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18 October 2017 Volume 1, Issue 1


“Championing LGBTQ
Issues in K-12 Educa- “The Road Not lence and drugs as many down the other one even
tion since 1990.” Taken” and The Other other people in his neigh- though he already knows
GLSEN, Wes Moore are both im- borhood did, while the how unlikely he will get
www.glsen.org/ . portant works of litera- author Wes Moore went another chance to. The
man then admits that one
ture about important de- on to live a life of pros-
Deaton, Jamie Page. day, when he looks back
cisions and where those perity. The Other Wes on his decision, he will
“How Rhodes Scholar-
decisions can take us. Moore asks the question, say that he took the less-
ships Work.” How
Both give us perspective what made the differ- traveled path. The narra-
Rhodes Scholarships
on our past decisions and ence? Was it their fami- tor says, “the passing
Work, HowStuffWorks,
on our future. They both lies, their backgrounds, there / had worn them
18 May 2010, mon-
show us how decisions their school? While read- about the same / and
ey.howstuffworks.com/ both that morning equal-
effect our lives and the ing The Other Wes
personal-finance/ ly lay / in leaves no step
lives around us, short Moore you get to see that
college-planning/ had trodden
term and long term. They our lives aren’t decided
financial-aid/Rhodes- black,” (Frost) meaning
both have similarities in on one decision we’ve that neither of the paths
their message but they made but tens of thou- were less or more trav-
Frost, Robert. “The also have some differ- sands of variables and elled. So, the author
Road Not Taken.” ences that can be found. situations. No one says it knows that when he
better than the author, looks back on his deci-
Moore, Wes, 1978-. The Other Wes
Wes Moore, “The sion he’ll say he took the
The Other Wes Moore: Moore is a non-fiction
chilling truth is that his road less-travelled possi-
One Name, Two Fates. book that follows two bly in order to reassure
New York: Spiegel & story could have been
boys both with the same himself that the decision
Grau Trade Paper- mine. The tragedy is that
name as they both grow he made was worthwhile.
backs, 2011. Print. my story could’ve been In the title of the poem
up in similar Baltimore
his,” (180). One decision itself, “The Road Not
“Oxford and the neighborhoods, father-
has the possibility of Taken,” it teaches us the
Rhodes Scholarships.” less, around drugs, vio-
changing our future, but lesson that there are only
The Rhodes Scholar- lence, and in and out of
only if we let it. two paths, the one we
ships, trouble with the police. It take, and the one we
www.rhodescholar.org/ is written by one of the “The Road Not don’t. We will always
Wes Moores but it also Taken,” is written by look back on the deci-
talks about the other famous poet, Robert sions we didn’t make and
Wes’ life. Even though Frost. It is about a man wonder, “what if,” be-
who is considering a fork cause it is simply human
they both grew up
in the road. The narrator nature. The Other Wes
around the same things must choose which path
they went on to live dras- Moore and “The Road
to take. The man goes Not Taken” are both
tically different lives. down one path and while about important deci-
Other Wes Moore goes doing so he tells himself sions. They both .
on to live a life of vio- that one day he will go
show that some- and while one could ar- important life lessons on
times the two decisions gue that other Wes how decisions can im-
that are laid out in front Moore’s life changed pact us. The truth is that
of us can look the same forever when he decided every day we make im-
but they will not have the to rob a jewelry store but portant decisions and
same outcome. They also the truth is that the out- those decisions can im-
show that in retrospect come of their lives was a pact our lives immensely
we might regret the deci- build up of decisions. and sometimes we’ll
sion we made or wonder The two works of litera- regret not make a differ-
what would’ve happened ture both give the reader ent decision. Lastly, it’s
if we chose differently. an outsider perspective important to note we will
In “The Road Not Tak- to their own decisions. all make mistakes in our
en” the author expresses lives and that every deci-
“The Road Not
that the one decision he sion we make will not be
Wes Moore—author Taken” and The Other
made changed the out- detrimental on our fu-
Wes Moore both give
come of his entire life ture.


The Gay, Lesbi- GLSEN is now the lead- their shared expertise
an and Straight Educa- ing national education into creating better op-
tion Network’s (GLSEN) organization that is fo- portunities for all stu-
mission is, “to create cused on safety for dents. We can all make a
safe and affirming LGBTQ students. At difference and make a
schools for all, regardless GLSEN administrators, positive impact by edu-
of sexual orientation, “believe that all students cating others about
gender identity, or gen- deserve a safe and af- equality and standing up
der expres- firming school environ- for those being targeted
sion,” (GLSEN). GLSEN ment where they can for their sexual orienta-
was founded in 1990 by learn and tion. GLSEN offers the
a small group of teachers grow,” (GLSEN). They opportunity to make a
in Massachusetts. They partner with decision positive impact by giving
came together so that makers to make sure safe donations. Lastly, no
they could improve an school policies are con- matter your sexual orien-
LGBTQIA+ Pride Flag education system that sidered, passed, and im- tation, everyone should
allowed LGBTQ stu- plemented. They also support organizations
dents to be bullied or partner with other na- like GLSEN whose goal
discriminated against. tional education organi- is to spread acceptance
Twenty-five years later, zations to bring together and equality.


The Rhodes is the oldest international and their academic ca-
Scholarship is a scholar- education fellowships in reer. Rhodes wanted to
ship that rewards eighty the world. The Rhodes create something that
students with financial Scholarship wasn’t would offer equal oppor-
aid for their post- awarded to American tunity to everyone de-
graduate degree. Rhodes students until 1904. The spite their race or reli-
Scholarships pays for Rhodes Scholarship pro- gion. Some notable
students’ work for a post gram was established by Rhodes Scholars in-
-graduate degree at the the will of Cecil Rhodes. cludes Former President
University of Oxford in In Rhodes’ will he set Bill Clinton, Former
England. The Rhodes out what was the begin- Governor of Louisiana
Scholarship awards this nings of the Rhodes Bobby Jindal, and For-
Bill Bradley to thirty-two American Scholarship Program and mer Senator and NBA
students every year. The what he believed would star Bill Bradley.
Rhodes Scholarship was create leaders who would
established in 1902 and be dedicated to service