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1. Introduction
 Introduction
 Aims of the study
 Scope of the study
 Methodology
 Limitation

2. History and Development of beauty parlor

 Origin and development
 Significance
 Brief introduction and uses

3. Company Profile
 History
 Profitability
 Marketing
 Cosmetics and products

4. Different types of services provided by beauty parlor

 Hair style & conditioning of hair
 The treatment of massage wax, facial, Henna etc…..
 Bride make up

5. Beauty therapy and hair dressing

6. Data Analysis and Interpretation
7. Suggestions and Conclusion
 Questionnaire
 Bibliography

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 1

Chapter 1


 Introduction
 Aims of the Study
 Scope of the Study
 Methodology
 Limitation

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 2


Marketing is a composite process in a society by which a demand

structure for economic goods and services intelligently anticipated or

enlarged and satisfied through conception, promotion, exchange and

physical distribution of such goods and services which can satisfy wants

needs and desires of consumer or users in market places

Marketing program start from the product ideas and class mot end until

customer wants are adequately satisfied. Customer is the around which

the entire marketing operation revolve. Beginning and end of marketing

is consumer satisfaction, learning more about consumer and dealer and

about marketing mix generally is that the heart of marketing research.

As business has been larges and as management becomes more remote

from the market place, marketing management has its more solving any

problem, in the field of marketing its and invaluable tools in decision

marketing based on scientific investigation and analysis of a marketing


This project has been aimed at giving detailed report of marketing

survey conducted on (cosmetic especially) beauty parlor both secondary

and secondary data are collected. For this purpose and with available data

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 3

collected in the span of time available at marketing displayed analysis

and interpretation on the same sublet.

Specifically this project is made with reference to beauty parlor. As

there are numerous cosmetics of different kind all cannot be taken for the

purpose of survey. Survey means going in depth to study a particular or

specific things or product etc. The information collected for the survey

may not be liable in all cases as it depends on the minds. In beauty parlor

is a very good beauty service since many years. As there were no projects

connected to beauty parlor this project has been prepared regarding it by

taking beauty parlor in special reference.

The information regarding this was collected from Butic in

Shimoga and from google.com. Also a brief description of various beauty

products, cosmetics has also been given in that.

Aim of Project Report

Following are the aims of this project

a) To analysis the sales of beauty parlor

b) To know consumer attitude towards beauty parlor.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 4

Scope of the Study

The scope of this report is restricted to the consumer attitude

towards beauty products. The area of the study has been restricted to

Shimoga district. This report gives information in general regarding the

attitude of consumer towards Butic in Shimoga. However the survey has

been in the sampling basis of 100 consumers selected on random basis

attitudes. In addition this information the secondary data has been



Both primary and secondary data have been collected to bring out

this project report efficiently.

The source of secondary data are newspaper magazines,

encyclopedia and website such as google.com etc..

Primary data have been collected through questionnaire method. The

questionnaire is a set of questions drawn to collect the opinion from the

public for making survey or in coming into a conclusion regarding the

problem. The selection of respondents is made on the basis of has been

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 5

issued to responded to avoid unnecessary delay in filling task is made



 Owing to the factors like limitation of time co-cooperation of dealers

etc.. The accuracy of this limited.

 As a beauty parlor has market all over the country, for convenience

say Shimoga city was selected as sample market.

 100 consumers were selected as sample and investigated with the help

of questionnaire; on this 15 consumers were non-cooperative and

hesitated to provide information. Therefore the accuracy of the survey

of the project report is limited.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 6

Chapter -2

 Origin and development

 Significance
 Brief introduction and uses

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 7


Origin and Development

Beauty is a blessing that gives pleasure to the senses of the

admirer. It makes its way through the eyes to the hearts of many. Women

have longed for beauty since the time immemorial but in the present

world it has become an important asset that not only women but men

should posses. The desire to look beautiful and stay beautiful is common

not only among teens but among women of all ages. As beautiful things

please us so do the beautiful faces, they leave an unforgettable

impression on the minds too. Thus the magic of beauty captivates both

heart and mind of the beholder.

A beautiful person undoubtedly has a boost of confidence in him

with which he gets an edge over the other lot. It’s easier to face the

present competitive world if you know that you are gorgeous enough to

impress others.

Before you speak a word in your favor your beauty grabs the

attention. A few of us are blessed with perfect beauty while most need to

work upon it. Make-up is an art that help us to hide the flaws and bring

forth our beauty. Also we are fortunate enough to have plenty of tips and

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 8

tricks for everyone and cure for every skin problem. We at aim to spread

beauty and make you ready to rule the world.

Make-up made easy

1. Buy the proper foundation. An off-colour base will make every other

cosmetic you apply look not quite right.

2. Prime your lids. Before you apply shadow or liner, prime lids with a

special base for lids, or with a light swipe of foundation followed by

powder. Not only this will even the tone of your eyelids, it will also

make your shadows go on more smoothly and last longer.

3. Avoid contouring with blush. For a more classic, attractive look,

apply blush to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion, and

avoid swiping the blush out toward your hairline.

4. Set makeup with loose powder. Loose powder is easier to control and

more versatile than its pressed cousin. Pick a loose powder with a

yellow undertone to ensure it works with your skin tone, and apply

with a fluffy powder brush

Spiritual significance

The importance of bodily beauty has also varied through times and

across societies. In Western culture the distinction between the material

and the immaterial body; body and soul, and the values that have been

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 9

attached to them have been central to how beauty was regarded. To the

ancient Greeks a beautiful body reflected a beautiful soul and proximity

to the gods. To the Gnostics (largely covering the first three to four

centuries AD) the divine psychic body was caged in a physical body made

by beastly creatures from the underworld. They renounced the material

body and sexual drives, and strove for asceticism. In the early Christian

era, where a dualism between soul and body prevailed, beauty was

considered good if its appeal was spiritual and internal, but evil if its

attraction was sexual and carnal. In medieval times the body and the flesh

were associated with sin and women, and the immaterial soul with the

divine. Thus an ethereal body ideal prevailed for women. Today, Euro-

Americans seem to have gone back to an intense interest in beauty, but

with a reversal of its significance: work-outs, jogging, and body-building

do not any longer reflect a healthy soul, but are assumed to produce one.

Further, whereas the ancient Greeks included ethics and cosmological

harmony in their beautiful soul, Euro-Americans generally assume the

healthy soul to be one that is up to the task of meeting the daily

requirements of productive living.

A contrast to Western ideals of beauty and the importance assigned

to them can be found in the study on body ideals for women in Fiji, in the

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 10

South Pacific, by anthropologist Anne E. Becker. She found that the

disparity between what Fijian women themselves identified as the most

attractive body shape, and their actual robust appearance, did not pose a

problem to them. Most women either thought that they should maintain

their present weight, or actually increase it. Anne Becker explains the

difference by distinguishing between an ideal of attractiveness, mainly

concerned with sexuality and youth, and an ideal based on norms for

what women and society ought to be like. In Fiji a robust body indicates

a woman, or a man for that matter, who is embedded in a well-

functioning network of family and friendship relations. This body, taken

to indicate the successful practice of caring and sharing, is more

important than the body of attractiveness.

