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Technological University of the Philippines

College of Industrial Education

Ayala Blvd, Ermita, Manila

Pagayon, Marshall Nicolane S. Dr. Socorro Bulic

BTTE – AET 4A Developmental Reading

Latest Local Issue: Former Senator Ferdinand “Bong- Bong” Marcos Vice Presidential Election
Protest against Vice President Maria Elena “Leni” Robredo.

1. How would you react to that?

- This is one of the hottest issues that are roaming in our country today. The electoral
protest of Bong- Bong Marcos against Leni Robredo for the Vice Presidential Post.
And my reaction to this one is I am one of the many Filipinos that get dismayed in
the result. I am one of millions of Filipino who supported and voted for Marcos in
that election. Every Filipino’s today are having their own thought about the alleged
election cheating last 2016 National Election. We all know that in surveys, Bong-
Bong is very consistent in the 1st spot while Leni is playing in the 3rd to the last spot.
Up to the vote counting, Bong- Bong is still consistent in the 1st spot when suddenly
Leni overtakes the 1st spot from Bong- Bong while most of the people where sleeping
then gets shocked when getting awake and found out that Leni is already in the 1 st
spot. Many people said that they get fooled while sleeping in the night including me.
Afterwards, Numerous election protest from various people who believe that Bong-
Bong gets cheated followed then.

2. Criticize

- Criticizing this national issue is important. As many people said that the proclaimed
Vice President is so incompetent to her position. In social media, when the forum or
discussion is all about the Proclaimed Vice President, majority of the people whose
interacting with it is angry and so disappointed on how the Vice President performs
her duty. Many of them said that the Vice President is so insignificant at all and
instead of supporting the Administration for its program, she criticize it.
3. Decide / Suggest Solution

- We Filipinos have the freedom to say whatever our comment is. We respect each
other opinion and we’re just saying our views in every matter. So, as a suggestion to
make a clear solution to this issue is to pursue the election re-count. If the camp of
proclaimed Vice President is really confident that they won the election, why filing a
plenty of motions to delay it? If they really believed they won it, help the authorities
to prove it instead of creating a delaying tactics. So, everyone may have the peace of
mind and clarity regarding this matter. Thank you!