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The Venus

of the
Low Countries
“Chère amie !….
Tu ne t’appelles pas Vénus, prénom que te donnent les conservateurs des musées et les gardiens des
squares ; tu fus ou tu es Sophie, Aglaë, Phillis, Clorinde, Justine, et bien d’autres. Ton état civil,
pourtant, porte Vénus à la coquille : une conque à tes pieds posée, un coquillage tenu dans ta dextre,
où les francs moineaux se viennent désaltérer. Ton auteur serait Grupello. Mais même de père
douteux, la Muse qu’enjamba le sculpteur, cette fois-là était de qualité, une italo-flamande – encore
que ton type obsède tout un siècle français, galant à souhait, ce déjà-vu dans les estampes, chez les
auteurs libertins : buste étroit et seins menus, les hanches larges et les cuisses puissantes; peu de tête,
mais charmante ; chair abondante, mais harmonieuse. En somme, une dissonance charnelle, une
nudité baroque. Que n’importe ton passé ! Tu restes la première femme attentivement regardée –
j’avais quatorze ans –(…)
Et je te suis resté fidèle ; je traverse pour toi ce Parc Royal, où tu règnes, chère amie…”

Michel de Ghelderode, in 'Mes Statues'

Le Cri édition, Bruxelles, 2001, p.15 (avec dessin par Fernand VAN HAMME)
à partir de l’édition du Carrefour, 1943
The Iconography of Venus
from the Middle Ages to Modern Times
Volume 3.1

The Venus of the Low Countries

A topical catalogue of sculptures, reliefs,

paintings, frescos, drawings, prints and illustrations
of identified artists of the Low Countries

Compiled by
K. Bender

To C and all my friends who are supporting me

Cover illustration: ‘Vénus à la coquille’, 1880, sculpture in the Royal Park in Brussels, copy
attributed to Jacques de LALAING, after Gabriel GRUPELLO (b.1644 Geraardsbergen-d.1730
Kerkrade) who made an original one when he was First Sculptor of the City of Brussels; he probably took
it with him when he moved to Düsseldorf and it is now lost. A replica attributed to him is in the Brussels’
Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten-Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts/ inv.781.
See R4902.381, R3923.396 and R4895.408 in this catalogue.
Photo AVdB 2005.

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A hardbound version is available at http://www.unibook.com/en/home and deposited in the library
of the Department of Art History, University Gent http://www.kunstbib.ugent.be
A digital pdf version is available for downloading at www.googlesites/sites/venusiconography
Copies and a digital pdf version are deposited at the Wettelijk Depot of the Royal Library of
Belgium (KBR): D/2010/ K. Bender, uitgever.

Copyright © 2010 by K. Bender. The publication is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence


Introduction 7

Guideline to the Topical Catalogue 13

Topic Date of work Artist’s/creators’ name(s) Title of work Type of work Medium and
material of support Dimension of work and series Owner or auctioneer of work Inventory
number of work Source(s) of information about the work Reference and sequential numbers
of work Replicas, copies of work and comments

Catalogue – Table of Topics – Topic–index - List of Abbreviations 21

1. Allegories/Planet Venus 25
2. Apotheosis/Sacrifice/Temple/Triumph/Worship 34
3. Attributes of Venus 39
4. Birth of Venus/Venus Anadyomene/Venus Marina 42
5. Toilet/Bath of Venus/Venus crouching 47
6. Venus and Adonis 50
7. Venus and Anchises, Aeneas 69
8. Venus and Cupid 72
9. Venus and Cupids 87
10. Venus and the Judgement of Paris/Venus, Helen & Paris 90
11. Venus and Mars 103
12. Venus and other Gods, Deities or Heroes 115
13. Venus and Psyche 131
14. Venus and Satyrs 134
15. Venus and Vulcan 138
16. Venus Asleep or Awakening/Venus after Tiziano 144
17. Venus Statues 148
18. Venus Unaccompanied and Abstract 153

Index of Artists 159

Directory of Owners and Auctioneers 179

Selected Bibliography 191

Specific Catalogues
Selected References


This is the third volume in the series of Topical Catalogues of the Iconography of Venus from the
Middle Ages to Modern Times, with a compilation of 2636 artworks (sculptures, reliefs, paintings,
frescos, drawings, prints and illustrations) of 728 identified artists of the Low Countries. It has the
same general organization as the first volume “The Italian Venus” (1840 works of 649 identified
Italian artists) and the second volume “The French Venus” (2997 works of 977 identified French
artists): the data compiled include the estimated date of creation, the name of the identified artist,
the title(s) given to the artwork, the type, medium/support and size of the artwork, present owner
and inventory number or auction/exhibition data, sources of information, reference- and sequential
numbers. Works of unknown artists are not compiled. General details about the topical
categorization and the data gathered are explained in the ‘Guideline to the Topical Catalogue’
following this introduction but specific features of the compilation in this volume are discussed
hereafter in the Introduction. Limitations of the compilation are the same as those in the other
volumes and are repeated here as follows: artworks representing the prae-historic so-called Venus
are not compiled, nor are artworks, bearing the name of Venus/Aphrodite but which do not
illustrate the figure of Venus: for instance plants or shells, vessels or ships or other objects bearing
her name. However, symbols/places closely related to her worship (e.g. Cyprus, Cythera, temples,
etc) and Venus as the symbol of the Planet are included, but works featuring the planet itself or
related to astronomy, space exploration or science-fiction are excluded. Abstract art with a title
'Venus' poses a specific problem: was the artist's inspiration the figure of Venus or the planet? A
few abstract works are included. Digital painting, an emerging technique, has not yet been

The catalogues are a resource for further studies. One objective is the quantitative analysis, i.e.
‘counting’ artworks, topics and artists over the time considered, taking into account that the
catalogues represent limited samples of the indefinite number of works with the iconography of
‘Venus’ of an unknown number of artists. The research papers reporting about this analysis and
available on the website www.googlesites/sites/venusiconography, contribute to the new
quantitative approach in art history.

A. The regional origin of the identified artists

The Low Countries are historically well defined as the region covered by present countries
Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg (also called BENELUX) and extended in the south to
parts of northern France, which belonged to the Low Countries till mid 17th century (Fig.1).
In general, artists born and educated/trained in this region – independently of their later activities
abroad - figure in the present volume, with exception of a few who are best known elsewhere, e.g.
Jean de BOULOGNE (1529 Douai – 1550 Roma), known as GIAMBOLOGNA who features in Vol.
1.1 “The Italian Venus”. It must be recognized that the term ‘Flemish’ is widely used in art history


to characterize also artists who were not born in the part of the Low Countries known as
‘Flanders’ (‘Comté de Flandre’ in Fig.1)1.

Fig. 1 Map of the Spanish, then Austrian Netherlands.

Author: Gochet, Alexis-Marie (1835-1910). Source: Wikimedia.

An example is Gilles DEMARTEAU (1722-1776), born in the Bishop-Princedom of Liège, but nevertheless
characterized as ‘Flemish’ artist in the Union List of Artist Names (ULAN) of the Getty Research Institute. This artist
is best known in France and therefore features in “The French Venus”, but many other artists born in the Princedom
of Liège are included in this volume.


B. Ortography of names and their alphabetical order

The Dutch language, like any other language, shows an evolution with time in its
orthography of words and names. The preferred name of the artist is used as given in the
on-line database of the Rijksbureau voor Kunstdocumentatie (RKD) in Den Haag1 and
alternative ortographies may be added in the Index of Artists. The Belgian alphabetical
ordering method is applied in this catalogue throughout: name-prefixes ‘DE’, ‘LE’, ‘T’’,
‘VAN’ (and its extensions ‘VAN DE ‘ or ‘VAN DER’) are systematically used in the
alphabetical ordering of names. E.g. DE QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck and not:
‘QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck de’ or VAN DYCK, Antoon and not: ‘DYCK, Antoon

C. Collaboration among artists

In the early 17th century many well-known artists in the Low Countries created works in
cooperation with other artists: those specialized in painting of landscapes, plants, flowers or
animals collaborated with others specialized in painting of the human figure. A typical
example of this collaborative work, but not the only one, is the work of the BRUEGHEL
family (Jan BRUEGHEL I & II) who collaborated with DE CLERCK, RUBENS, VAN
BALEN and others who painted the figures in many of their paintings. Most of these
paintings are catalogued in museums and reference works, often exclusively, under the
name of BRUEGHEL. In this ‘topical catalogue’, however, dealing specifically with the
figure of Venus, the entry of the work is, as much as the information allows for, first under
the name of the figure-painter and the ‘collaboration with’ is made clear using the symbol
‘&’. Of course, those artworks are counted only once in the Index of Artists. Among many
other paintings, there are for example several replicas of ‘The allegory of fire’ or ‘Venus in
the smithy of Vulcan’ by Jan BRUEGHEL(I) & Hendrick VAN BALEN(I): in this catalogue
they are entered as Hendrick VAN BALEN(I) & Jan BRUEGHEL(I). For several works of
collaborating painters doubt exists about the identity of the ‘figure’-painter.

D. Specific topics popular in the Low Countries

i) Allegories
Most artworks with mythological figures have an allegorical meaning, but in the topical
catalogues we restrict this categorization to those artworks with Venus depicted and the
term ‘allegory’ in the title and with no other mythological figures than Venus and
Cupid. For instance “The allegory of fire” shows always Venus (and Cupid) with
Vulcan, therefore the topic for those works is not ‘Allegories’ but ‘Vulcan’. On the other
hand, allegories of ‘Love’ , ‘Music’ or ‘Spring’ with Venus depicted belong to the topic
‘Allegories’. Specific allegories popular in the Low Countries are those of the ‘five
senses’ where Venus and Cupid are depicted in the allegories of ‘hearing’, ’scent’, ‘sight’,
and ‘touch’ (but not for ‘taste’). Another specific allegory is the one for ‘art’ and more
specifically for ‘painting’, sometimes called ‘Pictura’, where Venus is symbol for the

Names of institutions and cities/countries are always written in the original language as far as possible. In the case of
Belgium, bilingual names are often used for institutions in Brussel-Bruxelles, the bilingual capital of Belgium.
The method applied in RKD consists of alphabetical ordering of the main part of the name and NOT of the prefix.
Nonetheless, Belgian artists often do get an alphabetical ordering on the prefix in RKD. The RKD method is generally
adopted in international art history publications. The Belgian method is applied throughout because it corresponds to
the normal way of addressing people and moreover avoids any confusion when those prefixes are (or were) sometimes
written as integral parts of the names, e.g. VANDYCK, Antoon. A history of these prefixes and their use can be found
in Leenen (1959).

‘beautiful’ art of painting. Related to those allegories are the many paintings
representing the ‘atelier of the artists’ or the ‘art gallery’ or ‘Constcammer’ with walls full
of paintings or interiors with all kinds of artworks: if Venus is clearly recognized in
these artworks, those paintings will receive an entry in the catalogue under Topic 1

ii) Banquets, weddings or assemblies of the gods

Six different series can be distinguished:
a) The banquet of Achelous, sometimes in a cave
b) The wedding of Amor and Psyche
c) The wedding of Bacchus and Ariadne
d) The wedding of Peleus and Thetis
e) The banquet at the seashore (or wedding of Neptune and Amphitrite)
f) The banquet in the woods.

It is likely that Venus is depicted in these banquets or assemblies, but her presence is not
always clearly indicated. We refer to Bardon (1960)1, Jost (1963), Grootkerk (1975),
Sluijter (1986) and the books of Ertz (1979, 1984, 2008) for a scholarly discussion of
many of those paintings. We limit our sampling to the series b) and d) because the role of
Venus before (in the case of the wedding of Amor and Psyche, Topic 13) or after (in the
case of the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, which is at the origin of the ‘Judgement of
Paris’, Topic 10) is prominent and her presence indeed essential during those weddings.
If the title given to the artwork is simply ‘assembly of the gods’ or ‘banquet of the gods’,
there will be no entry in the catalogue, unless a detailed iconographical description by a
scholar is available and points to Venus.

iii) Bacchus, Ceres and Venus or ‘Sine Baccho et Cerere friget Venus’
This is a very popular theme in the late 16th, 17th and early 18th century for the artists in
the Low Countries2. Many works are entitled ‘Sine Baccho et Cerere friget Venus’ but
depict only Venus (and Cupid) or show the three Gods feasting together but not leaving
Venus alone like for instance in the famous painting ‘Venus frigida’ by Pieter Paul
RUBENS. We refer to Renger (1976-78) for a scholarly discussion of this theme. All
those works are categorized under Topic 12 ‘Venus with other Gods, Deities or Heroes’.

The information sources are similar as those used in the former volumes. Meanwhile some
important new Internet sources became available (e.g. EUROPEANA, VADS, the Montias
Database, among others) and some older ones were more extensively used. The ‘Sales Catalogs’ of
the Getty Provenance Index (GPI) were screened for works3 with a unequivocal title (such as
‘Venus and Adonis’, etc), which got a separate entry in the catalogue if no extant work with this
title of the same artist is known, or a Comment ‘idem?’ is added to an entry of the presumably
identical work. Of special interest is the collection of the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische

Bibliographical references throughout the document are given in the text by the author’s name and date of
publication and are listed in alphabetical order at the end of the volume.
A total number of 121 artworks with this title in the period 1573-1720 were compiled. In Vols. 1.1 and 2.1, ‘The
Italian Venus’ and ‘The French Venus’ respectively, only 6 and 3 artworks with this title were compiled.
Mostly assuming ‘paintings’ because the type of artwork is seldom given.

Documentatie (RKD) in Den Haag, partly on-line, and its ICONCLASS system which allows for a
topical search of pictures1.
The following specific information sources were used:
• Duverger E (1984-2009)2
• The Montias Database (2009)
• Some catalogues of late 18th century and 19th century 'Salons of Belgian
Artists' organized in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent3 and Liège.
The screening of these sources, where information about the artworks is generally very limited, was
made similar to the one for the Getty Provenance Index. The subsection “Specific Catalogues” of
the “Selected Bibliography” at the end of the catalogue gathers the most important general and
specific information sources for this volume.

Acknowledgement and gratitude are due to the many librarians who helped the author in his
search for references. For this volume specific help was found in the libraries of the Kunstforum in
Berlin, of the Museum voor Schone Kunsten (MSK) in Gent, of the Centrale Bibliotheek and the
Vakgroep voor Kunstgeschiedenis, Universiteit Gent, of the British Museum in London, of the
Institut Néerlandais in Paris, in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek-Bibliothèque Royale (KBR) in Brussel-
Bruxelles, in the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (RKD) in Den Haag, in the
British Library and in the Photographic Collection of the Warburg Institute in London, and in the
Albertina in Wien.

The author is also very much indebted to several museum curators or assistants who answered
with personal communication to his questions for some detailed information.

The author realizes that the topical catalogue presented is far from complete and not without
errors. It is the nature of such catalogues that they should be revised and expanded with new and
better information: readers are kindly invited to notify omissions, supply missing information or
point out errors; they will be gratefully acknowledged in a revised version. Please send E-mail to

The terms ‘Venus’ and ‘Aphrodite’ have respectively 156 and 4 notations in ICONCLASS. The author recognizes
that his manual search (done for this catalogue) in the section ICONOGRAPHY of RKD is incomplete.
An exhaustive continuation of former inventories, such as the ones by Denuncé A (1932 & 1933).
An extensive inventory of sales catalogues 1615-1914, available in the Central Library of the University, was
published by Vandenhole (1987), but was not screened.

Guideline to the Topical Catalogue
All artworks are categorized in 18 main topics and described as exemplified by the figure below.
Within a topic, subtopic or subdivision of the subtopic, artworks are listed chronologically. The
description follows the information sources and is given without guarantee of correctness. It does
not exclude more accurate information from other sources not yet consulted.

1. Allegories
2. Apotheosis

3. Attributes Artist

4. Birth
5. Toilet

6. Adonis Type

7. Aeneas
8. Cupid

9. Cupids
10. Paris

11. Mars Owner/auctioneer

12. Others
Inventory/lot #
13. Psyche

14. Satyrs
15. Vulcan

16. Asleep Reference/

sequential #
17. Statues

18.Unaccompanied Comments


The categorization into topics is based on well-established or well-known characteristics or stories
of the classical Greek-Roman Goddess ‘Aphrodite-Venus’. The English names of the Greek or
Roman mythological personages are used. If appropriate, references are made to the equivalent
names in the Topic-index. Thus, e.g. Aphrodite→Venus, Athena or Pallas→Minerva; Eros or
Amor→Cupid; etc. French accents are used in the titles but are not distinguished in the entries of
the catalogue, thus Vénus = Venus, or Pâris = Paris.
In many cases, the given title of the work is too general and does not allow for a detailed topical
categorizing, or the number of works under a given topic is too large for a meaningful topical
cataloguing. It is then useful to split the main topic in subtopics and the subtopics in subdivisions.
The following approach has been applied:
o The main topic is always found in the title of the work as given by the present owner or the
information source1. E.g. a work entitled ’Venus and Adonis’ is categorized under this main
topic; ‘The bath of Venus’, ‘The crouching Venus’ and ‘The toilet of Venus’ are grouped
under a common main topic ‘Toilet/Bath of Venus/ Venus crouching’. Similarly, ‘Birth of
Venus’, ‘Venus Anadyomene’, ‘Venus Marina’ and other works with clear reference to the
sea or to water are grouped under one main topic ‘Birth of Venus’. Such groups are also
created for ‘Allegories’, ‘Attributes’, etc..
o The subtopic is always the major ACTION or CIRCUMSTANCE or THIRD PERSONAGE
depicted in the work. E.g. ACTIONS: ‘Adonis meeting Venus’, ‘Adonis leaving Venus’,
‘Adonis dying’, etc.; or ‘Cupid chided or punished by Venus’, etc. E.g. CIRCUMSTANCE:
‘Venus reclining, seated, standing’ etc. E.g. THIRD PERSONAGE: ‘Venus, Mars and
Cupid’: Cupid will be a subtopic under the main topic ‘Venus and Mars’.
o A subdivision is sometimes created to allow for a more meaningful description, e.g. the
POSITION of Venus in the picture, e.g. ‘Venus reclining or seated or standing in the center,
to the left, to the right’2.

The categorization into topics based on the title alone is often straightforward:
• when the title refers to Venus’ classical companions, e.g. Adonis, Anchises/Aeneas, Mars,
Paris, Vulcan, etc.;
• when the title refers to the story of Psyche, even if Psyche’s name is not in the title but the
action is well-known in the story, e.g. Venus complaining to Jupiter, etc.;
• when the title clearly corresponds to a main topic distinguished such as ‘Venus asleep’ or
‘Venus spied upon by satyrs’;
• when the title refers explicitely to one of the classical ‘Statues of Venus’, e.g. Venus
Capitolina, Venus de’ Medici, etc.; this topic does not only include sculptures but also the
numerous drawings, prints, illustrations and even paintings depicting the statues;
• when the title refers explicitely to an attribute, such as ‘Venus in her chariot’ or ‘Venus with
doves’, etc

The title is often a traditional one, not necessarily the original one given by the artist, if known. The title is given in
the language of the owner or in the language of the information source. In some cases more than one title is known and
translated titles do not always correspond exactly to the original title.
The position ‘left’ or ‘right’ means from the viewer’s point of view. But a ‘left’ or ‘right’ part of the body (hand, leg,
etc.) in the description is always the figure’s left or right.

However, problems of categorization often arise and some of them, encountered during the
compilation of this catalogue1, are listed hereafter as examples:

• the title is too general, e.g. ‘Venus and Cupid’; because Cupid is accompanying Venus in
most cases; a visual inspection of the picture often allows for a better categorization, e.g.
when an attribute (Topic 3) is depicted such as a mirror presented by Cupid to Venus, etc.;
• some attributes (Topic 3) belong to specific stories; such as the apple, which belongs to the
‘Judgement of Paris’ (Topic 10) but is also part of the classical statue ‘Venus Victrix’ (Topic
17); or such as the rose, which is related to the love-story with Adonis (Topic 6);
• ‘Venus and Adonis’ (Topic 6) are sometimes confounded with ‘Diana and Endymion’ or
‘Meleager and Atalante’, etc.
• the presence of Venus in a picture is not always certain, e.g. in ‘Birth of Adonis’;
• deities or heroes appearing with Venus are found in Topic 12 but sometimes also in a
specific story related to another topic: e. g. ‘Venus presenting Cupid and Adonis to Diana’
(Topic 6);
• works with titles such as ‘Feast of Venus’ and ‘Garden of Venus’ are ordered under main
topic ‘Allegories’ (Topic 1), but could reasonably also be categorized under main topic
‘Apotheosis…Worship of Venus’ (Topic 2);
• a similar ambiguity may exist for works entitled ‘Birth of Venus’ (Topic 4) and ‘Triumph of
Venus’ (Topic 2);
• the relationship between Venus, Aeneas and Vulcan requires cross-referencing to the two
main Topics 7 ‘Venus and Aeneas’ and 15 ‘Venus and Vulcan’; similar cross-referencing is
needed for main Topics 11 ’Venus and Mars’ and 15 ‘Venus and Vulcan’;
• Venus is sometimes fully associated with or replaced by Amphitrite, Flora, Fortuna,
Galatea, Thetis…;
• a special problem is when a former title of an artwork has been abandoned for a new title
which changes the topic or the entry.

Since many artworks are lost, not fully described or an image is not available, the title alone is
often not sufficient to file the work within a subtopic: those works are listed at the beginning of the
main topic. Even more difficult is the case where the title is simply ‘Venus’ or ‘Aphrodite’ and no
image of the work is available: these works are listed in main Topic 18 ‘Venus Unaccompanied’,
which may therefore be considered as a kind of ‘garbage’ topic for those works. The words ‘Venus’
or ‘Aphrodite’ in the list of topics following the names of artists or owners, in the Index of Artists
or Directory of Owners respectively, always refer to this Topic 18.

Date of work
Under a given topic/subtopic/subdivision the works are listed chronologically by date, as given by
the owner or derived from other sources. The letter “c” (circa) before the year indicates that style
or other evidence approximately established a date. Other letters used before the year are
“a”(after) and “b”(before). The expression “xth century” has been always transcribed in the
approximate year: e.g. “15th century” = c1450; “early 16th century” = c1525; “mid 18th century” =
c1750; “late 19th century” = c1875, etc. Dates of information (sales, exhibitions, etc.) are always
given as 'day.month.year'.

For a discussion of the effect of categorization on the quantitative analysis of the former catalogues, see Research
Paper 4: http://sites.google.com/site/venusiconography/home/research-papers/paper-4

Artist’s/creators’ name(s)
The artist’s name follows the date in each entry. The SURNAME (always in uppercase) and first
name used are the most common ones in art history: e.g. De Vriendt, Frans→ FLORIS, Frans. The
following abbreviations BEFORE the artist’s name are used:

(att) = attributed to <SURNAME>

(cir) = circle of <SURNAME>
(wor) = workshop/studio of <SURNAME>

It is understood that ‘circle’ and ‘workshop/studio’ means that the artwork was made during the
lifetime of the artist: therefore, these works are considered as ‘identified’1.
Works by unknown artists, described “after (aft)” <SURNAME> or “follower (fol)” of
<SURNAME> or “manner” of <SURNAME>, often with a later date, do not get an entry in this
catalogue, nor get those works generally identified under the name “School of…” or “Belgian or
Dutch or Flemish Art/School”, but comments in italic may be added at the end of an entry of a
similar or corresponding ‘identified’ work. If the work is a copy of a work of another identified
artist, this is indicated by (aft or cop <SURNAME>) between brackets following the title (see also
below ‘Reference… numbers’ and ‘Replicas…’). But anonymous copies or copies made by non-
Low Countries artists are not catalogued. However, the existence of such copies found is often
mentioned at the end of the entry (see below).

In the case of ‘prints’ (woodcuts, etchings, engravings, etc.), there may be 4 or 5 creators known:
the ‘inventor’, the ‘drawer’, the ‘engraver’ and the ‘printer’ or ‘publisher/editor’. The ‘engraver’,
who may be also the ‘drawer’, is likely considered as the creator: this name is generally used after
the date of the work. The name(s) of the ‘inventor’ and/or ‘drawer’ is then indicated by “aft”
(after) <SURNAME>, written between brackets following the title of the work. In some cases the
‘inventor’ or ‘drawer’ is more commonly known as the main creator and the ‘engraver’ is
indicated as “eng”<SURNAME>, if known, between brackets following the title of the work. This
may be also the case where paintings were made after a print. More information may be given in
the comments. If known, the ‘publisher/editor’ or ‘printer’ is also given between brackets after the
title of the work, but in italic with the letter symbol “pub”<SURNAME>.
In the case of book-illustrations, the author “aut”, and possibly also the title of the book may be
added between brackets in italic after the title of the illustration. If the ‘drawer’ or “engraver” or
the ‘printer/publisher’ of the illustration is not known, the work will not get an entry.

The Index of Artists lists:

1. sequential number;
2. details on the names given2;
3. the dates3 and location of birth and of death; if the location of death is the same as the one
of birth, it is not repeated;
4. the total number of works catalogued is given, followed by the topics where works of the
artist are catalogued;

About the influence of the strong or weak identification of artists on the quantitative analysis in Vol. 1.1 ‘The Italian
Venus’, see Research Paper 2 http://sites.google.com/site/venusiconography/home/research-papers/paper-2
The preferred name is generally the one of RKD; if the artist is not identified by RKD, information from Thieme-
Becker-Vollmer or from ULAN is used.
Periods are written with a comma between first and last date, example: <1645,50>.