Furthermore, since the Fijian body is primarily seen as constituted

through the network of social relations in which the person takes part,

beauty is the result of a collective effort and not, as in Western societies,

an individual achievement. As a corollary, the body in Fiji was not seen

as something that could be worked on and moulded. It is almost

unnecessary to mention that no cases of eating disorders, such as

anorexia or bulimia, were found in Fiji.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 11

A beauty salon or beauty parlor (or sometimes beauty shop) is

an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women.

Other variations of this type of business include hair salons and spas.

There is a distinction between a beauty salon and a hair salon and

although many small businesses do offer both sets of treatments, beauty

Salons are based more around face and body treatments.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 12

Chapter -3


 History

 Profitability

 Marketing

 Cosmetics and products

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 13

Gayatri Praveen, when she was in Pune during the period 1985-
1990, thought of entering in beauty sector envisaging potency in the field
during the year to come. she selected the beauty school run by Mr.’s
Maya Paranjapee, then number two in the beauty field, to do her beauty
treatment courses. The beauty therapy, as many courses such as
 Hair care
 Skin
 Electrolysis

She has done all the courses that were thought in the institute
during the time. She happens to be only qualified beautician at Shimoga.
She started her beauty parlor during the year 1997
 Level of satisfaction
 Understanding the requirement of the customer
 How genuine are you in using the product
 How hygienic are you in performing you job
Are few parameters of good marketing?

Since it is a proprietary concern it is headed by the owner of the
parlor and assisted by the beauty assistants and helpers.
Which product are you uses

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 14

Considering the potency of the beauty field, lot many multinational
companies are producing variety products, both herbal and non-herbal,
for every beauty requirement. Hence selection of the product for a
particular customer requirement, needs the Required skill.
Profit margin
Since this is matter of adelicacy, getting correct information is a
hard thing. But as per the income tax act minimum net profit is expected
at 20%
How many members are working in the unit:
The staff requirement various between lean and brisk season. This
variation is between 6-8 members.
Customer reaction
It is a universal truth that one dissatisfied customers equal to one
hundred satisfied customers. This is a service sector hence lot depends
on the degree of customer satisfaction. Hence to sustain in this ever
growing and severely competed field, a win-win situation wholly
depends on customer satisfaction. This generally is understood, if a
customer repeats their visit for their requirement.
Who is competitor?
From every nook and corner there is a computation. Since human
skill in performing a job is a wholly dependent things, different
beauticians many be excelling in few/ more field/s. Hence customers
depending on their requirement visit them to get the required services,
which would be appreciated by many, is an edge of unit.
Customer services:
A parlor provided many service to its customers and few are

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 15

Hair treatment:
 Hair wash
 Hair fall treatment
 Head massage
 Hair straightening
 Hair perming
 Hair softening/conditioning
 Hair colouring
 Hair maintenance etc.
Skin care:
 Clean up
 Facial-there are various type of facials depending on the clients skin
 Bleaching
 Threading
 Manicure
 Pedicure
 Waxing
 Pimple treatment
 Blackhead
 Removal etc.
Specialized services:
 Party make up
 Bridal make up
 Sari draping etc.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 16

Chapter- 4



Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 17


Treatment of Massage Wax, Facial, Face and Henna

Method for Head Massage
 Spread the oil on the head by section
 Spread the oil with your finger lips all over the head.
 Put your finger both sides of the head toward the center and pull hard
all over
 Repeat the step 2
 Put your fingers both sides of the head towards the center and with the
lips of your finger.
 With both hands one at a line start hitting the head not to hard not be a
soft hit.
 Repeat step 2
 Join both hands hit the head all over
 Repeat the step 2
 Macerating the circular near the ear.
 Repeat the step 2
 With 2 fingers go up words towards the hair from the nape of the neck

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 18

Methods of Massage
 From up rub hand and shake.
 The thumbs meeting in the middle and rub in circular more.
 Make circular movements for finger and pull 3 times for each finger.
 Take the hand for a ride
 Put client hand in your hand and shake.
 Put client hand in your hand and make circular movement for the
client’s hand.
Followed up by putting portions put egg, lime yogurts and oil after
massage and washing and drying the hair for 20 to 30 minutes wash the
hair and dry and set the hair.
Oil Massage For Head
 Heat oil in a small steel container desired temperature. This can be
done under a lighted candle.
 Protect customer
 {Part in ½ section.
 Dip cotton in to oil and brush it over all length of each section.
 Message the scalp for at least 20 minuets.
 Apply heated towel on scalp for a few minuets.
 Now shampoo hair by applies shampoo directly to the scalp or else the
shampoo won’t catch on wet oily hair.
 See that the oil is thoroughly removed whilst shampooing rinse well.
Hair should be shampooed with warm water or else oil remain of
 Use coconut, olive, almond or Custer oil for head massage.

Things required for head massage

 Not very heat oil (Coconuts oil)

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 19

 Two towel
 Hot water to dip 1 to well after massage
 Shampoo
 Cotton.
Body Message
Apply oil on body
 First massage on back.
 Pet rises give pressure with both fingers in upward circular movement
after interval.
 Tapping with both the hands.
 Vibration on waist with both the hands
 Friction from arms to waist with thumbing upward circular
 Softly again afterimage movement.
Message on bumps
 After move right hand rewind after words move left hand.
 Give pressure with both the hands.
Message on legs
 Affray first move right hand in upper direction then under down
stimulates move your left hand in up ward direction then comedown
 Friction is upward circular movement with thumb with both the heads
 Give message on thighs.
Message on stomach
 Affray move you first right and in circular movement and left hand
simultaneous but straight.
 Give pressure.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 20

Message on Chest
 Massage in upward direction with both the hands lightly.
 Vibration on the both sides
Message above the chest
 Affray moves your right hand in circles and left hand straight one
behind the other left hand move simultaneous.
In the same way do message on neck.
Message on hands
 Do affray lot your right had move in upward direction and then come
down lift your left hand move behind it in upward direction and then
comedown by give pressure with both the hands.
 You can do vibration also
 Sugar
 2 packet citric Acid
Put in a container and boil it with water, which is 2 inches above
the sugar level. Boil it till all sugar dissolve and you can test it by putting
on your finger and putting it with the other to see if you get a string if
you get and sting it is reedy it next p1 go and boil in it full it is reedy as
well as with spoon left high the wax and pour it back from a height to see
if it is falling like a string. When it does fall like a then string. The wax is
reedy keep in a tight container for your client, the wax has to be heated
cool it slightly and apply first lab taken powder.
Thing required for that wax strips (of cosmetic materials)
 Hot max
 Powder
 Bowl sponge

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 21

 thread
 towel
 Lotion or cream (if needed)
Waxing of legs and Hands
 Seat the client in a comfortable position.
 Spread talcum powder it sweating
 Apply hot wax directly by cooling it and then apply on skin.
 Place cloth on 1 k.g and give a quick pull of cloth (For legs pull from
down to up) never left the cloth which pulling off pull against hair
 Gently wash off with sponge, which has been rinsed in clean water.
 if rash appears on sensitive skin apply cream or Lacto calamine lotion.
Same as legs.
 Remember to wax the finger also the client sit and rest his hands on
the chair ( catch the chair highly)
 When reached the above joint rub down wards and pull never catch
the top parts.
First wipe underarms
 Put small towel around the avmpithole
 Put powder to stop sweat
 Take some wax on knife and directly with the knife apply it on the
armpit hair on the top put border so that it is easy to remove hair
 Take the cloth and with folded fingers rub upwards with are pull it
what hair remains thread it wipe with sponge.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 22

Points to note
For waxing of legs if hair is growing down words beach you rub
up words and pull up words you have to pull against hair growth the hair
that is left to threading. For waxing of a up side pull down words.
Waxing of legs Waxing of hands
Powder Powder
Wax cloth knife Wax cloth knife
Sponge, small bowl Sponge small bowl
Cream if needed or lotion Cream or lotion
Thread Thread
Towel Towel
Cold Wax
6 limbo
k.g Sugar
Squeeze the limbo (1 tea cup) put the sugar and limbo in a vessel
and keep steering till bubbles comes, when one’s it starts to bubbles hest
it by putting it is in the water and try to make a ball out of it to see
whether it is soft.
Do not refrigerated it keeps in a tight container in a cup board if it
becomes hard put a tea spoon of water and heat it till it becomes soft.

