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Name:​Emma Macchabee

Personal Insights - Parent or Guardian

Please answer the following questions briefly and return to your child when completed.
Your input is important in getting a complete look from many different perspectives.
Therefore, your honesty is greatly appreciated. If you need more space, please write on
the back of this sheet.

Sheet Completed by: Julie Macchabee

1. What would you say I am good at? What skills have I demonstrated​?

You are good at planning, organizing, implementing and completing tasks,

homework and projects. You are great at including others, creativity, musicality and
public speaking. Your are excellent for your skills in volunteering, selflessness and
empathy. You have demonstrated the skills of perseverance, dedication and loyalty.

2. What would you see as my major interest areas?

I would say your major interest areas are education and music.

3. How would you describe my personal characteristics?

Your personal characteristics include: intelligent, capable, helpful, creative,

meticulous, competitive, enthusiastic, inquisitive, organized, responsible, empathetic
and loyal.

4. What positive change have you noticed over time in my life, especially in relation
to educational choices, to work, or to future career goals?

You were once so painfully shy. In fact, you were a pre-school "drop-out"
because you were so shy and frightened. You blossomed in Grade One, with the
support of a wonderful Teacher, who embraced you and helped to give you a voice. You
really found yourself in Grade Five, with the support of another Teacher. You became a
leader. You became confident. It is no surprise as you are finishing your high school
years, that you want to become a Teacher. It was always in you. You have had great

mentors; however, your gift was always there. At the young age of seven, you looked
me in the eye and told me that you would teach your brother. You spent hours that day
making picture flash cards for him. You spent hours reading to him, teaching him. You
have also spent hour volunteering your time with Elders at Zion Park Manor. It is this
selflessness and volunteerism that will truly help you to reach your goal of being a
successful and rewarded Teacher. It takes time and effort to teach; most importantly, it
take passion. You have that passion. Let your passion be your purpose, Emma!

5. In what ways do you see me continuing to develop in the future?

I see you continuing down your path of curiosity and love of learning. You will
only become better and stronger with your skills.

6. Based on your responses above, if you were to suggest the ideal job or career
prospect for me, what would it be?

Already answered above. Without a doubt, Teacher.