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Shri Vijendra Babu started as an EOU with 3 machines and a backup

ToolRoomwith just one customer. They soon realized the difficulties

of surviving just with one customerand just as a component supplier.

The onlyway for them to growwas to graduate to a sub assembly or a

product supplier and also to tap domestic market in addition to

exports. They were in a small premises of around 7000 Sqft of

manufacturing space and in the year 2007moved into a larger space

of 60,000 sq. ft. with both DTA and EOU divisions to capture larger

market. But they faced a real disaster in 2007 as their only customer

went on strike and as a strategy theymoved all business to alternate

location outside country and Micro Plastics were left high and dry

without any prior notice of business shifting. They had moved to a

large premises increasing all their overheads based on the company’

promise butwere left with no business over night. Thiswas sort of a

second innings for them as they had to start all over again from

nothing and realized the danger of depending solely on one

customer however big the customer and their promises are!!.. They

sacrificed their salaries, plough back whatever money they could

and had to do lot of convincing to their employees and bank to keep

faith in the company.

Shri Vijendra Babu strongly believe India has a huge potential to

match China as preferred manufacturing destination to the world

but the biggest problems for aspiring entrepreneurs are

innumerable government clearances required to set up factory,

Inspector raj, age old labor laws and defensive mind set of banks to
support potential companies and high interest burden. Government

should encourage exports by providing incentives for EOU’s in the

form of tax benefits and infrastructure availability, create single

window clearances for all required licenses and bring in

transparency in governing laws. He is glad to see Government trying

to give impetus to manufacturing and initiating right steps towards

making India a naturalhubfor globalmanufacturing.

They did not remove anybody fromthe job and

supported everybody in the most difficult times and Shri Vijendra

Babu would like to acknowledge the support of all his senior

employees for having shown faith in the company and staying with

him. They decided that day that they will not stick to one company or

any one sector and decided to be quick learners and adapt to

requirements of different sectors to minimize their risk of over

exposure toany single sector.

“Althoughwe started out as a ‘single product company operating in a

single market’ but quickly realised the need to beome a ‘multiproduct

compnay operating in a diversified market’.We tranformed

ourselves and positioned Lars Enviro accordingly. We also started

working during initial period in the construction and infrastructure

sector. Soon we realized the need to focus and being sensitive to the

customer's needs.We then decided to concentrate onEnvironmental

Solutions only and then prepared ourselves to offer a gamut of

technologies to industries such as the sugar industry, breweries,etc.

and from there we have diversified to include the palm oil industry,
the automobile sector aswell as the paper industry to name a few. As

a part of natural extension of what we were doing, we have entered

into a market of energy recovery from agro-based wastes such as

cattle manure, poultry litter etc. and other wastes such as canteen /

kitchen waste, vegetable market waste etc. The biogas so produced

fromthesewastes is used to producepower orCNGor to replace LPG

/ conventional fuels”says Dr. Daryapurkar who is on the scene since

the first day.