5. there may be, in italic, also given some further information, e.g. a justification for entering
a non-native artist in this list; however, non-native artists are generally not included if they
created also works in their home country before they moved to the Low Countries or after
they left the Low Countries.
Surnames, not written in uppercase in the entries of the catalogue, are not included in the Index of
Artists: i.e. surnames of non-Low Countries creators and some minor Low Countries artists (e.g.
not- identified artists).

Title of work
The title of the work is generally given in the language of the owner or in the language of the
information source, sometimes with an English translation between brackets if the title is telling
more than the topic under which the work is entered. If more than one title is known, they will also
be given between brackets. For reasons of cataloguing, the “official” title may be adjusted with
words in italic, which indicate the topic in the catalogue or describe more in detail the iconography.
Occasionally, further comments are given in italic at the end of the entry. A question mark <(?)>
indicates doubt about the identification or any other information given. The abbreviation (sic)
indicates a manifest odd or wrong word in the title or in any other information item of the work,
according to the author of this catalogue.

Type of work
The following uppercase letter symbols are used to describe the type of work, following its title:
AS = assemblage MM = mixed media
CL = collage OT = other
DR = drawing PA = painting
FR = fresco PR = print
IL = illustration (print in books) RE = relief
IM = illumination or miniature SC = sculpture

If a drawing (DR) or plaster or terra-cotta sculpture is known to be a preparatory (prep) study for
a painting (PA) or print (PR) or sculpture (SC) by the same artist, this work follows the final work,
and the prep work is accounted for in the number of works in the Index of Artists and Directory of
Owners. Please note that 'digital paintings' are not included in this volume.

Medium and material of support

and series or editions
The following lowercase letter symbols, following the uppercase letter symbols of the type of work,
describe the medium and material of support:


a = acrylic resin paint and other paints o = oil paint

b = board (card, cardboard, millboard) p = plaster, porcelain or other cast
c = canvas or moulded material, polyester…
d = pen and ink, pencil, crayon, chalk, etc. q = terracotta
e = etching, engraving, woodcut r = coloured
es = esquisse or modello (rough draft) s = stone or mineral other than marble
f = fabric other than canvas, e.g. silk, parchment sk= sketch
g = gouache t = tempera
gr = grisaille (monochrome) u = watercolour, pastel
h = enamel v = various
i = ivory w = wood, panel
j = metal other than bronze or copper, e.g. iron, lead x = paper
l = lithograph, serigraph (silk screen) y = copper
m = marble z = bronze

Drawings (DR) and prints (PR) are considered as made on paper (x) if no other information is
available. In cases where a series of identical copies of the work were made - e.g. PR (prints) and
SC/ (bronze sculptures z or other molded sculptures p) - the serial number, whenever known, is
given followed by the number of copies in the series or edition between brackets: e.g. (45-300)
means that there were 300 copies of the work made and the one described in this catalogue is n° 45
of the series or edition. Only one owner of identical copies is mentioned, but a Comment may be
added where other copies are available. A question mark <?> indicates that no information about
the medium or material of support was found.

Dimension of work
Seizes, given after the medium of the work, are in centimeters height x width. A circular format is
given by the symbol Ø followed by the diameter in cm. An oval format is indicated by the
abbreviation (ov). Print sizes are generally for the size of the image. Sculpture seizes are given
height x width x depth, or height only, preferably without the base, if known. A question mark <?>
indicates that no information about the dimension of the work was found.

Owner or auctioneer of work

The owner or auctioneer of the work is given by the city name and an abbreviation of the name of
the museum, institution, library, auctioneer etc. listed in the Directory of Owners and Auctioneers.
Only the major auctioneers are listed. A work in a private collection or in the artist's collection is
indicated by the city or country of the owner (if known) and the abbreviation PrC. If only the
auctioneer is known, the auction date (dd.mm.yyyy) is given, whenever known. A work for sale in a
commercial gallery is indicated by the city name and the symbol GAL, with the name of the
gallery. A work for sale on Internet is indicated by WEB, followed by the shortname of the website.
If the location of the work is unknown or if the work is lost, the letters UN and LO respectively are
used, sometimes with information about the previous (pre) owner or location. If the work is only
known from a ‘Salon’ or an exhibition (exh), the city, name and date of the exhibition are given.
The city is always given in the language of the country (e.g. ‘Brugge’ and not ‘Bruges’ or ‘Den
Haag’ and not ‘The Hague’). Common abbreviations are generally used: Amsterdam → A’dam,
Antwerpen → A’pen, LA → Los Angeles, NY → New York, Rotterdam → R’dam, SF → San


Inventory number of work

The owner’s inventory number, whenever known, is written as “inv #”. If only the auctioneer is
known, then the sales-lot numbers are given: “Sl.#-#”, if known. The same symbols “Sl.#-#” are
used to indicate the year of the ‘Salon’ and number of presented work. A question mark <?>
indicates that no information is available.

Source(s) of information about the work

The source(s) of information can be a personal communication (pc), a catalogue (cat), a
bibliographic reference, listed in the Selected Bibliography and/or it can be Internet (IN). Given the
fleeting character of the latter, no URLs are given: search engines will generally offer a quick guide
to the source, but a helpful word may be added.

Reference and sequential numbers of work

The reference number of the work in the author’s database1 is given as <R#.>, followed by an
automatic sequence number of the work identified in this catalogue: thus <R#.#.>. If the reference
number R is not followed by the sequential number, it means that the work is not accounted for in
the total number of artworks identified in this catalogue. The reference number R is followed by a
capital letter V if no image of the work is available (to the author, or in general in the information
sources consulted) or by capital letter S (in a few cases) where only a sketch (sk) of the artwork is
available: thus <R#V.#. or R#S.#.>. A reference number R preceeded by the word ‘see’ in a
description following the title (aft <SURNAME>, see R#), or elsewhere, means that the work got an
entry in this catalogue. In case the work was already described in Volume 1.1 (The Italian Venus)
or in Volume 2.1 (The French Venus), this information is added as follows: <see #.1/topic number
#/R#.#>. In case the work has not been traced, this is indicated by: (aft <SURNAME>/ nt).

Replicas, copies of work and comments

A work is a replica (rep), resembling the original, made by the same artist (or his/her circle or
workshop/studio) of the original. If known and appropriate, the resemblance is described by the
following abbreviations:
ide = identical, with only minor differences
sim = similar, with major differences
ana = analogue of the representation, but not similar.
A replica is counted for in the number of works. A work is a copy of the original if made by
another artist, often not identified. If the artist of a copy is identified and is a Low Countries artist,
then the work has a separate entry and is thus accounted for in the number of works. Prints or
made after an original painting or drawing are mentioned in italic at the end of the entry
describing the painting or drawing.
Using the software programme ArtWorks-The Art Organizer. Version 1.2.23. Copyright 2002-2010. Belgrave Park
Pty. Ltd. (Australia). www.ArtWorksPro.com

1630-32 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Venus bittet Vulcan eine Rüstung für Aeneas zu schmieden (Venus
(to the right) in der Schmiede des Vulkan)/ PA/ o c/ 116.5x156/ Wien, KHM/ inv 498/ Mai E (ed) (2001), p.350-1,
n°57/ cop DR by VAN DEN BERGH, Matthys/ see R19143. R1622.2304.
rep ide ‘Venus in der Werkstatt des Vulkan’/ PA/ o c/ 107x144/ Potsdam, ScS/ inv GK I 7762/ Blankert A
(1982), p. 102-103, nr 33, fig. 79 ; IN EU/ cop ide (fol) ‘Venus relieving Mars (?) from his arms’/ PA/ o c/ 104x140.5/
London, SOT 6.12.2005/ Sl. W05719-557/ IN/ R5503;
rep ide (wor) ‘Vénus reçoit les armes pour Enée’/ PA/ o c/ 118x143/ Wien, LMu/ inv GE125/ IN <acquired in
1679>/ R7831.2306.
‘Vulcan forging Armour for Venus’ or ‘Venus in the cave of Vulcan’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 1805 & 1829/ GPI <Sale Catalog
Br-311 & Sale Catalog Br-13023>/ R16814 & R16825.

This entry is found in topic 15. Venus and Vulcan, subtopic at the forge (Venus requesting arms for
Aeneas) and contains three works of Antoon VAN DYCK with the estimated date of creation 1630-
32; they are accounted for in the entry #579 of the Index of Artists and got the topic name ‘Vulcan’.
1. The first work has the titles ‘Venus bittet Vulcan eine Rüstung für Aeneas zu
schmieden’ (‘Venus asks Vulcan to forge armor for Aeneas’1) or ‘Venus (to the right) in
der Schmiede des Vulkan’ with the information in italic that Venus is depicted to the
right from Vulcan (from the viewer’s point of view); it is a painting (PA), oil on canvas
(o c) and measures 116.5 x 156 cm; the owner is the Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM)
in Wien and has the inventory number (inv) 498; Mai E (ed) (2001), listed in the
Selected References of the Bibliography, discusses the work on p.350 under n°57; it got
Reference number R1622 in the author’s database and sequential number 2304 in the
catalogue. In italic follows a Comment: a copy (cop) drawing (DR) of this painting was
made by Matthys VAN DEN BERGH, which has an entry in this catalogue ‘see
2. The second work is considered a replica (rep) of identical (ide) composition with the title
‘Venus in der Werkstatt des Vulkan’, also a painting (PA) oil on canvas (o c) with sizes
107 x144 cm; it belongs to the Schloss Sanssouci (ScS) in Potsdam with the inventory
number (inv) GK I 7762 and is described by Blankert A (1982), p. 102-103, nr 33, fig.
79 ; it is also shown on Internet (IN), website of EUROPEANA (EU); this work got the
Reference number R16875 and the sequential number 2305. Comment: a copy (cop) by a
follower (fol) with identical (ide) composition got the title ‘Venus relieving Mars (?)
from his arms’ – the name ‘Mars’ is questionable – was sold by Sotheby’s (SOT) in
London on 6 December 2005 with sales and lot numbers (Sl.) # W05719-557 ; the source
of information is Internet (IN) and the Reference number is R5503, but this work, being
a copy by an unknown follower, got no entry in the catalogue and, hence, the reference
number is not preceeded by ‘see’ and there is no sequential number added.
3. The third work is attributed to the workshop (wor) of VAN DYCK, has also an identical
(ide) composition and is owned by the Liechtenstein Museum (LMu), Wien, inventory
number (inv) GE125 ; it can be seen on Internet (IN) where it is said that the painting
was acquired in 1679 ; its Reference number is R7831, with sequential number 2306 in
this catalogue.
Finally, in the last Comment information is given about two sales (sa) in the 19th century in
London of paintings by VAN DYCK with comparable titles, extracted from the Getty
Provenance Index (GPI) database : they got Reference numbers but no sequental numbers.

Translated with http://translate.google.be/
Table of Topics
1. Allegories (Cythera, Galleries, Garden of Love or Venus, Hymen, Lascivia, Love, Luxuria,
Music, Pictura, Spring) / Planet Venus

2. Apotheosis/ Feast/ Sacrifice/ Temple/ Triumph/ Worship of Venus

3. Attributes of Venus (animals, apple, chariot, dog, doves, flowers/myrrh, mirror/Vanitas,

roses/thorn, sandal, swans, tortoise)

4. Birth of Venus/Venus Anadyomene/Venus Marina (dolphins, fountain, naiads and tritons, sea,
shells, water, waves)

5. Toilet/ Bath of Venus/ Venus crouching

6. Venus and Adonis

7. Venus and Anchises, Aeneas (see also 15. Venus and Vulcan)

8. Venus and Cupid

9. Venus and Cupids

10. Venus and the Judgement of Paris/ Marriage of Peleus and Thetis/ Venus, Helen and Paris

11. Venus and Mars (see also 15. Venus and Vulcan)

12. Venus and other Gods, Deities or Heroes (Apollo, Bacchus/Dionysus/Bacchus & Ariadne,
Bacchus & Ceres/‘Sine Cerere et Baccho/Libero friget Venus’ or ‘Venus frigida’, Berenice,
Caesar, Ceres, Diana, Flora, Ganymedes, Graces/Nymphs, Hercules, Hyppomenes, Juno,
Jupiter, Mercury and ‘Education of Cupid’, Minerva/Athena/Pallas, Muses, Neptune, Pluto,
Proserpina, Pygmalion, Saturn or Time, Tannhäuser, Telemachus, Thanatos)

13. Venus and Psyche

14. Venus and Satyrs

15. Venus and Vulcan

16. Venus Asleep or Awakening/ Venus after Tiziano (Venus of Urbino, Venus with the musician)

17. Venus Statues (Callipyga, Capitolina/Cnidia, Felix, Genetrix, Medici, Milo, Pudica, Victrix)

18. Venus Unaccompanied and Abstract

o kissing/kissed/nursed by Venus
Adonis → 6 o with arrow(s) and bow
o meeting Venus o with Venus reclining
o loving Venus ƒ to the left
ƒ alone with Venus and with animals ƒ to the right
ƒ with animal(s) and Cupid(s) o with Venus seated/crouching
ƒ with Cupid(s) and others ƒ in the centre/Cupid in her arms
o leaving Venus ƒ to the left
o dying ƒ to the right
ƒ with animals and Cupid(s) o with Venus standing
ƒ with Cupid(s) and others ƒ to the left
Aeneas (see also Vulcan) → 7 ƒ to the right
o Venus appearing and other stories Cupids → 9
o wounded and nursed by Venus o with Venus reclining
o getting arms from Venus o with Venus seated/crouching
o immortalized o with Venus standing
allegories → 1 Cythera → 1 or 4
Amor(s) → Cupid(s) Diana → 12 or 6
Anadyomene → 4 Dido → 7
Anchises → 7 Diomedes → 7
animals → 3 dog → 3
Aphrodite (unaccompanied) → 18 dolphins → 4
Apollo → 12 doves → 3
apotheosis → 2 Eros → Cupid
apple → 3 feast → 2
asleep, awakening → 16 Felix → 17
Athena → Minerva Flora → 12
attributes → 3 flowers (myrrh) → 3
Bacchus (Dionysus) → 12 fountain → 4
Bacchus/Ariadne → 12 galleries → 1
Bacchus&Ceres or Ganymedes → 12
(Sine Cerere et Baccho friget Venus) → 12 garden of Love/Venus → 1
bath of Venus → 5 Genetrix (Genitrix)→ 17
Berenice → 12 Gods/Deities/Heroes → 12
birth of Venus → 4 Graces/Nymphs → 12
Callipyga →17 o Cupid(s) around
Capitolina/Cnide → 17 Helen → 10
Caesar → 12 Hercules → 12
Ceres → 12 Hymen → 1
chariot → 3 Hyppomenes → 12
Cnidia → Capitolina Judgement of Paris → Paris → 10
crouching Venus → 5 Juno→ 12
Cupid(o) → 8 Jupiter → 12
o blindfolded/wings clipped Lascivia → 1
o chastised Love → 1
o disarmed/captured
Luxuria → 1

Marina→ 4 Pudica → 17
Mars → 11 putti→ Cupids
o alone with Venus Pygmalion → 12
o Cupid(s) around
ƒ Venus in the centre rose(s) (thorn) → 3
ƒ Venus to the left sacrifice → 2
ƒ Venus to the right
o Cupid(s) and others around sandal → 3
o loving Venus Saturn or Time → 12
ƒ alone with Venus
ƒ with Cupid(s), Venus to the left
satyrs → 14
ƒ with Cupid(s), Venus to the right o alone with Venus
o others around o Cupid(s) around
o surprised by the Gods ƒ Venus in the centre
ƒ Venus to the left
Medici → 17 ƒ Venus to the right
Mercury and o with Cupid(s) and others
(Education of Cupid) → 12 sea → 4
Milo → 17 shells → 4
Minerva (Athena/Pallas) → 12 spring → 1
mirror (Vanitas) → 3 Statues → 17
Muses → 12 swans → 3
music → 1 Tannhäuser → 12
Musician → 16 Telemachus → 12
naiads → 4 temple → 2
Neptune → 12 Thanatos → 12
nymphs → 12 Time→ Saturn → 12
Paris (Judgement of Paris) → 10 toilet of Venus → 5
o Marriage of Peleus & Thetis tortoise → 3
o Goddesses alone tritons → 4
o with the Goddesses (and Cupids)
ƒ Paris in the centre triumph → 2
ƒ Paris to the left Urbino → 16
ƒ Paris to the right
o Mercury around without Cupid Venere → Venus → 18
o Mercury and Cupid(s) around Venus (unaccompanied and abstract)→ 18
ƒ Paris in the centre o bust or head
ƒ Paris to the left
ƒ Paris to the right
o reclining
o many around o seated
ƒ Paris in the centre o standing
ƒ Paris to the left ƒ on left leg
ƒ Paris to the right ƒ on right leg
o Helen and Paris o torso or half-length
Peleus&Thetis → 10 o abstract
Pictura → 1 Venus asleep or awakening → 16
o alone
Planet Venus → 1 o with Cupid(s) and others
Pluto → 12 Venusberg → Tannhäuser → 12
Proserpina → 12 Venus frigida → 12
Psyche → 13 Victrix → 17
o Venus in her chariot showing Psyche to Cupid
o Venus before Jupiter, with Ceres and Juno,
Vulcan (see also Aeneas, Mars) → 15
o at the forge (requesting arms for Aeneas)
with the Graces, with Mercury
o at the forge with Mars
o Venus chides Cupid and punishes Psyche
o with Cupid(s)
o Reconciliation, marriage of Psyche, feast of the
Gods water → 4
waves → 4
worship → 2

List of abbreviations
a acrylic, plastic, synthetic resin, ... nr/n° number
a after<YEAR> nt not traced
a. active in <YEAR(S)> o oil
aft after <SURNAME> ov oval
ana analogue OT other
att attributed to <SURNAME> p plaster , porcelain or other cast or
aut author<SURNAME> molded material, polyester
b board (card, cardboard, p. pagina
millboard) PA painting
b before<YEAR> pc personal communication
b. born pl. plate
c canvas PrC private collection
c circa <YEAR> PR print
car cartoon pre previously
cat catalogue prep preparatory
cir circle of <SURNAME> pos probably or possibly
circ circular pub printer/publisher <SURNAME>
CL collage
q terracotta
col collection
r coloured
cop copy of <SURNAME>
R reference number in database
d pen and ink, pencil, crayon, chalk,
etc. RE relief
d. died rep replica
DR drawing rev reverse
e etching, engraving, woodcut, etc. s stone or mineral other than
ed editor (bibliographic reference) marble
eng engraver<SURNAME> S image only available as sk
es esquisse sa sale
exh exhibition SC sculpture
f fabric other than canvas, sic odd or wrong word(s)
parchment sim similar
fig. figure sk sketch
fol follower of <SURNAME> Sl. sale-lot number/salon year-
FR fresco number
g gouache t tempera
gr grisaille u watercolour, pastel
h enamel UN unknown location of work
i ivory v various
ide identical V image not available
IL illustration (print in books) w wood, panel
IM illumination or miniature WEB location on Internet
IN Internet wor workshop/studio of <SURNAME>
inv inventory x paper
j metal other than bronze or copper y copper
l lithograph, silkscreen z bronze
LO lost or looted Ǿ diameter or circular
m marble ? missing or questionable
MM mixed media information

1. Allegories
(Cythera, Galleries, Garden of Love or Venus,
Hymen, Lascivia, Love, Luxuria, Music, Pictura, Spring) /
Planet Venus
1545-55 COXIE (I), Michiel: Triumph of Love/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Budapest, MFA/ inv. ?/ IN/ R19258.1.
1547 THIRY, Léonard : Lussuria (Venus, Death and Cupid on a chariot drawn by swans) (aft
Lucca Penni/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 27.2x30.1/ London, BMu/ inv. W3.137/ IN < as L. Davent, from a set of eight >/
1548 COORNHERT, Dirck Volkertsz.: De dwaasheid van zinnelijke begeerte (aft DR by Willem
Thibaut/ nt)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Veldman I M (1986) p.215, fig.21 <Luxuria, in dit geval vertegenwoordigd
door Venus....>/ R16860.3.
rep ana ‘Wealth bringing sex and alcohol in the cloisters’ (aft Adriaan DE WEERT/ nt) (aut 'The
moral decline of the clergy, or the root of the Dutch revolt and the iconoclastic fury')/ IL/ e/ 12.2x20.5/
A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Bartsch 55 (1991) p.257,n°5501.071.4/ R5025.4.
c1550 (att) VAN HEMESSEN, Jan Sanders: An allegory of love and music (with an oval painting on
top of a loving couple: Mars and Venus?)/ PA/ o w/ 109,2 x 97,8/ NY, SOT 24.1.2002/ Sl. N07759-154/ IN/
1559 (att) DE VOS, Maerten: Allégorie de la paix de Cateau-Cambrésis: Bellone désarmé par
Vénus (Diane de Poitiers couronnée par l'Amour)/ PA/ o w/ 96x125/ Châlons-en-Champagne, MuM/ inv.
799.1.2/ IN/ R19254.6.
1565 JUNIUS,Hadrianus: Uxoriae Dotes/ IL n°12/ ?/ ?/ Stuttgart, LBi/ inv. ?/ Henkel A & Schöne A (1967)
p.1751<Venus mit Fussfesseln und Augenbinde = Tugenden der Ehefrau>/ R17366V.7.
1570-1601 SADELER (I), Johann: Vénus et la musique (aft DR ? or PA ? by Christoph Schwartz/
nt)/ PR/ e/ 24,1 x 30,4 / Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. A1: 2385e/ Hollstein, ed. Boon, XXI, p.163, n°492 <warning against
veneral diseases>; Mérimonde A P de (1966) p.275-277, fig.20 <illustration de la doctrine de Thalès: l'eau>/
In many places. Cop by unknown artist c1650 PA in Potsdam, NPa/ Panofsky E (1961) 12:1-33 ,p.22, fig.9/ R17301.
1571 COORNHERT, Dirck Volkertsz.: The Poet meeting Venus (aft Monogrammist CVSK/ nt)
(aut Jan Van der Noot 'Das Buch Extasis')/ IL/ e/ 16.1x11.3/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Bartsch 55 (1991)
p.300,n°5501.080.6/ R5027.9.
1573 STRADANUS, Joannes: Practice of the visual arts/ DR/ 43.6x29.3/ London, BMu/ inv. 5214.2/ IN <prep
for PR by Cornelis CORT/ see R19450V>/ R19449.10.
c1575 DE VOS, Maerten: Frühling (Spring)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Jourdain M (1926) p.233-34 < plaster relief by
Abraham Smith/ R19968>/ R19967.11.
c1575 VAN DEN BROECK, Chrispijn: Allegorie/ DR/ d/ 19,5 x 17,6/ Köln, WRM/ inv. Z 3749/ MAR/
1578 CORT, Cornelis: Practice of the visual arts/ PR/ ?/ London, BMu/ inv. Ii,5,110;/ IN <aft DR by
STRADANUS/ see R19449>/ R19450V.13.
1591 SADELER (I), Raphaël: Venus(? holding a music page, and music instruments next to her) und
Amor (aft H. von AACHEN/ nt)/ PR/ e y/ 21.8x13.9/ Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. A1: 2418.5/ Hollstein, ed. Boon,
XXI, p.250, n°184 <Allegory of tricky amor 'Amor Fucatus'> ; Schultze J ed.(1988) p.181-82, fig.3/ R16888.14.
Also in London, BMu/ inv.1862-0712.303/ IN.


