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11−1 Fuse and Relay Information

Central Junction Box (CJB) (14A067)

PCM power Trailer tow relay, Starter relay
relay battery charge (11450)

Blower motor Rear window

relay defrost relay


F2.101 F2.107 F2.10 F2.24

F2.11 C2017 C2021 C2163 F2.25
F2.102 F2.108 F2.2
F2.601 F2.12 F2.26
F2.13 F2.27
F2.103 F2.109
F2.4 F2.28
C2160 C2110
F2.104 F2.110 F2.5 F2.22 F2.29
F2.6 F2.30
F2.16 C2257 lamps relay
C270p F2.105 F2.111 F2.7
F2.17 F2.31
F2.8 C2170 F2.20 C2075
F2.18 F2.32
F2.112 F2.114 F2.9 F2.21
F2.19 F2.33

F2.34 F2.36 F2.38 F2.40 F2.42 F2.44 F2.46 F2.48

F2.106 F2.113 F2.115 F2.116

F2.35 F2.37 F2.39 F2.41 F2.43 F2.45 F2.47

Fuel heater relay

− Diesel

Accessory delay

Excursion, Super Duty Series F−250, F−350, F−450, F−550 ’04

Fuse and Relay Information 11−2

Fuse Amps Circuits protected Fuse Amps Circuits protected

F2.1 15A Adjustable Pedal F2.27 15A Auxiliary Climate Control, Heated seats, Vacuum pump motor, speed
control, Overhead console, Brake shift interlock, Electronic Shift On the
F2.2 20A Power point, console (19N236) Fly (ESOF) solenoid, Digital Transmission Range (DTR) sensor (7F293),
Parking Aid Module (PAM) (15K866)
F2.3 20A Power point, C pillar (19N236)
F2.4 20A Power point, instrument panel (19N236) F2.28 10A Climate Control System
F2.5 20A Power point, rear (19G247) F2.29 10A Customer access 1
F2.6 20A Turn signal relay, Trailer tow F2.30 15A Headlamps, High Beam/Flash−to−Pass, Instrument cluster,
Fog lamps
F2.7 30A Headlamps
F2.8 15A Reversing lamps − Diesel F2.31 15A Starter Relay, Clutch Pedal Position Switch−Manual Transmission
F2.9 20A Power Mirrors
F2.10 10A A/C clutch relay F2.32 5A Radio (18806)
F2.11 20A Radio (18806) F2.33 15A Wiper/washer, Instrument cluster (10849), Four−wheel drive control module
(14B466), Fuel Tank Selector
F2.12 20A Cigar lighter, front (15055), Data Link Connector (DLC) (14489)

F2.34 10A Brake pedal position switch (13480), Passive anti−theft transceiver module
F2.13 5A Seat adjust switch, driver side front (14A701), Exterior rear view mirror (15607), Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) module
switch (17B676) (19980)

F2.14 15A Headlamp circuit (DRL)

F2.15 10A F2.35 10A Instrument cluster, Interior lamps

Driver seat module (14C718)
F2.16 15A DVD player, Rear Integrated Control Panel (RICP) (19980) F2.36 10A Powertrain Control Module (PCM) (12A650)
F2.37 15A Horn
F2.17 15A Exterior lamps, Trailer tow relay, parking lamp F2.38 20A Trailer tow
F2.18 20A Brake pedal position switch (13480), Indicator flasher relay (13350) F2.39 15A Trailer tow Reversing lamps
F2.40 20A Fuel pump
F2.19 10A Vehicle Security Module (VSM) (15K602), Four−wheel drive
control module (14B466) F2.41 10A Battery saver relay
F2.42 15A Accessory delay, Radio (18806), Power Door Locks,
F2.20 10A Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM) − 6.0L Power Vent Windows
F2.21 25A Liftgate wiper
F2.43 10A Fog Lamps
F2.22 20A Fuel injectors, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) (12A650)
− Gasoline engines F2.44 10A Anti−Theft

Powertrain Control Module (PCM) (12A650), Fuel System, Mass Air Flow F2.45 10A Overdrive cancel switch (7G550), Tow/Haul Switch−Diesel,
20A Four−wheel drive control module (14B466), Instrument cluster − Excursion
(MAF) sensor (12B579) − Diesel engines
F2.23 20A Heated oxygen sensors (HO2S), A/C clutch relay, Vapor management
valve, 4R100 transmission (7G391), EVAP canister vent control solenoid 10A Clutch pedal position switch, Auxiliary Powertrain Control Module (APCM),
Overdrive cancel switch (7G550), Four−wheel drive control module
F2.24 2A Brake pressure switch (2B264) (14B466), Instrument cluster − Pickup

F2.25 10A ABS control module (2C219)

F2.26 10A Restraints control module (14B321)

Excursion, Super Duty Series F−250, F−350, F−450, F−550 ’04

11−3 Fuse and Relay Information

Fuse Amps Circuits protected

F2.46 10A Headlamp, left (13008), Low beam

F2.47 10A Headlamp, right (13008), Low beam
F2.48 10A Rear wiper motor assembly
F2.101 30A Electric trailer brakes
F2.102 30A Vehicle Security Module (VSM) (15K602), Power Door Locks

F2.103 50A Ignition switch (11572), Run/Start power circuit, Fuel Injector Control
Module (FICM) − 6.0L

F2.104 40A Rear window defrost, Heated mirrors

F2.105 30A Fuel heater relay − Diesel
F2.106 30A Windshield wiper motor (17508)
F2.107 40A Heater blower motor (19805), Auxiliary A/C relay
F2.108 40A Auxiliary Climate Control
F2.109 30A Heated seats
F2.110 50A Ignition switch (11572), Run power circuit
F2.111 30A Transfer case low to high relay, Transfer case high to low relay

F2.112 30A Driver seat module (14C718) (with memory), Seat adjust switch, driver side
front (14A701) (without memory)

F2.113 30A Starter motor (11002)

F2.114 30A Seat adjust switch, passenger side front
F2.115 20A Trailer battery charge
F2.116 30A Ignition switch (11572), Run/Start power circuit
F2.601 30A c.b. Accessory delay, Power windows, Power sliding roof ,
Power sliding rear window

F2.602 60A ABS control module (2C219)

Excursion, Super Duty Series F−250, F−350, F−450, F−550 ’04

Fuse and Relay Information 11−4

Daytime Running
Auxiliary A/C Lamps (DRL)
relay relay 2

C2116 C1172

C2047 C1170 C1171

Indicator flasher Park brake Daytime Running

relay relay Lamps (DRL)
relay 1

Auxiliary relay box 1 Auxiliary relay box 2

Excursion, Super Duty Series F−250, F−350, F−450, F−550 ’04

11−5 Fuse and Relay Information

Transfer case low

to high relay A/C clutch relay

C1129 C1008

C1173 C1188 C1187

Transfer case Trailer tow relay, Trailer tow relay,

high to low relay left turn right turn

Auxiliary relay box 3 Auxiliary relay box 4

Excursion, Super Duty Series F−250, F−350, F−450, F−550 ’04

Fuse and Relay Information 11−6

Fuel Injector Control Trailer tow relay,

Module (FICM) power right turn

Fuse Amps Circuits protected

F1.1 10A Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM)

C1235 C1383 F1.2 20A not used

C1382 C1384

A/C clutch relay Trailer tow relay,

left turn

Auxiliary relay box 5

Excursion, Super Duty Series F−250, F−350, F−450, F−550 ’04

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