When you apply wax on the cloth rub it one side only never take it back
what i mean is that only and never back again.
Material used in cosmonaut material
When you pull the cloth “Zap” moist should 10 minuets.

Treatment Of Face

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 23

Bleach Face and Hands and legs and Neck
Face and Neck
2 tbsp H2o peroxide 7,8 drops mix it well and apply all over
avoiding eyes, eyebrow, lips and hairline allow. Allow the bleach for 15-
20 minutes inn case if it is not caught in certain time then wet it with
peroxide and two tree drops of Anomie.
Hands And Legs: 1 tbsp bleaching powder desired peroxide, 20 drops
anomie apply all over avoiding nails and finger tips nape it for 25/30
minutes it incase it is not caught in certain time wet it with peroxide and
10/12 drops of ammonia do not we extra ammonia in the bleach it barns
the cells.
Coots white thread wheel powder, comb brush.
Just apply powder to the area of the eyebrow where you will thread
up then make a loop and be meaty to thread.
Sit the client with the cushion on the chair with head up make the
client to catch one hand on the forehead and another on the eye close the
eye now start to place the hair few at a time.. 1 st draw the line and give
shape go on line this by drawing the line by putting the hair in the loop
and planting the hair in the loop and planting few by few.
The top first hair cut it slowly and level size.
Remember right eye always stand in front of the client and lefty
eye behind the client next time when same client comes do only cleaning.

Removing dry skin on face

Sprinkle fine salt on a face cloth and rub lightly on the face rinse
not for a delicate skin.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 24

Removing black heads: Use hot compresses soaked in a mixture of soda
bicarbonate e.g. 1 tsp / cup of water.
Sub burns: Equal packs of backing powder and water to be pasted on
sun burn left for ½ hrs then rinsed.
¼ cup buttermilk with 2 tbsp Rose water applies on the skin till dry and
them rinse off.
Sandal wood pack
2sp sandal wood powder
Rose water to make a paste
Honey pack dry skin.
1tsp Honey 15-20 drops limejuices or orange to make a paste with either
bleach powder boson
Yeast pack dry skin
1yolk (Yellow) of egg
small piece of yeast
1tsp olive oil or almonds oil
Egg pack Dry skin
White of egg betas to froth bed yolk of egg apply to face when half
dry apply the white and leave dry. This is also good to close pores and
remove wrinkles.
Mixed packs
Face 1sp align powder
1sp bleaching powder
1sp Hydrogen peroxides
8 drops hymenia forte
2sp Rose water

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 25

Carrot Pack: 2 great carrots
2tsp milk
1 egg yolk
Mix well and add either bleach powder and kaolin to the
Yeast pack: oily skin
2tsp sugar
Pica of yeast
Warm milk
When it ferments apply to the face.

For 3 hallow and grassy skin.

Beat egg white add 20 drops of lime juice or 1tsp frosh cream or warm
milk add pinch of Hardy powder make paste on a basin.
Cabbage mask: take juice of few cabbage leaves
¼ tsp yeast
1tsp honey
Mix well applies milk on the face wash after 15 minutes.
For enlarged pares
Beat one egg adds 1tsp orange powder.
Wine masks
Dry Normal skin Normal skin
Apple Banana
Avocado Carrot
Grapes Janine
Nectarine Oily skin
Orange Apricot

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 26

Honey cherry
Clew lemon
Melon tomato
Method of making the above masseuse the fruit squeeze out the
juice add 2-3 tsp dry white wine keep for 5 mints then apply acne masks
In a blender (mixture) combine one great carrot 2 tbsp plain flour
youngish (curds) 1tbs rose wine mix well till a pester farms.
Wrinkles 2tbsp out meal 3-4 drops each of gelid oil (olive oil) milk cream
and 1tsp white wine.
Oily Blemished: much oily skin too made pimples
oily skin : Tea bath it draws of excess oil and inflammation
Normal skin Milk bath
Dry bath: 1-cup strong tea water when 100/ to room temperature use this
solution to the face feels 5 minutes
Pimple Treatments
 Have your customer thoroughly relaxed.
 Provide quiet atmosphere
 Maintain clean set the customer take the steam for five minitus.
 Remove stem with cotton wool.
 Now remove bleach heads, white heads it any boiled with bleach head
 Dab astringent after that apply any mud pack
 Pack to remain on the skin for 20 minuets remove the pack with a

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 27

Treatment of Facial
Benefits of a facial
 To cleans, mourish and stimulate
the skin.
 To vest tired nose and eyes.
 To strengthen weak or
sagging(lose) muscles.
 To preserve the youthful texture
and completion of the skin.
 To prevent the formation of wrinkles, ageing or double chin.
Points to remember in facial massage
 Have you customers throughly relaxed.
 Provide a quiet atmosphere
 Maintain a clean orderly arrangement of supplies.
 Follow systematic procedure.
 Give facial massage properly.
 Always wash and dry hands before commencing the facial.
 Now clean face with cleaning cream.
 Apply cold cream in dots all over the face see that no cream enters the
 Now give the facial strokes 15 minutes.
 Set the customer take the step for 5 minutes.
 Remove steam with cotton wool.
 Now remove black heads, whitehead if any with black head remover.
 Dab a stringent after that.
 Apply either bleach hand pack or any pack the customer chosen.
 Keep pack away from mouth and eyes.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 28

 Protect hair by using hair band.

Effects of a Pack
Bleach pack - Fighten the skin.
Mud Pack - stimulates circulation and fightens skins
Sandal wood pack - For pimples oily skin.
Oil Pack Facial
 Apply the cleaning a oil pack is applies.
 Take a gague pice cut to a face size with the hole for nose or mouth
 2 tsp of olive oil
1 tsp of castor oil
1 tsp of glycerin are mixed together and wormed
 Soak the gague pice with the oil and place it on the face. Apply on the
neck it the skin in that area is dry.
 Heat may be given with infrared rays for 5-7 minits
 After the heat remove the gague mask and then give facial strokes
with the same oil.

