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Sample of chromite ore was collected from Heroshah (Dargai) Malakand agency, Khyber
Pakhtubkhwa (KPK), Pakistan. Sample was grounded to 100 and 200 mesh in a pistol
and mortar at Materials Research Laboratory (MRL). Sodium mono and di-chromate
was manufactured via chemical method. Phase analysis of the sample was carried out
using XRD which identified the presence of Aluminium Chromite and Ringwoodite
phases. Microstructural analysis of Chromite ore carried out by scanning electron
microscope (SEM) identified granular structured irregular shape micro-regions separated
by sharp boundaries. The Chromite grains were surrounded by veins and grains of gangue
material. Energy dispersive X-ray electron spectroscopy (EDX) confirmed the presence
of Mg, Al, Cr, Si and Fe in varying amounts. The average amount of Chromium
identified by EDS was 42 wt% which confirmed that the Chromite ore is of medium
grade. The SEM analysis revealed

Manufacturing of sodium mono and di-chromate from Chromite ore was carried out via
chemical method at laboratory scale. The presence of high amount of chromium in the
manufactured solution was identified by atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). It
confirm that the solution is of sodium mono-chromate. After addition of sulfuric acid,
sodium mono-chromate convert into sodium di-chromate, the result was confirmed by