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Name(s): Maide Elmir

Can Büyükayhan
Merve Elli
Unit Title
Cartoon Characters
Grade Level
4th Grade
2 lesson hours
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
At the end of the two hours lesson, 4th graders will identify and form at least %75 of sentences with verbs and
nouns which will be taught.
Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
Worksheets, games, videos, songs, coursebook.

Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]

Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require Learner Participation)]
1. Making students watch a video about verbs and nouns.
2. Asking questions about the video and making them recall verbs and nouns. (What is the elephant
3. Giving students worksheets with related visuals and asking them to write down what action is it.
4. Playing a group game by making students imitate the verbs and nouns they learned.

Individual Learning Activities Completing worksheets

Answering questions related to topic
Group Learning Activities Imitation game

Lesson will be about cartoon characters. Firstly, teacher will make the students watch a video about verbs to
make them familiar with the upcoming subject. Then, the teacher will make references to the video and ask
them what action the animals or people are doing. After that, to evaluate the students, the teacher will give
them a handout. As a final activity, the teacher will help them play the game.

Measurement & Evaluation

Teacher observation
Measurement & Assessment Activities for Checking the answers they wrote down on worksheets and
Individual Performance the students if they can answer the questions the teacher
Measurement & Assessment Activities for Observing the students if they are participating in the
Group Performance game actively.
Homework (optional)
Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
If the video does not work, teacher will use the white board to write down the required verbs and nouns for the
class. If any of the students doesn’t want to join the activities or doesn’t like it, the teacher will let them just sit
silently and watch the others.