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On the evening of November 27, 2003, the victim, Thomas Singhose, was at the home of

Genie Gibbons and Mark Gailey in Springfield, Oregon. At around 10:00 p.m., four men
came to the house. The four men were defendant, Joe Emrich, Delano Oscar, and Tommy
Adams. At the time the four men came to the house, Singhose was sleeping on the couch, and
the other persons were in the back bedrooms. When the four men knocked on the door,
Gibbons answered it and led them directly into her bedroom. Singhose, who had awakened at
the sound of the knock, said nothing to the men, and the men, although they saw him, said
nothing to him. After a few minutes, the four men left Gibbons's bedroom, where Gibbons
remained. The men walked toward Singhose with Oscar in the lead. According to Singhose,
Oscar told Singhose that he needed to leave. Singhose reached for his shoes and began to get
up. Oscar punched him four times on his face. Singhose saw Adams holding a club or a stick.
Singhose pushed Oscar away and tried to leave by the front door. Oscar blocked his way, and
someone pulled Singhose back into the room.

The four men, including defendant, then assaulted Singhose. He testified that he was
subjected to a rain of blows. He was stabbed at least twice and hit on the top of his head with
nunchakus. He was also hit in the face by something really hard, and he thought it could have
been a wooden stick or the nunchakus. Singhose did not know who specifically stabbed him
or hit him with the nunchakus. Although he had no direct recollection of specific blows by
defendant, Singhose testified that defendant "was right on top of me with the rest." Singhose
explained, "I'm feeling blows from this side. I look. There's [defendant] right there. That's--I
may not be able to tell you what specific blow he dealt, but a blow nonetheless."

At some point, Singhose picked up one handle of the nunchakus, which had broken at the
chain, and turned toward the door. Adams was between Singhose and the door. The other
three men were behind Singhose. Adams told Singhose that he would stab him if he did not
drop the nunchakus. Singhose, after observing blood coming out of his chest, told Adams that
he had already stabbed him at least once or twice. When the men saw his injuries, everything
stopped, and the fight was over. Singhose does not know why the four men assaulted him.

Singhose suffered serious physical injuries from the knife wounds, which punctured his lung
and diaphragm, nicked his liver, and sliced the back of his head, back, and forearm. He has
scars from those injuries. The nunchakus caused physical injury to his head.

Oscar, who pleaded guilty to assaulting Singhose, gave a slightly different account of the
assault. He testified that the four men did not discuss knifing or beating Singhose in the car on
the way over to the house. Oscar testified that, after they arrived at the house, he and Adams
went to a back bedroom and that he did not know where defendant and Emrich went. When
Oscar returned to the living room, he walked up to Singhose and punched him once on the
nose in retribution for a rumor that Singhose had spread about him. Defendant, Adams, and
Emrich were in the living room at the time. None of the other men, including defendant, knew
of Oscar's dispute with Singhose or his intent to punch him in the nose. After hitting
Singhose, Oscar turned away and began to converse with Gailey. During the conversation, a
commotion broke out, and Oscar turned around to see that Adams had Singhose by his shirt
collar and was bending him over and swinging nunchakus to the top of his head. Defendant
was on top of Singhose as he was bent over. Emrich was stabbing Singhose. All of this was
happening at about the same time. Singhose was trying to get to the door with one-half of the
broken nunchakus in his hand. Oscar did not remember defendant specifically hitting
Singhose, as he was concentrating on the two men who were holding the weapons. Oscar
never saw a weapon in defendant's hands. According to Oscar, he pulled the three men off
Singhose and pushed Singhose out the door.

Defendant testified at length at trial. He denied ever hitting or kicking Singhose. Defendant
claimed that his only action in the melee was to attempt to rescue a dog and a young man who
were in harm's way due to the others assaulting Singhose.

Brenda Barnes, 45, of Torrington, was sentenced Feb. 1 for violating probation. She was
previously convicted in 2006 for felony possession of methamphetamine. The court
determined she violated probation by knowingly consuming a controlled substance. Her
underlying sentence of three to seven years in the Wyoming Women’s Center was imposed.
Barnes received 149 days credit for time previously served.

Beth Meyer, 35, of Scottsbluff, Neb., was sentenced Feb. 1 for unlawful possession of a
controlled substance through misrepresentation, forgery or deception. Meyer admitted that
Sept. 7, 2007, she obtained Vicoprofen by portraying herself as medical staff and calling in a
false prescription to a pharmacy. The court imposed a suspended sentence of three to 10
years incarceration and placed Meyer on probation for a period of five years. She has credit
for 147 days served. She was ordered to pay $61 in restitution, $100 to the victim’s
compensation fund, $10 court automation fee and $75 for drug and alcohol testing. Meyer is
also facing charges in Scotts Bluff County, Neb.

