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Confirmation of Application Submission https://ssb.siue.edu/pls/BANPROD/bwskalog.


Confirm ation of Application Subm ission

Seyed Ali,
Thank you for submitting your International Application for Admission to Southern Illinois
University Edwardsville. Please print a copy of this page for your personal records.
The Office of International Admissions will review your file as soon as all required official
documents are received. A complete list of required documents can be viewed at
NOTE: All documents must be received by the appropriate deadline. Deadlines are posted at
To check your application status, return to the Apply for Admission page and sign on with the
login and PIN you created when you applied for admission. Please keep a note of your login
and PIN since SIUE cannot retrieve or reset this login.
Please allow at least 3 days after you have paid your application fee before checking the
TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD - Select the "Pay by Credit Card" button which will take you to our
secure credit card payment web site.
Pay by Credit Card

TO PAY BY CHECK - For timely processing, you must print a copy of this page to send with
your $30 check to: Bursar's Office, Box 1042, Rendleman Hall, Room 1101, Edwardsville, IL
62026-1042. Checks should be made payable to SIUE.
The information on the bottom left corner of this page will help us match your check payment
to your application.
For questions about the application process or to correct information already provided,
contact the Office of Graduate and International Admission by email at intladm@siue.edu or
by phone at 618-650-3781.

SIUE Disclosure Statement

Seyed Ali
International Master's - New
Fall 2016
No. 1, Nobahar Street #40, 15 Khrdad BLVD. ,


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Confirmation of Application Submission https://ssb.siue.edu/pls/BANPROD/bwskalog.P_ProcIndex2

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