Issue Bath
Apply cream on the face cold cream saturate completely a thin
layer of cotton with nurishing oil. It mond olive keep for 30 minute time
then wipe off.
Oily skin
1 tsp alcohol
125 grms distilled water
1/2 tsp alum

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 29

mix and keep in the fridge

 Place feet in warm soapy water with a drop of dettal
 Soak feet for at least 10 minutes
 Wipe the foot and shape nail straight do not go deep at sides remove
any nail vanish if an too nail
 Place back in to water
 Now scrape along sides of ankles under the foot place back and wipe
 Repeat for right foot.
 Apply cream on cuticles push back the cut cuticles.
 Apply cream on upper ankles foot then give a massage.
 Wipe of the cream.
 Apply 2 coatings of nail varnish
Additional : wipe feet dry and put bleach when it dries off wash and wipe
removes and shines.
Bleach powder 7-8 drops ammonia and H2O3 needed to mix.
Things required for pedicure of legs.
Nail cutter
Nail filler
Orange stick
Cuticle litter
Cutler cutter and scissors.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 30

Ponds cream
Nail polish and Nail remover.
Punic stone
Toe separator
A big brush with one drop of dettol 1 and 2 pinch of surf.
A big bucket of hot water or a heating rod mug and towels.
 File the nails both long strokes: Never file too low at corners. This
kind to tear the nails fail to on oval shapes this way the nail does not
 Soak the fingers in warm soapy solution.
 Clean under the nails.
 Cuticles are lifted and loosened
 Apply cuticles remover (Nail)
 Cut cuticles with the tip of the cuticles scissors or gush push back the
 After cutting cuticles push back with an orange stic.
 A small amount of hand cream is applied and messaged.
 See that all the traces of oil is removed.
 Apply 2 coating of nail varnish. Additional before message hands dry
and apply bleach powder with 7-8 drops of Ammonium hydrogen
peroxide mix and let it and wash it.
After the facial you are all set to do the bridal makeup
It is as follows

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 31

Eye shadow
Face Powder
Mascara and lash carling
Eyebrow grooming
The following steps are with Professional case and results.
Foundations: Put a little amount of foundation on your plan and with
your fingertips smooth it over neither your whole face nor forgetting your
own jewelers and area near the hairlines.
Apply lesser amount of it on your eyelids and around eyes as the
skin these is extra delicate.
Foundation should be smoothed over the face with up word strokes
and should be applied on the throat and neck at the same line with up
word strokes.
Rouge: Can be applied with a brush or finger tips rouge tends a natural
look to your face. Apply rough high on your cheek sones now blend it
with finger tips. Dry cotton wool can be used for blending which takes up
excess rough.
Eye shadow: The shadow of the eye shadow should match your eyes and
your dress. Before applying eye shadow see that the eye lods are clean.
Face Powder: It will seal in the entire make up you have done up till
now and lend smart look. The shade of powder should be the same as that
of the foundation.
Eye Liner: eyeliner or a pencil see that the base is dry other wise the
line will not come neat.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 32

Mascara and lash Curling: it makes the eyelashes thicker and longer it
tends extra glamour to your face. First brush the upper lashes and then
the lower lashes.
Eyebrow grooming: Brush your eyebrows in place with light stroke this
brushing will help to take out powder use eyebrow pencil it needed to
look dark.

Lipstick: Apply lipstick and reapply for darker shade see that the
lipstick has not smudged your teeth.
Things required for Bridal makeup
Foundation cream Eyebrow pencil
Cheek Rough Lipstick
eye shadow
Face powder

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 33

Hair Cut And Different Type Of Hair Cut
Roughly hair can be one of these 3 types
1. Straight
2. Wavy
3. Curly
Application of various types of oils, ointments, conditions and lotions,
they help to give the hair softness a smoother appearance. But do not help
the hair to grow excessive use may warm the hair on the long run
Hair cycle
Each hair goes to a through a cycle of events, growth fall and
replacement has a result a certain smartness of hair is shed every day
Old hair falling out too much make place for new hair on an
average 60-100 hair loss per day is quite natural
Average growth rate in each hair is half, 7,8 per month depending
on the age and some different part of the body and climate. Growing
faster in adolescents compared to older people move in summer than in
cold weather move in the scalp than the body.
Hair differs in different people in strength structure thickness
elasticity waviness as well as rate of growth.
A scalp hair continues growth for 2-7 years. Eyebrows and
eyelashes are replaced every 4-5 months.
Perfect match between client and cut
There are many factors to be taken in to consideration while
choosing the right hair cut for your client.
The most of the time you spend with her before cutting is very bit
as important as the time you actually work with your scissors. Take a

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 34

long careful look at your client’s total appearance as she comes into the
Direction your professional eye wavy from the style and condition
of her hair for those first few moments concentrate instead on her height
on her and build. This will give you an indication of length and out she
could and should wear. The cut must always be in preparation to the size
and shape of the body
For ex: A tall woman with short crop will look even taller and
A short women will not look her best with hair wavy passed her
shoulders. Study the way she addresses and how fashion conscious she is
what you see should tell you now adventures to be with the cut you are
about to do. How old she is should her age influence what you do. Hair
infact can be cut to almost any length at any age and look good.
It is bone structure and hair texture not age that should determine
cut and style through out a woman’s life.
Find out as much as possible about your clients personality during
the vital initial chart. Personality during the vital initial chart personality
is not always easy to indigene on a first meeting and there are no rules for
masciny observation or conclude coming to conclusion. It will be a
technique you learn improve upon as you go along’
Don’t be afraid to ask question
Your client’s life style is of the almost important so try to find out.
For e.g.: If she has a lot of leisure time or whether her schedule (from a
material point on the crown) is hectic does she lead an outdoor or indoor

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 35

Try to see what she expects from a hair cut. All these aspects
determine the kind of hair cut you should give her not only to make her
look her best but to ensure that she needs happy confidence with the
Give her the best style and no matter how expertly it has been
done. She will be self-consocial and comfortable.
Remember your client when she leaves your hand and your saloon
takes your reputation with her hand and every one in the world outside
who sees and appreciates your work could become a future client.
When your hair is wet
It is essential that hair should be thoroughly shaped and
conditioned before cutting. You should approach your cut with wet hair.
There are number of reasons for this
1. You have a better control over the hair in its wet state because it will
not slip through your fingers or a way from the scissors .
2. You will be able to see the shape of the head quite plainly and as u cut
shape will emerge more clearly
3. the curl you may thought naturally when the hair was dry might have
been achieved with rollers .
4. a smooth blow dry may have been hiding a profession of natural cuts
or waves with wet hair you will be able to see the natural movements
and capitalize on them.
5. A sample point, but an important one

Hair is the only substance in the human body to which can be

molded and shaped is to different forms
Short basic cut or boy cut

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 36

1. Now section off a downwards 45 degree angle towards the ear comb
down Shampoo hair and towel dry
2. Section hair by parting in order to nape
3. evenly and cut the base line.
4. Hold section at same angle as the time of the hair cut this is from base
of the point of chin.
5. Lift the hair out approximately 45 degree from head and lightly to the
center cut parallel to the angle of the section .
6. second section is cut in shape using the section as a guideline
allowing for slight graduation.
7. Continue working in sections lifting and keeping the 45 degree angle.
Always using each previously cut section as a guideline.
8. Always keep section clean and even.
9. Now in the front divide the front in to section
10.Now section above ear horizontally comb down and shape across the
11.Now continue working till you read the crown always hold section at
a slightly forward angle and cut across.
12.Check the full hair style for uniformly ( no points stitching out )
13. Now blow dry the hair ( set the hair)