Francis Deichert, 47, of Dickinson, N.D., pled guilty Oct. 22, 2007, to possession of
methamphetamine and felony property destruction. He was sentenced Feb. 7 and received a
suspended sentence of four to seven years in the Wyoming State Penitentiary with credit for
10 days served. He was placed on probation for seven years and ordered to complete an
adult community corrections program and a drug treatment after care program. He was
ordered to pay $904 to the victim’s compensation fund, $10 court automation fee and $75 for
drug and alcohol evaluation.

Justin Brown, 19, of Lingle, pled guilty Feb. 1 to one count of felony possession of cocaine
and one count of felony possession of crack cocaine and is set for sentencing on March 31.

Aaron Browning, 20, of Torrington, was sentenced on Oct. 23, 2006, for third degree arson.
He received a suspended sentence of one and a half to three years in the Wyoming State
Penitentiary and five years probation. In April 2007, Browning admitted to probation violation.
He was directed to serve 39 days at the Goshen County Detention Center with five years of
supervised probation to follow. In November 2007, Browning admitted to violating probation.
On Jan. 30, the court imposed a one and a half to three year sentence at the Wyoming State
Penitentiary with a recommendation for the Boot Camp Program.

Also on Jan. 30, Browning was sentenced on a second charge of aggravated assault and
battery, threatening a family member with a knife. Browning received a suspended sentence
of three to seven years in the state penitentiary and seven years probation to be served after
being released from the state penitentiary or Boot Camp Program.
Two arrests in fatal attack probe
Two men have been arrested in connection with the
death of a 50-year-old man who police say was
violently attacked.

Ricky Judkins, 50, from Coventry, West Midlands, was found

near an underpass by The Three Mariners pub in Lancaster
early on Saturday morning.

Paramedics took him to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary where

he died three hours after admission.

The arrested men are being questioned at Lancaster Police


Police say Mr Judkins suffered a "sustained and violent


Witness plea

And they still want to hear from any witnesses who may have
seen Mr Judkins around the bus station on Friday evening.

He was wearing a bright yellow jacket and a red shirt.

Detectives would also like to hear from anyone who may

have seen anything suspicious in the Lune Street area in the
early hours of Saturday.

Property from the incident was later found on the path next
to Our Lady's High School.

Officers are also looking for a black Siemens mobile phone

that they believe belonged to the victim.
Name: CUPSA, Florin
DOB: 10/16/1979
Height: 6' 01"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Offense(s): Cupsa is wanted for a Bond Violation after he failed to report for trial. He is charged with
the Distribution of MDMA, a date rape drug. Cupsa cut off his court-issued tether and his whereabouts
are unknown.
Point of Contact: Any information regarding this fugitive, please call Matthew Batcheller (313) 234-

Name: FILIPESCU, Florin

Age: 37
Height: 6' 01"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Offense(s): Filipescu is wanted for Probation Violation stemming from his original charge of Mail
Fraud. The violation is based on Filipescu leaving the district without consent. Upon arrest, Filipescu
faces possible additional prison time for the pending Violation of Probation as well as possible
deportation to Romania. Filipescu was last known to be residing in St. Clair, Michigan.
Point of Contact: Any information regarding this fugitive, please call Alllen Sutherland (810) 766-

Name: PATTON, Dwight

Age: 42
Height: 6' 01"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Offense(s): Upon execution of a search warrant Patton was located in a residence with others
Possessing with the Intent to Deliver Cocaine and Crack Cocaine. Patton was also in Possession of a
Handgun with an Obliterated Serial Number. He has absconded and is currently being sought.
Point of Contact: Any information regarding this fugitive, please call Sandra Murphy (313) 234-5623

Name: COLEMAN, Stephanie

Age: 25
Height: 5' 05"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Offense(s): Probation Violation. Original Charge: Aggravated Assault. Coleman is on probation
in the state of Alabama, She fled to Georgia where she was arrested for Aggravated Assault.
Coleman's family resides in the Detroit area. Coleman violated her probation by fleeing the State of
Alabama and committing a new crime in Georgia. Coleman has shown a blatant disregard for the
justice system and law enforcement.
Point of Contact: Any information regarding this fugitive, please call Sandra Murphy (313) 234-5623

Name: TONIN, Dauti

DOB: 08/10/1972
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Offense(s): Supervised Release Violation. Original charge: Drugs. Subject was wanted in
connection to Narcotics Trafficking in Detroit and given a bond. He subsequently fled and has been a
fugitive ever since. Subject has resided in Sterling Heights and was born in Bosnia Herezegovina.
Point of Contact: Any information regarding this fugitive, please call Joseph William Abdullah (313)
1. When planning to make a left turn across an intersection and you are waiting in the middle of the
intersection for the traffic to clear, your front tires should be turned:
a) to the left
b) it depends on the sharpness of the turn
c) straight ahead
d) to the right

