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Title Author Significant Quote from Purpose Major Why you have chosen this?

article Findings/Summary

Too many teachers Linda “Teachers are subject to the This article discusses The amount of stress It discussed a lot of the challenges
teaching outside Hobbs complex array of conditions the neglected but caused by out-of-field caused by out-of-field teaching,
their area that lead to out-of-field unfortunately reality teaching and how it while also commenting on the
of expertise teaching” caused by out-of- reduces teacher retention. reality that out-of-field teaching is
field teaching. It Seeing how this has extremely common in many
“The difference between a seeks to provided become a problem in most schools across the world. This
negative and positive strategies about education systems across article also suggested some
experience is the level of ways in which the world, this article solutions how we can help teachers
support a teacher receives, as teachers can be suggested solutions such cope with out-of-field teaching and
well as recognition that it is supported when as professional what fundamental administrative
actually quite difficult to teach teaching out-of-field. development and changes we need to implement in
out-of-field” Through targeted mentoring programs, order to positively revolutionize
funding for increased funding for education as a whole.
retraining, teacher training, and to
professional acknowledge the
development, and challenges of out-of-field
mentoring programs teaching as ways to cope
for less specialized with this challenge.
teachers, out-of-field
teaching could turn
from a negative to a

Teachers’ Sonia “In order to make informed The purpose of this Teachers are often looked This perspective on teaching has
Pedagogical Guerriero pedagogical decisions, article is to upon as subject-experts, been one I have overlooked for
Knowledge and the teachers must be able to determine how a however, studies have many years. I understood the
Teaching analyze and evaluate specific teacher’s consistently shown that the importance of having sound
Profession learning episodes, in pedagogical best teachers often possess pedagogy, but I also strongly
combination with contextual knowledge pedagogical knowledge valued a teacher’s content
and situational factors, and to influences the that allow them to create knowledge. After reading this
be able to connect all this teaching profession. effective teaching and article, I have a greater
information to their specialist Additionally, it learning environments that appreciation for a teacher’s
knowledge of the teaching- looks at how engage students. pedagogical knowledge and the
learning process in order to pedagogy effects importance of cultivating an
guide subsequent teaching professionalism, and effective learning environment.
actions. ultimately how these This article has given me the
qualities can lead to confidence knowing with sound
greater overall pedagogy, I can be successful in
student achievement. teaching outside of my area of

Specialist or Non- Guy E.J. “Lessons taught by specialists The purpose of this Research supports that This article was insightful because
Specialist Physical Faulkner were more enjoyable for article was to physical educator it discussed the value of physical
Education John J.M. students and included more examine the effects specialists are beneficial to educator specialists at the
Teachers in Dwyer effective instructional of specialists and school environments elementary school system. It was
Ontario Hyacinth behaviours” non-specialist because they increase particularly interesting to learn for
Elementary Irving physical educators at physical activity levels of several reasons including: the
Schools: Kenneth the elementary students, promote the importance of teaching physical
Examining R. Allison school level. importance of physical literacy to children and young ages,
Differences in Edward activity, and provide the rise in sedentary diseases we
Opportunities for M. Adlaf quality physical education see in society, and the fact that
Physical Activity Jack based on skill majority of elementary school
Goodman development versus game physical educators are generalist
play. teachers.
Teaching a Course Todd “Allow your excitement of This article discusses This article suggests I chose this article because I found
You Feel Zakrajsek learning to be transmitted to some key strategies measures to successfully the author’s suggestions valuable
Unprepared to the students. Having your about how to teach outside of your area in helping me plan to teach outside
Teach students and yourself excited approach teaching a of specialization. It of my area of specialization. It
about learning something new class outside of your suggests teachers should made me realize there are many
together may be the most area of recognizes the challenges resources I can consult in order to
positive aspect of teaching a specialization. created by teach the subject matter and I can
course you are not prepared to out-of-field teaching, use different teaching methods
teach” gather as much such as videos, guest speakers, or
information about the peer teaching to further provoke
This quote inspires me to see course as possible, ask for student learning.
out-of-field teaching as a great help from colleagues,
learning experience not an resist the urge to
insurmountable challenge. dramatically change the
course in your first year,
set specific content goals
you wish to accomplish,
be flexible and listen to
student feedback about
what areas of the course
could be improved.

An Examination of Howard “Specialist teachers utilize The purpose of this This study found that I thought this study was
Teaching Z. Zeng more feedback behaviours and study was to students taught by a informative because it showed the
Behaviours and Raymond their students gain more examine the specialist teacher were benefits of having a specialist PE
Learning Activities W. Leung cognitive engaged learning differences and provided with more teacher. However, it also revealed
in Physical Michael activities” similarities between feedback, engaged in more the challenges and shortcomings
Education Class Hipscher specialist and in- cognitive activities, and that may result from having a
Settings Taught by service and were more physically generalist educator teach PE, and
Three Different preservice PE active due to the thus, highlights the need for
Levels of Teachers teachers. elimination of line-waiting collaboration and further
and inactive time. professional development.

An Exploratory Gavin “Need for consideration to be The purpose of this This study found that PE This article was of significance to
Study of Specialist Breslin given to the amount of PE study was to specialist have a higher my inquiry journey because it
and Generalist Donncha training generalist primary determine the level of self-determination highlights the need for further
Teachers: Hanna school teachers receive in motivational and toward exercise, were physical education training for
Predicting Self- Ruth order to develop the skills in self-efficacy levels more autonomous in their teachers at the elementary school
Efficacy in Lowry the delivery of PE to children of primary school decisions to be active, level. Given the enormous amount
Delivering Primary David at the primary level” teachers when were more physically of child development literature, we
Physical Education McKee delivering a physical active, and had a higher know children who develop
Karen education lesson, level of perceived physical literacy from a young age,
McMullan based on their level competence in delivering a are more likely to healthy and
Tandy J. of physical PE lesson. active lives.
Haughey education training.