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GIZ SLM project in Somaliland would like to cooperate with Mekelle University in the area of Flood

based farming. In the bases of assessing potentiality of project are on runoff farming and also
establishing hydro-meteorological network mainly precipitation and stream gauging network. The
purpose of establishing a basic network is to provide a level of hydro-meteorological information of the

Biji Upper Catchment constitutes 2534 Sq.Km area , The catchment is one of the principle water sources
of the urban water supply of the capital city Hargeisa .With relatively high precipitation and deep fertile
soils in the Southwest, the catchment area is among of the most important for agriculture in Somaliland.


Name: Dr.Eyasu,

Email: eyasuet@yahoo.com, Director, Institute of Water and Environment. Mekelle University

Name: Tesfa-alem

Email: tesfa_alemge@yahoo.com, Coordinator-Flood based Livelihoods Network, Mekelle University

Figure 1: Location map of the upper Biji catchment area

Institute of Water and Environment

Mekelle University