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Year 10 Music
Yearly Aural Analysis Exam


1 hour

5 minutes reading time.

Each excerpt will be played 3 times for you to answer all

questions and check your answers. There will be 1-2
minutes silent writing time between playings.

Student Name: _________________________________

Section 1 – Concept Identification

1. Read the following comments and decide which concept is being analysed.
Tick or colour the box for your answer.

a) “The lead guitar is the first layer of sound we hear in this song. It  Pitch
establishes itself as an important element from the beginning,  Duration
playing a riff that continues throughout the song.”  Tone Colour
 Structure
 Texture
 Dynamics and Expression


b) “The piano is playing a high pitch melody that ascends in small  Pitch
steps before suddenly descending in large, disjunct leaps. The  Duration
contour of this melody can be shown with this diagram:  Tone Colour
”  Structure
 Texture
 Dynamics and Expression


c) “The lead vocalist is singing in an operatic tone. This melody is  Pitch

 Duration
sweet and gentle, reinforcing the message of the lyrics.”
 Tone Colour
 Structure
 Texture
 Dynamics and Expression


 Pitch
d) “The chorus returns at the end of the song, although this section  Duration
is modified and uses fragments of the original chorus repetitively as  Tone Colour
to song fades to its conclusion.”  Structure
 Texture
 Dynamics and Expression


 Pitch
e) “The Rhythm Guitar, Bass and Drum Kit comprise the Rhythm  Duration
Section. These instruments play an integral role in the song,  Tone Colour
establishing a moderately fast tempo and strong emphasis on off-  Structure
beats 2 and 4 creating a reggae style.”  Texture
 Dynamics and

Section 2 – Critical Analysis

1. Will You Be There – Michael Jackson 0:00 – 1.47

a) Outline the TEXTURE in this excerpt.

(Reminder: This question requires you to make a diagram OR list the layers of sound
in the order you hear them. Remember also that a layer of sound can include more
than one instrument or voice playing together.)

b) The DENSITY of the TEXTURE changes at various times during this excerpt.
How does the density change?
Why does the composer choose to change the texture in this way?

2. Close Your Eyes – Meghan Trainor 0:00 – 1.13

a) List the Performing Media that provide ACCOMPANIMENT for the Lead Vocals during
the first verse and then the chorus in this excerpt.

Verse Chorus

b) Explain how the HARMONY (specifically the manipulation of chords as

accompaniment) changes from the Verse to the Chorus.

3. Wonderwall – Oasis (original) and Paul Anka (cover) 0:00 – 1.49 / 2.06

Complete this chart to compare both versions of the song.

Concept Oasis Paul Anka



Tone Colour