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Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum




Cosmic Evolution and Individual Initiation



13 —31


Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

First Edition Limited to 32 copies

One for each the 32 Paths ( numbers, letters + pairs of parentheses) of the Riddle in Liber XXXI II: 76 or the 32 Paths of Wisdom

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signed in red by the Author

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Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum



13 —31

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum


Cosmic Evolution and Individual Initiation

The manuscript of Liber L vel Legis, Liber XXXI, contains the original Class A record of a riddle in Chapter II: 76. Aiwass, the Minister of Hoor-Paar-Kraat, dictated the riddle to Aleister Crowley on 9 April 1904.

Inherent within the entire manuscript of Liber XXXI are directions for its preservation and interpretation:

I: (54) page 16 — Change not as much as the style of a letter: for behold! thou o prophet, shall not behold all these mysteries hidden therein.

II: 54 — The stops as thou wilt, the letters change them not in style or value!

II: 75-76 — Aye! Listen to the numbers and the

words: 4638 ABK 2@ALGMOR 3YX (24)(89)


[Number:Letter :: Value:Sound]

III: 39 — for in it is the word secret + not only in the English —

III: 47 — Then this line drawn is a key:

This line is the longest single pen stroke in

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

the entire manuscript. It points upward to “chance shape of the letters” in the top line on page 16. It does not occur in typeset versions of Liber CCXX. It is part of the sentence:

This book shall be translated into all tongues: but always with the original in the writing of the Beast; for in the chance shape of the letters and their position to one another in these are mysteries that no Beast shall divine.

III: 47 — Then this circle squared ¡ in its failure is a key also. In Hebrew cursive, Samech is a circle. On the 3D Quantum Tree model the path of Samech is double. It has four connections to Da’ath, indicated by horizontal parentheses. They are not numbers or letters, per se. They are present in Liber XXXI, but not in typeset Liber CCXX.

III: 47 — And Abrahadabra. The Great Work, Samech, Union of 5 + 6, Microcosm and Macrocosm, K and C of HGA, Man and his Universe, Vitriol.

Liber XXVII and Liber CCXXXI are Class A inspired complements to Liber XXXI. The cosmic understanding of the sephiroth on the 3D Quantum Tree of Life derives from Liber XXVII. The individual initiatory paths correlate to the Hebrew alphabet assignments in Liber CCXXXI.

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

The numerical values equate to the Hebrew alphabet, which is alpha-numeric.

On the original Liber CCXXXI drawing for Carcerorum Qliphoth in the London University manuscript collection, Crowley descibes alternate arrangements for the sigils — as a circle or as pillars. General Design:

May be a wheel with 22 components on the rim. The wheel has 8 spokes. At the corners are the Cherubim.

But the Pillar Scheme is equally good. Note the change of h and w. [End note 1]

In a paragraph in the First Æthyr of Liber CDXVIII, the Vision and the Voice in Equinox I (5): 170-171, the Voice of the Angel (Class A) gives the character of each trump in order. Liber CCXXXI relates them to the Hebrew alphabet letters in the same sequence.

In the Syllabus of Official Instructions of AßAß Hitherto Published, Equinox I (10): 45, it says: This is an account of the cosmic process so far as it is indicated by the Tarot Trumps.

In his Confessions, p. 674, Crowley writes: Liber CCXXXI is a technical treatise on the Tarot. The sequence of the 22 trumps is explained as a formula of initiation.

The present discussion of the paths on the Tree of Life is specifically based on the above mentioned Class A texts.

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum


4— 4— Path of Daleth — Empress Prima Materia (Alchemical Basis) Gate to the Journey of the Aspirant vs. Aspirant bound and blind, Innocent


6— 6— Path of Vau — Hierophant Sacred Law, Levels of Initiation. Æon of Horus

vs. The Guide, RHK, Tree of Life

[End note 1]

3— 3—Path of Gimel — High Priestess Nature, Nuit, Sacred Ideal, The Veil of Isis vs. Creation — Fire, Air, Water, Earth 8— 8— Path of Cheth — Chariot The Path, Seeking the Grail Sun / Black sun — Light comes from dark vs. Higher self, Dormant Aspirant

Thistle / Camel — Abyss

[End note 2]


A— 1— Path of Aleph — Fool Beginnings, Origin, Whirlings, Gilgalim, Chaos Tohu (wht, Formless), Bohu (whb, Empty), and Cheshek (˚çj, Dark) — Genesis I: 2 vs. Voice from Silence, Let there be light (rwa yhy, Light) — Genesis I: 3

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

B— 2— Path of Beth — Magus, Perfected Man Pillars of Tree of Life, Guide vs. Day and Night, Path through Underworld Boat of Ra — Tahuti at prow, Ra-Hoor at Helm K— 60— Path of Samech — Temperance (a Virtue) K sound of C, alone or as in X (X) — Briatic Knowledge aspect of K & C of HGA K (60) + C (60) of HGA = 120 Tree of Life as map for Aspirant, QST Promise vs. Renewal CRC cycle, Phoenix rising anew (New Æon)

