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Task XX - Performance Evaluation


Task Activities Requirement

AALRTs overall management performance tasks
Task Activities
Define organizational structure
of AALRTs identify each job
identify each function
identify relationships
develop job description
prepare staffing plan
prepare requirtment requirements
Develop a work plan prepre work plan
prepare required resources
investigate and check all the assets and
the facilities of the LRT (technical
features, quantity, and quality of the

In the startup phase the contractor shall

assist ERC in all the activities needed
before the start of the pre-operational
Manage the preoprational phase

give useful operational and costing

suggestion about the business plan to
be carried out by the contractor
Develop a 5 years strategic prepare 5 years strategic business plan
business plan for the AALRTs
prepare plan and budget setting forth,
in detail:
(i) anticipated operations, repairs and
capital improvements,
(ii) maintenance and overhaul
(iii) planned procurement (including
equipment, spare parts, and
consumable inventories),
(iv) labor activities (including staffing,
labor rates, and holidays),
(v) administrative activities, and
(vi) Other work proposed to be
undertaken by Management Contractor,
together with an itemized estimate of
all Reimbursable Costs to be incurred

Submit performance reports

(physical and financial) and
operation documents for ERC’s
review prepare& submit physical
prepare& submit financial
prepare& submit operation ocuments
Prepare and submit operation & Investigate & write documentation
Maintenance management progress plan
Prepare and submit operation &
Maintenance management
Deliver the first draft of the crucial
Deliver emergency plan documents
Deliver operation & Maintenance
management documentation
Prepare and submit accounts and Prepare and submit monthly,
reports semiannually and annually

Prepare and provide training plan

Prepare and provide training Prepare and provide

Establish training unit Established in one of the AALRT

services depots
Train seconded and other
Ethiopian staffs
Second the total identifed Second the total number of identified
seconded jobs seconded jobs

Cooperating with the staff, including

local staff and seconded staff
Provided qualified and experienced staff
Perform the services required
under the contract
Obtain and enforce warranties Obtain from sellers of equipment,
material, or services (other than the
services), warranties against defects in
materials and workmanship to the
extent such warranties are reasonably

Enforce said warranties

Operate, maintain and manage Operate, maintain and manage the
the project independently, in Services as specified in the Terms of
accordance with prudent LRT Reference
system management practice
and the requirements of the
Perform the specific duties set forth in
the contract as indicated in the Terms of
overall management performance tasks

Best & suitable organizational model for the AA LRTs in order to provide an
efficient and lean organization

According with the organizational model, for each functions identified

The MC shall be present in all the working sessions

provide all the professional resources / skills needed to reach the objective

according to the best international experience of mass transit system and assuring
a safe and effective service and the opening of the service within the scheduled
taking into account the operational and demand figures of the LRT Project and
including the following matters:
- operating / non-operating costs and revenue projections
- cash flow projections
- loan amortization & working capital return
According with the business plan
Specific maintenance plan for each component of the LRT System
Assess interim timetable and propose changes
The definitive and official timetables shall take into account the interim
timetable’s assessment, the results of the pre operational phase and the findings of
detailed simulations of the exercise programs
Preparation of maintenance plans shall be according to the available maintenance
manuals for the various components of the rail system and based on the equipment
and tools that are available and under procurement.
Prepare & submit timely, established on a monthly basis
separate operating and capital budgets
Each proposed annual budget accompanied by a proposed annual operating plan
setting forth the assumptions and implementation plans underlying the proposed
annual budget
Any actions to be performed under the proposed annual operating plan shall be
consistent with MC's obligations set forth in the Contract

Prepare and submit timely

Complete set of procedural manuals including but not limited to: Operation,
Marketing, maintenance, financial, HR, etc.
Complete set of procedural manuals including but not limited to: Operation,
Marketing, maintenance, financial, HR, etc.

Submit timely in complying with reporting requirements set forth in the contract:
(i) a progress report, in detail acceptable to ERC, covering all activities with
respect to operations and maintenance (including information regarding the
amount of hours of operation, availability, outages, accidents and emergencies),
capital improvements, labor relations, deployment activities, other significant
matters, and Services.
(ii) Revenue generated from the AALRTS and
(iii) a statement setting forth all Reimbursable costs paid or incurred
Maintains, at a location acceptable to the Employer, the project operating logs,
records, and reports that document the operation and maintenance of the project,
all in form and substance sufficient to meet the Employer's reporting
Maintains current revisions of drawings, specifications, lists, clarifications and
other materials related to operation and maintenance of the project provided to the
MC by the Employer and vendors
In detail showing: type, methodology, scope of Training and HR required together
with assessment criteria, certification procedures to conduct the trainings in proper

In accordance with Contract requirements

Provide appointment and work assignment

Exercise the duty of confidence and comply with laws, regulations and the
operation protocols
in a faithful and diligent manner

As are required to carry out effectively the functions related to the Services
With due diligence in accordance with:
- good industry practice
- in a prudent, reasonable, and efficient manner
- by as reasonably necessary all labor and professional, supervisory and
managerial personnel as are required to perform the services

Promptly and in a professional and courteous manner so as to reflect and promote

the image of the owner
In accordance with:
(i) operating Manuals, the Administrative Procedures Manual and applicable
vendor warranties,
(ii) the applicable Annual Project Operating Plan and Annual Budget,
(iii) all applicable Laws,
(iv) prudent railway practices,
(v) the project agreements,
(vi) the requirements of any system contractor, and
(vii) all insurance policies

Use all reasonable efforts to optimize the useful life of the project and to minimize
reimbursable costs and project outages or other unavailability
Strictly in accordance with the schedule of requirements and all provisions of the
In accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies, rules, and
procedures of FDRE
In accordance with the quality standards set by the Quality and Standards
Authority of Ethiopia (QSAE) and applicable international standards as specified
in the Project Documents
In accordance with the terms and conditions of appointment
By a sufficient number of appropriately, experienced, qualified, competent and
trained personnel
Qualified perssonel to perform the duties to which they are assigned and meet any
requirements for Project personnel under the project agreements
Careful, skilled and experienced in the duties required of them, properly and
sufficiently trained and instructed and carries out the services with regard to:
 the task or tasks that person has to perform
 all relevant provisions of the contract
 of appropriate levels of experience and expertise to achieve cost efficiency
 Fulfill any minimum training and qualification requirements that may be
deemed necessary
 in good health and have a standard of oral and personal hygiene
 medically and physically fit in so far as the requirements of the work are

Sufficient complement of supervisory staff in addition to the contract manager, to

ensure that the supplier’s staff engaged in and about the provision of the Services
at the location are adequately supervised and properly perform their duties at all
Keep records of hours worked for each employee
The role of any Key Personnel is not vacant for any longer than [10] Working Days
Any replacement is as or more qualified and experienced as the previous
incumbent of such role and is fully competent to carry out the tasks assigned to
the role of the member of Key Personnel whom he or she has replaced
Each of the Key Personnel is working for such a period of time in the
performance of the services that is commensurate with and sufficient to perform
the obligation of that person's role
The Contract Manager, or a competent deputy who is duly authorized to act on his
behalf, is available at all times when any employee of the supplier is on duty for
the provision of the specified services
Immediately notifying the Employer of any defects discovered or suspected that
may be covered by such warranties

Administering such warranties

Ensure that the project is available to provide rail transport services to the public
Meet all requirements under the contract
Purchases accessories and parts, as it sees fit and in accordance with approved
annual budget, in the name of the ERC and enter into procurement contract, as per
ERC’s approved procurement procedure
In addition to any more specific obligations imposed by the terms of the contract,
the contractor shall provide the services to the contract standard which in all