1596 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Adolescentia amori (Venus left) (aft DR by M. DE VOS/ nt)/ PR/ e/
20.1x22.3/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XV, p.188, n°488 <from set of 4 'The four ages of man' (aft) Martin DE VOS, 1. A
young man with a mandolin...beside him Venus and Amor>; Veldman I M (2001b) p.19, fig.VII/ R17098.15.
rev ide ‘Idleness leads to lechery’ (Venus right)/ PR/ e y/ 20,2 x 22,4/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein XLIV, p.
289; n° 1458; Veldman I M (2001b) p.265, fig.14/ R17420.16.
1596 (att) GEERAERTS (II), Marcus: Portrait of Sir Robert Carey (with Venus drifting on the sea
at night)/ PA/ o w/ 76.5x63.5/ Leeds, University/inv. LEEUA1961.18/IN vads/ R18241V.17.
c1600 BADENS, Frans : Ein Künstler beim Malen der Venus/ DR/ gr/ 16.5 x 22/ Bremen, KuH/ inv. 1088/
MAR <LO ?>/ R19219V.18.
c1600 BRUEGHEL(I), Jan: Allegorie van het gezicht: Venus en Cupido in een kunstkabinet/ PA/ o
w/ 75.5x115.5/ PrC/ IN RKD/ R3274.19.
c1600 COLLAERT, Adriaen: Ver Veneri S. (Spring: Venus with Cupid) (aft DR by Maarten DE
VOS/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 20x27/ R’dam, BBM/ inv. L 1963-78a/ IN/ Also in other places and below c1600 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn/
see R17102. R744.20.
c1600 COLLAERT (II), Jan: Vénus et l'Amour avec violon/ PR/ e/ ?/ Paris, BNF/ inv. ?/ Mirimonde A P de
(1977) p. 122, pl.64/ R7233.21.
c1600 DE JODE (I), Pieter: Tactus, het Gevoel:Venus en Cupido met een verliefd stel/ PR/ e y/
19.1x23.1/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-107.731/ Dunand & Lemarchand, 2000, III, p.981, fig.1538; IN/ Also in Braunschweig,
HAB/ inv. A1: 1157d. R10769.22.
c1600 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Reason enables one to make the correct decision, (aut series 'The
essence of human existence')/ IL/ e/ 16.8x11.8/ A'dam, RPK/ inv.?/ Mirimonde, A. P. de (1977) p. 201, pl.127<Danger
d'une union avec Vénus>; Veldman I M (2001) p.127-128, fig.70 <Venus and Cupid on the altar>/ R17433.23.
c1600 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Ver Veneri (aft DR by M. DE VOS/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 19.7x21.7/ A'dam, RPK/
inv.?/ Hollstein, XV, p.199, n°560 <from set of 4 plates 'The four seasons' 1. Ver Veneri (Venus seated beside a tree with a
bouquet and with Cupido)>; Veldman I M (2001) p.77, fig.35; p.226-227< another series was engraved by Magdalena DE
PASSE>/ Also above c1600 COLLAERT, Adriaen/ see R744. R17102.24.
rep ana‘Venus matrimonii et calidi amoris conciliatrix’/ PR/ e/ 36.6x26.6 ov in rect/ London, BMu/ inv.1868-
0612.2114/ Hollstein, XV, p.175-176, n°388 < from set of 3 'Diana, Venus and Aurora' Venus half length, in her right hand a
flaming heart, Cupid to the left, fruit in front of her, Mars and Venus in the sky>; Veldman I M (2001a) p.129-130/
rep ana ‘Sic transit gloria mundi - All pleasures are transitory (Venus and Cupid lifeless on the
ground)’/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Veldman I M (2001b) p.268, fig.19/ R17422.26.
c1600 ISAACSZ., Pieter Fransz.: Venus (reading, with luth) and Cupid/ PA/ o y/ 32.4x24.2/ NY, SOT
27.4.2004/ Sl. N08002-24/ IN/ R5690.27.
c1600 JANSSENS VAN NUYSSEN, Abraham: Lascivia (Venus with doves)/ PA/ o c/ 107,5 x 97/ Brussel-
Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv. 6592/ Van Gelder H E & Duverger J (eds) (1956) p.82, fig.43/ R16493.28.
c1600 KETEL, Cornelis: Het Verstand (with Venus, Cupido)/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Van Mander K (1604/1995) p.316
< bij meester Claes in Hof van Holland, Kalverstraat, A'dam>/ R16831V.29.
c1600 MATHAM, Jacob: Le repas de l'enfant prodigue chez les courtisanes (statue de Vénus se
pressant les seins, près d'un dauphin) (aft DR? by Pieter Cornelisz Van Rijck/ nt)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ Paris, BNF/
inv. ?/ Mirimonde, A. P. de (1977) p. 151, pl.88/ R17723.30.
c1600 MULLER, Jan Harmensz.: Et Venus in Vinis/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Berlin, KSK/ inv. ?/ Reznicek E (1980) p.129,
n°2/ R18521V.31.
rep ide DR/ ?/ ?/ A'dam, prev col Houthakker/ Reznicek E (1980) p.129, n°2/ R18522V.32.
c1600 VAN BREEN (I), Gilles : Venus bindt de handen van jong paar aan elkaar; Cupido schiet
pijl (aft DR ? by K. VAN MANDER/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 14.7x20.2/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-110.334/ IN/ Also in
Kopenhagen, SMK/ inv. KKSgb2568. R7580.33.
c1600 WIER(I)X (Wiericz), Hieronymus: Amor edocet Artis (Venus-prentje)/ PR/ ?/ 7.3x4.4/ R'dam,
BBM/ inv. BdH 9842/ IN/ R18144.34.
1602 VAN MANDER, Karel: Garden of Love (Feast of Venus at Cythera)/ PA/ o w c/ 45x70/ St.
Petersburg, HMu/ inv. 711/ EU ; IC <as P. MOREELSE>/ R19161.35.


1603 (att) SAVERY, Roelant: Venus und Amor vor der Liebesburg/ PA/ o c/ 135x63.5/ Wien, KHM/ inv.
GG6953/ IN/ R14141.36.
1600 VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k & BRUEGHEL (I), Jan: Venus und Amor als Sinnbild der
Fruchtbarkeit (Venus and Amor with flowers)/ PA/ o y/ 51.5x41/ Brussel, KMSK-MRBA / inv. 1949-12/ Ertz K
& Nitze C (2008) p.790, cat. 393; RKD <cir>/ R18016.37.
1610 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Pictura (Venus holding a paintbrush and nautilus shell)/ PA/ o w/ 97.5 x
98 (from point to point); 70 x 69 (along the sides) diamond format/ London, SOT 8.12.2010/ Sl. L10036-5/ IN; Arscott A &
Scott K (eds) (2000) p.42, fig.19 <pre Mannheim, PrC Arnim Pertsch> / R7295.38.
1610 SADELER, Aegidius : Pictura (de Schilderkunst) (Allegorie der Malerei -Venus und zwei
putti)/ DR/ d/ 13.1x8.5/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. AW1110/ Schultze J (1988), p.376, cat.238; Leeflang H (2003) p.60, n°19A < is
this Venus? rejects the interpretation of the 'Judgement of Paris' on the painting>/ R16892.39.
PR by Cornelis GALLE (I)/ see R11507.
a1610 GALLE (I), Cornelis: Pictura (with Judgement of Paris) (aft DR by A. SADELER/ see
R16892)/ PR/ e/ ?/ UN/ Sluijter (1986), p.219-2; Healy F (1997), p.157(102), fig.168; Leeflang H (2003) p.60, n°19B < is
this Venus? rejects the interpretation of the 'Judgement of Paris' on the painting>/ R11507.40.
1611-18 BLAEU, Willem Jansz.: Ex alma Libitina – Van ’t leven comt de doot –Tout se passe avec
le temps (pub) (aut P. C. Hooft ‘Emblemata amatoria’)/ IL n°30/ ?/ A'dam, UnBi/ inv 976 C 29/ IN <
emblems.let.uu.nl>/ R19770.41.
1616 SAENREDAM, Jan Pietersz.: Schilder, een Venusfiguur afbeeldend (aft DR? by H.
GOLTZIUS/ nt)/ PR/ e y/ 23.2x18/ R’dam, BBM/ inv. BdH 8363/ Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.458-59, n°G37; IN/
c1617 RUBENS, Pieter Paul & BRUEGHEL I, Jan: La vista (Sense of sight) (Venus and Cupid)/
PA/ o w/ 65x109/ Madrid, MdP/ inv.1394/ Ertz K (1979) p.334-46 cat.327, fig.399/ R16504.43.
cops by (cir)/ see R18109; (att) FRANCKEN (III)/ see R18808; (wor) BRUEGHEL (II), Jan/see R18931
rep ana ‘El tacto’ (Sense of touch) (Venus and Cupid)/ PA/ o w/ 65x110/ Madrid, MdP/ inv.1398/ Ertz K
(1979) p.348 cat.328, fig.415/ cops by (cir)/ R18110; (att) FRANCKEN (III)/ see R13460. R18097.44.
prep ‘Venus and Cupid’/ DR/ d/ 12.9x11/ Williamstown, SFCI/ inv. 1955.1838/ R16659.45.
rep ana ‘El oido’ (Sense of hearing) (Allégorie de l'Ouïe -Vénus joue du luth, l'Amour chante)/ PA/ o
w/ 65x107/ Madrid, MdP/ inv.1395/ Mirimonde, A. P. de (1977) p. 169, pl.102; Ertz K (1979) p.351, cat.329 <prev (att)
Abraham GOVAERTS>/ R17725.46.
rep ana ‘El olfato’ (Sense of smell) (with Venus and Cupid)/ PA/ o w/ 65x109/ Madrid, MdP/ inv.1396/ IN/
c1617-18 RUBENS, Pieter Paul & BRUEGHEL(I), Jan and others: La vista y el olfato (Sense of
sight and smell) (with Venus? and Cupid)/ PA/ o w/ 175x263/ Madrid, MdP/ inv.1403/ Ertz K (1979)p.358 cat.332,
fig.429; Healy F (1997), p.83-88, pl.4/ R18098.48.
The Venus-figure representing ‘sight’ in this painting is not nude; a picture of ‘Judgement of Paris’ on the wall was pos by
P.P. RUBENS, but is not identified; a cop (aft) in Madrid, NMP/ Healy F (1997) p.83-88, fig.105/ R11458; cop 1660 by
BOOTS, Jan/ see R18785.
1618-19 FRANCKEN (II), Frans : Kunstkamer met schilderijen…/ PA/ o c/ 56 x 85/ A'pen, RHu / inv. 96-
816/ Van de Velde C (1975) p.274-75, n°133 <DR left shows Venus and Cupid from FLORIS' PA 'Mars, Venus and Cupid
surprised...'>/ see R16367>/ R19412.49.
c1621 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Die Aldobrandinische Hochzeit/ DR/ ?/ 16.5x30.5/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ Adriani
G (1940-1965) p.21, pl.50v/ R17862.50.
rep ana ‘Die himmelsche und die irdische Liebe’ (aft PA by Tiziano/ see 1.1/1/R358.5)/ DR/ ?/
20.5x16.5/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ Adriani G (1940-1965) p.31, pl.113/ R17866.51.
c1625 FRANCKEN (II), Frans : Les esclaves des fureurs de l'Amour/ PA/ o w/ 56.5x97/ Caen, MBA/ inv.
195/ IN/ R19251V.52.
1625-35 TENIERS (II), David: Interior of the art gallery of Peter Linder in Milano/ PA/ o y/ 56,5 x
82,2/ NY, CHR 22.5.1998/ Sl. –8/ IN RKD/ R19424.53.
c1625 SCHUT (I), Cornelis: Triumphus Pacis (Venus at centre, surrounded by putti with garlands
and wreaths, Mars stabbing Envy with a spear at left, a dove with palm branch in top centre…)/
PR/ e/ 20.2x32.5/ London, BMu/ inv.1875,0508.20/ IN/ R19472.54.


c1625 VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k & (att) BRUEGHEL (II), Jan : An allegorical landscape:
Autumn / PA/ o w/ 73.6x114.6/ Glasgow, KMu/ inv. 43/ Anonymous (1877a) p.15, n°16 <Pomone couronnée par les
quatres saisons>; Jost I (1963) p.121 <Die Natur wird von der Grazien geschmückt>; Ertz K (1979) p.380, fig.463, note 609<
Nymphen bringen Venus Opfergaben (Allegorie des Ueberflusses)> ; IN vads< with Proserpine, Ceres and Plutus ; prev (att)
Rottenhammer, Hans>/ R18099.55.
c1625 (att) VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k & J. BRUEGHEL (II): An allegory of Love/ PA/ o y/
35.8x46.4/ NY, CHR 15.10.1992/ Sl. 7516-142/ cat < Venus holding a pair of tethered doves, with Ceres, Apollo and Diana,
surrounded by dancing putti, in a landscape >/ R17525.56.
c1625 VAN DIEPENBEECK, Abraham Jansz.: Power of Love (Venus?) (aft PA ‘Omnia vincit
Amor’ by A. Turchi/ R16582)/ DR/ ?/ ?/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. RP-T-1951-22/ Hoetink H R ed. (1985), n°342 <or (att)? J.
DE BISSCHOP>/ R16583V.57.
c1625 VAN STALBEMPT, Adriaen: Een allegorie op de Aardse en Hemelse Liefde/ PA/ o w/ 40.3x32/
A'dam, SOT 18.5.2004/ Sl. –52/ IN RKD/ R18158.58.
c1626 (cir) RUBENS, Pieter Paul & BRUEGHEL(I), Jan: Allegory of touch/ PA/ o w/ 68.5x112/ USA,
PrC/ Ertz K (1984)p.344, cat.179 < cop of PA by RUBENS, Pieter Paul & BRUEGHEL I, Jan/ R18097>/ R18110.59.
c1626 (cir) RUBENS, Pieter Paul & BRUEGHEL(II), Jan: Sense of sight (Venus and Cupid)/ PA/ o
w/ 68.5x112/ USA, PrC/ Ertz K (1984)p.344, cat.178 < cop of PA by RUBENS, Pieter Paul & BRUEGHEL(I), Jan/
R16504>/ Also (wor) BRUEGHEL (II), Jan/ see R18931. R18109.60.
c1628 VAN HAECHT (II), Willem: Alexander the Great visiting Apelles' studio/ PA/ o w/ 105x150.5/
Den Haag, Mauritshuis/ inv. 266/ Belkin K L & Healy F (2004) p.44-47, fig.58, pl. V/ R16325.61.
rep sim / PA/ o w/ 77,8 x 114/ NY, SOT 28.1.2010/ Sl. –169/ IN RKD/ R19432.62.
rep ana ‘De kunstkamer van C. van der Geest’/ PA/ o w/ 100x130/ A’pen, RHu/ inv. ?/ Belkin K L & Healy F
(2004) p.56-63, fig.86, pl.VI & VII/ R16326.63.
rep ana (att) ‘Interior of an art-gallery with Joseph and Potiphar's wife’/ PA/ o w/ 51 x 70/ Berlin, sa
11.6.1936/ Sl. –183/ IN RKD/ R19433.64.
1633-34 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: El jardin del amor (La cour des plaisirs de Vénus) (Le jardin
d'Amour et Vénus Victrix)/ PA/ o c/ 198x283/ Madrid, MdP/ inv. P1690/ Enciclopedia (2006), Tomo IV, p.1346,
Tomo VI, p.1924/ R6227.65.
PR by VAN DE VELDE (II), Jan / see R19988V ; rev PR by CLOUWET, Petrus/ see R11844; DR and PR by Christoffel
Jegher, but without figure of Venus/ Logan (2004), p.260-65, n°93-94; cops (aft) ‘Le Jardin d'Amour’/ PA/ o c/ 124x169/
Château-Thierr, musée Jean de La Fontaine/ inv. 876.1.35/ IN/ R18672 ; ‘Der Liebesgarten’/ PA/ o w/ 93x112/ Dresden,
Gemäldegalerie/ inv. 986/ R19459.
1635 DUSEND, Cornelis Claudius: Venus afra Scipio afr (Scipio Africanus places a hat on the head
of Venus) (aut ‘Publius Terentius Afer's Comedies’ pub Isaac Elzevier, Leiden)/ PR/ e frontispiece/ 10x5.5/
London, BMu/ inv.1895-1031.481/ IN/ R19503.66.
1635 VAN BALEN, Jan & BRUEGHEL (II), J.: Sense of smell (sim aft PA by RUBENS &
BRUEGHEL ( I)/ see R19458)/ PA/ o w/ 58.7x89.5/ London, CHR 3.7.1996/ Sl. –3/ IN RKD/ R20169.67.
1635 VAN DE VELDE (II), Jan: Venus Lusthoff (aft PA by RUBENS/ see R6227)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ Wien,
ALB/ inv ?/ cat/ R19988V.68.
a1635 (cir) TENIERS (II), David: David Teniers II painting in a picture gallery/ PA/ o c/ 64 x 81/ NY,
SOT 27.5.2004/ Sl. –16/ IN RKD/ R19429.69.
c1639 REMBRANDT (Van Rijn), Harmensz.: Artist drawing from the model –Venus/ PR/ e/
23.2x18.4/ NY, FCo/ inv. ?/ IN < model (and muse) surely alludes to Venus >; Hollstein, ed. Boon, XVIII, p.92, n°B192 <het
Beeldt van Pygmalion> in 18th century, prep DR in London, BMu/ R3376.70.
1644 VAN HONTHORST, Gerard (Gerrit): Allegorie der Liebe/ PA/ o c/ 103 x 178/ Braunschweig,
HAUM/ inv. 1109/ MAR/ R19181.71.
1645-1656 MOUSIJ(Y)N, Michiel: Ignis (Venus and Cupid on a cloud, looking at a group of putti
holding hands and dancing around a burning altar…) (aft DR ? by Cornelis Van Holsteyn/ nt)/ PR/ e/
41.9x32.3/ London, BMu/ inv.1891-0511.88/ IN< from a series of four allegorical plates showing the elements >/
c1645 VAN GAESBEECK, Adriaen: Jongeman in een studeerkamer (with statue of Venus)/ PA/ o w/
100x76/ A’dam, RMu/ inv. SK-A-113/ Mirimonde, A. P. de (1977) p. 184, pl.113; IN/ R3966.73.


c1648-50 BRUEGHEL (II), Jan: Allegory of discord (with Venus and Cupid embracing)/ PA/ o w/
58.2x89.2/ A'dam, SOT 1.12.2009/ Sl. AM1085-15/ IN/ R18370.74.
rep ana ‘Sense of hearing’ (aft PA by BREUGHEL (I), J. pos aft RUBENS & BRUEGHEL (I)/ see
R17725)/ PA/ o y/ 59.3x90.2/ London, sa Bernheimer-Colnaghi 2003/ IN/ R19989V.75.
rep ana (wor)‘Allegory of sight’ (aft PA by RUBENS, Pieter Paul & BRUEGHEL(I), Jan/ see
R16504)/ PA/ o w/ 71.5x114.5/ London, SOT 12.7.2001/ Sl. –108/ IN RKD/ R18931.76.
c1650 COQUES (COCX), Gonzalez & Dirck VAN DELEN: Collector's Gallery/ PA/ o c/ 176x210.5/
Den Haag, MH/ inv. 238/ Healy F (1997), p.86, fig.111, note 43, p.189, note 26, p.195 <with picture on the wall of 'Judgement
of Paris' by T. BOEYERMANS/ see R10657>/ R18786.77.
c1650 FRANCKEN (III), Frans : Venus, als Patronin der Verliebten/ PA/ ?/ ?/ München, BStGS/ inv.
4610/ IN/ R18336V.78.
c1650 (att) FRANCKEN (III), Frans: An allegory of touch (Venus and Cupid) (aft PA by RUBENS
& BRUEGHEL/ see R18097)/ PA/ o c/ 76x116/ London, SOT 9.7.1998/ Sl. -144/ IN RKD <aft BRUEGHEL(I), Jan;
(att) FRANCKEN (III) rejected> / R13460.79.
rep ana ‘An allegory of sight (Venus and Cupid)’ (aft PA by RUBENS & BRUEGHEL/ see
R16504)/ PA/ o c/ 75.5x115.5/ London, GAL 1996/IN RKD <(att) FRANCKEN (III) rejected>/ R18808.80.
c1650 (wor) FRANCKEN (III), Frans: Allégorie de l'Occasion en Proche-Orient (Venus and Cupid
are model for a painter)/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Périgeux, MuP/ inv.?/ Mirimonde, A. P. de (1977) p. 111, pl.58/ R17715.81.
c1650 KONINCK, Salomon: Tugendallegorie (weibliche Figur mit Venus unter den Füssen, ein
Mann, der ihr Schmuch anbietet, und ein Schwert greifender Krieger)/ DR/ d/ 39.9x52.2/ Wien, ALB/ inv.
?/ IN/ R16141.82.
c1650 NATALIS, Michel: Venus and Mars (Allegory in honour of Alfonso d'Avalos) (aft PA by
Tiziano/ see 1.1/1/R8870.9)/ PR/ e/ 30x26.5/ London, BMu/ inv.1917,1208.537/ IN/ R17087.83.
c1650 TENIERS (II), David: Two men in a picture gallery/ PA/ o c/ 61 x 76,2/ NY, SOT 24.1.2002/ Sl. –169/
IN RKD/ R19423.84.
rep sim ‘Two men and a boy in a picture gallery’/ PA/ o y/ 38,7 x 49,5/ NY, SOT 23.1.2003/ Sl. –70/ IN RKD/
1650-55 TENIERS (II), David: The gallery of Leopold Wilhelm in Brussels/ PA/ o c/ 123 x 163/ Wien,
KHM/ inv. GG739/ Duverger J (ed) (1956) p.8, fig.5/ R16492.86.
rep sim PA/ o c/ 86 x 113/ London, SOT 5.7.1995/ Sl. –17/ IN RKD/ R19422.87.
rep sim PA/ o c/ 70x86/ Wien, KHM/ inv. GG9008/ IN RKD/ R19425.88.
rep sim PA/ o c/ 70,9 x 87,6/ London, CHR 9.7.1999/ Sl. -R224/ IN RKD/ R19426.89.
rep sim a1655 ‘Interior of the picture room of Archiduc Leopold Willem in Brussels’/ PA/ o c/ 95 x
127/ Schleissheim, MuL/ inv. 1839/ IN RKD/ R19427.90.
rep sim a1656 PA/ o c/ 93 x 127/ Schleissheim, MuL/ inv. 1841/ IN RKD/ R19428.91.
rep sim c1660 PA/ o c/ 73,5 x 88/ Madrid, MLG/ inv. 8447/ IN RKD/ R19431.92.
rep sim 1660-66 PA/ o c/ 106x129/ Madrid, MdP/ inv. 1813/ IN RKD; Morrall A (2006)/ R16460.93.
c1650 VAN DER LAMEN, Christoph Jacobsz.: Le jardin d'amour (aft PA by RUBENS/ see R6227/
PA/ ?/ ?/ ?, sa Verhulst 1779/ Mireur; TBV/ R17951V.94.
c1650 WTEWAEL, Peter: Allegory of earthly love/ PA/ o c/ 71.8x133.7/ London, CHR 22.4.2005/ Sl. –8/ IN
RKD/ R18973.95.
1655 VAN LOO, Jacob: An Allegory of Venus and Cupid as Lady World and Homo Bulla (Man is
like a bubble) (Vanity allegory)/ PA/ o c/ 122x88/ Louisville, SAM/ inv. 1993.16/ WI; IN/ R14399.96.
1655 VAN SICHEM (II), Christoffel: Spring: Venus and Amor (aut Gillis Joosten Saeghman ‘The
four seasons' in 'Comptoir Almanach', 1655 A'dam) / IL/ e/ 5.8x5.6/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXVII, p.42,
n°23/ R17285V.97.
1659 VAN KESSEL, Jan: Venus at her toilet (in a ‘Kunstkammer’ with a black attendant and Cupid
holding the mirror)/ PA/ o c/ 67x91/ Karlsruhe, SKH/ inv. 2797/ Mai ed. (2001), p.262-3, n°18/ cop? in London, Ga
Johnny van Haeften/R13488. R9770.98.
rep ana ‘A woman in front of a mirror in a cabinet of art: allegory of sight’(without attendant, with
Cupid full length)/ PA/ o y/ 61.6x82.3/ London, SOT 10.7.2002/ Sl. –51/ IN RKD/ R18942.99.


1660 BOOTS (Boets), Jan: Allégorie de la vue et de l’odorat (Sense of sight and smell) (aft PA by
RUBENS, P.P. & BRUEGHEL(I), J. et al./ see R18098)/ PA/ o c/ 135x200/ Strasbourg, sa 21.6.1990/ Sl. –525/
Healy F (1997), p.84, fig.107, note 24, p.188 <cut down on the top and left, with only lower half of ‘Judgement of Paris’
visible>/ R18785.100.
c1660 BRUEGHEL (II), Jan: Allegory of sight (Venus and Cupid, with view of Antwerp)/ PA/ o y/
58.1x89.7/ Philadelphia , MuA/ inv. 656/ IN RKD; Bauman, G C & Liedtke W A (eds) (1992),p.322, cat.143/ R18928.101.
rep ide PA/ o w/ 57.8x89.5/ London, SOT 10.7.2002/ Sl. –48/ IN RKD/ R18929.102.
1662 DE PASSE (II), Crispijn: Satire on the love affair of Gabriel Lalande and Elisabeth
Lestevenon/ PR/ ?/ 13.5x19.8/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Veldman I M (2001b) p.361-63, fig.187 <with Venus at the girl's
side>/ R17431.103.
1664 VAN NECK, Jan: De wellust (Voluptuousness) (one of 12 caisson ceiling paintings : Venus
with two putti, one piercing her heart with an arrow)/ PA/ o c/ 160x120/ A’dam, PrC/ IN RKD/
1665 CLOUWET, Petrus : De liefdestuin( rev aft PA by RUBENS/ see R6227)/ PR/ e y/ 45.5x61.5/
A'pen, SPK/ inv. ?/ Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.468-69, n°G47/ R11844.105.
Also ‘Venus Lusthoff’/ London, BMu/ IN; 'Jardin de plaisance de Vénus'ou 'Jardin d'amour' d’après RUBENS avec 24 vers
flamands/ Paris, sa Joulhain 1779 (1°)/ Mireur.
c1666 VAN DER NEER, Eglon: Portrait of a man and woman in an interior (with Venus painting
over the mantel)/ PA/ o w/ 73.9x67.6/ Boston, MFA/ inv. 41.935/ IN/ R1485V.106.
1666-69 VAN THULDEN, Theodoor: Apotheosis of the Elector of Brandenburg (Venus crowns the
armour-clad Elector with laurel and roses)/ PA/ oc/ 80 x 115.5/ Barnard Castle, BoMu/ inv.B.M.542/ IN/
1668 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard : Vanitas, Venus en Amor/ PR/ e/ ? ov/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-113.004-5/ IN/
1671 NETSCHER, Caspar : Mme de Montespan en harpiste, considérée ici comme une Vénus/ PA/
o y/ 48x37/ Dresden, SKSGG/ inv. 1351/ Mérimonde A P de (1966,67) p.274, fig.16/ R7268.109.
c1675 COLLIN, Richard: Die Künste/ PR/ e y/ 32,7 x 21,8/ Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. A1: 510/ IN/ R19364.110.
c1675 JANSSENS, Hieronymus: The game of the warm hand (statue of Venus and Cupid in right
corner)/ PA/ o c/ 85x83/ Paris, MdL/ inv. ?/ De Maere J & Wabbes M (1994) Vol.2,p.650/ R16751.111.
c1675 MYTENS (II), Daniel : Venus und Amor (Allegorie der Liebe)/ PA/ ?/ ?/ München, BStGS/ inv.
13715/ IN/ R18339V.112.
1689 TERWESTEN (I), Augustinus: Painting portraits Beauty, led by Wisdom (Minerva nodigt de
schilderkunst uit Venus te schilderen/ Pictura)/ PA/ o c/ 118x178/ Moscow, PMu/ inv. ?/ IN RKD <pre Schloss
Grünewald or Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin, inv. GK I 1552>/ R19020.113.
1697 LUYKEN, Caspar : De kwynende Venus (aut N. Heinsius 'De Kwynende Venus Ofte een korte
doch naukeurige Verhandeling van de Pokken...' Amsterdam)/ IL/ e frontispiece/ 13.8x8.7/ A’dam, HMu/ inv.
A43729/ Van Eeghen (1905), Deel I, p.311-12, cat.301 <frontispiece, also printed in 1701&1703 ; German translation : 'Die
Schmachtende Venus...'Franckfurt & Leipzig 1700>; Hollstein, XI, p.133, n°301 <(att) Jan LUYKEN>; EU/ R13810.114.
1703 DEN ELGER, Willem: Zinne-beelden der liefde (pub Boudewyn vander Aa, Leiden)/ IL
frontispiece/ ?/ Den Haag, Kbi/ inv 488 D 8/ IN/ R19780.115.
c1715 DE WIT, Jacob: Liefde triompheert (Love triumphs)/ PA/ o c/ 200x139/ A'dam, CHR 10.5.2006/ Sl.
2702-123/ IN/ R6321.116.
1716 VAN DER WERFF, Pieter: Pictura (Venus with two cupids)/ PA/ o w/ 44.8x34/ NY, CHR 15.5.1996/
Sl. –33/ IN RKD/ R18985.117.
1720 VAN DEN BERGE, Pieter: L'Amour ne peut rien sur elle Sy Overwint de Min/ PR/ e/ 15.5x10.1/
London, BMu/ inv.1868-0808.9682/ IN/ R19494V.118.
rep ana ‘A lover kneeling in front of Venus’/ PR/ e/ 14.2x10/ London, BMu/ inv.1858-0213.86.30/
c1725 VAN HAECKEN, Joseph: Market by a statue of Venus/ PA/ o c/ 75.6x63.5/ London, CHR 24.5.2007/
Sl. 7481-0040/ IN/ R9434.120.


