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Lesson Plan-

Time Teacher Activity Student Activities Formative

Use actual
time. Assessment

1.50 – Starter
2.00 1. Instruct students to copy
date and title: percentage Student copy date and title.
increase and decrease.
2. Hand out practice questions
for students who are happy Students begin worksheet or follow Note which students
to get started (first 10 the two modelled questions on the need to follow
questions). board. examples and which
3. Follow questions 1 and 2 on begin worksheet.
the board if you want a
Ex: Increase £50 by 20% Students make a note of the two
Ex: Decrease £30 by 40% steps: Monitor progress
4. Work through these two 1. Work out the percentage and hand out maze
examples on the board to amount of the original. worksheet to
refresh students on finding 2. Add to/subtract from the anticipate students
a percentage quantity and original. completing the first
adding/subtracting from task.

2.00 – Practice 1
2.10 1. Hand out percentage
money maze worksheet. Students need to work through the
2. Students progressing well maze systematically to find the most Check how students
through the first worksheet lucrative route. are approaching the
(minimum 10 questions) question. Are they
can move on the maze. trying routes
3. Students need to show all Students should write their working in randomly?
their working. their books.

2.10 – Practice 2
2.23 1. Hand out worded problem
questions. Students attempt these more Monitor progress
2. Students to work through challenging questions. and check for
the questions. misunderstandings.

2.23 – 1. Students to pack away.