Hallo Cut or U Cut

 Shampoo, towel dry and section hair in the middle divide section at 45
degree angle and cut the length desired with slight a roundness at the
 Comb each section down hold thirdly in place at the nope and cut as
the previous section.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 37

 Front section is brought down and joined and join to the back by
giving a straightening angle joining the back.
 Check and make sure a rounded shape is obtained remember fringe
should always be a title longer as it tends to jump up ( till eye level )
Classic bob can be referred to for section.
Straight cut or Blunt cut
 Shampoo and towel dry.
 Divide hair in the middle.
 Divide section at 45 degree angle.
 Comb each section down hold firmly in place at the nape .
 Section in layers till crown holding the hair firmly in the place at the
 Start the side by taking horizontal line and holding hair slightly away
from the neck. Follow the line .
 Continue taking parallel section and work towards the top of the head.
Ape cut and step cut
 Shampoo towel and dry hair.
 take vertical section both side from top of the ear to the center clip the
above hair.
 Cut the length desire ( u or straight )
 cut the flicks
 Leave one section of the previously clipped hair and take vertical
parting from the center to the end.
 now bring this hair in front and left it high with the hair that is cut as
flicks as the guide lines and cut and proceed step by step and then
proceed the same to the other side use flicks as guide line & cut
proceed the same to the other side

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 38

 Shampoo and dry hair
 Prepare the client, being careful to prevent her cloth apply cream
along forehead
 Protect hands with rubber gloves
 Prepare a hair colour in a container
 Apply the colour on the head by making half sections
 Be careful not to stain the face with the colour remove with
immediately with the piece of cotton wool.
 Shampoo hair with take worm water and dry

Shampooing of the hair

 Place the towel around much and add to make a scalp
 Brush hair tingly free
 Place customers comfortably at the shampoo basin.
 Test water for proper temperatures.
 Place left hand at hair line resting at left temple
 Moisture hair with water shifting hand to protect client’s facer.
 Apply shampoo
 Start massaging method with the customers of your fingers in back
and fourth movements until you reach the to of the head do this till all
the head has been massaged.
 rise off shampoo
 Apply second shampoo and repeat same as no and please do not your
nails when rubbing.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 39

 Rinse thoroughly
 Lift to wells over heads meet the 2nd cards which will form into a cap
 Dry and style as required

Blow Drying Or Hair Setting

Take the blow dryer in your hand and the brush in the hand with
both your little fingers take a line and meet at the center neat of the hair
clip it up.
Now take the hair and little by little pull the hair hard and turn it in
till dry and proceeds step by step till over. Now front side removes
verticals line and pulls towards the front and roll in. For blow-drying first
you wash the hair and shampoo it if the customer desires half dry it.
The method of catching the blow drawer is that on head you
cottons the blow dryer and on the other the brush, with these things in
your head with both your little fingers take a limit and meet at the center
rest of the hair you cup it up.
If the hair is not washed then not the hair and little by little pull the
hair hard and turn it in till it dry and pounced. Step by step till it is ever
Now front side remove vertical line and pull towards the front of
roll in things required for blow-drying.
Bleaching Hair
 Make a strong paste of bleaching powder quantity depends on the
long of the hair.
 5 spoons of hydrogen peroxide 20 vole
 30 drops of Ammonia
 Bleaching powder enough to make the above mixture in to a paste.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 40

 Shampoo if the hair is oily and dry.
 Apply bleach to the hair that has to be bleach.
 Wait for 30 minutes or less, do check and then wait till required color
is needed.
 Wash and now apply henna if customers ask of henna is applied after
bleaching hair the color does not look harsh.
High lightening the Hair
Fem cream - Bleach
Jolene cream - bleach
Blue Bleach
Herbal Bleach
Into Bleach
Mix all the above bleach in a bowl stair well apply in strips to the
dry hair leave till it dries and once it is dried up wash well and dry.
Then apply henna, which was socked ever night and apply the
paste to the hair leave for 4 to 5 hrs wash well and dry.
Hair will look in strips golden brown, reddish brown yellowish this
is effect with colors on your hair known as high lighting.

Split the ends

When hair becomes dry and brittle temporary relief for this
conditions may be obtained by clipping the hair ends.
The hair is combed thoroughly and divided enough by section each
section or strand is twisted lightly from the scalp to the ends.
The twisted end of the strand is held in the left hand while the
extend right hand in the strand up words to the scalp gradually moving

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 41

down words to the end of the strands where the remaining ends are cut
the hair is them brushed brashly to remove the short clippings
Things required
Cape, scissors
 Mix boric powder with coconut oil make paste and rub in to scalp
keep for 2 hours.
 Beat egg with 1tsp soda bio carbonate and 1 limb juice.
 Beat together making parting apply on hair for ½ hours wash off if
proteins to apply egg, limb yogurt and oil.
 Massage eucalyptus oil with soft toothbrush for 3 nights.
Roller setting
Roller setting starts from the top then, goes towards the back and
then towards the sides. Too much hair on one roller will not set properly.
Use a tail comb to section off hair them roll it firmly but not tightly
and secure with a hairpin.
Wet hair ends with a setting lotion, so that they carve neatly around
Each roller should be pinned with the next one to secure them
firmly Things required for Roller
Set of rollers
Tail comb

Cold Wave Perm

 Turn the hair to the desired style
 Shampoo and dry the hair.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 42

 Never perm on oily hair.
 Section hair in to 5 sections. Three of the Bach and two in front now
take ¼” section.
 Apply cold wave lotion and wind hair with the help of tissue paper
ends (Butter paper).
 Wind each curl smoothly and evenly.
 Keep the rolled hair flat by spreading hair in the curler with thumbs.
 Precede this wag till whole head has been wounded up.
 Apply remaining lotion to the entire head of curlers.
 Place a plastic cup over curlers.

Service rendering

Hair: Haircuts, Styling, Highlights/Foils & Weaving,Hair & Scalp

Treatments, Relaxers, perms,Re-Bonding , Color Sand Conditioning &

Nails: Manicures, Pedicures, Polish, SculpturedNails, Nail repair,

Hand Conditioning Treatments

Skin Care: Facials, body waxing, Body Steam, Body Bleaching, Body
Polishing, Threading, Make-Ups

Service in (general)

Make up
We also provide customer reviews of products from all your favorite
cosmetics brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel and more Shop for
makeup. After doing make up it’s gives great difference to person
appearance than normal. At last you can get make up looks you want.


Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 43

The especially design for rebounding process to straighten hair
effectively while prolong super straight longer. It is per meant and
expensive procedure.

Pedicures are a beauty treatment meantespecially for feet. We often tend
to neglect feet while going through ourroutine beauty regime. Feet need
to be attended and cared regularly to givethem a healthy and attractive
look. Feet absorb 5 times our body weight andif not cared properly, they
develop many complications and problems.Attractive feet complete the
overall look of our beauty.

If you are keeping your nails natural (a more popular look for the guys)
then a very slightly abrasive buffer will be used to polish your nails.
Alternatively, for a more “manicured” look, you might choose to have
varnish applied. This can be anything from a simple lick of color to
moreintricate nail art with individual designs or diamante gems on each
nail. Having a “French manicure” may sound a bit racy, but it means
painting your nails pink with white tips to look clean and healthy.

