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I, ANGELINA JOLIE, legal age, Filipino, married and a

resident of Lot 15 Forbes Park Subdivision, Makati City, after
having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, do
hereby depose and say that:

I am the petitioner in the CIVIL CASE NO. FC-265

filed at the Regional Trial Court, Branch 114 of Makati City;

I am the same and identical person who caused for the

execution of this Judicial Affidavit under the supervision and
at the law office of the undersigned counsel with the name
and address stated below;

I had given my answers on the questions below stated

with full consciousness and I did so under oath, and that, I
may face criminal liability for any false testimony or perjury;

The following are the questions asked by the

undersigned counsel with the corresponding answers which I
had given:

1. Q: Do you understand and speak English, Ms. Jolie?

A: Yes. I can understand and speak English,


2. Q: Where do you currently live?

A: I’m currently living at Lot 15 Forbes Park

Subdivision, Makati City.

3. Q: What is your current relationship status?

A: I am married.

4. Q: To whom are you married?

A: I am married to Brad Pitt, the respondent in this

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Judicial Affidavit |ANGELINA JOLIE

5. Q: Do you have any proof that you are indeed

married to Mr. Brad Pitt?

A: Yes. I have with me a copy of our Marriage


6. Q: I am showing to you this Marriage Certificate

issued by the Local Civil Registrar of Manila, what is
the relation of this document to the one you have

A: It is the same document.

7. Q: I will mark this document as Exhibit “A” and this

shall form part your Judicial Affidavit. Will you
conform to this?

A: Yes.

8. Q: How long have you been married with


A: We have been married for more than nine (9)


9. Q: When and where did you meet the respondent?

A: Respondent and I were classmates in our

postgraduate class at Asian Institute of Management

10. Q: What happened after that?

A: Respondent started courting me. We were

attracted to each other so we became a couple not
so long after. And a few months into the
relationship, he proposed for marriage to me which
I readily accepted.

11. Q: When did you get married?

A: We got married on July 24, 2008 at Manila

Cathedral Church in Manila City.

12. Q: Where did you live after your marriage?

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Judicial Affidavit |ANGELINA JOLIE

A: We stayed in the house donated by my parents

to us.

13. Q: What happened next?

A: Still a few months into the marriage, I noticed

that my husband had some strange behavior. At
first, I thought that it was just marriage blues and
that we are just adjusting to each other but this
behavior had become more and more noticeable as
we stay together.

14. Q: What kind of strange behavior did you notice?

A: He was a troublemaker.

15. Q: Why do you say so?

A: He was argumentative, combative, antagonistic

and contentious. He always figured in quarrels. I
discovered that he is short-tempered, hot-headed
and a quarrelsome person. In fact, sometime in
September 2008, he and his friend figured in a
brawling incident.

16. Q: What happened in the said incident?

A: While passing by in Valkyrie at the Fort during

wee hours of the morning, according to my
husband, he and his friend were teased by a group
of men. The latter joked about the fact that my
husband and his friend were already drunk
because they cannot walk straight. He got angry
at such a petty reason and a fistfight ensued.

17. Q: Was that incident repeated?

A: Yes. A similar incident happened again for so

many times during our marriage. In 2016, my
husband pushed through his Japanese restaurant
plan. In the early stage of the said business, he had
a rift with one of his business partners. Not long
thereafter, he was asked by his other business
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Judicial Affidavit |ANGELINA JOLIE

partners to withdraw his investments from the said


18. Q: Other than the said behavior, did you observe

anything else from your husband?

A: Yes. I discovered that he is also insensitive,

cruel and uncaring. Even when I was sick because
of my pregnancy to our 2nd child, he would force me
to do business transactions for him. He would not
allow me to rest notwithstanding my ailment and if
I would not give in to his unreasonable demands,
he becomes angry. He would then shout insulting
and cursing words at me.

19. Q: What else?

A: My husband was also fond of backbiting me. He

was fond of fabricating stories just to make me
look bad in the eyes of others. There were so many
instances that respondent fabricated stories
against me. One of his fabricated stories about me
was that I just love to shop and does not care
about our business when in fact it was I who
worked so hard for our restaurant to prosper and

20. Q: And what did you do to all these acts that he

has done to you?

A: I was hurt. I was deeply hurt. In all these, I

just cried and prayed that our marriage would still
work as I am very much concerned of our

21. Q: You have mentioned about your children, how

many do you have?

A: We had three children, namely: CHELSEA

were born on July 8, 2009, October 12, 2010 and
September 26, 2012 respectively.

22. Q: How was the relationship of your husband to

your children?
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Judicial Affidavit |ANGELINA JOLIE

A: Brad was never a good father to our children.

