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Product description alcohol.

Check carefully that there is no of dirt or grease left
POWERSIL® 567 is a one-component silicone before spraying!
dispersion that cures to a tough high voltage insulator
coating with very good electrical properties. In most cases it is not necessary to apply a primer
before coating.

Special features Proper stirring is recommended before the material is


- ready-to-use Coating Application

- perfect primerless adhesion
- very good resistance to weathering POWERSIL® 567 is preferably applied by spraying. It
- excellent hydrophobic properties can be applied by brushing or dipping as well. For
- outstanding tracking resistance spraying application, the airless process was found to
be efficient. The following equipment settings were
found to be suitable:
- Flat nozzle of 0,33 mm, 20°,
Protective silicone coating for procelain, glass and - Setting of pressure output 50 - 150 bar.
epoxy insulators as well as for other high-voltage
insulating equipment where surface contamination The spray gun should be moved evenly across the
causes service problems. surface at a distance of about 30 - 50 cm. Due to the
thixotropic properties of POWERSIL® 567 it is usually
POWERSIL® 567 forms a long-term hydrophobic possible to apply the first layer with a good cover. A
surface. Thus it prevents the formation of wet second layer can be applied after approximately 30
conductive films and therefore the risk of pollution minutes.
A typical dry film thickness is 0,4 mm to 0,5 mm. Thus,
the theoretical consumption is 1,3 kg to 1,7 kg of
Processing POWERSIL® 567 per square meter of insulator
surface. Take losses for overspray and cleaning of the
Surface pretreatment equipment into consideration.
The insulator surface to be coated should be clean
and free of dust and grease. For cleaning the following Rain can damage the coating. In case of rain, please
operations are suggested: protect the job site or stop application.

- Proper cleaning by using water and a suitable Full cure is obtained in 8 – 12 hours after coating
detergent might be sufficient. application depending on thickness, temperature and
- Insulators that show an adhering pollution, such humidity.
like cement, other mineral or chemical pollution
layers should be cleaned by either "cob corn-" All spraying equipment should be cleaned with a
or carbon dioxide blasting. nonpolar solvent (e. g. Xylene or White Spirit)
- Any type of grease or fatty pollution is to be immediately after use.
removed by using a suitable solvent like benzine
or turpentine. Maintenance
- Residual contaminants should be removed by
thoroughly wiping. The product contains migratable matter that is able to
- Finish the cleaning just before spraying encapsulate contaminants and to provide a
POWERSIL® 567 with Isopropanol or an equivalent hydrophobic surface. Coated insulators may appear

Technical data sheet for POWERSIL® 567 / Version: 1.7 / Date of last alteration: 25.02.2015 1/3
dirty after some time in service. Nevertheless, washing on the product label.
and cleaning, especially with detergents and other
chemicals is not recommended. Storage beyond the date specified on the label does
not necessarily mean that the product is no longer
Inspection usable. In this case however, the properties required
for the intended use must be checked for quality
The water repellent appearance can be evaluated by assurance reasons.
spraying with water. IEC 62073, “Guidance on the
measurement of wettability of insulator surfaces”
provides further information. A partly lowering of the Safety notes
effect does not necessarily require immediate action.
Experience shows that the remaining parts of the POWERSIL® 567 contains a combustible solvent.
insulator will provide the necessary insulation ability. Explosion-proof equipment has to be used during
Physical damage, such like scratching can be easily
repaired by brushing of fresh coating after partly Provide adequate ventilation during application and
cleaning with benzine. avoid prolonged exposure to vapours and repeated
skin contact.
To allow an instant replacement of broken insulators it
is recommendable to store a number of coated spare Comprehensive instructions are given in the
insulators. These should be stored in a protective corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets. They are
covering. available on request from WACKER subsidiaries or
may be printed via WACKER web site

The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown


Product data

Typical general characteristics Inspection Method Value

Product data (liquid state)

Viscosity, dynamic at 23 °C (shear rate = 10 1/S) DIN EN ISO 3219 1400 mPa.s
Density at 23 °C ISO 1183-1 A 0,81 g/cm³
Flash point DIN 51755 7 °C
Skin forming time at 23 °C, 50 % RH 9 min

Product data (solid state)¹ )

Color grey
Density ISO 2781 1,10 g/cm³
Hardness Shore A ISO 868 45
Tensile strength ISO 37 3,0 N/mm
Elongation at break ISO 37 250 %
Tear strength ASTM 624 B 9,0 N/mm
Dielectric strength 1 mm IEC 60243 > 28 kV/mm
Volume resistivity IEC 60093 > 5 x 1015 Ω cm
Permittivity (50 Hz) IEC 60250 2,9
Dissipation factor (50 Hz) IEC 60250 < 10-³
Arc resistance IEC 61621 420 s
Tracking resistance IEC 60587 1A 4.5

¹ ) Cured 14 days at 23 °C and 50 % rel. humidity.

These figures are only intended as a guide and should not be used in preparing specifications.

Technical data sheet for POWERSIL® 567 / Version: 1.7 / Date of last alteration: 25.02.2015 2/3
The data presented in this medium are in accordance with the present state of our knowledge but The management system For technical, quality, or
do not absolve the user from carefully checking all supplies immediately on receipt. We reserve the has been certified product safety questions,
right to alter product constants within the scope of technical progress or new developments. The according to please contact:
recommendations made in this medium should be checked by preliminary trials because of DIN EN ISO 9001 and
conditions during processing over which we have no control, especially where other companies’ DIN EN ISO 14001 Wacker Chemie AG
raw materials are also being used. The information provided by us does not absolve the user from Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4
the obligation of investigating the possibility of infringement of third parties’ rights and, if necessary, WACKER® is a trademark 81737 München, Germany
clarifying the position. Recommendations for use do not constitute a warranty, either express or of info.silicones@wacker.com
implied, of the fitness or suitability of the product for a particular purpose. Wacker Chemie AG.
POWERSIL® is a www.wacker.com
trademark of
Wacker Chemie AG.

Technical data sheet for POWERSIL® 567 / Version: 1.7 / Date of last alteration: 25.02.2015 3/3