Facials Face
You can use basic ingredients found around the house to make your own
simple, hydrating masks. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, mud or
clay-based masks are great for balancing out your skin. Dry skin will
benefit from hydrating masks made from glycerin, honey and oils.
Ginseng or green tea masks are great for soothing sensitive skin.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 44

High lights
To begin any highlighting or coloring of your hair, first do a test
procedure with a thin piece of your hair and small amount of the mixture
of highlighting product. Wait a few minutes to test for any adverse effects
of color or damage to your hair. If everything tests okay, you then can
proceed with the highlighting instructions included in the packet.

Perms are now available in special formulas foreven the lightest shades
of tinted or bleached hair. Perm is short forpermanent wave. In
the perming process, chemicalsbreak the hair down and then re-structure
it into thedesired curls, waves or straightness.

Hair color
Hair Dye, or Hair Color, is achemical tool that is used to change the
color of a person's hair. Hair dyeis used mostly to change gray hair, since
gray hair is a sign of anadvanced age. Younger people that used hair dye
use it as a fashionstatement or simply because they want to change their
hair color

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 45

Hair cut
Hair cut divided into four:
Short hair style Medium style long style Formal style
Hair spa
Spa Treatment Mask Made by advance formula exclusively for home spa
of just a minute & no steamer required. It's recommended by famous
model from Hong Kong Effectively to bring shine, moisture, smoothness
& aroma sense of your hair.

Parlour Treatments

Normal Treatments Bleaching Waxing

Herbal Facial Remove tan & colour Removal of unwanted
Toning of face fine hair hair
delaying ageing Hand Hand
Aroma Facial Leg Leg - Half leg & full
Lymphatic Face leg
drainage Underarms
Whitening Body
Mini facial for
younger age group

Manicure & Pedicure Threading Hair

Enhance hand & Eyebrow Hair trim
feet Upper lips Maintaining the
Hand Side lock & chin present cut
Regular New hair cut
French manicure & Giving a new look
pedicure Heena

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 46

Conditioning &
Head massage

Specialised Treatment

Enzyme peeling Galvanic Facials Skin polishing Deincrustation

Removal of Hydrating Microdermabration Deep cleansing

crust & lighten treatment for dry polishes your skin for the crust
the pits skin & lightens blackheads

Body Treatment Hair Setting Hair Treatment

Aroma body massage Hair Style Hair treatment

For hair fall
Dandruff treatment
Deep conditioning
Dry and treated hair
Relaxation head to toe Ironing
(Lymphatic massage) Crimpling
Swedish body massage
Blow dry

Chapter 5

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 47

Beauty therapy and Hair dressing

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 48


Beauty Therapy
Beauty therapy, also known as cosmetology, is the most
fundamental part of the beauty industry which incorporates a vast number
of distinct disciplines such as hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, skin care,
and appropriate use of cosmetics.

There is a wide range of beauty therapy treatments, each of which

is designed to provide specific benefits to the part of the body that is
being treated.

The wide range of beauty therapy treatments includes:

 skincare
 eyebrow and eyelash treatments
 make-up
 manicure
 pedicure
 nail technology
 epilation (hair removal)
 specialised treatments.

Skincare treatments

One of the most popular skincare treatments is known as a manual facial

treatment, which involves the use of cleansing, toning and moisturising
preparations followed by a soothing facial massage. Depending on the
specific needs of the client’s skin, a face mask may also be used to
further soothe, moisturise and/or exfoliate dead skin cells.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 49

The preparations used at all stages of a manual facial treatment are
chosen by the therapist to provide the maximum benefit to the client, and
the products used will be selected according to whether the client has a
dry, oily, combination, mature or sensitive skin.

Eyebrow and eyelash treatments

Eyebrow and eyelash treatments include:

Eyebrow shaping: Depending on the client’s individual needs, this may

involve merely plucking and tidying-up the eyebrows, or it may involve a
complete reshaping to ensure that the eyebrows are trimmed and shaped
to suit the client’s individual face shape.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting: This treatment is popular with clients

with very light coloured eyebrows and eyelashes who want to ensure that
they have definition at all times; and is also popular with clients who
have changed their natural hair colour and want their eyebrows and
eyelashes to match and blend in.

Eyelash perming: This treatment is popular with clients who prefer not
to have to use eyelash curlers on a regular basis, or those clients who
want to look their very best for a special occasion.


Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 50

A Manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands.
A standard manicure, which includes filing and shaping of the nails and
the application of polish, is designed to:

 Prevent Hang-Nail formation

 Prevent Nail damage, like splits, tears and fragile tips

 Increase the blood circulation, improving suppleness and flexibility of

the hands and wrist by massaging the hands

 Discourage wrinkling of the skin on the hand, which is one of the first
body parts to show signs of ageing


Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 51

A Pedicure is a beauty treatment for your feet, designed to:

 Remove dead skin

 Soften hard skin

 Shape and treat toe nails

 Prevent skin problems such as callouses, in-growing toe nails and

related infections

 Help your posture by enabling you to walk more comfortably

 Help you to relax by combining massage and a herbal, or aromatic rub

or soak in scented oils


Clients book a make-up session with a beauty therapist for a number of

different reasons. These include:

 learning how to apply make-up for the first time

 learning how to use make-up to disguise facial scars, blemishes or

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 52

 wanting to look their best for a special occasion such as, for
example, a wedding or an important job interview
 simply wanting to pamper themselves, have a wonderfully relaxing
experience and learn how to improve their appearance through the
use of cosmetics.

A make-up session allows the client to learn about the range of cosmetics
best suited to their skin type and the colour palette to use for the best
effect. A makeup consultation will involve talking through, with the
beauty therapist, the ‘look’ that the client wants to achieve; deciding on
the types of products and colours most suitable for the client; facial
cleansing, toning and moisturising and, finally, the application of the
cosmetics themselves.

These normally include foundation (plus concealer or any other

corrective make-up necessary), powder, blusher, eyeshadow, mascara,
eyebrow pencil and lipstick.

Lip Makeup
A smile with brightly colored youthful lips enhances your appearance.
They are the most important facial part without decorating whom your
makeup is incomplete. Lip decoration has been continuing since very
early till today. Now-a-days many cosmetics are available in the form of
sticks, tubes, pencils and liquids in markets. Lip makeup application is a
three step technique. Lip makeup is perfect if done with a steady hand,
some practice and knowledge of the correcting techniques are an added

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 53

Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most beautiful and precious gift that god has given us. Eyes
have their importance felt in expressing emotions be it love, hate, anger,
exclaimnation etc. So when doing facial makeup eye makeup attracts
most of the attention. The basic technique for eye makeup is-

1. Just apply three dots of concealer under eye starting at the inner
corner, then under the pupil and the third on the outer edge. Spread
it by patting with your ring finger to cover dark circles.
2. Apply eye base to your lid so that eye shadow will be in place for
3. Apply well blended three-toned shadow spreading from lids to
brow. Start with a light color and sweep the color across the lid and
up to your browbone. Then apply medium color across the lid.
Apply darker shade in the crease.
4. Line the upper lash line with eyeliner. Line eyes from the inner
corner to the outer corner. But the liner on bottom eyes should start
from the middle of the eye to out.
5. Highlighter can brighten your eyes so apply a gold or pink
highlighter to the inside part of the eye. Draw a v-shaped shape in
the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom.
6. Highlight your browbone too. Take some highlighter and dab it on
your browbone from mid-brow outward blending with finger.
7. Curl lashes with an eyelash curler will make lashes look gorgeous.
8. Place the mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and jiggle back and
forth. Apply to both upper and bottom lashes as well.

