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when configuring an actual batch application, the following is a general outline of

the steps needed for configuring a DeltaV Batch system.

1. In the DeltaV Explorer hierarchy, create the Plant Area under System
Configuration | Control Strategies. Areas let you organize process cells and
modules in a way that is meaningful for your application.
2. Create the process cell class in the Advanced Definitions Library in DeltaV
Explorer, and drag the class into the Plant Area to create the Process Cell. The
process cell must be defined before unit modules can be assigned to it.
3. Create the Control Module Classes for each device and control element.
Configure the logic in Control Studio.
4. Create the Equipment Module Classes. Create the named sets for command-driven
and state-driven algorithm types. Add the appropriate control module classes.
Configure the control logic for the equipment module class in Control Studio.
5. Create Unit Classes and, if needed, define unit parameters. Add equipment
module classes and control module classes to the unit classes as needed.
6. Create the Phase Classes in the Advanced Definitions Library with batch input
and report parameters as needed. These parameters are used to download values to
the phase logic or report actual process values, respectively.
Using Control Studio, configure the Phase Logic for the phase classes