2. When you see a "Roadwork Ahead" sign you should:

a) brake and be prepared to stop
b) slow down and look for the roadwork
c) look for the roadwork
d) drive the posted speed limit and look for the roadwork

3. When it starts raining or snowing enough to turn on you windshield wipers, it is also time to:
a) pull over to the side of the road
b) turn on your headlights
c) shift into a lower gear

4. You should drive on the shoulder to pass a car only:

a) if the vehicle ahead of you is turning left
b) under no circumstance
c) when the shoulder is wide enough

5. When you see a flashing yellow light at an intersection you should:

a) yield to all traffic before crossing the intersection
b) stop then enter the intersection when safe to do so
c) slow down and cross the intersection carefully

6. Scanning the road ahead for hazards helps drivers:

a) see road signs or driving information
b) see cars and people up ahead
c) both answers are correct

7. When you are driving on the freeway and the vehicle in front of you is a large truck, you should
a) no more than one car length behind so the driver can see you
b) farther behind than you would for a passenger vehicle
c) close behind the truck in bad weather because the driver can see better than you

8. To stop in an emergency situation when your car does not have ABS brakes, you should:
a) pump the brakes
b) slam on your brakes
c) apply hard steady pressure without locking up your wheels
d) slam on your brakes so you lock up all the wheels

9. When driving in adverse conditions, the proper speed to travel is:

a) the posted speed limit
b) 55mph
c) 65 mph
d) only as fast as is safe to drive
10. When a car with bright headlights comes toward you at night, you should:
a) Allow other drivers to pass
b) Look below the lights
c) Look toward the right edge of your laned) None of the above

11. It is always illegal to park:

a) in a tunnel
b) on a bridge
c) in a bicycle lane
d) all of the above

12. When is it legal to cross a double solid yellow line?

a) never
b) always
c) Only when you are making a left turn into a business or home driveway

13. When you park your car uphill next to a curb, the right front wheel should be:
a) parallel to the curb with the brake set
b) turned to the left so the back of the wheel is against the curb
c) turned to the right with the wheel touching the curb
d) all of the above

14. If your car begins to skid, you should:

a) take your foot off the accelerator and turn in the opposite direction of the skid
b) take your foot off the accelerator and turn in the direction of the skid
c) brake immediately and turn in the direction of the skid
d) brake immediately and turn in the opposite direction of the skid

15. When you want to change lanes, you can see if another vehicle is in your blind spot:
a) only if you check your sideview mirror
b) only if you check both mirrors
c) only if you check your rearview mirror
d) only if you check all your mirrors and then turn and glance over your shoulder

16. When taking medication while driving, the most important thing for you to do is:
a) eat a light meal
b) make several rest stops along the way
c) understand the effects of the medication and adjust your driving accordingly
d) ask another person to ride with you

17. When you are backing up, it is usually best to:

a) steer with one hand, while looking into the rearview mirror
b) open the left door and look back
c) steer with both hands while looking into the rearview mirror
d) steer with one hand, while looking out the rear window

18. Roads and highways are always most slippery when:

a) during a heavy downpour
b) the first rain after several dry weeks
c) after it has been raining for a few hours

19. When passing another vehicle, you can exceed the posted speed limit:
a) only when you are passing a group of cars
b) never
c) whenever you are passing a car
d) when you are obstructing the passing lane

20. To safely navigate through a curve, you should:

a) slow down before entering a curve and avoid braking while in the curve
b) accelerate in the curve
c) stomp on your brakes while in the curve
d) drive way to the outside of the curie

21. Safety belts should be worn:

a) only when driving at higher speeds
b) loosely on your lap
c) only when riding in the front seat
d) at all times—as a driver and as a passenger

22. Which of the following statements about blind spots are true?
a) large trucks have bigger blind spots than most passenger vehicles
b) are eliminated if you have one outside mirror on each side of the vehicle
c) can be checked by looking in the rearview mirror

23. Always leave extra space in front of you when:

a) in bad weather
b) someone is following you closely
c) you are following a motorcycle
d) all of the above

24. When driving in foggy road conditions, you should:

a) use your regular headlights only
b) turn on your high beams
c) use your low beams

25. As you pull away from the curb, you should:

a) Check your rear-view mirror, then pull out when safe
b) Shoulder check, and then pull out when safe
c) Signal, check over shoulder, then pull out when safe
d) Signal, check your rear-view mirror, then pull out when safe