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Vatican ardens Without Barriers

MVSEI Fountain
VATICANI of the Eagle
Vatican Radio

Casina Pio IV
Lourdes Grotto point

Statue of
St. Peter

Vatican Museums

French Garden

Vatican Heliport

St. Peter’s
St. Peter’s Square

St. John’s Tower

Italian Garden Pontifical

Jubilee 2000 Bell Ethiopian College Palace of the Governorate

The tour itinerary is subject to

change due to unanticipated
t o u r s. m u s e i @ s c v. v a + 39 06 69883145; + 39 06 69884676
N.B. activity on the part of the Holy
Musei Vaticani See or the Vatican City State.
We b a n d M u l t i m e d i @ D e p a r t m e n t - Va t i c a n M u s e u m s