He never made the effort to show that he really
cared for them. For example, in March 2013,
during Chelsea’s, our eldest child’s Kindergarten
graduation, he did not attend. He reasoned out
that he could not be absent from his meeting with
a potential investor. I was very sad and upset. I
was in Singapore at that time to attend to my
ailing mother’s needs. I pitied my daughter who
had no parents during the said graduation.

23. Q: What else can you say about his relationship

with your children?

A: He never took good care of our children. He

neglected his fatherly duties. When I took the
children from him and bring them to Singapore, he
did not resist. Since then, he seldom visited our
children. During that time, he did not also give
financial support for the kids.

24. Q: Did you agree to separate during that time?

A: Of course not attorney. I just really wanted to

breathe as I was very exhausted with all the fights
that we had. It seems unending. I fear that our
marriage could no longer be repaired and so I tried
to give him some space hoping that he would mend
his ways.

25. Q: What did respondent do during the time you

were separated?

A: I have learned that he squandered the money

that our restaurant was earning. So I decided to
stop his credit card line.

26. Q: What was his reaction to that?

A: Our quarrels became more frequent and intense.

We quarreled especially through email. He was
angry that I stopped his credit card line. He begged
for me to activate his credit card again but I did not
do so since I have learned that he was unfaithful to
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Judicial Affidavit |ANGELINA JOLIE

me. He slept and had sex with another woman not

only once.

27. Q: Did you try to talk and reconcile with each


A: Yes. It was during our vacation in 2016, that we

seriously discussed our marital problems. We
agreed to save their marriage for the sake of their

28. Q: What happened after that?

A: But even then, our arguments, quarrels and

disagreements on small and big things continued.
One of the causes of the bickering at that time, was
the fact that he unreasonably forced me to stop
going to Singapore to visit my ailing mother.
Although I was willing to do everything just to save
the marriage but I could not just do that to my

29. Q: Did you undergo a psychological evaluation?

A: Yes, attorney. A psychological evaluation was

conducted in June of 2017. I engaged the services
of Dr. Juan Tama, a Clinical Psychologist, for the
determination of our psychological evaluation.

30. Q: What were the findings of the evaluation?

A: Based on the report of the clinical evaluation,

my husband is suffering from psychological
incapacity which is brought about by his depressive
and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders.
According to the clinical psychologist, Brad’s traits
indicate emotional immaturity and unwillingness to
listen to criticism. He is sexually inhibited with
feelings of inadequacy. He is stubborn, resentful
and sarcastic. He is well organized but has low
frustration tolerance. As stated in the report of the
clinical psychologist, respondent’s psychological
incapacity is characterized by gravity and juridical
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Judicial Affidavit |ANGELINA JOLIE

31. Q: What was the recommendation of the Clinical


A: He recommended that I be entitled to a

declaration of nullity of marriage since our
personality disorders are tantamount to
psychological incapacity to comply with the
essential marital obligations set forth by the Family

32. Q: What is your prayer to this Honorable court?

A: I prayed for a favorable decision from this

Honorable Court that our marriage be dissolved.

33. Q: Anything else?

A: That is all attorney.

That I am executing this Judicial Affidavit in order to

attest the truth of the foregoing facts and in lieu of my direct
testimony in court.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 5 th

day of September, 2017 at Makati City, Philippines.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this 5th day of

September, 2017 at Makati City, Philippines, affiant exhibiting to me
his valid identification no. as above indicated.


PAGE NO: 50 ROLL NO: 41499
BOOK NO: LC TIN: 143-089-251
SERIES OF 2017 IBP NO: 1049888
PTR NO: 1755858
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Judicial Affidavit |ANGELINA JOLIE




I, ATTY. KIM CIUDADANO, CPA, of legal age, Filipino,

single and a resident of BF Homes, Parañaque City,
Philippines, after having been duly sworn to in accordance
with law, do hereby depose and say:

1. That I am the counsel who conducted or

supervised the above examination of the
petitioner ANGELINA JOLIE, on the above
mentioned date at my Law Office located at 714
Rockwell Center, Makati City, Philippines;

2. That I faithfully recorded or caused to be recorded

the questions I asked and the corresponding
answers given by her thereto;

3. That I did not nor any other person then present

or assisting the petitioner, had coached her
regarding her answers;

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my

hand this _____________ at Digos City, Davao del Sur,


TIN No. 143-089-251

Subscribed and sworn to before me this

____________________ at Makati City, Philippines. I
hereby certify that I have personally examined the herein
affiant and that I am fully convinced and satisfied that she
voluntarily executed and understood her statements.

Doc. No. 251; ATTY. EMIL YA

Page No. 51;
ROLL NO: 41599
Book No. 10;
TIN: 143-059-251
Series of 2017 IBP NO: 1059888
PTR NO: 1785858