1753 DUBOURG, Louis Frabicius : Allegorie op het huwelijk/ DR/ d/ 20.3x15.9/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. RP-T-
1983-359/ IN RKD/ R18702.121.
1760 VAN DER MIJN, George: Le cabinet d'art de Cornelis Ploos Van Amstel (with Venus de’
Medici)/ DR/ d/ 21.4x38.7/ Paris, FC/ inv. 477/ Van Berge-Gerbaud M (2001) p.6-7, n°III/ R17986.122.
1764 MAURER, Jacob: Des amateurs d'art reçus par Cornelis Ploos Van Amstel dans son cabinet
d'art (with Venus de’ Medici)/ PA/ o c/ 50.8x43.5/ Petworth, PH/ inv. 1920-151/ Van Berge-Gerbaud M (2001) p.4-5,
n°II/ R17985.123.
1850 SCHEFFER, Ary : De hemelse en de aardse liefde/ PA/ ?/ ?/ inv. ?/ UN/ Anonymous (1980) p.109, n°72/
prep DR/ d u/ 32.9x ?/ Dordrecht, DMu/ inv. DM-S-T425/ Anonymous (1980) p.109, n°72/ R18036.125.
prep DR/ d / 16.8x10.9/ Dordrecht, DMu/ inv. DM-S-T432/ Anonymous (1980) p.108, n°69/ R17988.126.
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236x365/ Gent, PrC Hôtel Falligan/ Anonymous (1888) n°196; Fredericq-Lilar M (1977) p.40, fig.24 <Salon de Domino>/
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?/ 44.8x33.6/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-1954-P-38/ IN < kneeling woman (Venus Knydos?) with a snake, with the mottoes:
Beauty & Necessity>/ R17251.139.
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Planet Venus
c1525 Monogrammist G: The Planets: Venus/ PR/ ?/ 7.8x5.3/ London, BmM/ inv ?/ Hollstein, XIII, p.21, n°6<7
plates>/ R17082.141.
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Triumph of Venus)/ PA/ o w/ 85.1x104.5/ London, CHR 9.5.1930/ Sl.-144/ IN Frick; Trottein G (1993) p.186, fig.84/
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Coutances, sa 27.2.2010/ Gazette de l' Hotel Drouot nr 8, 26.2.2010, p.81/ R19991.143.
rev PR by MULLER, Harmen Jansz./ see R7783.


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HEEMSKERCK/ see R19991)/ PR/ e/ ?/ Liège, CAU/ inv ?/ Mirimonde A P de (1977) p. 175, pl.108< (att) VAN
HEEMSKERCK>; Trottein G (1993) p.189, fig.86 / R7783.144.
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regierend) (Venus presiding over love) (aft DR? by H. GOLTZIUS/ nt)/ PR/ e y/ 25.6x17.9/ Dresden,
KSK/ inv. A 35091/ Trottein G (1993) p.196, fig.90 ; Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.456, n°G34/ R7785.151.
Also in London, BMu/ inv.1854-0513.168
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10.8x7.5/ London, SOT 5.7.2007/ Sl. L07032-122/ Reznicek E K J (1993), pp. 215-278 K I47-153, figs. 36-42< the small
series of seven planets>; IN < six mythological gods: Saturn; Mars; Mercury; Diana; Apollo; Venus>/ R17023.152.
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breasted, holding a flaming heart (in her right hand) and a large arrow (in her left hand) (without Cupid)/ PR/ e/ 5.5x3.6/
London, BMu/ inv. 1982-U3276
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1949, IV, p.212, n°113-120 <7 plates ‘The Planets’>/ R11919.155.
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7.3x4.4/ LA, CMA/ inv. M.88.91.461e/ Hollstein (1949) 27 < from The Seven Planets> ; IN/ R1082.156.
Also not rev in London, BMu/ inv.1843-0513.228-234
c1600 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Maandbeeld: Venus en haar kinderen (aft DR by M. DE VOS/ nt) /
PR/ e/ 24.9x18.7/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-101.424/ IN/ R8740.157.
Also in LA, CMA/ inv. 57.5.4.
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1949, VIII, p.130, n°89)95, 96 <7 planets & a set of Gods and Goddesses>/ R17022V.158.
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MANDER/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 18x28.6/ London, BMu/ inv. 1856-0308.154/ Mirimonde A . de (1977) p. 170, pl.103; Bartsch 52
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x 41,3/ Braunschweig, HAB/ inv.A2: 59/ IN/ R19357.162.
1619 (att) VAN VALCKENBORCH, Frederick: Vénus et ses Enfants/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Nürnberg, GNM/ inv. ?/
Trottein G (1993) p.198-9, fig.91&92 <aft PR by SAENREDAM/ nt, aft DR by GOLTZIUS/ nt>/ R7786.163.


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17.12.1997/ Sl. –352/ IN RKD/ R3344.164.
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1937 JOOSTENS, Paul: Vénus artificielle sur clair de lune/ CL/ ?/ 29.4x22.1/ Oostende, PMMK/ inv. ?/
IRPA-KIK/ R17771.167.

2. Apotheosis/ Feast/ Sacrifice/ Temple/
Triumph/ Worship of Venus

1565 GALLE, Philips: Triomf van de Liefde (with temple of Venus) (aft DR? by Maarten VAN
HEEMSKERCK, nt)/ PR/ e/ 19.2x26.4/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. RP-P-1891-A-16463/ Veldman I M (1986) p.59, fig.30/
From a series of 6 PRs entitled ‘De Triomfen van Petrarca’; an ‘analog’ rev PR was made earlier (1530-50) by Georg Pencz/
c1575 FRANCKEN (I), Frans: Le triomphe de Vénus/ PA/ o y/ 30x41/ Liège, MuC/ inv. ?/ IN/ R17821.169.
c1575 GALLE, Philips: Venustempel in Griekenland (aft PA? by Van Cleve (III), Hendrik/ nt)/ PR/
e/ 17.3x24.2/ Grimbergen, AP/ IN/ R16310.170.
1575 (cir) VAN CLEVE (I), Marten: La fête de village ou la Fête de Vénus/ DR/ d/ 14.2x18.8/ Bruxelles,
HG 20.3.2007/ Sl. –415/ cat./ R8839.171.
c1575 VAN WINGHE, Joos: Nachtelijk feest en maskerade (Vénus lactans)/ PA/ o j w/ 36x47/ Brussel-
Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv. ?/ Mirimonde, A. P. de (1977) p. 173, pl.106 ; IRPA-KIK/ R17727.172.
PR by SADELER (I), Johann/ see R19468.
1588 SADELER (I), Johann: House of ill-fame (with a statue of Venus) (aft PA by J. VAN
WINGHE/ see R17727)/ PR/ e/ 37.2x45.3/ London, BMu/ inv. 1983-U113/ IN/ R19468.173.
1596 SAENREDAM, Jan Pietersz. : Verering van Venus (Venus en haar kinderen) (Lovers
imploring Venus to their aid) (aft DR? by GOLTZIUS/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 42.5x32.1/ R’dam, MBVB/ inv. BdH 7742/
Hollstein, XXIII, p.53-54, n°70 <’Homage paid to Venus and Cupid' from series of 3 PRs 'Personification of food, love and
wine’ (Ceres, Venus, Bacchus) with 4 lines of latin text> ; Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.457, n°G35/ R4663.174.
Also elsewhere. The PA by GOLTZIUS/ see R1904 is not similar.
c1600 CALVAERT, Denys: Offerta a Venere/ PA/ o c/ 130x101/ Firenze, PrC? Salocchi / IN Zeri/
c1600 DE CAULLERY, Louis: Le triomphe de Vénus/ PA/ o w/ 33x44.5/ Paris, TAJ 17.6.1997/ Sl. –19/ IN/
ana (att): Venus feast (Vénus et le duo amoureux)/ PA/ o y/ 23x18.5/ Kopenhagen, SMK/ inv 1946-873/
Mirimonde, A. P. de (1977) p. 150, pl.87 ; IC/ R17722.177.
1600 GALLE, Philips: Woman as the greatest power (Venus and Cupid) (from 'The four greatest
powers' aft DR? by Gerard GROENNING, Gerard P./ nt)/ PR/ e/ 19.3x27/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv.?/ IN/
1600 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus en Amor aanbeden door een bruidspaar in het bijzijn van
enige familieleden (Venus and Cupid worshipped by a married couple with parents)/ PA/ o c/ 119x150/
BE, PrC/ IN RKD/ R1904.179.
1600 MULLER, Jan : Venus receiving flowers, fruits, and birds from Nymphs (Wood nymphs
owing their fertility to Venus, present her with the first fruits of the season) (aft LO DR by
Bartholomeus SPRANGER)/ PR/ e/ 27.9x20.3/A’dam, RPK/ inv. RP-P-2004-28/ Hollstein, XIV, p.108, n°64 /
Also in other places. Cops: ide RE/ w/ 73x63/ Ecouen/ MuR/ Thirion J (1985) p.385, fig.15, note 41/ R18677 & sim RE/ z/
Ø8.5/ Paris, MdL/ inv. OA 9186/ IN/ R691.
c1600 SADELER, Aegidius: Venus empfängt Geschenke (aft LO DR by Bartholomeus
SPRANGER)/ PR/ e y/ 27.6x18.7/ Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. A1:2348,9/ Hollstein, XXI, p. 31, n° 110/ R5037.181.
c1605 VAN NIEULANDT (II), Willem (Terranova): Tempio di Venere/ PR/ e/ 10.5x10.7/ London, BMu/
inv. S.5270/ Hollstein, XIV, p.164, n°10-29 <Title and 19 plates Roman Ruins>/ R17089.182.
rep c1610 rev PR/ e/ 9.7x13.8/ UN/ Hollstein, XIV, p.164, n°30-49 <Title and 19 plates Roman Ruins> rev of set n°10-29/
rep 1618 PR/ e/ 10,2x15,5/ UN/ Hollstein, XIV, p.164 <another set n°50-75 published by Visscher in 1618> /


1618 VISSCHER (II), Claes Jansz.: Venus templet (aft PR by W. VAN NIEULANDT/ see R17089)/
PR/ e/ 10.2x15.6/ Kopenhagen, SMK/ inv. KKSgb287/ IN/ R7577V.185.
c1625 BLOEMAERT, Abraham: Venus und Amor auf dem Berge Eryx/ PA/ o w/ 37x51/ Praha, prev
GAL Nostitz/ Delbanco G (1928) p.77, cat.48/ R16867V.186.
c1625 BREENBERGH, Bartholomeus: Les ruines du Temple de Vénus et de Rome, près du
Colisée/ DR/ d/ 9.6x13.6/ Paris, MdL/ inv. 22557rec/ Lugt F (1929) cat.162, pl.XXIV/ R13049.187.
idem ? 'Vestiges du Temple de Vénus' /Paris, sa Silvestre 1810/ Mireur.
rep DR/ d/ 8.6x14.4/ A'dam, CHR 10.11.1999/ Sl. –390/ IN RKD/ R3360.188.
c1625 (att) BRUEGHEL(II), Jan: The Temples of Venus and Diana on the Bay of Baia/ DR/ d/ 26.2 x
19.4/ NY, MMA/ inv 65.209/ IN/ R20127.189.
1625-30 DE VOS, Simon: Huldigung an Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Karlsruhe, SKH/ inv.174/ Pigler A (1974) Band II,
p.266, B III, pl.256/ R18233.190.
rep ide ‘The inhabitants of the world pay hommage to Venus (Homage to Venus)’/ PA/ o y/ 36x61.5/ La
Fère, Musée Jeanne d'Aboville/ inv. 235/ IN RKD/ R13486.191.
c1625 DIJCK (DYCK), J. A.: Thron der Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Karlsruhe, SKH/ inv ?/ TBV/ R20250V.192.
c1625 (att) FRANCKEN (II), Frans: Le triomphe de Vénus, dit autrefois ‘Vénus sur sa conque
appuyée sur deux nymphes’ (aft PA ? by Pierre Brebiette/ nt)/ PA/ o y/ 17.1x22.5/ Le Mans, MuT/ inv. LM
10.221/ IN/ R12496V.193.
c1625 VAN BLOEMEN (Horisont/Orrizonte), Jan Frans: Ruïne van de tempel van Venus en
Roma/ DR/ d g/ 17.2x27.3/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. Z414/ IN RKD/ R18168.194.
c1625 (att) VAN DE VELDE (II), Jan: Temple of Venus and Roma?/ DR/ d/ 15.9x27.4/ London, BMu/
inv.SL-5214.105/ IN/ R19486.195.
c1625 VAN LAER, Pieter: Temple of Venus and Rome seen from the Campidoglio, with shepherds
and cattle in foreground. / PR/ e/ 11.5x19.2/ London, BMu/ inv.S503/ IN/ R19501V.196.
c1625 VROOM, Cornelis Hendriksz.: Temple of Venus Genetrix/ DR/ d/ 20.3x30/ Utrecht, CMu/ inv. 1978-
109/ Keyes G S (1982) p.119/ R18560.197.
c1628 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: The worship of Venus (after PA by Tiziano/ see1.1/2/R469.55)/ PA/ o c/
195x209/ Stockholm, NMK/ inv. ?/ Mai E (ed.) (2001) p.173, fig.3; Belkin K L & Healy F (2004)p.24-27, fig.29, pl.II/
Two cops in Madrid, MdP/ inv. 31382 (with Venus in the sky)/ R7154 and inv. 31435/ R7153.
rep sim 1630-37: ‘Venusfest (Fest der Venus Verticordia)’/ PA/ o c/ 217x350/ Wien, KHM/ inv. 684/ Mai E
(ed.) (2001), p.128, fig.12/ R2770.199.
rep ana ‘Offer aan Venus in een tempel’/ PA/ o c w/ 47.8x60.8/ London, CIAG/ inv. ?/ Belkin K L & Healy F
(2004) p.100, fig.4d/ R16327.200.
c1640 DE POORTER, Willem: De afgoderij van koning Salomo (a temple interior with a statue of
Venus and Cupid)/ PA/ o w/ 63x49/ A’dam, RMu/ inv. SK-A-757/ IN/ R3963.201.
rep sim ‘Le roi Salomon encensant la statue de Vénus’/ PA/ o w/ 69x47/ Brussel-Bruxelles, CoR/ IN/
idem ? ‘Offrande à Vénus’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Burger W (1859) p.50, note 1<A'dam, sa Gerard Hoet 1715>/ R18227V.
c1640 QUELLINUS (II), Erasmus: Triomf van Venus (Galatea) (Venus seating next to Galatea with
Neptune)/ PA/ o c/ 132x215/ Wichelen, PrC/ IN/ R8199.203.
1642 VAN COUWENBERGH, Christiaen Gillisz.: Venus' offer (Venus Offerhande)/ PA/ ?/ ?/ LO ?
Rijswijk, Huis ter Nieuburgh/ inv. ?/ Van Gelder J G (1948,49) p.158, n°21 ; Blankert et al. (1999)/ R16238V.204.
c1650 DOU, Gerard: The triumph of Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Brussel, sa 22.9.1842/ Sl. –22/ Hofstede de Groot C (1908)
Vol.I, p.353, n°32/ R17130V.205.
c1650 JORDAENS (I), Jacob: Ein Venusopfer/ PA/ o w/ ?/ Dresden, SKSGG/ inv. 1015/ MAR/ idem ?
‘Triumpho di Venus’/ Duverger E (1984-2009) VIII, 380/ R20346V. R19190.206.
c1650 QUELLINUS (II), Erasmus: Sacrifice à Vénus/ PA/ o c/ 44x61/ Bruxelles, sa Symons 1847/ Mireur/


c1650 PERES (I), Hendrick: Oferande van Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Duverger E (1984-2009) IX, p.402 noot 1/
c1650 TENIERS (II), David: De triomf van Venus/ PA/ o y/ 21.5x50/ Northampton, PrC The Earl Spencer,
Althorp/ Anonymous (1965) p.258-259,n°273a/ R7114.209.
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–10/ GPI Sale Catalog Br-14007/ R16805V.210.
c1650 VAN HERP (I), Willem: Sacrifice to Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 21.6.1816/ Sl. –39/ GPI Sale Catalog Br-
1407/ R16844V.211.
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BMu/ inv. O.o. 8-254/ Chong A (1987) p.53, A14/ R18556V.212.
c1650 VISSCHER (II), Cornelis : Landscape with Venus in domed structure surrounded by water/
PR/ ?/ 20.2x28.8/ SF, FAM/ inv. 1963.30.14694/ IN/ R1359.213.
1662 MIEL(E), Jan: Le triomphe de Vénus et les grâces/ PA/ o c/ ?/ Torino,PaM/ inv. ?/ Bodart D (1970) p.I,
410/ R16635V.214.
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(1992) p.217, cat.P.30; cop (aft) DR/ d/ 29.1x38/ Berlin, KSK/ inv. 13118/ R18850V; rev (aft) PR <Lebrun cat n°162 Ecole
hollandaise Liège 164 ?>/ R18851; IN RKD < Allegorie op de zegeningen van de vrede>/ R3235.215.
1668 NETSCHER, Caspar: Offerta a Venere/ PA/ o w/ 44.8x37.5/ Firenze, GdU/ inv. 1271/ Hofstede de Groot C
(1908) Vol.V, p.155, n°22 ; Catalogo Generale 1979, P.1113/ R4007.216.
rep (cir)’Offering to Venus (A lady kneeling before a statue of Venus)’/ PA/ o c/ 48.3x38.7/ London, CHR
22.2.2006/ SL. 5012-1925/ IN/ R5871.217.
PR by Noël Lemire (aft) DR by Borel (see 2.1/2/R11646.126) shows differences with R4007; cop c1850 (fol) ‘L'hommage à
Vénus’/ PA/ o c/ 49x36/ Paris, sa TAJ 19.2.2010/ Sl. –163/ IN <Suiveur d'Adriaen van der Werf> / R18544; ide?PR by Pigeot
(see 2.1/2/R1505V.145) in Paris, Salon 1814, n°1307.
c1675 BLEKERS, Norbert: Triumph of Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ BD 1 p.145 <painted for Prince of Orange>/
c1675 DE HOOGHE, Romeyn: Triomf van Venus (?)/ IL/ frontispiece/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-106.140/
IN/ R17184.219.
idem?( aut ‘Hieroglyphica of Merkbeelden der Ouden (Hieroglyphica oder Denkbilder der alten Völker) Amsterdam, 1744)/
München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek/ MAR.
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C (1976) p.113; pc/ R19677.220.
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BNM/ inv. 1855/ Roy A (1992), p. 342-344, cat P.195; IN RKD/ R3227.221.
rep ide ‘Salomon sacrifiant aux idoles (?)’/ PA/ o c/ 103x166/ UN/ Roy A (1992), p. 344, cat P.196 <PR by
Lorenzo Zucchi ‘Sacrifices à Vénus’ (see 2.2/2/R18856)>/ R18855.222.
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l'ancienne Rome,...’ Den Haag, 1763)/ IL/ Tafel a. 17/ ?/ Roma, BiH/ inv. Dn 117-3080-b 1/ MAR/ R19212.223.
rep ‘Temple de Venus et de Rome’/ IL/ Tafel a. 24/ ?/ Roma, BiH/ inv. Dn 117-3080-b 1/ MAR/ R19213.224.
rep ‘Temple de Venus et de Rome’/ IL/ Tafel a. 25/ ?/ Roma, BiH/ inv. Dn 117-3080-b 1/ MAR/ R19214.225.
rep ‘Temple de Venus de Janus’/ IL/ Tafel a. 26/ ?/ Roma, BiH/ inv. Dn 117-3080-b 1/ MAR/ R19215.226.
c1700 DE DEYSTER, Louis : Deux petits payens (devant une statue de Vénus)/ DR/ d/ 15.7x12.4/
R’dam, BBM/ inv. ?/ Bartsch (1978) Vol.7, p.286,n°7(460)/ R4637.227.
c1700 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard : The Triumph of Venus Anadyomene/ PA/ o w/ 50.8x62.9/ London, CHR
2.8.1928/ Sl.-4/ IN ArtStor/ R16595.228.
c1700 HOET (I), Gerard (Gerrit): Triumphzug der Venus/ PA/ o w/ 60.4x79.4/ Bayreuth, NSc/ inv. 6617/ IN/


c1700 NETSCHER, Constantin: Nymphs laying offerings before a statue of Venus and Cupid (To
the right the statues of Venus and Cupid stand on a square plinth with relief decorations of putti on its
side. Centrally three nymphs, the nearest in orange-brown, kneel and offer garlands and other gifts to
the goddess. Satyrs are seen in the background.)/ PA/ o c/ 44.1x52.7/ Glasgow, KMu/ inv. 112.318/ IN< prev (att)
NETSCHER, Caspar, with wrong date 1670>/ R11948V.230.
rep (att) ‘Nymphs adorning with flowers the statue of Venus and Cupid’/ PA/ o c/ ?/ Dijon, MuT/
inv.1883-61/ Hofstede de Groot C (1908) Vol. V, p.155, n°23/ R17132V.231.
c1700 SCHENK, Pieter : Triumph of Amphitrite (Venus?) (aft PA by Nicolas Poussin/ see
2.1/12/R1918.2088)/ PR/ e/ 48.7x60.5/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXV, p.9, n°19/ R17153V.232.
Poussin’s PA in Philadelphia Museum of Art has got various names but is now entitled ‘Triumph of Neptune and the Marine
Venus’ ; Poussin made also a DR entitled ‘Triomphe d’Aphrodite’ (see 2.1/2/R4445.67).
c1705 LUYKEN, Caspar : Iphis & Iante in tempel van Venus (aut ‘'Jeu des Métamorphoses
d'Ovide. Pour apprendre la Fable. A Amsterdam, Chez Pierre Mortier, Libraire, à la Ville de Paris ‘)/
IL/ e/ 8.1x5/ UN/ Van Eeghen 1905, Deel II, p.604-605, cat.406/ R13812V.233.
1717 VAN ORL(E)Y, Jan & Coppens, Augustin: De verheerlijking van Venus (The glorification of
Venus)/ PA/ es for tapestry/ ?/ UN/ IN <Tapestry 408x515/ Gent, MSK/ inv. 1994-F-3>/ R7079.234.
c1718 ALLARD, D.: Kroning van Venus door Cupido/ PA/ o w/ 310x112/ Brussel, Stadhuis/ inv.?/ IN/
c1725 DE WIT, Jacob: Offer aan Venus/ DR/ u / 19.5x29.8/ Brussel, KMSK-MRBA/ inv. ?/ IN/ R8204.236.
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13167/ IN RKD/ R3312.237.
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inv.?/ IN/ R17763.240.
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Regnault/ nt) (aut MONTESQUIEU, Ch.-L. de Secondat, baron de : ‘Le Temple de Gnide’, pub Paris,
de l'imprimerie de P. Didot l'aîné)/ IL/ ?/ ?/ Bruxelles, HG 13.1.2009/ Sl. –456/ cat/ R15522.242.
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prep DR/ d/ 20.5x25.5/ San Diego, University/ inv.?/ IN Artstor/ R16667.244.
sim DR/ d/ 20.5x25.5/ San Diego, University/ inv. ?/ IN Artstor/ R16668.245.
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inv.?/ IN/ R17808.246.
1881 ROPS, Félicien Victor Joseph: La messe de Cnide/ DR/ ?/ 23x15.2/ Paris, sa T....6.4.1897/ Sl. ?/ Mireur/
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(1985) p.68/ R5587.248.
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eBay 18.6.2008/ R13643.249.
1894 VLOORS, Emile: Het offer aan Aphrodite/ PA/ o c/ 53 x 34,5/ Lokeren, DV 23.10.2010/ Sl. –74/ IN/
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PF8019-44/ IN/ R5442.252.
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Flandre' p.90, Ed.A.G.Stainforth, Bruges)/ IL/ e/ 10.6x7.7/ Gent, PrC/ R17861.253.