Eye makeup should be kept natural for everyday wear, home, and office.
Use neutral color Eye shadow and same shade or a shade darker eyeliner
and clear mascara for natural look.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 54

For evenings and special occasions dramatic eye makeup is done. This
style goes bold with the eyeliner, bright colors, metallic liner or shimmer
Dark shade eye shadows make the eyes seem smaller, deep set, while
lighter shades make them appear bigger. So first thing to get the illusion
of big eyes choose light eye shadows. Application of eye shadow after
applying eye pencil gives a softer and dreamy look. Adding up more
drama through eyes apply eyeliner after the application of eye-shadow,
then shape up eyes by curling your eyelashes. Apply a thick layer of
mascara to finish your dramatic eye make-up.

Nail technology

Nail technology is the term used to describe the process of applying

artificial nail extensions. These extensions can be used to conceal very
short, bitten or damaged nails; to help a client stop nail-biting; or as a
fashion accessory for a special occasion.

Sometimes, also, clients with long natural nails choose to have just one or
two extensions added to disguise any accidental damage to their own
nails. Nail extensions can be made from acrylic, gel, silk or fibreglass,
and the beauty therapist carrying out the treatment will be able to advise
as to which type is best suited to the individual client’s needs.

Epilation (hair removal)

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 55

Epilation is the process of removing facial and body hair. This is a
popular treatment with both men and women.

Temporary hair removal: Temporary hair removal is carried out using

either wax (hot or cold), or a process known as sugaring. The hot wax
treatment is good for removing strong hair growth such as underarm or
bikini line, whereas the cool wax treatment is more suitable for clients
with sensitive skin. The application of a pliable sugar paste (sugaring) is
a method of hair removal which dates back to Egyptian times and is
thought to be more gentle on the skin as the product is used at a very low
temperature. Always discuss your needs with the beauty therapist at the
start of the consultation, and they will advise you as to which method will
be most suitable for you. Generally, a temporary hair removal treatment
will need to be repeated every four to eight weeks, depending on how
quickly your hair regrows.

Permanent hair removal: Electrolysis or Short-Wave Diathermy are

two methods of epilation which use a negatively charged electrical
current to destroy the hair follicle. Sometimes a therapist will use a
combination of electrolysis and diathermy to achieve the best results. The
aim of the treatment is to permanently remove unwanted facial or body
hair that may occur in the ears or nostrils, or on the eyebrows, upper lip,
fingers, toes, feet, nape of the neck or abdomen. In most cases, a client
will require a course of treatment for permanent hair removal and the
length of the course will depend on the individual needs of the client.

Specialised treatments

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 56

There are a number of very specialised treatments designed to deal with a
variety of problems and conditions.

Red vein treatment: This is a specialised form of electrolysis that helps

to remove any unsightly red veins that may appear on the face or body,
and can also help to remove skin tags.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation is a treatment that removes dead skin cells from

the outer layer of the epidermis in order to reveal a layer of fresh,
smooth, bright skin.

Botox: Botox is a wrinkle-smoothing product (made from the Botulinum

Toxin A – a highly diluted form of the toxin taken from the bacteria that
causes Botulism) which is injected into specific areas of the face. Botox
relaxes the facial muscles and prevents creases and wrinkles of the kind
most commonly formed by smiling and frowning.

Collagen replacement: Collagen is a natural protein that can be injected

into the face to smooth out facial lines, plump up lips and generally
improve the appearance of the skin.

What is it good for?

Each beauty therapy has its own specific benefits. Make sure that before
the treatment commences you discuss with your beauty therapist what
you intend to achieve. This will give your therapist the opportunity to
give you the benefit of their experience and expertise and guide you
towards the treatment that will best suit your individual requirements.


Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 57

Generally, clients report that experiencing any kind of beauty therapy
treatment is a calming and enjoyable process that leaves them looking
better and feeling relaxed, energised and optimistic.

Side effects:

As the range of treatments is varied, so are the potential

contraindications. A qualified beauty therapist is trained to know under
what circumstances a treatment should not proceed, and when to refer a
client on to a doctor.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 58

Beauty Tips

There are several quotes about the beautiful ladies out there right from
Cleopetra. Besides chemical based makeup there are several commonly
available things which can make you more beautiful. It is said that even
Cleopetra used to bathe with ass's milk to make her skin soft and
supple....So, on that note explore the quick beauty tips or treatments for
Hair, Skin, lips and eyes here

 Massage the hairs with warm coconut oil and then wrap a towel
soaked into hot water. After 30 minutes, wash it with good
shampoo. This will keep your hairs healthy and shiny.

 After shampooing, rinse hairs thoroughly with a mix of half cup of

apple cider vinegar and warm water. This hair conditioner will
make hair softer, shinier, bouncier and dandruff free.

 If you are in hurry and have no time to shampoo your hair then
brush 1 tablespoon of talcum powder or corn flour through your
hair. This removes oil from hair.

 Drink biotin rich drink for few weeks to check hair loss. You can
make your own biotic drink by blending bananas with honey,
yogurt and low fat milk.

 Make a thin paste of equal quantities of coffee bean powder, milk
powder and rose water. Apply this paste on your face for 15

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 59

minutes. This will help oily skin to get rid of whiteheads,
blackheads, blemishes.

 Honey is good for skin. Say you have to go for party and don't
have time for facial....Don't worry!! Make a paste of 2 peeled
apples with 1 tbsp honey and apply it on face. Wash off after 30
minutes, you will get a radiant skin.


 Massage on your eyelids with a drop of fresh castor oil to

remove sagging under eyes.

 To relax the tired eyes close the eyes and place a slice of cucumber
or cotton pads soaked in cold milk. Milk can also be replaced with
rose water.


 Applying a mixture of Vaseline and honey thrice a week prevents it

from chapping.

 To make your lips pink apply ground rose petals mixed in butter.
This also protects lips from drying.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 60

Natural beauty tips


For sparkling teeth, mix one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice with one
teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and half teaspoon of salt. Use like
toothpaste - once a week.

Lighten the skin and smoothens rough edges of elbows and knees. Cut a
lemon into two halves and rest your elbows in each half for 15 minutes.
Or squeeze juice of lemon and apply on your knees.


Soak a cotton pad with cool fresh milk and press it gently all over your
face. Besides protein to feed your face, it gets rid of dirt thoroughly.

Chill a cup of milk in the fridge before pouring the contents into a clothes
spray. Use it like a spritzer over inflamed skin.

Warm a bowl of milk in the microwave for half a minute and pour
contents into a clothes basin. Soak your feet for half an hour and then
give it a good hard brush to remove dead skin.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 61


Dilute one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of water then heat it in
the microwave for 10 seconds. When it's cooled, apply on your lips and
leave for 10 minutes.

To dry out pimples, pour out a teaspoon of honey into a bowl. Dip a
cotton bud into the honey and apply on the spots.


