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Claim Evidence Reasoning Rubric:

Claim Evidence Reasoning

A statement or Scientific data that A justification that
conclusion that supports the claim. The connects the evidence to
answers the original data needs to be the claim. It shows why
question/problem. appropriate and sufficient the data counts as
to support the claim. evidence by using
appropriate and sufficient
scientific principles.

3 Makes an accurate and Provides all or most of Provides reasoning

complete claim. the expected pieces of components for all or
Includes points from the evidence from the most of the evidence and
question in the writing. sources used in an explains how the
appropriate manner. evidence supports the

2 Makes an accurate and Provides some of the Provides reasoning

complete claim. expected pieces of components for some of
evidence from the the evidence and
sources used (e.g. data explains how the
like numbers, evidence supports the
observations, etc.) in an claim
appropriate manner.

1 Makes an accurate but Makes a general Repeats evidence and

vague or incomplete statement regarding links it to the claim, but
claim. evidence, but does not does not explain how the
include specific details. evidence supports the

0 Does not make a claim, Does not provide Does not provide
or makes an inaccurate evidence, or only reasoning, or only
claim. provides inappropriate provides inappropriate
evidence or vague reasoning.
evidence, like “the data
shows me it is true”.