1969 DELVAUX, Paul: Aphrodite (with temple in the background)/ PA/ o c/ 150x130/ PrC/ Ollinger-Zinque
G & Leen F (eds.) (1997) p.166, n°109/ R400.254.

3. Attributes of Venus
(animals, apple, chariot, dog, doves, flowers/myrrh,
mirror/Vanitas, roses/thorn, sandal, swans, tortoise)
c1520 GOSSAERT (MABUSE), Jan: Venere con lo specchio (Vanitas) (Venus looking into a
mirror)/ PA/ o w/ 59x29.9/ Rovigo, PAC/ inv. 79/ Silver L (1986) p.18-19, fig.32/ R5362.255.
c1532 VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten: Sandalenbindende Aphrodite/ DR/ d/ 13.4x20.8/ Berlin, KSK/ inv.
79 D 2, fol. 25 v/ Bober P P & Rubinstein R(1986) p.64,n°20a/ R4592.256.
1541 POSTHUMUS (POSTMA), Herman: Venus auf einem von Schwänen gezogenen Wagen/
FR/ ?/ ?/ Landshut, BVSGS/ inv. SR 20/ IN/ R1577.257.
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P-120.011/ Hollstein 1949, III, p.124, n°62/ R16986V.258.
(aft?) DR by G. Romano/ see 1.1/3/R7645.113
1550 (att) SUSTRIS, Lambert: Venere con amorino in un paesaggio (with animals) (aft PA by V.
Tiziano/ see 1.1/16/R446.1595) / PA/ o c/ 134x192/ Wien, DOR 31.3.2009/ Sl. –256/ IN/ R7971.259.
1565 JUNIUS,Hadrianus: Venus auf der Schildkröte; Minerva auf dem Drachen: ‘Häuslichkeit
und Keuschheit’/ IL/ ?/ ?/ Stuttgart, LBi/ inv. ?/ Henkel A & Schöne A (1967) p.1750/ R17364.260.
rep ana ‘Veneris potentia’ Venus (seated on her chariot drawn by swans) mit Amor, der Mohnköpfe
und Apfel hält’/ IL/ ?/ ?/ Stuttgart, LBi/ inv. ?/ Henkel A & Schöne A (1967) p.1752/ R17369.261.
1575 PAUWELS (FIAMMINGO), Frank: Venere con cagnolino/ PA/ o c/ 28.5x89/ Venezia, CaR/ inv. 281/
Martini E (2002)p.134,137, n°102/ R957.262.
c1575 VAN WINGHE, Joos: Apelles schildert Compaspe (Venus with apple)/ PA/ o c/ 221x209/ Wien,
KHM/ inv. 1677/ Balis A et al. (1987) p.297, cat.44/ R16245.263.
1579 COIGNET (I), Gilles: Amor houdt Venus een spiegel voor (Venus with mirror) (aft PA by V.
Tiziano/ see 1.1/3/R445.130 or reps)/ PA/ o w/ 139x96/ LO, prev Kassel, SKS/ inv. 1880-?451/ Miedema H (1994)
p.96 Note n°2<List of works signed>; RKD/ R18047.264.
1579 HAECHTANUS, Laurentius: Momus tadelt beim Fest der Götter die knarrende Sandale der
tanzenden Venus/ IL/ ?/ ?/ Göttingen, KSU/ inv. ?/ Henkel A & Schöne A (1967) p.1576 < Zett n°14>/ R17358.265.
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Anonymous (1980-81) p.192-93, cat.131; pc/ R17995V.266.
cop ? (aft by fol )’Vénus et Cupidon au miroir’/ PA/ o c/ 159x93.5/ Paris, DRO 26.3.2010/ Sl. –81/ IN ; also (fol) D. DE
QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN/ A'dam, SOT 12.5.92/ Sl. 562-81/ IN/ R12986.
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Reznicek E K J (1961) p.292, K138 A277; Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.411, fig. T18/ R11784.267.
rev PR by SAENREDAM/ see R4658.
rep ‘Venere col pomo in mano’/ DR/ d/ ?/ Baltimore, MoA/ inv. ?/ Stolzenburg A (2000) p.434 [No. 52]/
rep ‘Venus met de appel’/ DR/ d/ 17.4x8.5/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv. ?/ IRPA-KIK/ R17845.269.
c1596 SAENREDAM, Jan Pietersz.: Venus (with apple) en Cupido (rev aft DR by GOLTZIUS/ see
R11784)/ PR/ e/ 19.5x14/ Rotterdam, BBM/ inv. L 1971-134/ IN/ R4658.270.
c1600 CALVAERT, Denys: Venus looking into a mirror/ PA/ o c/ 178x132/ Cremona, MuC/ inv. 223/ Meijer
B W (1998) n°137, p.118/ R3800.271.
c1600 DE VRIES, Adriaen: Venus mit Granatapfel in linker Hand; in rechter Hand Züpfel des
Gewandes bis zur Mitte reichend; Amor rechts stehend/ SC/ ?/ 24.5/ LO?/ Anonymous (1883b), p.131, n°81/


c1600 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus, Cupido en Peristera/ DR/ d c/ ?/ LO/ Van Mander K (1604/1995) p.339
< voor Francesco Badens: een naakt liggende Venus met Cupido; in de achtergrond ziet men het tafereel van de nimf Peristera
door Cupido in een duif veranderd, omdat zij Venus hielp in een wedstrijd tussen Venus en Cupido om de meeste bloemen te
plukken...>/ R16832V.273.
c1600 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Venus wounded by a thorn/ PA/ o c/ 81.3x61/ LA, FGa/ inv. AH:66:-03/ Healy F
(1997), fig.92/ R10652.274.
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Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 168/ Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.100, fig.10/ R822.275.
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1614 MATHAM, Jacob: Venus (with apple in right hand) taking the prize for beauty, accompanied
by Jove (sic =Cupid) (aft H. GOLTZIUS/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 25.7x18.2/ SF, FAM/ inv. 1963.30.13267/ IN/ R836.277.
1617 DE PASSE (II), Crispijn: Cupido showing Venus a mirror (aut 'Nieuwen jeucht spieghel', pub
Jan Janszoon the Elder, Arnhem)/ IL/ ?/ 12.6x16/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XVI, p.130, n°143 <title plate>;
Veldman I M (2001) Vol. 3, p.226, fig.122; Vol. 4, p.55, fig.XIX/ R17113.278.
1628 MOREELSE, Paulus: Venus met duif/ PA/ o c/ 81.2x66.5/ Utrecht, CMu/ inv. 11288/ IN/ R16303.279.
Cop fragment/ PA/ o c/ 46.5x37.6/ Utrecht, CMu/ inv. 5316/ IN/ R16282.
rep sim‘Venus, zwei Tauben nähernd’/ PA/ o c/ 85x69/ Leipzig, MBK/ inv. 1495/ IN/ R16301.280.
rep ide/ PA/ ?/ 84x66/ Nogent s/Seine, CMT/ inv. 1/MT/0033/ IN; pc/ R16299.281.
rep ide ?/ PA/ o c/ 82x67/ NY, SOT 3.6.1988/ Sl. –30/ IN/ R16300V.282.
rep ide (wor) ‘Venus with two doves’/ PA/ o c/ 83.2x73.1 circ/ London, CHR 7.7.2006/ Sl. 7254-220/ IN/
rep ide (wor) ‘Venus, zwei Tauben nährend’/ PA/ o c/ 83.5x73 rectangular/ Wien, DOR 4.10.2006/ Sl. –193/ IN/
1634 BLAEU, Willem Jansz.: Venus in her chariot/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Stein M (1972) p.285, 286, pl.49b <ide PR by
DANCKERTS, Justus/ see R18463>/ R18497.285.
1642 BLOEMAERT (II), Cornelis: Venus mit dem Apfel (aft DR by Salvi Castellucci/ nt) (aut Teti,
Girolamo ‘Aedes Barberinae ad Quirinalem. A Comite Hieronymo Tetio Perusino descriptae’)/ IL/ pl.
M-S 217/ ?/ Roma, BiH/ inv. ?/ MAR/ R17063.286.
Also in London, BMu/inv.1910-0208.8/ IN < (series) Galleria Giustiniana del Marchese Vincenzo Giustiniani/ 1631/ 28x18/
This plate is one from a series of 322 plates showing famous paintings and antique marble statues from the collection of
Vincenzo Giustiniana, published in two volumes by Joachim von Sandrart (1636 and 1636/37). These statues were on display
in the 'Galleria Giustiniana del Marchese Vincenzo Giustiniani'>.
rep ana ‘Venus (standing showing her back, flowers in hand)’/ PR/ e/ 15.7x9.5/ SF, FAM/ inv. 1963.30.11944/
IN/ R726.287.
1649 WOUTERS, Frans: Amor presenting a mirror to Venus/ PA/ o w/ 46.7x72/ Besancon, MBA/ inv. ?/ De
Maere J & Wabbes M (1994) Vol.3,p.1303/ R16755.288.
c1650 VAN HERP (I), Willem (Gilliam): Venus with flowers in a landscape/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa
5.3.1818/ Sl. –59/ GPI < Sale Catalog Br-1635>/ R16845V.289.
c1650 WILLEBOIRTS BOSSCHAERT, Thomas: Venus mit einer Krone aus Rosen in der
Rechten/ PA/ o c/ 93.5x80/ WEB, Artprice 22.11.2003/ R641V.290.
1658 BOL, Ferdinand: Venus (standing in front of her chariot) and Cupid/ PA/ o c/ 114.5x91.5/ London,
CHR 5.7.2007/ Sl. 7413-0056/ IN/ R9687.291.
1663 VAN DER HELST, Bartholomeus: Vénus tenant la pomme de Pâris/ PA/ o c/ 105x86/ Lille, MBA/
inv. P253/ Mai E (ed) (2001), p.240-1, n°8/ R1634.292.
c1675 DANCKERTS, Justus: Venus in her chariot (aft DR ? by Hendrick Dekeyser (II ?)/ nt)
PR/ ?/ ?/ NL, PrC/ Stein M (1972) p.285, 286, pl.48, fig.49d <ide PR by W. J. BLAEU/ see R18497>/ R18463.293.
1675-80 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Venus (with apple in right hand) stijgt in gezelschap van Cupido
op een wagen naar de Olympus/ PR/ e y/ 24x19.7/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-113.015/ Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.473-74,
n°G49b; IN/ R11847.294.


c1675 MAES (MAAS), Nicolaes: The car of Venus with 4 cupids and 2 swans in a landscape/ PA/ o c/
137.2x142.2/ A'dam, sa 2.4.1873/ Sl. ?/ Hofstede de Groot C (1908) Vol.VI, p.481 n°13/ R17150V.295.
c1675 SCHALCKEN, Godfried : Venus with her doves/ PA/ o w/ 21.6x16.5/ Den Haag, KPB/ inv. 1907-161/
Hofstede de Groot C (1908) Vol.V, p.333, n°80/ R17139V.296.
c1675 TEYLER, Johan: Venus als Halbfigur mit schwebendem Amor, von Tauben gezogen/ PR/ ?/ ?/
UN/ TBV < Amsterd. Rab. (142 Blätter)>/ R20280V.297.
rep ana ‘Venus auf Muschelwagen, von Amoretten gezogen’/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV < Amsterd. Rab. (142
Blätter)>/ R20283V.298.
c1675 VERHULST, Rombout: Venus (with apple and two cupids)/ RE/ m/ ?/ A’dam, Stadhuis/ inv. ST-656/
Neurdenburg E (1948) p.192-193, fig.155/ R10871.299.
1698 VAN MIERIS, Willem: Venus with the apple and Cupid/ PA/ o c/ 12.7x18.9/ London, WCo/ inv. P181/
Anonymous 1989, Vol.I, p.957/ R643.300.
c1700 (cir) DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Venus sich im Spiegel betrachtend und Amoretten/ PA/ o w/
39x29/ Wien, DOR 17.6.2008/ Sl. –296/ IN/ R14573.301.
c1700 GOEREE, Jan: Myrthus Arbor (a medallion with Venus below)/ PR/ e/ 14.2x15.9/ London, BMu/
inv.1930-0306.155/ IN/ R19490.302.
c1700 SCHAAK, Willem: Water : Goddess seated in a chariot drawn by swans/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Hollstein,
XXIV, p.134, n°2-5 (13) <series of 4 PRs 'The four elements' personified by seated women>/ R17152V.303.
c1700 SCHENK, Pieter: Venus seated in a chariot/ PR/ e/ 24.2x18.4/ Dresden, KSK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXV,
p.67, n°314 <chariot facing right in clouds; winged Cupid holding reins of two doves>/ R17156V.304.
c1700 TERWESTEN (I), Augustinus: Venus (seated in her chariot) und Amor/ PA/ o c/ 117x124/
Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 295/ Colella (ed.) (1995), p.116, cat.1.3/ R10945.305.
PR by Karl Schroeder (I)/ R19329.
c1725 TROOST, Cornelis & Ferri, Ciro: Der Wagen von Venus auf Wolken on zwei Tauben nach
links gezogen...(with cupids)/ DR/ d/ 26x31.5/ Wien, ALB/ inv. 1099/ cat/ R16127.306.
1753 LATOUR, Jean : Vénus sur son char/ FR/ ?/ 280x94/ Liège, Adm/ IRPA-KIK <pendant with ‘Vénus et
Adonis’/ see R17815>/ IN/ R17814.307.
1832 PUYENBROEK, Pieter: Vénus au miroir (à sa toilette)/ SC/ s/ ?/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KP-PR/ Hymans L
S (1882-89) Vol. I, p.264/ R4899.308.
1841 FRAIKIN, Charles Auguste : Vénus à la colombe/ SC/ z/ 30.5x10.5x10.5/ Paris, MdL/ inv. RF 4275/ IN <
dite aussi ‘Lesbie’, dite aussi ‘La Candeur’>/ R2430.309.
cop ide/ London, SOT 2.11.2001/ Sl. L01292-181/ IN.
1887 DESENFANS, Albert Constant: Vénus aux colombes (aft SC by Ollivier, Jean Philippe
Augustin/ see 2.1/3/R4901.228)/ SC/ s/ 209/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KP-PR/ IRPA-KIK/ R8765.310.
1914 DELSTANCHE, Albert: La Vénus aux colombes dans le Parc de Bruxelles/ PR/ e (4-4)/ ?/ Brussel-
Bruxelles, HG 13.1.2009/ Sl. –189/ cat/ R15474.311.
1947 VAN LEUSDEN, Willem: Venus (naakte staande vrouwefiguur naast enorme slang)/ PR/ e/
49.8x24.6/ A’dam, RMu/ inv. RP-P-2000-328/ IN/ R11275V.312.
c2000 MERCIER, Lussie: Vénus gourmande/ PA/ o w/ 104x150/ Verviers, sa 29.4.2009/ Sl. ?/ IN/
2001-02 CORNEILLE: Vénus sens dessus dessous/ 5xPR/ l (28-190)/ 72x56/ Lokeren, DV 8.3.2008/ Sl. ?/ IN/
‘Vénus sens dessus dessous’/ PR/ l r/ 104x87/ WEB/ R6820.314.
‘Vénus sens dessus dessous 1’/ PR/ l r(?-190)/ 72x56/ WEB/ R6818.315.
‘Vénus sens dessus dessous III’/ PR/ l r(?-190)/ ?/ WEB/ R6821.316.
‘Vénus sens dessus dessous 4’/ PR/ l r(?-190)/ 72x56/ WEB/ R6819.317.
‘Vénus sens dessus dessous nr. IV’/ PR/ l r/ 100x80/ WEB/ R6816.318.

4. Birth of Venus/ Anadyomene/
Venus Marina
(dolphins, fountain, naiads and tritons,
sea, shells, water, waves)

c1524 VELLERT, Dirck Jacobsz: Venus in een schelp zeilend (Venus in shell, rowing, with sail)/
PR/ e y/ 7.3x4.9/ Rotterdam, BBM/ inv. BdH 14623/ Hébert M (1982) Tome 2, p.288, n°3233 (B11); Mai E (ed) (2001),
p.449-50, n°G27; IN/ In many places. Also PR by ALLAERT/ see R16990. R4762.319.
c1525 VAN LEYDEN, Lucas: Venus Marina/ PA/ o w/ 31x20/ Strasbourg, MBA/ inv. 1938-84/ WI <or
Fortuna?>/ R18462.320.
c1530 ALLAERT, Claesz.: Venus seated in a shell (aft PR by D. VELLERT/ see R4762)/ PR/ ?/
7.3x4.8/ Paris, BNF/ inv. ?/ Hollstein 1949, IV, p.138, n°134/ R16990.321.
Also in London, BMu/ inv.1864,0514.267
1550 COORNHERT, Dirck Volkertsz.: Reuben sitting upon a hog; and by him a fountain with
statues of Venus and Cupid (aft DR? by VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maerten/ nt)/ PR/ e/ / Cambridge,
FWM/ inv. M.H-I-78/ IN < The Twelve Patriarchs (series title)>/ R19510V.322.
c1550 MASSYS (METSYS), Cornelis: Venus on a shell/ PR/ e/ 11.8x7.5/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-120.014/
Hollstein, XI, p.191, n°62/ R17076.323.
c1575 (att) DE BACKER Jacob: Birth of Venus/ PA/ o w/ 89x79/ London, SOT 16.12.1999/ Sl. –170/ IN RKD/
c1575 STRADANUS, Joannes: Birth of Venus/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ WI/ R14503.325.
c1575 TOEPUT (POZZOSERRATO), Lodewijk: Venus and amorini on a dolphin/ DR/ ?/ ?/
Stockholm, NKM/ inv. ?/ Gerszi T (1992) pp. 367-395/ R18538V.326.
c1575 VAN WINGHE, Joos: Apelles painting Compaspe or Venus born from the foam/ PA/ o c/
210x175/ Wien, KHM/ inv. 1686/ Balis A et al. (1987) p.110-111, cat.44/ R16244.327.
prep rev DR/ d/ 27.3x21.8/ Dessau, ScG/ inv. B.17, nr.7/ IN RKD/ R19236.328.
c1580 SPRANGER, Bartholomeus: Venus und Amor auf einem Delphin/ DR/ d/ 18.7x20.1/ Wien, ALB/
inv. 7994/ Schultze J ed.(1988) p.308, fig.5/ R3326.329.
rep ana ‘Venus Anadyomene’/ DR/ d/ ?/ UN/ IC < Doppelblatt>/ R19635.330.
c1580 (wor) VAN DER SCHARDT, Jan Gregor: Venus with a shell by a tree-stump/ SC/ z/ 47/ A'dam,
RMu/ inv. Br460/ Leeuwenberg J (1973) p.166, n°198/ R17406.331.
1582 COLLAERT, Adriaen: Venus Anadyomene (aft DR by Jan COLLAERT I/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 17.3x12.8/
A'dam, RPK/ inv. RP-P-1894-A-18382/ EU/ Also in London, BMu/ inv. 1869,0410.150O/ IN < (series) Designs for Pendants
II; jewel design with Venus upon a shell holding a sail and a man holding an oar on a seamonste > R19176.332.
rep ana c1600 ‘Venus on a large shell in the sea’/ PR/ e/ 11.4x16.7/ SF, FAM/ inv. 1963.30.12495/ IN/
c1594 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus Marina op een door dolfijnen voortgetrokken zeewagen
(Venus Marina or Galatea or Thetys or sea goddess)/ PR/ e w/ 34.5x26 ov/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-121.856/
Hollstein 1949, VIII, p.120-121, n°368 'Galatea'; Anonymous (2005) cat.47a &b <in black, green and beige & in black and
two shades of brown>/ R771.334.
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Karlsruhe>/ R20276V.376.
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pigeons and driven by Cupid…) (aft DR? by Jan GOEREE/ nt)/ IL/ e frontispiece to an unidentified
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VAN DALEN/ R17057)/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK 1825/ IN/ R17246.384.
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eines neuen Brunnens mit Venus und Flußgöttern für die Place du Château in Lunéville (1761; Zeichnung in den Archives
départem. de Meurthe et Moselle C. 418) wurde nicht ausgeführt.>/ R20239V.386.
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ausgeschrieb. Wettbewerb um die Errichtung der Drei-Jungfrauen-Brunnen teil; die von ihm dafür gelieferte Venusstatue
wurde von M. Husmans de Merbois erworben. >/ R20231V.388.
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s/ ?/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KP-PR/ Rousseaux H (1911) p.91<all SCs (in KP-RP) replaced by cops by Jacques DE LALAING>/
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>/ R20279V.404.
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5. Toilet/ Bath of Venus/ Venus crouching
c1550 (att) LOMBARD, Lambert: La toilette de Vénus/ DR/ d/ 10.7x7.2/ Liège, CED/ inv. 124/ IN/
c1550 VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten : Kauernde Aphrodite, in drei Ansichten (Vénus antique
agenouillée)/ DR/ d/ 13.3x20.9/ Berlin, KSK/ inv. 79 D 2, fol. 6 verso / Avery C & Hall M (1999) p.38 fig.2 ; IN/
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rep ‘Venus after her bath’ (aft Annibale Carracci/ nt)/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Bayonne, MuB/ inv.?/ WI< col. Bonnat
(12x?), cat.23 (CNN35)>/ R16175.425.
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GG1540/ IN <Tribune de l'Art, ?.10.2008> / R14730.426.
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?/ LO rev PR (by SPRANGER?)/ e/ 20x13.5/ LA, CMA/ inv. M83.318.80/ IN/ rev PR by Aegidius SADELER/ see R5039.
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recto/ MAR; IN RKD/ R19189.428.
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NMK/ inv. NM 160/ XXX/1973/ Van Ruyven-Zeman Z (2004) pp. 237-257, note 58/ R18563V.429.
prep for PR ‘Venus after her bath(drying her foot)’ (rev aft PR by Raimondi/ see 1.1/5/R875.262)/
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rep (cir)/ PA/ o y/ 38x28.3/ London, SOT 13.12.2001/ Sl. L01125 -118/ IN/ R5326.432.
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Bro93/ IN/ idem? Anonymous (1883b), p.132 <Kauernde Venus> R14907.433.
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looking)/ PR/ e/ 17.7x14.2/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XI, p.228, n°215/ R4645.434.
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S264/ IN RKD/ R3226.438.
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p.282, cat.161/ R16890.440.
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see1.1/3/R445.130 and several replicas)/ DR/ d/ 20.5x16.5/ London, BMu/ inv. fol.119v/ Adriani G (1940,1965)
p.33, pl.119v; Depauw C & Luijten G (1999), p.311, fig.2/ R16064.441.
rep ana ‘Venus washing her feet with Cupid to left’ (aft PR by Marcantonio Raimondi/ see
1.1/5/R875.262)/ DR lower part/ d/ 20x15.8/ London, BMu/ inv. 1957-1214.207.80/ IN/ R19473.442.
rep ana ‘Venus sich entkleidend’/ DR upper part/ d/ 20.5x16.5/ London, BMu/ inv. 1957-1214.207.111 / Adriani G
(1940,1965) p.30, pl.111/ ana? (aft?)‘Venus attiring after bathing, attended by cupids’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, CHR 5.2.1801/ Sl. –
84/ GPI Sale Catalog Br-8/ R16808V. R17864.443.

c1625 (att) BLOEMAERT, Abraham: Toilet of Venus/ PA/ o w/ 165x120/ Wien, col Tschuppik 1934/ RKD/
c1625 (att) FRANCKEN (II), Frans: La toilette de Vénus (aft PR by Brebiette/ see
2.1/5/R14145.618)/ PA/ o y/ 16.9x22.5/ Le Mans, MuT/ Lieure s.d. p.62, pl.9 / R12495V.445.
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38.5x49.5/ London, SOT 8.7.2010/ Sl. L10034-132/ IN/ R19382.447.
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1.1/3/R445.130)/ PA/ o c/ 137,2x111,2/ Madrid, MTB/ inv. 1957.5/ Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.258-9, n°16 <1603?>/
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WI< 'Amor bathing with Venus watching'>; Bodart D (1970), p.I, 307, pl.LXXXVIII, fig.142 <Vénus et l'Amour au bain> /
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inv. PK-P-103.208/ IN/ R17249V.458.
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IN/ R20159.462.
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Pictorum’)/ PR/ e/ 22.8x16.7/ London, BMu/ inv. 1950-0211.161/ IN/ This PR is not aft the PA by TENIERS(II), D./ see
R3328. R19471.463.
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1.1/5/R540.299)/ PA/ o c/ 74x90/ Paris, sa Kohn 29.11.2007/ Sl. –27/ IN <pendant with ‘Aphrodite surprise (par Adonis)
dans son sommeil’/ see R11219>/ R11218.477.
1704 VAN AUDENAERD, Robert: Statua di Venere nata della spuma del mare posata sopra una
conchiglia (crouching Venus) (aut ‘Raccolte di Statue antiche e moderne’ pub Rossi-Maffei, Roma)/
IL/ e/ ?/ UN/ WI/ R16259.478.
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29.6.05/Sl. L05300-219 Aubusson tapestry is a reweaving of The Toilet of Venus, from a set of `Venus and Adonis’ tapestries,
woven in Brussels by the workshop of Judocus de Vos, after the paintings by Francesco Albani, commissioned in 1621 by
Ferdinando Gonzaga for the Villa Favorita, acquired in 1684 by Louis XIV and now in the Louvre>/ R3677.479.
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6. Venus and Adonis

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of Adonis’) (aft GOLTZIUS/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 17.6x25.8/ UN/ Hollstein 1949, VIII, p.130, n°10-61<52 plates to Ovid's
Metamorphoses>; TBV/ R17021V.495.
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Montias < notarial death Naerden, Jan Arentsz. Van >/ R18419V.500.
c1625 SEGHERS, Gerard: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, PrC/ Vey H (1964) p.270<
Venus and Adonis in the Rudolf collection, London, 21 is a copy after a painting - perhaps after one by Seghers if the
seventeenth-century inscription on the reverse, lange gerit 2 gul., is correct - but not a drawing by Segher's hand.
Note 21. Old Master Drawings from the Collection of Mr. C. B. Rudolf, London-Birmingham-Leeds, I962,
no. 139, pl. I6>/ R18536V.501.
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25.5.1833/ Sl. –120/ GPI < Sale Catalog Br-13832>; three more PAs in GPI Sale Catalogs: a) cabinet picture/ R16810V; b)
an oval picture/ R16815V; c) a grisaille/ R16821V. R16848V.502.
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Gemälde-Cabinet des Prinzen-Stadthalters Willem V, Den Haag>/ R18039V.510.
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VAILLANT, Wallerant/ see R17383. R16680V.512.