2 —10 Path of Yod (20 = dwy spelled in full) — Hermit Wisdom (a Virtue), Lamp of Light vs. Ignorance, Darkness. Light involuted, inverse @— 20— Path of Kaph (Jupiter) — Wheel of Fortune Secular life forces, Karma Rajas, Sattwa and Tamas (RST = RST) Passion, Goodness and Darkness vs. Stagnation

A— 5— Path of Heh — Aries — Emperor Domain — Microcosm — Salt, Sulfur, Mercury Purification by I(gnis) fire, A(qua) water vs. Secular law, Dominion, Ruler with chain of office L— 9— Path of Teth — Leo — Strength, Fortitude (a Virtue) Babalon riding the Beast 666, Lust vs. Baphomet, Lion Serpent

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

G— 7— Path of Za’in — Gemini — Lovers, Brothers Love — Cupid, Amor — Coagula vs. Discord — Eris — Solve


M— 40— Path of Ma’im — Hanged Man Beginning of Spiritual Life, Baptism Golden Dawn, Enlightenment from East (RHK) vs. Cosmic Baptism, Cleansing; Deluge, Noah (NVH) O— 60— Path of Samech — Temperance (a Virtue) S sound of C, alone or as in X (K+C), Yetziratic, Greek Xi, X, by sound and alphabetic position Speech, Conversation with Holy Guardian Angel vs. CRC cycle with rebirth (Old Æon) Phoenix rising (New Æon) R— 80— Path of Peh — Tower (Greek Rho, R, and Hebrew Qoph, q, used below) Higher World Destruction from Enlightenment Abyss, Dark Night of the Soul — 90, Star, Initiation Y— 80, Tower, Dark side, Dissolution [— 70, Devil, Temptation, Adversity vs. House of God, Mundane

3— 30— Path of Lamed — Justice (a Virtue) Balance, Adjustment, Equilibrium Tree of Life with Veils of Negative Existence vs. Imbalance, Disequilibrium

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

Y— 90— Path of Glyph —

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum Y— 90— Path of Glyph — — Black Sun but is not

— Black Sun


AL Arcanorum Y— 90— Path of Glyph — — Black Sun but is not the St

is not the Star — Liber XXXI I: page 18.

Dark side Initiation, Brothers of Left Hand Path [Geburah to Yesod, hidden. On 3D Quantum Tree it connects at Yesod to Tzaddi (90) and resonates with it. They are easily conflated.] vs. Black Brothers X— 90— Path of Tzaddi — The Star Fishhook, x, described in Class A Liber VII V: 5 Light side Initiation, Right Hand Path, Lightning vs. Uninitiated life, thought, Delusion

DA’ATH (Knowledge)

These paths relate to Hebrew Final letterforms and paths to the pillars and crosspillars. Most are hidden on the 2D Tree of Life model. There are no related sigils for them in Liber CCXXXI. On the 3D Quantum Tree model, four sephiroth — Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth and Yesod — occur between phases on the Middle Triad. [End note 3]

Paths from Da’ath to Middle Triad Pillars in Briah 2— 500— Path of Kaph (20) final (˚) to Chesed. It connects to Chokmah via Path of Vau. 4— 600— Path of Ma’im (40) final (µ) to Geburah. It connects to Binah via Path of Cheth. (— 700— Path of Nun final (ˆ) to Tiphareth, Lower Phase. It connects to Yesod via the Path of Samech (60). )— 700 — Path of Nun final (ˆ) to Yesod, Upper Phase. It connects to Tiphareth via the Path of Samech (60).

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

Paths from Da’ath to Middle Triad Crosspillars in Yetzirah

8— 700— Path of Nun final (ˆ) to Tiphareth or Yesod in Lower and Upper Phase respectively. It connects to Netzach via the Path of Nun (50) in both phases. 9— 800— Path of Peh final (π) to Chesed. It connects downward from Chesed to Hod via the Path of Ayin (70). (— 900— Path of Tzaddi final () to Geburah. It connects from Geburah to Yesod, Upper Phase via the Path of the Glyph (90). )— 900— Path of Tzaddi final () to Geburah. It connects from Geburah to Yesod, Lower Phase via Path of the Glyph (90).


