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Kantipur Icon Award 2018

Do you want to help us recognise people or organisations that have made contributions to Nepali people and the

Established by Kantipur Foundation, a philanthropic initiative of Kantipur Media Group, Kantipur Icon recognizes people
(living or deceased) or organizations making a difference and contributing to our country in four categories: Arts &
Literature, Business & Economy, Science & Technology, and the Socio-Political sector.

Arts & Literature: Literature (fiction, poetry, non-fiction, essays, travelogue etc), music, film, journalism, artwork,
language, culture, sculpture, handicraft, architecture, documentary, theatre.

Business & Economy: Industry, trade, banking, finance, agriculture, tourism, commerce, education, health, transport,
fiscal and monetary policy.

Science & Technology: Science, information and communication technology, innovations, startups, research and

Socio-political sector: A person, group or institution that has contributed to the country and society in sectors such as
sports, politics, development, humanitarian or social work.

The Kantipur Icon Award winners shall have attained outstanding achievements of significance for the prosperity and
well-being of Nepal. The contributions by the awardee shall have potential and provide stimulation for further
contributions to well-being of Nepal and Nepali people.

Upon reviewing your nominations, each category winner of the Kantipur Icon Award be selected by independent
five-member juries comprising a of a panel of eminent and respected professionals along with two Kantipur Foundation

The award will be presented at a grand ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of Kantipur Publications.
Each award consists of a gold medallion worth Rs. 500,000.

The Call for Nomination for all Kantipur Icon categories closes on
15th Poush 2074 (December 30, 2017)

Send in your nominations by email or post to

Email: kantipuricon@kmg.com.np

Kantipur Media Group

Central Business Park, PO Box: 8559,
Thapathali, Kathmandu
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The candidate and category:

Title: Dr. � � Mr. Mrs. � Ms. � Prof. �

First Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Middle Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

� Male � Female

3 Angles Nepal, Pokhara- 15, Kaski

Contact Address:________________________________________________________________________________________


� Arts & Literature � Business & Economy � Science & Technology � Socio-Political Sector

The nominator:
Please provide information about yourself.

Title: Dr.
� � Mr. Mrs. � Ms. � Prof. �
First Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Middle Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

� Male � Female

Contact Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________

Why should candidate win Kantipur Icon?

Summarize the candidate’s accomplishments (Max 500 words).

For more information please visit:

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