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15.9.1827/ Sl. –2/ GPI < Sale Catalog Br-12800>/ R16843V.513.
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napoletano di Achille della Ragione>/ R16637V.516.
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A1159>/ R16851V.521.
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1<A'pen, sa Jacomo de Wit 1741>/ R18230V.524.
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1776/ Mireur/ R17950V.527.
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as a pair with 'Diana setting out for the hunt '/ London, CHR 7.7.2010/ Sl. 7863 –155>/ R19375V.528.
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Petersburg, PPa/ inv 412/ TBV/ R20241V.529.
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Anonymous (1905) n°453/ R18313V.530.

o Adonis meeting Venus

c1580 VAN CONINXLOO (II), Gillis: Landscape with Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o y/ 37.8x53.6/ Cleveland,
MuA/ inv. 1962.293/ IN/ R2887.531.
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London, sa 10.7.1821/ GPI <Sale Catalog Br-12077>; London, sa 11.5.1836, Sale Catalog Br-14366 refers to: <Landscape
with Venus and Cupid; the figures by Annibal Caracci, and painted with great elegance>/ R16783V.532.
1607-08 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Venus wounded by the thorns of a rose/ PA/ o c/ 81.9x62.2/ LA, MACC/
inv. ?/ IN RKD/ R18570.533.
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(1883b), p.136 <1617 'Adonis und Venus (Ein Mann, ein Weib, ein Hund)' heute im Park von Drottningholm (SE), aus Prager
Kunstbeute 1648, vorher :Waldsteinhalle in Prag>/ R20011.535.
c1625 TILENS, Jan: Paysage avec Vénus et Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 73x111/ Monaco, SOT 15.6.1990/ Sl. –444/ IN ;
RKD/ R18712.536.


1640-50 (att) FABRITIUS, Carel: Venus und Adonis/ PA/ 140x108/ Vaduz, LMu/ inv. GE 83/ pc; IN RKD <’
De godin Diana met een jager (?)’ by School of REMBRANDT ; (att) FABRITIUS rejected> Venus ? with Diana’s attributes
(bow and arrows), but swans –Venus’ attributes- are present./ R7411.537.
c1650 (att) ARTHOIS, Jacques d': An extensive wooded landscape with Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/
124.5 x 246.4/ London, CHR 5.12.2007/ Sl. 5311-0146/ IN/ idem? ARTHOIS & BALEN: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London,
sa 21.2.1834/ GPI Sale Catalog Br-13944. R11248.538.
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CHR 16.11.2005/ Sl. 2678-125/ IN/ R19441.539.
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LAIRESSE>/ RKD/ R19995.540.
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gadeslaan/ DR/ d/ 23.6x33.9/ Firenze, GdU/ inv. 1410E/ Kloek W T (1975) cat.825 <pre? DR for PR 'L'histoire d'Adonis'>
Bartsch 101-106 >/ R16718V.541.
rep ana ‘Landschap met de roof van Adonis’/ DR/ d/ 23.4x33.6/ Firenze, GdU/ inv. 1411E/ Kloek W T (1975)
cat.812, <pre DR for PR 'Vénus trouvent Diane Endormye' Bartsch 102>/ R16715V.542.
rep ide? ‘The rape of Adonis’/ PA/ o w/ 148x273/ Roma, GDP/ inv 1942-68/ WI/ R19850.543.
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XXIX (1984), p.59, n°(19) <The story of Adonis. Plate 2> / Also in other places. R1354.544.
rep ‘Landschap met ontmoeting tussen Venus en Diana/ DR/ d/ 23.2x33.7/ Firenze, GdU/ inv. 737P/ Kloek W
T (1975) cat.813 <pre DR for PR 'Diane trouve Vénus, Vénus ne pouvant echapper' Bartsch 103> PR by John Brown/ R19496.
rep ‘Venus offering Diana a choice between Cupid and the young Adonis’/ PR/ e/ 23.4x33.2/ Wellington,
MNZ/ inv. 1869-0001-509/ Hollstein XXIX (1984), p.59, n°(20) <The story of Adonis. Plate 3> / Also in other places.
rep ‘Venus, Amor en Adonis op de konijnenjacht’/ DR/ d/ 23.4x33.7/ Firenze, GdU/ inv. 1409E/ Kloek W T
(1975) cat.814 <pre DR for PR 'Vénus exerse Adonis à chose de peu' Bartsch 104>/ R16717V.547.
rep ‘Venus introduces the young Adonis to the hunt’/ PR/ e/ 23x32/ Wellington, MNZ/ inv. 1869-0001-510/
Hollstein XXIX (1984), p.59, n°(20) <The story of Adonis. Plate 4>/ Also in other places R1809.548.
rep ‘Venus lamenting the death of Adonis’/ PR/ e/ 25.8x33.3/ Wellington, MNZ/ inv. 1869-0001-512/ Hollstein
XXIX (1984), p.59, n°(20) <The story of Adonis. Plate 6> / Also in other places R12795.549.
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A'dam, PrC 1945/ IN/ Venus with a quiver on her shoulder is rather unusual. R18707.550.
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UN/ Hollstein 1949, IX, p.13, n°3/ R17029.551.
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W01408-348/ IN/ R5467.552.
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CIAG/ inv. D.1952.RW.2014/ IN/ There are no attributes of Venus R17430.553.
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(1999) p.328-329, note 19/ idem ? ‘Diane et Actéon’/ PA/ 42.2/ 53/ Dijon, MuM/ inv. 1938 E / com/ R10561, incorrectly
entitled ‘Vénus et Adonis’on Internet. R16242V.555.
1700 VAN BLOEMEN (Horisont/Orrizonte), Jan Frans & Filippo Lauri: Adone e gli amorini
scoprono Venere/ PA/ o c/ 50x61/ Venezia, sa San Marco 21.10.2007 / Sl. –48/ IN/ R12117.556.
c1700 VAN ORLEY(II), Jan: Venus and Adonis (aft PA by F Albani/ see 1.1/6/R538.360 and its
reps)/ PA/ car for tapestry/ 380x475/ UN/ WI < tapestry Judocus De Vos, c.1700 Brussel> ide tapestry Beauvais/ R18726.
c1700 (att) VAN ORLEY (II), Richard: Aphrodite surprise (par Adonis) dans son sommeil (rev aft
PA by F. Albani/ see 1.1/6/R538.360)/ PA/ o c/ 74x90/ Paris, sa Kohn 29.11.2007/ Sl. –27/ IN <pendant with
‘Toilette de Vénus’ see R11218>/ R11219.558.


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330x166/ Liège, HdV/ inv. ?/ IRPA-KIK/ R17816.559.
1831 ANSIAUX, Antoine -Jean-Joseph-Eléonore : Vénus apparaissant à Adonis/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Paris, Salon/
Sl. 1831-29/ Sanchez & Seydoux 1999, T.II, p.215/ R15146V.560.

o Adonis loving Venus

ƒ with Venus alone and with animals
1583 MOSTAERT, Gillis: Venus and Adonis/ DR/ d/ 11.9x9.1/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. 05:160/ IN RKD/
c1610 VAN DER LA(A)NEN, Jasper: Landscape with Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 58x43/ WEB, Artprice
10.5.2010/ # 596328/ R19026.562.
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(aft DR by VAN HAARLEM)>/ R16099.564.
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84/ IN RKD/ Also or rep ? ide ‘Apollo en Daphne’/ PA/ o w/ 27.5x22.7/ A’dam, SOT 14.5.2002/ Sl. –12/ IN RKD.
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(1973) p.271, n°367/ R17407.570.

• with animal(s) and Cupid(s)

c1575 BLOCKLANDT VAN MONTFOORT, Anthonie: Venus and Adonis, Cupid and two dogs/
DR/ d/ 11.2x9.2 ov/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-T-AW-997/ IN/ R17172.571.
rep sim ‘Venus and Adonis’/ DR/ d/ 30.7x34.2/ Laren, SMu/ inv. ?/ IN RTD/ R18710.572.
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GALLE/ see R5030. R16490V.573.
rep ana (cir) ‘Venus en Adonis’/ DR/ d/ 30.3x21.1/ A'dam, SOT 9.11.1999/ Sl. –143/ Blankert A et al (1981)p.94; IN
RKD/ R3390.574.
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R16490V)/ PR/ e/ 21.8x31.7/ R’dam, BBM/ inv. L 1965-117/ Hollstein 1949, VII, p.78, n°287-290 <4 plates 'The history of
Adonis' >; Duverger E (1984-2009) IV,19 < Historie van Adonis van Blocklanth in vier platen> / R5030.575.
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MAR/ R5034.576.
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1591 VAN DER BORCHT (I), Pieter: Venus en Adonis (aut Ovidius 'Metamorphoses' pub Plantin
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72, n°7/ R9157.579.
rep ana ‘Venus and Adonis’/ PA/ o c/ 127x176/ London, SOT 10.7.2003/ Sl. L03031-15/ IN; IN RKD < 148 x 196>/
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1596 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Landschaft mit Venus und Adonis/ DR/ d/ 64.3x48.4/ Wien, ALB/ inv. 15113/
IN/ R12236.582.
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1.1/6/R1476.420)/ PR/ e/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-101.242/ IN/ R17214V.587.
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1600-03 VAN HAARLEM, Cornelis Cornelisz.: Venus (reclining to the right), Adonis (seated,
kissing Venus) with Cupid (to the left)/ PA/ o w/ 39x54/ Stockholm, NMK/ inv. 384/ Cavalli-Bjorkman G (1986)
p.60, n°24/ Cops ide (aft): a. / 40x46/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 167/ IN RKD/ R1908; b./ 51x75.5/ Praha, NGP/ inv. DO
4190/ R1909; c./38.5x78/ DE, PrC/ R1911. R1910.590.
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rep sim? (att) or (cir) /PA/ o w/ 32x32/ Sibiu, MNB/ inv. 203/ IN Codart/ R15822V.593.
c1600 VAN VALCKENBORCH, Frederick: Venus and Adonis in a wooded landscape/ PA/ o c/
85x133/ London, SOT 10.2.1987/ Sl. -24/ IC/ R20057.594.
c1600 VERHAECHT, Tobias: Een woest berglandschap met Venus en Adonis rustend aan de kant
van de weg…/ PA/ o w/ 40x69.5/ London, SOT 3.7.1996/ Sl. –207/ IN RKD/ R3287.595.
1604 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Venus and Adonis seated with flowers/ PR/ e/ 18.3x22.8/ UN/ Hollstein, XV,
p.198, n°556 <from set of 4 plates 'The seasons' 1. Ver>/ R17101.596.
rep ana 1607 ‘Venus in love with Adonis’/ PR/ e/ 7.9x12.6/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Veldman I M (2001) p. 225, n°94,
p.364, fig.209/ R17424.597.
1607 WTEWAEL, Joachim Anthorisz.: Venus und Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 36x48/ Wien, LMu/ inv. HB 96/ Briels J
(1997) p.63, fig.73; pc/ one of 4 reps, this one the oldest; PR by DE PASSE/ see R17109. R19048.598.
rep ide / PA/ o w/ 39x59/ London, SOT 2.7.1986/ Sl. –279/ RKD/ R20066V.599.
rep ide / PA/ o w/ 37.8x57.2/ NY, SOT 29.1.2009/ Sl. –132/ IN RKD/ R3254.600.
rep ide (att) ‘Venus and Adonis in a landscape with Cupid by their side’/ PA/ o w/ 39.2x58.8/ A'dam,
CHR 14.11.2007/ Sl. 2769-0150/ IN/ R11075.601.
c1610 VAN DER LA(A)NEN, Jasper: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 46x73/ Den Haag, Hoogsteder GAL 1970/
WI <as 'Diana and Endymion'; advertisement Apollo 1970>/ R19808.602.
1614 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus und Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 141x191/ München, APK/ inv. 5613/ Eikemeier P (ed)
(1983) p..222; Sluijter E J (1986) fig.73/ R1572.603.
rep ana (att) PA/ o w/ 55x41.5/ A'dam, SOT 13.11.2007/ Sl. AM1032-14/ IN/ R10960.604.
prep? DR/ d/ ?/ LO pre. Arnhem, Gemeentemuseum/ Reznicek E K J (1961) p.274-75, K108 A445/ R16402.605.


1614 VAN HAARLEM, Cornelis Cornelisz.: Venus and Adonis (half-length figures) as lovers
(without Cupid)/ PA/ o c / 95x74/ Caen, MBA/ inv. 106 (88)/ IN RKD/ R1917.606.
c1620 FRANCKEN (II), Frans: Landschaft mit Venus und Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 54x76/ Münster, GAL Frye &
Sohn/ IN/ R16838.607.
c1620 JANSSENS VAN NUYSSEN, Abraham: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 200x240/ Wien, KHM/ inv. GG-
728/ Balis A et al. (1987) p.248/ Cop c1950 PA/ o c/ 137x161/ Lindau, sa Zeller ?/ Sl. 83-1400/ R3036. R1143.608.
1620-21 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Portrait of Sir George Villiers and Lady Katherine Manners as
Adonis and Venus/ PA/ o c/ 223.5 x 160/ BE, PrC/ Mai E (ed) (2001), p.310-11, n°39/ R1603.609.
c1625 (wor) DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Venus and Adonis (aft PA by J. WTEWAEL/ see R17101)/
IL/ e/ 16.5x22.7/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XVI, p.67-68, n°236ad <illustrations to 'P. du Ryer : Les metamorphoses
d'Ovide' Francois Foppens, Brussels 1677/ unpublished set of prints/ pl.332>; Reitlinger H (1945) p.24, pl.332; Van der Waals
J (1988) p.90, cat n°95 Boek N°43 (c) n°65< 'Venus waarschouwingh aen Adonis'>/ R17109.610.
prep ‘Venus and Adonis with Cupid in a landscape’/ DR/ d/ 15.6x22.2/ NY, SOT 13.1.1993/ Sl. 6389-6/ Mayer
1994 <as DE PASSE (II), C.>; Van der Waals J (1988) p.90, cat n°97 <anonymous (aft) J.WTEWAEL>/ R17490.611.
c1625 VAN DIEPENBEECK, Abraham Jansz.: Venus and Adonis asleep, surrounded with the
spoils of the chase/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 7.5.1832/ Sl. –33/ GPI < Sale Catalog Br-13659>/ Another PA ‘Venus and
Adonis’/ London, sa 24.5.1821/ Sl. –35/ / GPI< Sale Catalog Br-12052>/ R16803V. R16804V.612.
c1625 VAN HAARLEM, Cornelis Cornelisz.: Venus (reclining to the left), Adonis (seated, with
spear) with Cupid (to the left)/ PA/ o w/ 26x37.5/ Heino, MDF/ inv. ?/ Sluijter E J (1986) fig.67; IN RKD/
1627 VAN NIEULANDT (I), Adriaen: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 107x160/ Stockholm, sa 22.10.1952/ Sl. –
157/ Sluijter E J (1986) fig.69/ R18188.614.
1642 VAN COUWENBERGH, Christiaen Gillisz.: Venus en Adonis/ PA/ ?/ ?/ LO?/ Van Gelder J G
(1948,49) p.158, n°19< Huis ter Nieuburgh, Rijswijk>/ R18262V.615.
rep ide? ‘Slapende Venus en Adonis’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Den Haag, sa 10.5.1718/ Sl. –98/ Van Gelder J G (1948,49) p.158, n°20 < met
honden, bokken en schapen, veiling C. van Dyck>/. R18263V.616.
c1650 BRUEGHEL (II), Jan: Wooded landscape with Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 72.3x101/ Madrid, PrC/ Ertz K
(1984)p.423, cat.262 <unidentified figure painter; (att) to Roelant SAVERY & Cornelis VAN HAARLEM rejected>/
c1650 DE BRAY, Salomon: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 37x32/ Stockholm, UMu/ inv. 1912-65 as Mancadan/
Sluijter E J (1986) fig.186/ R18199.618.
c1650 DE NEVE, Franciscus: Venus and Adonis (Diana and Endymion)/ DR/ ?/ 18.8x29.5/ Hamburg,
KuH/ inv 22235/ RKD/ R19996.619.
c1650 JORDAENS (I), Jacob: Venus en Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 164 x 146/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv.
8732/ IRPA-KIK/ idem? JORDAENS, JACOB (I) & Fyt, Jan: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 6.5.1829/ GPI < Sale
Catalog Br-13016>/ R16839V. Johannes Fijt was specialized in hunting scenes, including dogs, and made a few PAs with
Diana, see IN RKD. R16470.620.
c1650 THOMAS, Jan: Venus and Adonis as lovers/ PA/ o w/ 40.6x68.6/ London, CHR 29.10.2003/ Sl. –4/ IN
RKD/ R18729.621.
c1650 VAN KESSEL, Theodorus: Venus and Adonis (rev aft PA by P.Veronese/ see 1.1/6/R2724.383)/ PR/ e/
21.9x16.8/ Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. A1: 1266/ Hollstein 1949, IX, p.237, n°34; IN/ Also in London, BMu/ inv.1981-U558 as
'Venus and Mars' aft PA in Wien,KHM/ inv.1527. R17035.622.
c1650 VAN OOST (I), Jacob: Portret van een echtpaar in pastorale kleding (Venus and Adonis as
lovers?)/ PA/ o c/ 166,4x235/ NY, CHR 26.5.2000/ Sl. –32/ IN RKD/ R3263.623.
c1650 WTEWAEL, Peter: Venus en Adonis met Amor/ PA/ o y/ 22.2x34.2/ Köln, LEM 22.5.2004/ Sl. ?/
Stuurmann-Aalbers J & Stuurman R (2005) vol. 30, p.96/ R16342.624.
c1650 YKENS, Frans: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 111x79/ PrC, pre Parma, Consigli Antichità/ Hairs M-L (1965),
p.208,427,428; WI< <one of a pair > see R19739/ R20294.625.
1652 HEERSCHOP, Hendrick: Venus, Adonis and Cupid/ PA/ o c/ 143x106/ A'dam, SOT 18.5.2004/ Sl.
AM0923-79/ IN/ R5627.626.
1652 VERSCHOOR, Willem: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 143x103/ Paris, sa 9.6.1938/ Sl. –103/ Sluijter E J
(1986) fig.185/ R18198.627.


1658-60 BOL, Ferdinand: Venus and Adonis from the chase/ PA/ o c/ 112x90/ Orleans, MBA/ inv. ?/
Blankert A (1982) p. 101, cat. 27,pl.34; Sumowski W (1983) Vol.I p.297, cat.106; Sluijter E J (1986) fig.187/
rep ide PA/ o c/ 108x86.4/ Warsaw, MuA/ inv. ?/ Sumowski W (1983)Vol.VI, p.3592 < Warsaw, Mu Archbishof, cat.1988,
p.172>/ idem? PA/ ?/ 108x86.4/ London, CHR 13.3.1987/ Sl. -27 / IN/ R18035.629.
rep ide PA/ o c/ 128x104/ NY, CHR 15.5.1996/ Sl. -35/ Blankert A (1982) p. 101, cat. 28,pl.35/ R3277.630.
1658 DE CRAYER, Gaspar: Venus and Adonis (with Time)/ PA/ o c/ 193x144/ London, SOT 6.7.2000/ Sl. –
154/ IN RKD/ R16723.631.
rep sim PA/ ?/ ?/ Marseille, MBA/ inv. 868/ IN RKD/ R16724V.632.
1671 VAN SOMER (II), Paulus: Landscape with Venus and Adonis/ DR/ d/ 15.2x19.6/ London, CIAG/ inv.
D.1952.RW.2052/ IN/ R17429.633.
rep ide ? PR/ 15.1x21.4/ Wien, ALB/ inv.?/ Hollstein, XXVII, p.167, n°48 <n°46-49 'Pagan Myths'>/ Also in
Braunschweig. R17290V.634.
c1675 (cir) DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 54x42/ London, CHR 14.4.1999/ Sl. 8348-
116/ IN/ R16465.635.
c1675 MAES, Godfried: Venus and Adonis/ DR/ d/ 19.7x27.7/ A'dam, CHR 3.11.2004/ Sl. –131/ IN RKD/
c1675 MILLET, Jean François dit Francisque: Landscape with Venus and Adonis/ DR/ d/ 28.7x44.9/
London, BMu/ inv. Pp 5.135/ IN<Venus seated caressing him at the foot of a statue on a pedestal, trees and a palm behind, an
obelisk to left and Venus' chariot on a cloud, drawn by swans and attended by putti>/ R18251.637.
c1675 VAN NECK, Jan: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 225.4x171.5/ UK, PrC/ IN RKD <(att) Johannes Mijtens
rejected>/ R12865.638.
c1675 VERKOLJE, Jan: Adonis, seated at the base of a tree, embraces and fondles Venus/ PR/ ?/ ?/
London, BMu/ inv. ?/ IN <pub Gerard Valck>/ R18277.639.
1678 DE VOIS, Ary: Venus und Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 38x49/ Potsdam, NPa/ inv. 10000/ Sluijter E J (1986) fig.190/
1680-90 VERKOLJE, Nicolaas: Venus und Adonis (aft LO PA by ? Arnold Houbraken)/ PR/ ?/
38.6x29.6/ Berlin, BAS 5.6.2009/ Sl. –5284/ IN/ Also in London, BMu/ inv.1874-0613.791/ IN <Date 1680-1690 ; painting is
described by Arnold Houbraken >. R16018.641.
rep ana (cir) ‘Venus and Adonis’/ PA/ o w/ 41.8x34/ London, BON 25.4.2007/ Sl. 14667 –193/ IN/ R9009.642.
c1690 VAN DER NEER, Eglon: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 53x63.5/ Glasgow, KMu/ inv. 88.315/ Hofstede de
Groot (1908) Vol 60 p.482, n°22a; Sluijter E J (1986) fig.189 <63,5x63>/ R11952.643.
c1700 GOLE, Jacob: Vénus et Adonis ( rev aft PA by N. Poussin? or S. Vouet?)/ PR/ ?/ 25.5x20.2/
Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-113.452/ Hollste1n 1949, VII, p.220, n°164; Andresen 1962, p.171, fig.A.344/ See comments in
2.1/6/R2962.861 & R14375.864 about the many replicas of Poussin. R15377.644.
c1700 JANSSENS, Victor Honoré: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 23.7x32.7/ London, SOT 1.11.2007/ Sl.
L07727-77/ IN/ R10962.645.
c1700 POOL, Matthijs : Venus and Adonis (aft DR ? by Barend GRAAT, aft PA by N. Poussin ?/
NT)/ PR/ ?/ 39x52/ Helsinki, MuS/ inv. C 1183/ Hollstein 1949, VIII, p.164 n°8/ R17025.646.
rep ana (aft PA by N. Poussin ?/ nt)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ Paris, BNF/ inv. ?/ Andresen 1962, p.172, fig.A.346/ See comments
about the many replicas of Poussin in 2.1/6/R2962.861 & R14375.864. R15378.647.
c1700 SCHENK, Pieter: Venus and Adonis (aft PR by J. Lepautre/ R17066)/ PR/ e/ 15x20.5/
Braunschweig,HAUM/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXV, p.279, n°1031-1046 (12) <series of 16 PRs 'Mythological subjects' aft Jean Le
Pautre, SCHENK Exc.>/ R17162V.648.
c1700 VAN MIERIS, Willem: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ ?/ ?/ München, Weinmüller GAL June 1963/ WI/
c1720 (att) PLUMIER, Edmond & Jean Juppin: Vénus et Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 330x166/ Liège, HdV/ inv. ?/
IRPA-KIK/ R17800.650.
c1725 POLA, Hendrik: Venus en Adonis/ DR/ d/ 65.3x53.6/ London, SOT 29.5.1975/ Sl. –79/ IN RKD/


1740 SCHOUMAN, Aert: Venus en Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 85x81.5/ s-Hertogenbosch, CoS/ inv. 11.785 GSH-S 6/ IN
RKD/ R19170.652.
c1750 (cir) BESCHEY, Balthasar: Venus and Adonis surrounded with putti in a landscape/ PA/ o c/
93.4x145.3/ A'dam, CHR 11.5.2005/ Sl. 2661-54/ IN/ R3450.653.
c1750 SCHEEMAECKERS (II), Pieter: Venus and Adonis/ SC/ m or s/ ?/ Hertford, PrC Beckwish & Sons/
WI/ R19806.654.
1753 LATOUR, Jean: Vénus et Adonis/ FR/ ?/ 280x94/ Liège, Administration/ IRPA-KIK <pendant with ‘Vénus
sur son char/ see R17814>/ R17815.655.
c1825 VIEILLEVOYE, Joseph Barthélémy: Vénus et Adonis/ DR/ d/ 24.3x37.7/ Liège, MAW/ inv. ?/
Coekelberghs D & Loze P (eds) (1985) p.251, n°221/ R18331.656.