The Rainbow — QST, tçq — The Promise

R— 100— Path of Qoph (chance shape of Hebrew letter) Emerging enlightenment Passing from Pisces to Aries (New Æon) vs. Moon phases (Reflection from Sun), lllusion Elements (3), Planets (7), Zodiac (12) P— 200— Path of Resh — Sun Greek Rho, R, Helios, Enlightenment Full light, Reciprocity (man, 69; gods, neters) vs. Shadow, Restriction

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

S— 300— Path of Shin — Æon — Perfection Judgment, Apocalypse Pyramid (Pharaoh becomes Osiris) Fool, Initiate, Perfected Man (New Æon) Perfected Man as Magus, Prophet, Guide vs. Hidden God (Old Æon) Non Patebo — I will not be exposed, extended


T— 400— Path of Tau — Universe or World Singularity — “god” state — Universe Ascent to Kether (or Ain) vs. Duality — “man” state — World Return to World as Magus, Prophet


Dark Side — Crosspillars — NOX

(X)— 90— Path of Glyph — Black Sun Dark side Initiation (see above) O— 70— Path of Ayin — Devil — [Chesed to Hod] Sophia (Sofia) and Eros (Eroı), Union vs. Horus (emasculate) / Set (blind) cf. RHK / HPK Adversity, Challenge, Temptation n — 50— Path of Nun — Death Lower case form for Greek Nu Renewal, Rebirth, Light, Formula of 120 vs. Grim Reaper — Saturn, Osiris — Dark god Time, Darkness, Formula of 210

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

Pillars S (60) + M (40) + K (20) = 120 = Light side X = K (60) + C (60) = 120 = Samech O (70) + N (50) = 120 = God, Sun N (50) + O (70) + X (90) = 210 = Dark side Crosspillars

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form (wht, tohu), and void (whbw, bohu), and darkness (˚çj, cheshek) was upon the face of the deep (µym, ma’im, waters) And God said: Let there be light (rwa yhy,, Iehe Aur). Genesis I: 1-3

CENTRAL AXIS [(Kether and Malkuth are displaced above and below as worlds of Atziluth and Assiah on a 2D Tree of Life model. Da’ath is hidden, eclipsed by Middle Triad sephiroth.]

A— 1— A(donai)— God / Man below the Abyss

— between Malkuth and Da’ath

L— 30— (A)L — Supreme God above the Abyss

— between Da’ath and Kether

A (a, 1) + L (l, 30) = AL (la, 31), Law

= 13 = Love (hbha), Unity (dja)

= 3 + 1 = 4 (d, Daleth), Prima Materia

The return to the Beginning — to God, la, AL

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum


Seek beauty, for in beauty is eternal truth revealed.

Initiation involves both Knowledge (K = Da’ath) and Conversation (C = Tiphareth) with one’s Holy Guardian Angel, as t[dw hwla hwhy, Eloah v Da’ath, the God of Da’ath and Tiphareth in Assiah.

The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion The Fool and the Magus ? and ! A and L

of Science, the Aim of Religion The Fool and the Magus ? and ! A and

Love is the law, love under will



13 — 31

Thelema Re: AL Arcanorum

End note 1:

In Liber CCXXXI text, line 4, for Heh (h), it says:

Now riseth Ra-Hoor-Khuit, and dominion is established in the star of the flame. The text symbolically matches the Emperor (a face with a chain of office to the Microcosmic pentagram, his domain, with its alchemical elements and purification by fire and water.

In Liber CCXXXI text, line 5, for Vau (w) it says:

Also is the Star of the Flame exalted, bringing benediction to the universe. The qliphothic sigil shows a Tree of Life outline with lights at the Briatic sephiroth. These lights represent the benediction brought by the Hierophant. The Mercuric sigil shows a flaming circle. The letters within form two hidden pentagrams that indicate stages of initiation and Crowley’s motto (V.V.V.V.V.) as a Master of the Temple The eye of Horus [New Æon designation] is at the center.

In Liber XXXI I: page 13 it says:

Ra-Hoor-Khuit hath taken his seat in the east at the Equinox of the Gods…. Hoor in his secret name and splendour is the Lord initiating. There is word to say about the Hierophantic task This establishes Ra-Hoor-Khuit as Initiator / Hierophant. He brings his message to the Microcosm in the Æon of Horus.

The assignment of Hebrew letters remains unchanged, even though the Mercuric sigils for Heh and Vau exchange position. Crowley specifically states on the manuscript that this is correct. Its meaning may become clear some day. Liber CCXXXI, Class A, is not subject to change.

End Note 2:

In the Book of Lies, Kefalh MB, 42, Dust-Devils, Crowley relates the paths of Daleth and those from Kether.

End Note 3:

Proposed Hebrew final letterforms from Da’ath to Middle Triad sephiroth:



Middle Pillar


Title in Briah to via:

Information V Geburah Ma’im (µ)

Inspiration / Aspiration VI / IX Tiphareth / Yesod Parentheses ((ˆ) Nun (n)

Revelation IV Chesed Kaph (˚)

continues to:

III via Cheth

VI / IX via Samech

II via Vau



Question / Conversation


in Yetzirah to V Geburah

VI / IX Tiphareth / Yesod

IV Chesed


Peh (π)

Parentheses (ˆ) Nun (n)

Tzaddi ()

continues to: IX via Glyph

VII via Nun

VIII via Ayin