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1.What do these different situation tell us regarding specific managerial


 These different situations tell us that we can do our duty for good,
and physically good good and do our work correctly and not doing
bad or not making that make our profile would be an bad
influence to others.

2.If you are the employer, what are the steps you would take in order
to avoid these negative situations?

 If I am the employer the steps that I would take in order to avoid

negative situations is I will do the right thing and I will do the best
of me to do my work correct in good. I will do my work correctly
and respectively to the costumer without doing bad. By doing that
they will treath me as good as I them .

1.Examine your tendencies. Do you have emotional intellegence?

Explain you answer.

 Yes, I have an emotional intellegence because I communicate to

other or I have an interpersonal relationships with anyone. I have
a good manner dealing with otrher people .I have a self control
too, by that I communicate with other in good manner.

2.As a company owner, what will you do if you were the one
confronted with the abovementioned situation?

 As a company owner, I will do if I confronted the situation like

that is I will pick a man that who can manage correctly and the
one who know all about the position that I give to him/her.A man
who can put himself by doing correctly of his/her work. A man
who know or have a knowledge in managing a company.

1.Was the department head right in asking Marciano to resign


 I think the department head was not right in asking Marciano to

resign immediately because, what if they ask Marciano first by
what he have done to his work and hear his explaination
regarding what he can do for their company.

2.In your opinion, will the complaint/case Marciano failed at the NLRC
against the pharmaceutical compony prosper?Explain your answer.

 In my opinion the case of Marciano was not failed at the NLRC

because there was not anything wrong that Marciano have done
because he think that was be given help to the department that
he can working for.

1.Define “culture shock”.Did Mr. Rafferty experience this?Explain your


 The “culture shock” is a feeling of confusion, doubt or

nervousness caused by being in place (such as a foreign country)
that is very different from what you are use too.
Yes, Mr. Rafferty experience culture shock because what he can
do/performance and what kind of behaviour that he can shewed.

2.Will you apply the same solution to the abovementioned

problem?Explain your answer.

 No, I will not apply the same solution because, what if the
workers adjust what they can practice “filipino time” what if they
can do what Mr. Rafferty want or what Mr. Rafferty emphasized
that time is gold because every seconds,minutes and hours is very
important to him as a general manager.

1.Explain the relationship between empowerment in the workplace and

happiness or satisfaction among concerned individuals.

 The relationship between empowerment in the workplace and

happiness or satisfaction among concerned individuals is once you
the happiness is in yourself the whole surrounding in you will
become happy too.So when the people have an happiness in one
company the production of the company would be increase or the
workplace will be quicken or to be in good condition.

2.Give your personal comment on the following statement .”Some

things simply should not be delegated to others.” Explain your answer.

 My personal comment in “Some things simply should not be

delegated to others” is there was an only one person that who
can delegated in one thing that who can make it correctly, not
anyone that who doesn’t know about the things that he can