• with Cupid(s) and others

c1540 (att) SUSTRIS, Lambert: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 55x65.5/ UN/ IN <cop ide of (wor) Giorgione/ see
1.1/6/R7400.400>/ R14728V.657.
c1580 MONT, Hans: Venus und Adonis/ SC/ z/ 117/ Stockholm, NMK/ inv. 141/ Schultze J ed.(1988) p.165-66,
cat.72/ R16884.658.
c1620 VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k: Venus and Adonis as lovers/ PA/ o w/ 31.7x22.9/ Columbus, MuA/ inv.
[57]47.75 (1957)/ IN/ R11301V.659.
rep ide? PA/ o y/ 67.3x83.2/ UN/ FRESCO: W3803/ R19260V.660.
rep ide? (cir) ‘Venus und Adonis’/ PA/ o w/ 31.5x24.5/ Berlin, BAS 30.11.2007/ Sl. 090-6203/ IN/ R10999.661.
c1650 VAN SCHOOTEN, Floris Gerritsz.: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 26.7x40/ London, PrC/ IN/
1695 CABBAEY, Michiel: In einer Waldlichtung liegt Adonis mit seinem Kopf auf dem Schoss der
Venus…/ DR/ g f/ 22x16.3,/ München, HAM 8.12.2007/ Sl. –1820/ IN RKD/ R12339.663.
c1700 VAN SCHAAK, Jeremias: Venus and Adonis (with Mars? above in the clouds watching) (aft
PA? or DR? by DOUDIJNS, W. / nt)/ PR/ e/ 23.4x18.3/ A’dam, RPK/ inv ?/ Hollstein, XXIV, p.130, n°2 <pendant
to n°1 'Diana appearing before Endymion'>; RKD < 38,5x31.6>/ R17151.664.
c1750 BESCHEY, Jacob Andries: Venus en Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 34x27/ PrC/ IN RKD/ R3389.665.

o Adonis leaving Venus

c1550 DE WEERDT, Adriaen: Venus und Adonis/ DR/ d/ 34,9 x 24,2/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. Z. 951r/
MAR/ R19218.666.
c1570 Monogrammist I C: Venus und Adonis/ DR/ d/ 18,3 x 27,3/Köln, RWM/ inv. Z 1371/ MAR/
1571 BOL, Hans: Landschap met Venus en Adonis/ DR/ d/ 8.3x13.2/ A’pen, MMVDB/ inv. ?/ De Coo J (1966)
p.174, n°744/ R9376.668.
c1575 SPE(E)CKAERT, Hans (Jan): Venus and Adonis; scene in a wood with Venus seated and
gesticulating/ DR/ d/ 21.6x17.7/ London, BMu/ inv. 1875,0814.2475/ IN/ R18254.669.
c1575 TOEPUT (POZZOSERRATO), Lodewijk: Landscape with Venus and Adonis/ DR/ d/
21.8x36.5/ Minneapolis, MIA/ inv. 68.53.8/ IN/ R15502.670.
c1575 VAN DEN BROECK, Chrispijn: Venus ende Adonis/ PA/ ?/ ?/ A'dam, inv.19.1.1613/ Montias/ PR by
VAN DEN BROECK, Barbara/ see R17419. R18406V.671.
rep ana ‘Venus and Adonis’/ DR/ d/ 28.9x20.3/ Cambridge, FWM/ inv. 2859/ IN/ Composition of this DR is different
from the PR by VAN DEN BROECK, Barbara/ see R17419. R19509.672.
c1581 COLLAERT (I), Hans (Jan Baptist): Venere e Adone (aft PA by Tiziano/ see
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IN RKD/ R12863.747.


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TROYEN, Theatrum Pictorum (1660-1673)/ nt>/ R3142.769.
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A (1992) p.242, cat.P.64 < known by PR by Wallerand VAILLANT/ see R17381>/ R18852V.772.
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p.242, cat. P64/ R17381.774.
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713/ Sframeli M (2003) n°17,p.104/ Also PR by FRANCHOYS/ see R16324V. R4010.776.
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vues jusqu'aux genoux, sa Lebrun 1810>; Roy A (1992) p.340-41, cat.P.192 < PR by P. VAN DER BERGE/ see R18854 ;
other rev PR exists/ R18863>/ R17955.783.
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o Adonis dying
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apprendre la Fable ». A Amsterdam, Chez Pierre Mortier, Libraire, à la Ville de Paris)/ PR/ e/ 8.1x5/ UN/
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• with animal(s) and Cupid(s)

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sixteen (eight oval and eight octagonal) reliefs with subjects from Ovid's Metamorphoses, designed about 1550-60 by
Gughelmo della Porta in Rome and modelled in clay under his supervision by his Flemish assistant Jacob Cobaert….>/
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Adonis) (aft PA by VAN DYCK/ see R5818)/ PA/ o c/ 138x199/ Berlin, SPSG/ inv. GK I 5172/ De Maere J &
Wabbes M (1994) Vol.3,p.1285; Huys Janssen P et al.(2000) p.142, cat.59, fig.96 < WILLEBOIRTS made at least 7 PAs of
this subject>/ R9710.909.
rep ide PA/ o c/ 234x206/ Berlin, SPSG Schloss Grunewald/ inv ?/ WI/ R19825.910.
rep ide PA/ ?/ 142.5x189.5/ Ottawa, MBA-NGC/ inv 4869/ WI/ R19826.911.
rep ide PA/ o x?/ 32.5x48/ Brussel, PrC/ Huys Janssen P et al.(2000) p.142, cat.61, fig.98; IRPA-KIK / R8202.912.
rep ana PA/ o x/ 13.1x19.6/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. Z. 1612/ IN RKD/ R18664.913.
rep ana PA/ o c/ 167x206/ 's-Hertogenbosch, NBM/ inv. 12667/ Huys Janssen P et al.(2000) p.144, cat.67, fig.113/
rep ana PA/ o c/ 112x162.5/ A'dam, CHR 6.5.2009/ SL. 2820-17/ IN; RKD <pos cop aft LO>/ R15922.915.
1649 BLOEMAERT, Abraham: Venus mourning the dead Adonis/ DR/ d/ 22.9x31.9/ A'dam, RPK/ inv.
06:35/ Bolten J (2007) p.184, n° 522 <wrongly as 'Diana and Endymion' in RPK>/ R18825.916.
c1650 CAMPHUYSEN, Joachim Govertsz.: Venus (in the sky) and Adonis in rocky landscape/ PA/ o
w/ 35.4x59.8/ A'dam, CHR 16.11.2006/ Sl. 2719 –75/ IN/ R7900.917.
c1650 DE VOS, Paul: Venus mourning Adonis/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Madrid, ABASF/ inv ?/ WI/ R19833.918.
c1650 FRANCHOYS (II), Lucas: De dood van Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 166x280/ Mechelen, MHB/ inv. ?/ IRPA-KIK/
c1650 JORDAENS (I), Jacob: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 119x152.5/ London, CHR 6.7.1990/ Sl. –89/ IN/
c1650 QUELLINUS (II), Erasmus & Joris Van Son: Venus mourning Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 173x119/ UK,
PrC Mrs T Sanger 1955/ WI/ pos PR by VAILLANT, W. / see R17383. R19822.921.
c1650 VAILLANT, Wallerant: Venus mourning over the death of Adonis (aft PA ? by Erasmus
QUELLINUS II/ see R19822 or R16680V)/ PR/ ?/ 37.9x30.4/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein XXXI (1987) p.88,
n°44 (without dog behind Venus)/ R17383.922.
c1650 VORSTERMAN (I), Lucas: Venus lamenting the dead Adonis (aft PA by A. VAN DYCK/
see R5815)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Hollstein 1949, VI, p.128, n°810/ R17003V.923.
c1650 WOUTERS, Frans: Death of Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 37.4x56.7/ London, CHR 2.7.1997/ Sl. –100/ IN RKD/
c1675 VAN BOSSUIT, Francis (François): Venus en Adonis/ RE/ i/ 18.1x12.5/ A’dam, RMu/ inv. BK-NM-
2931/ Leeuwenberg J (1973) p.250, n°335/ R3945.925.
c1700 (att) VAN MIERIS, Willem: Venus mourning over dead Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 16.2x20/ London, CHR
9.12.2005/ Sl. 7102-195/ WI ; IN < compares the painting to an autograph work by Van Mieris of the same subject in the
Israel Museum, Jerusalem/ nt>/ idem ? ‘Adonis blessé’/ PA/ ?/ 19x24/ Paris, sa Thielens 1842/ Mireur<pendant avec 'Adonis
faisant ses adieux à Vénus'/ see R17948V>/ R17949V. R19840.926.
prep ? sim ‘Venus mourning over the dead Adonis’/ DR/ d/ 11.2x15.1/ A'dam, SOT 14.11.2006/ Sl. –95/ IN
RKD/ R18689.927.
rep ana (cir) PA/ o w/ 18x22/ Wien, DOR 11.12.2007/ Sl. –100/ IN/ R11904.928.


• with Cupid(s) and others

c1550 (att) LOMBARD, Lambert: Vénus et Cupidon pleurant Adonis/ DR/ d/ 4.5x8.3/ Liège, CED/ inv. ?/
IRPA-KIK/ R17790.929.
rep ana DR/ d/ 13.3x18.8/ Liège, CED/ inv. ?/ IRPA-KIK/ R17785.930.
rep ana DR/ d/ 8.2x7.3/ Liège, CED/ inv. ?/ IRPA-KIK/ R17784.931.
rep ana DR/ d/ 3.2x9.7/ Liège, CED/ inv. ?/ IRPA-KIK/ R17787.932.
c1560 SUSTRIS, Lambert : La mort d'Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 155x199/ Paris, MdL/ inv. 1759/ IN/ R10250.933.
c1575 (cir) BLOCKLANDT VAN MONTFOORT, Anthonie: Der Tod des Adonis/ PA/ 67 x 124/ Köln,
LEM 20.11.2010/ Sl. 969-1024/ IN/ R20381.934.
c1612 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Venus (with Cupid only) lamenting over dead Adonis/ DR/ d/ 21.7x15.3/
London, BMu/ inv. 1895.9.15.1064/ Mai E (ed) (2001), p.413, fig.T21/ R2379.935.
rep sim (with others) ‘Adonis expring in the arms of Venus’/ DR/ d/ 30.6x19.8/ Washington, NGA/ inv.
1968.20.1/ Rosenthal L (2005), p.148 fig.53/ R1142.936.
rep ana ‘The death of Adonis’/ PA/ o c/ 212x326/ Jerusalem, IMu/ inv. BOO.0735/ Rosen J (2008) p.91-100, fig.1 <
c1614 & Frans Snyders>/ R6225.937.
prep ide ‘Venus mourning Adonis’/ PA es/ o w/ 48.5x66.5/ London, DuC/ inv. DPG451.1811/ Rosenthal L (2005),
p.146 fig.51; IN <modello for 2 PAs, one in NY, PrC Steinberg/ see R6225>/ R983.938.
rep ana DR/ d/ 31x53/ PrC Earl of Pembroke/ WI <aft FR 'The death of Adonis' by G. Romano, Pa Te, Mantova/ nt>; idem?
Paris, sa Mariette 1776/ Mireur <‘Vénus, accompagnée de ses nymphes, pleure la mort d'Adonis’ (aft Lucas Penni, nt)>/ aft
DR by G. Romano/ see 1.1/6/R10034.514. R17974.939.
rep ana c1635 ‘Il compianto di Venere su Adone’/ PA/ o c/ 274.3x182.9/ Genova, PrC/ Boccardo P (ed) (2004)
p.302-304, n°67/ R333.940.
rep ide? PA/ o c/ 190x240/ UN/ Boccardo P (ed) (2004) p.47, n°III.47/ R10263V.941.
c1650 CODDE, Pieter: Venus mourning Adonis/ PA/ o w/ 31x32/ St. Petersburg, HMu/ inv. 3150/ IN RKD/
1670-80 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Venus mourning Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 67xs90/ A'dam, SOT 19.11.1996/ Sl. –62/
Roy A (1992) p.433, cat G.38; IN RKD/ R3228.943.
rep ide ‘Animi excelsi laeta quies (Venus treurt om de dood van Adonis)’/PR/ e/ 35.8x48.2/ Leiden, BiRU/
inv. PK-P-130.137/ IN/ R17210.944.
rep ide (att) ‘Vénus pleurant Adonis, environné d' amours’/ DR/ d/ 32x45.3/ Paris, MdL/ inv. 22.709/ Lugt F
(1929) Vol.1,p. 57, cat.392 < peut-être cop aft PR>; Roy A (1992) p.433, cat G.38 < copie de PR>/ cop rev DR/ d/ 37.4x45.3/
Otterlo, KMM/ inv. 11971/ R18859V. R18120.945.
rep sim (att) PA/ o c/ 120x134/ Maastricht , PrC/ Timmers J J M (1942), pl.XII; Roy A (1992) p.433, cat G.38 <aft PR>;
IN RKD/ R3234.946.
rep ana ‘Venus mourning over dead Adonis (Mars falsely also mourns)’/ DR/ ?/ ?/ PrC/ WI/
c1700 TIDEMAN, Philip: Venus mourning over dead Adonis (with Mars behind Venus ?)/ PA/ ?/ ?/
Hopetoun, HH/ inv B-7014/ WI/ R19841.948.
c1750 DUBOURG, Louis Frabicius: Venus beweent Adonis/ DR/ d/ 13.8x17.8/ Luzern, sa 20.6.1995/ Sl. –46/
IN RKD/ R3281.949.

7. Venus and Anchises, Aeneas
(see also 15. Venus and Vulcan)

1660-75 VAILLANT, Wallerant: Venus and Anchises (rev aft FR by Annibale Carracci/ see
1.1/7/R1586.574)/ PR/ e/ 25.5x22.6/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein XXXI (1987) p.89, n°45/ Also in London, BMu/
inv.1850-1109.65 R17384.950.
c1700 HOET (I), Gerard: Venus and Anchises/ PA/ o w/ 186x336 ov/ Doetinghem, KDS/ RKD/ R19998.951.
c1725 PRONK, Cornelis: Venus en Anchises (aft FR by Annibale Carracci/ see 1.1/7/R1586.574)/
DR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK 2356/ IN/ R17248.952.
1948 SEVERIN, Mark: Aphrodite verleidt Anchises (aut ‘Hymn to Aphrodite', publ. England)/ IL/ e
w/ ?/ UN/ Severin, M (1981), p.130/ R8389.953.

o Venus appearing to Aeneas and other stories

c1585 (att) DE BACKER Jacob: Venus and Cupid with Aeneas fleeing the burning Troy beyond/
PA/ o c/ NY, SOT 30.1.1998/ Sl. –129/ IN RKD/ R18490.954.
1612 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Jupiter tries to reconcile Juno and Venus (aut 'Speculum Aeneidis
Virgilianae' pub Arnhem) / IL/ e y/ 8.4x12.4/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XVI, p.63-64, n°232ad < set of 15 prints:
12. Jupiter...>/ Also in Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. 22.1 Geom. (4-11). R17108.955.
c1675 VERKOLJE, Jan: Dido and Aeneas (with Venus and Cupid above in the clouds)/ PA/ o c/
87x115/ LA, JPGM/ inv. ?/ Roy A (1992) p.501-02, cat P.R.30 <prev (att) G. DE LAIRESSE>/ R18861.956.
c1668 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Vénus, Ascagne et Cupidon/ PR/ e/ 6.8x10/ UN/ Roy A (1992) p.430-31, cat
G.31 <série de 6 pl 'Histoire de Didon et Enée'>/ R18858.957.
1702 TERWESTEN, Mattheus: Venus erscheint Aeneas und Achates als Jagerin/ PA/ o c/ 198.5x148.5/
Berlin, SPSG / inv. GK I 30251/ Colella (ed) (1995), p.203-205, cat.6.5/ R10949.958.
prep DR/ d/ 19.15.2/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. RP-T-00-266/ Colella (ed.) (1995), p.221-223, cat.7.12/ R10951.959.
rep ana ‘Juno und Venus beschliessen die Verbindung von Dido und Aeneas’/ DR/ d/ 16.1x14.8/ A'dam,
RPK/ inv. RP-T-00-276/ Colella (ed.) (1995), p.221-223, cat.7.17/ R10952.960.
1721 VAN KESSEL, Willem: Venus verschijnt aan Aeneas als jageres/ PA/ o c/ 98x89/ Köln, LEM
15.11.1995/ Sl. –1297/ IN RKD/ R3243.961.
1780 MUYS, Robert: Venus en Dido (aut att J. Buys)/ IL/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV/ R20271V.962.
1813 HELLEMANS, Pierre-Jean: Ontmoeting tussen Aeneas en Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Bruxelles, Salon/ Sl.
1813-?/ cat/ R15152V.963.

o Aeneas wounded and nursed by Venus

1613 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Kampf von Aeneas: Venus rettet Aeneas/ PR/ e y/ 83 x 126/ Braunschweig,
HAB/ inv. 22.1 Geom. (1-5)/ IN/ Also ‘Aeneas vecht met Diomedes, onder aansporing van Venus en Pallas’/ PR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden,
BiRU/ inv. PK-P-101.282/ PK-P-101.306. R19347.964.


c1700 JANSSENS, Victor Honoré: Aeneas is wounded; Venus secretly puts a healing plant in the
water with which Japyx is bathing the wound/ PA/ o c/ 76,2 x 60,6/ NY, SOT 29.5.2003/ Sl. –11/ IN RKD/
c1720 TERWESTEN, Mattheus: Aeneas tries to save the body of Pandarus but is hit by a stone
thrown by Diomedes; Venus comes to Aeneas' rescue/ PA/ o c/ 93x120/ Berlin, LS 3.6.1996/ Sl. –419/ IN RKD/
1808 VANDORNE, François: Vénus blessée par Diomède, va se plaindre à Mars (sic =Jupiter)/
PA/ ?/ ?/ Paris, Salon/ Sl. 1808-596/ Sanchez & Seydoux 1999, T.I, p.162/ R15036V.967.

o Aeneas getting arms from Venus (see also 15.Venus and

c1625 (cir) BRUEGHEL(I), Jan: Vénus et Enée dans les forges de Vulcain/ PA/ o w/ 73x105/ Morez,
MuL/ inv. 1877.001.0003/ IN/ R19240.968.
c1625 DE PASSE, Simon: Aeneas donning his new armour (Venus and Cupid in the sky)/ PR/ e y/
8.1x12.5/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Veldman I M (2001) p.247, n°8, fig.268/ R17421.969.
c1650 (att) DE CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe: Aeneas receives Vulcan's weapons from Venus/ DR/ d/
32x29/ Köln, sa 20.11.2009/ Sl. –111/ IN/ R17879.970.
c1650 VAN DER POEL, Egbert Lievensz.: Vénus et Énée/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ IN Gabriusdatabank/ R2586.971.
c1650 VAN EGMONT, Justus: Vénus remet des armes à Enée/ PA/ o c/ ?/ Paris, MdL/ inv. 2901/ EU/
1660 BOL, Ferdinand: Aeneas ontvangt wapens van Venus/ PA/ o c/ 407x415/ Den Haag, VPa/ inv. ?/ IN
RKD/ R3288.973.
1668 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Venus overhandigt wapens aan Aeneas (Vénus montrant les armes
à Enée)/ PA/ o c/ 165x165/ A’pen, MMVDB/ inv. cat323/ De Coo J (1966) p.78, n°323; Roy A (1992) p.230-231cat P.49/
prep ide PA/ es o c/ 53x61.5/ Dijon, MuM/ inv. 1938 E 181/ Roy A (1992) p.230-231cat P.48/ R2591.975.
rep rev ide PR/ e/ 35.6x47.8/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-130.138/ Timmers J J M (1942) p.119, n°31 <c1680> ; Roy A
(1992) p.432-33, cat G.37/ R17211.976.
rep sim (cir) ‘Venus presenting Aeneas with armour forged by Vulcan’ /PA/ o c/ 56.4x164.7/
Knightsbridge, BON 27.10.2010/ Sl. 17954-205/ IN/ R20167.977.
c1725 VERKOLJE, Nicolaas: Aeneas empfangt von Venus seine Waffen/ DR/ d/ 34x38.7/ Wien, ALB/
inv. 10517/ cat/ R16152.978.
c1800 LENS, Andries : Venus hands over the armour to Aeneas/ PA/ o c/ 79x111/ London, SOT 26.11.1980/
Sl. –2/ IN RKD/ R18975.979.

o Aeneas immortalized
1585-90 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Enée divinisé (apotheosis of Aeneas)/ DR/ d/ 56x43/ Firenze, GdU/ inv.
8574S/ Reznicek E K J (1993) pp. 215-278, p.237 K II3a; Kloek & Meijer (2008) p.52-54, n°29/ R17984.980.
c1600 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Venus vergoddelijkt Aeneas (aft Tempesta, Antonio, nt)/ PR/ e/
8.6x13.2/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-101.274/ Veldman I M (2001) p. 231, n°108, p.380, fig.240/ R17216.981.
c1600 DE WITTE (CANDIDO), P(i)eter: Aeneas wird von Venus in den Olymp aufgenommen/ PA/
o y/ 58.6x43.2/ Berlin, GSM/ inv. 2018/ IN/ R11610.982.
prep ? DR/ ?/ ?/ Philadelphia, PAFA/ inv. PAFA81/ IN/ R19069V.983.
1615-20 JANSSENS VAN NUYSSEN, Abraham: Apotheosis of Aeneas / PA/ o w/ 200,4 x 228,4/ Neuburg/
BSGS/ inv. 1974/ IN RKD/ R18275.984.


1617 JORDAENS (I), Jacob: Venus zalft Aeneas lippen met nectar en ambrosijn (apotheose van
Aeneas)/ PA/ o c/ 212.5x236/ Kopenhagen, SMK/ inv. 1310A/ IN RKD/ R3268.985.
c1650 VAN (DEN) DYCK, Daniel: La déification d'Enée/ PR/ ?/ ?/ Leipzig, sa Weigel 1843/ Mireur/
1665-66 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: La déification d'Enée/ PA/ o c/ 108x120/ NY, GAL R Feigen 1987/ Roy A
(1992) p.201-202, cat.P.15/ R18849.987.
1665 DUJARDIN, Karel : Venus verleiht Aeneas die Unsterblichkeit/ PA/ o c/ 95x102.5/ Mainz, GGa/ inv.
204/ Sumowski W (1983) Vol.VI p.3735, cat.2393 ; IN RKD/ R3252.988.
1683 VAN NECK, Jan : Apotheose des Aeneas (aft sim PA by Karel DUJARDIN/ see R3252)/ PA/ o
w/ 50x73/ Köln, WRM/ inv. Dep. 0579/ Sumowski W (1983) Vol.VI p.3735, cat.2393 / R2619.988.
c1720 DE WIT, Jacob: De opneming in de hemel van Aeneas (Aeneas onsterfelijk verklaard)/ PA/ o
c/ 415x185/ Hoevelaken, PrC/ IN RKD/ R18725.989.
c1750 KEYERT, Rink: Vergoddelijking van Aeneas/ DR/ d u o/ 26x38/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv.
10851/ Van Tatenhove J (1993) p. 17-21; IN RKD < (att) Theod. VAN THULDEN rejected>/ R16471.990.

