assessment of their condition and diagnosis of the cause
reference to the planning of development of damage. TPA’s Pavement Engineering department advises clients and designers
and strengthening measures on the selection and maintenance of pavement structures for traffic and industrial
• Development of concepts for maintenance areas which feature in both national and international projects. It also performs
measures, strengthening or renewal of dimensioning in accordance with international procedures plus road construction
pavement structures testing using state-of-the-art instruments.
• Dimensioning of pavement structures

• Optimization of design for traffic areas

• Organization and monitoring of tests using

HVS (heavy vehicle simulator)

• Planning of maintenance

1 Troxler probe
1 2
2 Recording of road condition using
ground penetration radar
3 Falling weight deflectometer
4 Evenness measurement using planograph
5 Dynamic plate bearing test with
lightweight drop weight

3 4 5
OUR expertise


Earthworks and soil engineering ENGINEERING
• Geological and geotechnical foundation

explorations Precise knowledge of the existing foundation is essential for all construction projects.
• Classification and testing of mechanical TPA covers these basic requirements by means of soil type classification and by
foundation characteristics providing expert reports and foundation recommendations. We also carry out
• Recipe optimization and testing of laboratory-based soil mechanics investigations and we monitor earthworks as well
unbound and bound mixtures as landfill construction sites.
• Expert geological/geotechnical foundation

reports and foundation recommendations


• Inspection and acceptance tests

Recycling processes and stabilization
• Development of recycling processes

• Recycling “in place” or “in plant“

• Assistance with selective dismantling Existing raw material deposits are limited and will diminish further in the future. To
counteract this trend, TPA’s engineers are developing approaches for integrating
recycling processes in road construction using bitumen foam, bitumen emulsion,
cement, lime or other binders either “in place” or “in plant”. This means that even
in the future we will continue to offer cost-efficient and environmentally sound
solutions. In addition to our laboratory activities, we also advise our customers on
selective demolition and dismantling.

1 Soil classification
2 Layer structure
3 Milling technology
4 Plate bearing test

2 3 4
Testing and monitoring procedures in the TPA’s international subsidiaries are accredited test and inspection bodies in
fields of activities: accordance with ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 or companies certified in accordance
• Investigations of groundwater and surface with ISO 9001. The scope of accreditation includes testing and monitoring in the
water for chemical substances and various fields of activities.
physical properties
• Sealing materials


• Earthworks

• Raw materials

• Bitumen and other petroleum products

• Bituminous binders TPA has an extensive wealth of experience in the field of building materials
• Waxes technology and uses its many years of expertise for a variety of innovative and
• Mineral materials and products realistic development projects that are both national and international. TPA’s
• Shaft works research projects are based on problem statements arising in construction practice.
• Foundations, underground works The main application areas of this predominantly user-oriented research are state-
• Concrete, precast concrete elements of-the-art traffic infrastructure construction and concrete technology in the civil
• Mining and quarries engineering sector. The results of the research projects and the innovations derived
from them ensure long-term competitive advantages for our customers and offer
constant efficiency increases in a globalised market.

1+3 Rutting test

1 2
2 Determination of concrete modulus of
4 Plate bearing test

3 4
OUR expertise


COURSES Practical requirements and specific market-based conditions are subject to constant
change. Therefore to be successful, it is necessary to act quickly and confidently
• Design and manufacture of traffic and to make decisions based on sound knowledge and extensive information. TPA
infrastructure considers that one of its most important tasks within the scope of training activities
• Earthworks in road construction is to pass on the latest specialist knowledge, technical expertise as well as basic and
• Petrology advanced skills in the fields of traffic infrastructure construction, landfill construction
• Bitumen in road construction as well as civil and structural engineering to all those involved in construction. Our
• Design of asphalt recipes aim is to provide those acting in operative areas with the requisite know-how that
• Production of asphalt and organization of is absolutely essential in the current world of work. Our skilled trainers pass on
asphalt mixing plants practice-related knowledge and technical insight.
• Laying and compaction of asphalt

• Concrete technology

Quality Management
• Pavement recycling in the hot and cold

• Pavement damage and repair technologies

• Dealing with contaminated building The topics of quality management, occupational health and safety as well as
materials/land recycling environmental protection have become increasingly important in the acquisition,
• Building
material knowledge for preparation and execution of construction projects. It is therefore all the more
commercial employees important to have a competent partner at your side in these areas. TPA’s experts
use their experience of international projects to advise you when preparing quality
management plans (QM) and health, safety, environment regulations (HSE) and
when implementing them in the project. TPA also offers training courses for QM
staff and holds internal audits and preparations for project-specific certifications.

1 TPA Headquarters Vienna

2–3 Individual training and professional
4 Coloured asphalt

3 4




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