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1. What is SAP FIORI UX?

SAP FIORI is the new user experience for SAP. SAP FIORI is based on modern design

2. What are FIORI design principles?

There are 5 design principles that a SAP FIORI applications follows:

a. Role Based
b. Delightful
c. Simple
d. Responsive
e. Coherent

3. What is a FIORI Launchpad?

FIORI Launchpad is a Shell provided by SAP. It is single point of access for all SAP FIORI
applications. It is like a Home page for all the FIORI applications.

4. Is it possible to customize SAP FIORI Launchpad?

Yes FIORI Launchpad can be customized based on client requirements like setting up
company logo in FIORI Launchpad.

5. Is it possible to add a custom developed UI5 app to the Fiori Launchpad?

Yes it is possible to add custom developed UI5 app to FIORI Launchpad.

6. What is the best browser for FIORI Launchpad?

Recommended browser is latest Version of Google chrome. For WebDynpro/WebGui app

Java applets use Internet explorer.

7. What are the deployment options available in SAP FIORI?

There are two deployment options available in SAP FIORI

a. Embedded deployment (Gateway and SAP Business Suite available on Same system)
b. Hub Deployment (Gateway and SAP Business Suite available on different system).

8. Is it possible for Fiori to use or connect to non-SAP backend like Excel, SharePoint?

SAP FIORI naturally connects to SAP Back end. SAP UI5, based on Open UI5, has been used
to create FIORI apps does not require SAP Back end.
9. In case of Hub deployment, is it possible to connect several different ERP systems to the
NetWeaver Gateway?

Yes, it is possible to connect several different ERP systems to the NetWeaver Gateway
Systems using system aliases.

10. Is it possible to have FIORI applications on ECC6 and older versions?

No. ECC 6.0 SPS 15 is the minimum to run SAP FIORI.

11. What are the components configuration required for SAP Front end system?

For configuring the Front end system, we need to configure Central UI add-on, NetWeaver
Gateway and SAP FIORI Launchpad.

12. What is the communication type used for communication between Front end ABAP and
Back end ABAP server?

Trusted RFC is used to set communication between Front end and Back end server.

13. What are the different app types covered/deployed in SAP FIORI?

In SAP FIORI, 3 different app types are deployed

1. Transactional
2. Factsheets
3. Analytical

14. What is the database requirement for deployment of different FIORI app types?

1. Transactional – This app does not need HANA database to run.

2. Factsheet- Runs only on HANA database.
3. Analytical – Runs only on HANA database.

15. What is the functionality of SAP Web dispatcher in FIORI?

It is the entry point for all HTTP(s) request in FIORI. Web Dispatcher can accept or reject
HTTP(s) request.
16. What is routing rules in SAP FIORI?

Routing rules is configured in SAP Web dispatcher to define which URL request is forwarded
to which system for Transactional and Factsheet apps deployment.

17. Which routing rules have to be defined in SAP NetWeaver Gateway to Configure SAP Web
dispatcher for HTTP(s) request?

Three routing rules need to defined in SAP NetWeaver Gateway system

a. Default_host/sap/public
b. Default_host/sap/bc
c. Default_host/sap/opu