Steep a pair of Earl Grey teabags in boiling water, run them under a tap
and place over eyes for 10 minutes before night out.
Use four bags of chamomile tea. Leave them to steep for 5 minutes then
hold your face over the bowl.
Freeze cooled chamomile tea in an ice-cube tray. When set, remove cubes
and run over your face.
Soak some gauze in cooled green tea and apply on skin the way you
would a toner.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 62

Chapter 6

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 63

Survey Analysis


Table showing educational qualification of


Qualification No. of Respondents Percentage

SSLC 0 0
PUC 5 10
Graduates 45 90
Post graduate 0 0
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

Analysis: From the above table it is clear that above 10% of respondents
are under graduates and only remaining 90% of the graduates and post
Graph showing educational qualification of respondents

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 64


Table showing Age of respondents

Age No. of Respondents Percentage

Below 30 years 22 44
31-40 years 10 20
41-50 years 12 24
Above 50 6 12
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

Analysis: From the above table it is clear that above 20% of respondents
are age between 31 to 40 years. 24% of respondents are of age of
between 41-50 years and remaining 44% respondents are below 30 years.

Graph showing Age of respondents

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 65


Table showing frequently visiting

Frequently No. of Respondents Percentage

Once in a month 20 40
Twice in a month 10 20
More than two 20 40
times in a month
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

Analysis: From the above table it is clear that 20% of respondents are
twice in a month and 40% of respondents are of once in a month

Graph showing frequently visiting

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 66


Table showing Facility visiting beauty parlor

Treatment facility No. of Respondents Percentage

Hair cutting 25 50
Facial 10 20
Pedicure manicure 5 10
Eye brose 5 10
Upper lips 5 10
others 0 0
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

Analysis: From the above table it is clear that 50% of respondents are
hair cutting. Facial and pedicure manicure, and 50% of respondents are
Eye brose.
Graph showing Facility visiting beauty parlor

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 67


Table showing Therapy of beauty parlor

Therapy No. of Respondents Percentage

Herbal 40 80
non herbal 10 20
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

Analysis: From the above table it is clear that 80% of respondents

are herbal therapy and 20% of respondents are non herbal therapy.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 68


Table showing beauty parlor for clean or not

Parameters No of respondent Percentage

Yes 43 86
No 7 14
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

From the above table it is clear that above 86% of respondent are
clean in beauty parlor and remaining 14% of the respondent are not
Graph showing beauty parlor for clean or not

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 69

Table - 7
Table showing price offered by the beauty parlor

Parameters No of respondent Percentage

Yes 42 84
No 8 16
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

From the above table it is clear that above 84% of respondent are
of respondent specified that there is need for price offered by the beauty
parlor. remaining 16% of the respondent are of felt that there is no need
of price offered by the beauty parlor.

Graph showing price offered by the beauty parlor

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 70

Table - 8
Table showing concession available visit frequently

Parameters No of respondent Percent

Yes 39 78
No 11 22
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

From the above table it is clear that 78% respondent are of there is
nit give the concession

Graph showing the concession available visit frequently

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 71

Table showing visited in beauty parlor
Parameters No of respondents Percentage
Yes 50 100
No 0 0
Total 50 100

Source: Survey Result

It is evident from the above table 100% of the respondents feel that
they get visited in beauty parlor and only 0% if the respondents their not
visited beauty parlor.

Graph showing visited in beauty parlor

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 72

Chapter 7
Suggestions and Conclusion

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 73


 Chemicals should not be used in creams.

 Ayurvedic product should be used.
 Beauty therapy should not be expensive it should be reachable to
common man.
 Beauty parlor should be maintain cleanly.
 Herbal therapy should be prominent non herbal therapy may be done
but in a limits way.
 Cosmetic which adversely affect the skin should not be used.
 All the necessary cosmetics and also the tools used for therapy should
be off good quality.
 Customer should treated properly.
 They should be made to feel happy to thank they would visit the
parlor again and again.

I was very happy when I got beauty parlor as my project topic.
Beauty parlor is a good business. It has given employments to so many
women. It gives more profit as other business.
The people of all classes like to go to parlor. Now a days the
women people are very much conscious about their beauty. Beauty the
parlor are available here and there , thus give facilities like hair welling,
facial, eyebrow shapes etc.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 74

Facial bleacher give charmness. It increases our beauty. I did my
project in Beautic. It is a big herbal beauty parlor in Shimoga.
Mis Gayathri Praveen. Beautician, gave a lot of information about parlor.
I am very thankful to all the faculties of Beautic.

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 75


 Consumer questionnaire
 Bibliography

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 76

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student of *** College, Shimoga, studying in Final Year

B.B.M. for the Academic Year 2011-2012 for the partial fulfillment of my
course. I am conducting the survey on the "CUSTOMER
REFERENCE TO BUTIC, SHIMOGGA to prepare a project report.
Therefore, I request you to spend for me a few minutes to answer the
questions in the questionnaire.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully

1. Name :………………………………..
2. Address :………………………………..
3. Age :………………………………..
4. Occupation :………………………………..
5. Education Qualification
a) SSLC [ ] b) Graduate [ ]
c) PUC [ ] d) Post graduate [ ]

6. Age of Respondents
a) Below 30 years [ ] b) 41 –50 years [ ]
c) 31-40 years [ ] d) above 50 years [ ]

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 77

7. Have you visited any beauty parlor
a)Yes [ ] b) No [ ]
If visited, how frequently you are visiting?
a) Once in a month [ ]
b) Twice in a month [ ]
c) More than 2 times in a month [ ]

8. Whether you are loyal to any one beauty parlor or not

a) Yes [ ] b) No [ ]
If yes which beauty parlor

9. Are you satisfied with the facility given by the beauty parlor
a) Yes [ ] b) No [ ]

10. To have which facility you are visiting the beauty parlor.
a) Hair cutting [ ] b) Upper lips [ ]
c) Facial [ ] d) Eyebrows [ ]
e) Pedicure and manicure [ ]

11. Weather the beauty parlor is clear enough or not?

a) Yes [ ] b) No [ ]

12. Any concession is available, if you visit frequently?

a) Yes [ ] b) No [ ]

13. Which type of therapy you would like to now?

a) Herbal Therapy [ ]
b) Non herbal therapy [ ]

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 78

14. What you feel about the environment of the beauty parlor?
a) Excellent [ ] b) Good [ ]
c) Very good [ ] d)Bad [ ]

15. How much time you waited for the service?

a) 5-10min [ ] b) 10-15min [ ]
c) 15-20 [ ] d)more than 20min [ ]

16. What do you feel about the cost of service provided by Beauty parlor?
a) High [ ] b) correct [ ]
c) Low [ ] d)Medium [ ]

17. What is the reason for selecting this Butic Beauty parlor?
a) Goodwill [ ] b) Near to home [ ]
c) Low cost [ ] d) Any other reason [ ]

18. Are you comfortable with the behavior of the service provides?
a) Yes [ ] b) No [ ]

19.How did you come to know about Butic beauty parlor?

a) Friends [ ] b) Magazines [ ]
c) Relatives [ ] d) Others [ ]

20. Any Suggestion

Date: Signature

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 79


Britannica Encyclopaedia




Beauty Therapy of hair dressing

Beauty therapy of goomering

website: google, wikipedia.com

Sahyadri A&C College, SMG 80