8. Venus and Cupid
c1600 BRIL, Paul: Cupid and Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 11.2.1824/ Sl.-23/ GPI/ R16784V.991.
c1600 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Venus accompanied by Cupido/ PR/ e/ 20.5x12.2/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-
101.446/ Hollstein, XV, p.204, n°594 <from set of 4 plates 'The four parts of the day' 2. Venus...in the background to the left a
gentleman and lady dining in the open air>/ R17105V.992.
c1600 GALLE, Theodor: Venus and Cupid. Night Piece (aft Ph. GALLE/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 25x20.4/ UN/
Hollstein 1949, VII, p.85, °225/ R17009V.993.
c1600 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Venus and Cupid in a landscape/ DR/ ?/ ?/ R'dam, BVBM/ inv. ?/ Müller
Hofstede J (1964) p.15/ R18528V.994.
c1600 (att) WIER(I)X, Johan: Venus and Cupid/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Brussel, KBR/ inv. F 24220/ Van Ruyven-Zeman Z
(2004) pp. 237-257, note 58/ R18564V.995.
1601 VAN ASBROEK (ASPRUCK), Frans: Eros en Anteros (aft J. Heintz/ nt)/ PR/ e y/ 17.8x12/
Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 801/ Hollstein 1949,I,14; Van Gelder H E & Duverger J eds(1956), p.110, fig.10/ R16494.996.
c1620 MOREELSE, Paulus: Venere e Amore/ PA/ ?/ ? small/ Piacenza, PaF/ inv. ?/ IN/ R13585V.997.
c1625 DE GEEST (I), Wybrand: Venus und Cupido/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Den Haag, sa W. v. Wouw 29.5.1764/ TBV/
c1625 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Eine Lady, als Venus mit Amor dargestellt/ PA/ o c/ 105 x 130/ PrC/ MAR/
aft? prep? DR/ see R17869; idem? ‘Venus and Cupid’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, CHR 12.5.1804/ GPI <Sale Catalog Br263-8>/
R16812V; GPI lists several sales of PAs with similar titles, e.g. ‘Venus unveiled by Cupid’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, CHR 17.7.1807/
Sl. –75/ GPI < Sale Catalog Br-524>/ R16818V. R19220V.999.
c1630 DUQUESNOY, François: Venus and Cupid/ SC/ m/ c150/ LO/ Vlieghe H (1998) p.238/
c1650 DE BISSCHOP, Jan: Venus and Cupid (aft Cornelis VAN POELENBURCH/ nt) / PR/ ?/ ?/
UN/ Chong A (1987)p.57/ R18558V.1001.
c1650 KONINCK, Nicolaes: Venus und Cupido/ SC/ p/ ?/ UN/ TBV/ R20263V.1002.
c1650 (att) MEERT, Pieter: Venus und Amor/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Napoli, MuC/ TBV/ R20270V.1003.
c1650 SWANENBURG, W.: Venus and Amor (aft A. BLOEMAERT/ nt)/ PR/ e/ ?/ UN/ Hollstein 1949,
II, p.69; n°559/ R16981V.1004.
c1650 TENIERS (II), David : Venus und Amor/ PA/ ?/ 21.5x16.5/ LO ?, prev Magdeburg, Kaiser Friedrich
Museum/ inv. GK 77, St./ IN/ R16430V.1005.
c1650 VAN DEN HOECKE, Jan : Venus and Cupid, and other figures/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 6.12.1689/ Sl.
–7/ GPI/ R16849V.1006.
c1650 VAN HAELEN, Pieter: Venus met Cupido/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Denucé J (1931) p.180 < Verkocht aen den
prins Carel van Lichtensteyn : 6 n°77>/ R20190V.1007.
c1650 VAN KESSEL, Theodor: Venus and Cupid (aft P. Bordone/ nt)/ PR/ e/ ?/ UN/ Hollstein 1949, IX,
p.237, n°35/ R17036V.1008.
c1650 VICTO(O)RS, Jan: Vénus et l'Amour/ PA/ o w/ 24x18/ Paris, sa Baronne Piérard 1897/ Sl. ?/ Mireur 1912/
c1650 VORSTERMAN (I), Lucas: Venus and Cupid (aft A.Elsheimer/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 11.6x16.5/ Chapel Hill,
AAM/ inv. 87.6/ Hollstein 1949, VI, p.151, n°57<10,6x16>; IN/ R8432V.1010.
1655-60 VAN HOOGSTRATEN, Samuel: Venus and Cupid in bed (a peepshow with views of the
interior of a Dutch house)/ PA/ o t w/ 58x88x63.5/ London, NGa/ inv. NG3832/ Sumowski W (1983) T.II p.1373,
cat.890, p.1373/ R2720.1011.


c1658 REMBRANDT (Van Rijn), Harmensz.: Venus and Cupid/ PA/ ?/ ?/ A'dam, PrC 1678, pos LO/
Hofstede de Groot C (1908) Vol.VI, p.142, n°215b; Sumowski W (1983) T.VI p.3527, note 10 < several copies are known,
e.g. ‘Hendrickje Stoffels en Vénus’> a)PA/ o c/ 110x88/ Paris, MdL/ inv.1743/ R2485; b)‘Hendrickje Stoffels en kind als
Venus en Amor’/ PA/ o c/ 122x100/ Berlin, sa 16.5.1933/ Sl.-301/ IN RKD <att F. BOL rejected>/ R18703; c) PA/ o c/
98.5x83/ NY, SOT 14.1.1988/ Sl. –91 pre Milwaukee, PrC A. Bader/ R18046, often attributed to F. BOL; IN Montias/
c1675 DE HOOGHE, Romeyn: Venus en Cupido in een gevangenis (?)/ PR/ e/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-
105.985/ IN/ R17183V.1013.
c1675 NETSCHER, Caspar: Venus and Cupid/ PA/ ?/ 20x16.5/ A'dam, sa 27.4.1745/ Sl. -104?105/ Hofstede de
Groot C (1908) Vol.V, p.156, n°23a/ R17133V.1014.
c1675 SCHALCKEN, Godfried: Venus and Cupid/ PA/ o c/ 43.7x52.5/ Praha, col Nostitz/ Hofstede de Groot C
(1908) Vol.V, p.333, n°82/ R17141V.1015.
c1675 SCHALCKEN, Godfried: Venus and Cupid/ PA/ o c/ 43.7x52.5/ A'dam, sa Verkolje 24.10.1763/ Sl. –48/
Hofstede de Groot C (1908) Vol.V, p.333, n°83a < Half-length figures; Venus rests with one hand on a musc book >/
c1675 TEYLER, Johan: Venus (?), bekleidet, nähert sich Amor/ PR/ r/ ?/ UN/ TBV< Besitz des Amsterd.
Rab. (142 Blätter)>/ R20282V.1017.
c1675 VAN DEN NYPOORT, Justus: Venus and Cupid (title-frame)/ PR/ e/ 27.5x17.4/ UN/ Hollstein XIV,
p.186, n°40/ R17117V.1018.
c1675 VAN SOMER (II), Paulus: Venus and Amor ('Veneris amor. Cupidinis favor')/ PR/ e/ 8.9x11.2/
A’dam, RPK/ inv.?/ Hollstein, XXVII, p.196, n°217 <half length; both stoke a furnace>/ R17292V.1019.
c1680 DONNE, W.: Venus and Cupid, in a landscape,with other figures in the distance (aft A.
Elsheimer/ nt)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ BD 1 p.80/ R20146V.1020.
c1680 (cir) VERKOLJE, Nicolas: Vénus et l'Amour/ PA/ o w/ 27.5x22/ Paris, TAJ 30.6.1993/ Sl. –146/ IN/
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IN/ R17185V.1022.
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Maison Communale/ IN; TBV/ R17841.1036.


o Cupid blindfolded and wings clipped

c1621 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Cupid blindfolded by Venus (aft PA by Tiziano/ see 1.1/8/R357.653)/
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of Ferdinando II de' Medici, depicted as an allegory of Celestial Venus (with blindfolded Cupid)/
PA/ o c/ 78x61.5 ov/ NY, SOT 29.1.2005/ Sl. N01752-70/ IN < There is another version of this composition in rectangular
format published in K. Langedijk, Portraits of the Medici, Florence 1983, vol. II, p. 1489, cat. no. 110, 30>/ R5788.1039.
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o Cupid chastised
c1575 DE VOS, Maerten: Die Züchtigung Amors durch Venus/ PR/ e y/ ?/ UN/ Pigler A (1974) II, p.13
<Relief cop in Hardwick Hall>/ cop ? PA by S. DE VOS/ see R9426 or R18232. R19912.1043.
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DE VOS/ see R19912. R9426.1044.
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<(cir) A. Kauffmann rejected>/ R18977.1053.

o Cupid disarmed/captured
1549 MASSYS (METSYS), Cornelis: Venus taking away the bow of Cupid/ PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Veldman I M
(1977) p.40, note 103/ R16364V.1054.


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Veldman I M (1977) p.40, note 103; IN <London, BMu ref 1997-0712.56 Curator's Comments: with Paul Prouté in Jan.2008
and was acquired by the Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen/ R16363V.1057.
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mentionnées cat M. 71, 108,111,112. R16797V.1060.
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prep SC/ p/ ?/ Herentals, Mu/ inv.35/ Salon de Bruxelles 1845, n°269; Anonymous (1880) n°1457; Van Lennep J (1992)
p.175< several rep exist>/ R18082V.1066.
rep SC/ p/ 39/ Liège, PrC/ Van Lennep J (1992) p.175/ R18386V.1067.
c1875 MARTENS, Jean-Baptiste: L'Amour captif/ SC/ p/ ?/ UN/ Anonymous (1880) n°1483/

o Cupid caressing/ kissing Venus or caressed/ kissed/

nursed by Venus
c1575 (att) BLOCKLANDT VAN MONTFOORT, Anthonie: Venus mit schlafendem Amor/ PA/ o y/
23x17.5/ Köln, LEM 15.11.2003/ Sl.-1006a/ IN <pair with ‘Venus mit bogenspannendem Amor’/ see R18148V>/
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NY, PML/ inv. 1981.36/ IN/ R17394.1072.
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Cupid suckling; two further figures behind>/ R18261.1073.


1617-1620 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Cupido die door pijlen (sic) gestoken is wordt door Venus
getroost (Cupid stung by bees is comforted by Venus) (aft Otto VAN VEEN/ nt)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden,
BiRU/ inv. PK-P-101.379/ IN; emblems.let.uu.nl <(aut ‘Thronus cupidinis’, pub by W. J. BLAEU, eng by DE PASSE (II) and
Michel Le Blon)>/ R17219.1074.
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GPI <Sale Catalog Br-A4017>/ See his brother’s PA ‘Venus with putti, in painted arch’/ see R9007. R16781V.1078.
1783 JONXIS, Pieter Hendrik: Venus knuffelt de pasgeboren Amor (aft Luca Giordano/ nt)/ PR/ e/ ?/
Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-130.461/ IN/ R17206V.1079.
c1850 SLUYTER, Dirk Jurriaan: Venus en Amor (aft PR by J. SAENREDAM/ see R4661)/ PR/ e/ ?/
A'dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Exh. A'dam, RPK 1/3-31/5/1913, cat.n°21/ R18866V.1080.

o Cupid with arrow(s) and bow

c1575 (att) BLOCKLANDT VAN MONTFOORT, Anthonie : Venus mit bogenspannendem Amor /
PA/ o y/ 23x17.5/ Köln, LEM 15.11.2003/ Sl.-1006b/ IN <pair with ‘Venus mit schlafendem Amor’/ see R2558>/
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17.11.2001/ Sl. –1036/ IN RKD/ R18590.1082.
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Cupid a burning arrow or ‘the effect of artificial light’)/ PA/ o c/ 71x54/ Kassel, SKS/ inv. GK307/ Hofstede
de Groot C (1908) Vol.V, p.332, n°79; IN/ cop (aft) ‘Venus presenting arrow to Cupid’/ PA/ o c/ 67x54.5/ A'dam, SOT
15.3.2004/ Sl. AM0916-10/ IN/ R5406. R17138.1083.
rep ide?/PA/ o w/ 20.3x15.2/ A'dam, PrC 1842/ Hofstede de Groot C (1908) Vol.V, p.334, n°84/ R17145V.1084.
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inv. 873-1-340/ IN/ R17982V.1085.

o Cupid with Venus reclining

c1600 (att or wor) DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Venus recumbent on a bed, Cupido beside her ('Blanda
Venus dulci comitata: Cupidine gaudet')/ PR/ ?/ 9.1x13.6/ UN/ Hollstein, XVI, p.75, n°273ad/ R17112V.1086.
c1750 COOTWIJCK, Jurriaan: Venus naakt liggend op een bank met Amor of ‘La Murphille’ /
PR/ e/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-107.060 & PK-P-107.061/ IN/ R17177V.1087.

ƒ Venus reclining to the left

1545 VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten: Venus and Cupid/ PA/ o w/ 108x158/ Köln, WRM/ inv. WRM 875/
Mai E (ed) (2001), p.230-31,n°3/ R1548.1088.
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rep sim PA/ ?/ ?/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 42/ IN/ R19207V.1092.


c1550 PEETERS, Marteen: Venus reclining, being kissed by a winged Cupid…(rev aft DR by
Michelangelo/ R2375 and see 1.1/8/R229.841 etc…)/ PR/ e/ 16.2x23.6/ London, BMu/ inv. 1980-U1446/ IN/ See
also PA by H. VAN DEN BROECK/ see R4313. R19484.1093.
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Den Haag, KBi/ inv. ?/ Calabrese O (ed.) (2003) ,p.203/ R2230.1095.
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KMSK-MRBA/ inv. 4060/ IN/ PRs by GOLTZIUS/ see R9371 and by Jan SAENREDAM/ see R4348. R17848.1096.
rep sim (with at the bottom small representations of the ‘Judgement of Paris’)/ PR/ e/ 31.7x24.4/ / Brussel-
Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv. 1365/ Bosque (1985), p.159 ; pc/ R9371.1097.
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R9371)/ PR/ e/ 32.5x25.1/ R’dam, BBM/ inv. 0301.160b/ Hollstein, XXIII, p.48, n°64<'Venus and Cupid' from series of 3
PRs 'Three Goddesses seated in the clouds' (Pallas, Venus, Juno) within oval frames containing symbolic
attributes>;Hirschmann (1976) p.56, n°140/ R4348.1098.
c1600 (att) DE QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck: Vénus et l'Amour (with attendants offering
fruit)/ PA/ o c/ 116x139/ Paris, sa Beaussant-Lefèvre 8.6.2007/ Sl. –45/ IN/ R9496.1099.
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c1650 TENIERS (II), David: Venus and Cupid (aft PA by Paris Bordone/ R17911)/ PA/ o w/ 16.9x22.8/
Leiden, SMu/ inv. 642/ IN RKD/ rev PR by VAN LIESEBETTEN/ see R19463. R18226.1104.
c1675 (cir) VAN BOSSUIT, François: Vénus et l'Amour/ RE/ m/ 26.2x38.3/ Paris, CHR 17.12.2009/ Sl. 5586-
110/ IN <probablement inspiré de la gravure Vénus et l'Amour provenant de la série de gravure extraite de Cabinet de l'Art de
Schulpture par la fameux sculpteur Francis Van Bossuit, exécuté en yvoire ou ébauché en terre cuite, gravés d'après les dessins
de Barent Graat par Mattys Pool> / cop (aft) sim ‘Vénus et l'Amour’/ RE/ i/ 9 ov/ Paris, CHR 13.4.2010/ Sl. 5622-20/ IN/
R18907. R18029.1105.
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ƒ Venus reclining to the right

c1525 MASTER OF THE FEMALE HALF-LENGTHS: Venus und Amor/ PA/ o w/ 43.5x31/ Berlin,
GSM/ inv. 645/ MAR; Healy F (1997), p.54 <aft PR by Iacopo Caraglio/ see 1.1/8/R3497.820), aft Pietro Perino del Vaga/ see
1.1/8/R3499.822)>/ R19225.1108.
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(2001), p.450-51, n°G29/ R11825.1109.
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1.1/8/R3563.847, aft Michelangelo)/ PA/ o w/ 136x193/ Napoli, MuC/ inv. 84068/ Falletti & Katz (2002), cat.28,
p.198/ Also PR by PEETERS, M./ see R19484. R4313.1112.
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1.11.1991/ Sl. 4639-92/ cat./ R12982.1113.


c1625 (att) BLOEMAERT, Abraham: Venus and Cupid picking grapes, with incense burning in an
urn in the foreground ('Venus friget')/ DR/ d/ 14.5x13.3/ A'dam, SOT 14.11.2006/ Sl. AM1014-17/ IN/ sim DR
with Venus seated to the left/ see R17676. R7920.1114.
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Sl. –37/ IN RKD/ R18943.1115.
c1625 VAN ZIJL, Roelof: Venus and Cupid/ PA/ o c/ 115x96/ Haarlem, FHM/ inv. OS I-85/ IN < rejected (att)
Cesar Boetius VAN EVERDINGEN>/ R7802.1116.
1656-60 VAN LIESEBETTEN, Peter: Venus reclining in the right foreground of a landscape, and
on the left Cupid approaching with a baskets of flowers (rev aft PA by TENIERS (II), David/ see
R18226)/ PR/ e/ 17.3x23/ London, BMu/ inv. 1981-U2183/ IN < from Teniers' Theatrum Pictorum>/ R19463.1117.
c1675 (cir)VAN BOSSUIT, Francis (François): Venus and Cupid/ RE/ w/ 18.5x14.5/ London, SOT
21.9.2006/ Sl. L06501-968/ IN <pair with ‘Meleager’>/ sim ‘Venus reclining to the left’/ RE/ m / see R18029. R7608.1118.
c1700 SCHENK, Pieter: Venus nude, turned to left on a bed, holding Cupid (aft sim PA by L.
Giordano/ see 1.1/14/R2611.1437)/ PR/ e/ 17.7x24.5/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXV, p.67, n°315/ Also in
Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. A1: 2524a; sim rev with satyr and attendant PR by John Smith ’Venus on a couch’/ London, NPG/
inv. D11733/ R6734. R17157.1119.
c1725 VAN HUYSUM, Jan: Hohe Blumenvase und Früchte, auf einem Sockel mit Venus (and
Cupid)/ DR/ d u/ 33.9x15.6/ Wien, ALB/ inv. 10555/ cat/ R16147.1120.
1729 FOKKE, Simon: Venus reading at right, Cupid holding a torch at left (aft Wouter Dam) (aut
Jacob Campo Weyerman 'Levens-Beschryvingen’, 4 volumes, The Hague)/ IL/ p.36/ ?/ London, BMu/
inv.1874-0613.2428/ IN/ R19491.1121.
c1800 CARDON, Antoine: Cupid unveiling Venus (aft R. Cosway and F. Wheatley/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 44x54/
Düsseldorf, sa Hargesheimer & Günther 12.6.2009/ Sl. –131/ IN/ R16075.1122.
c1820 FRANÇOIS, Pierre Joseph Célestin: Venus verrast door Amor/ PA/ o w/ 38.5x49.5/ Brussel, GaA/
Coekelberghs D & Loze P (eds) (1985) p.382-83, n°365, pl.XXIX/ R18333.1123.

o Cupid with Venus seated/crouching

c1625 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Venere e Cupido/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Cox M L (1911) p.323-325/ idem? Denucé J (1932)
p.58, n°47 ' Venus en Cupido (sittende) op een bedde' (aft Tiziano/ nt) and p.74-75, XLIII '...vercocht aen Don Francisco de
Rochas, voor Syne Koninclycke Majesteyt... <n°22 Petrus Paulus Rubens, 1640> R19976V.1124.

ƒ Venus seated in the centre/Cupid in her arms

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Rechten, während sie mit der Linken, Cupido umfassend, einen Pfeil aus dem Köcher entwendet>/ R15815V.1132.


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crown of pearls>/ R5697. R18229V.1133.
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in a garland of flowers and fruits) / PA/ o w/ 78x56/ A'dam, SOT 14.11.1995/ Sl. –55/ IN RKD/ The flowers and
fruits are painted by Cornelis Schut (I); was also entitled 'The Madonna and Child’. R3262.1136.
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SON.ARRRIVÉE.BRUXELLES.EN.P./1819’>/ R18803.1138.

ƒ Venus seated to the left

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<similar> / R18044V.1158.
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fig.1195<Cambridge Album n°46, without peacock in the background>/ R18840.1165.
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, (att) Venus to the right) & R18895 (c1600, to the left, topic 12 Pluto) R18898.1166.
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FLINCK/ see R14721)/ PR/ e with text of J.van den Vondel/ 26.5x35/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-102.899/ Hollstein
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G. SCHALCKEN>/ RKD/ R20037.1179.


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p.70-71, n°38/ R17313.1182.

ƒ Venus seated (or crouching) to the right

1528 VAN LEYDEN, Lucas: Vénus la très belle Déesse d'amours (Venus and Cupid)/ PR/ e y/
15.6x11.1/ R’dam, MBVB/ inv. BdH 11100/ IN/ Also in many other places. Several cop PA exist, especially (att) by Jan VAN
SCOREL/ see R18641, R18665, R18666V, R18667, R18669. R833.1183.
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ET . CUPIDO >/ R18641.1184.
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Russia?>/ rev PR by SAENREDAM, Jan/ see R4661. R16404.1198.
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(1980), p.145 / R3944.1206.


1608 BOEL, Corneille: Celari vvlt sva fvrta Venvs (Love prefers darkness) (aut Otto VAENIUS
'Amorum emblemata')/ PR/ e/ 45.3x37.6 ov/ LA, JPGM/ inv. ?/ Woollett A & Van Schuchtelen A (2006), p.56, fig.37/
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1.1/8/R648.854)/ DR/ d/ 20.5x16.5/ London, BMu/ inv. 1957,1214.207.117/ Adriani G (1940-1965) p.33, pl.117; IN/
prep? DR for PA/ see R19220V. R17869.1208.
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trying to put her arm around Cupid, who is seated at left and holding his bow, a quiver lying in
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20932/ IN RKD/ R3353.1213.
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c1650 BLOEMAERT, Frederick: Venus en Cupido (aft BLOEMAERT, Abraham/ nt)/ PR/ e/
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inv. D.C. 467451/ IN, IN RKD < pre. Schleißheim, SGL>/ cop PA/ o w/ 38.5x29.5/ London, SOT 16.4.2002/ Sl. W02803-295/
IN/ R5499. R3231.1221.
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Aubin:'Venus assise proche d'un arbre, elle tient un arc; l'Amour pres d'elle est arme d'une fleche et d'un carquois- 5 pouces x
6 pouces>/ R15195S.1226.
1702 HARREWIJN, Jacobus: Die unheilvolle Macht Amors (aut 'Les Epitres d'Ovide' pub Pierre
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IL/ n° 27/ ?/ Den Haag, KBi/ inv 488 D 8/ IN emblems.let.uu.nl/ R19774.1228.


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o Cupid with Venus standing

c1550 VAN CLEEF, Joost (sotte CLEEF): Venus met Cupido/ SC/ z/ ?/ UN/ Duverger E (1984-2009) XI,
533 <staende Venus met Cupido brons van Sotte Cleef>/ R20342V.1234.
1680 EDELINCK, J(e)an: Venus (aft SC by G.MARSY/ see R17876)/ PR/ e/ 45.7x30.7/ London, BMu/ inv.
1889,1218.110/ IN<Venus, semi-draped, with Cupid standing at her side and offering her an arrow>/ R18256V.1235.
c1775 TASSAERT, Jean Pierre Antoine: Amor, von Venus auf der Schulter getragen/ SC/ ?/ ?/ UN/
TBV < Hist. Wohnräume, Berlin, Raum 18>/ R20278V.1236.

ƒ Venus standing to the left

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ƒ Venus standing to the right

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9. Venus and Cupids

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z. B. im Amsterdamer Kabinet) >/ R20245V.1316.
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o with Venus reclining

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o with Venus seated/crouching

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IN RKD <GALLE(I) rejected> / R9555.1332.
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published by Ch. Claesen at Liège, 18th(?) century. R11843.1333.
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o with Venus standing

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RKD<acquired in NY, SOT 24.1.2002/ Sl. N07759-10>/ R5787.1349.
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10. Venus and the Judgement of Paris/
Marriage of Peleus and Thetis/ Venus with Helen and Paris

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att CORNELIS Anthonisz >/ R17308V.1356.
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door den zelven (Ven Cleve, bijgenaamd den sotten) op pineel <n°22 Petrus Paulus Rubens, 1640>; idem? Denucé J (1932)
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Mitte des 19. Jahrh. spurlos verschwunden>/ R20258V.1381.
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d'or au spriritualisme, qui sous la figure de Vénus la pudique, l'emporte sur ses rivales, Junon, le dogme, et Pallas, la
philosophie.>/ R18294V.1385.
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Marriage of Peleus and Thetis

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the Gods>; Grootkerk P (1975) p.106; Sluijter E J (1986) fig.2 / Also in London, BMu/ inv. 1873,0809.470 and ‘Discorde
jette la pomme’ in Paris, BNF. R7264.1392.
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for WTEWAEL>/ R17015.1393.
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right upper corner)/ PA/ o c/ 246x419/ Haarlem, FHM/ inv. os I-51/ Van Gelder H E & Duverger J (eds) (1954) p.481,
fig.21; Sluijter E J (1986) fig.5/ idem? Den Haag, MHu?/ Pigler A (1974) II , p.100. R16491.1394.


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note 8, p.202 < pendant of ‘Judgement of Paris’/ see R11488)>/ R18800V.1403.
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formerly in Vienna, and engraved by TENIERS (I or II?/ nt>/ R18242.1419.


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Ertz K & Nitze C (2008) describe four more ‘Götterfest’ or ‘Göttermahlzeit’ by VAN BALEN (I) but
without clear reference to Peleus and Thetis.
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o Goddess(es) alone
c1575 (att) BLOCKLANDT VAN MONTFOORT, Anthonie: Venus, Athena, Juno, Cupid &
putto/ DR/ d/ 17.3x18.5/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. Z962/ Healy F (1997), p.202 < DR cropped to showing only...>/


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in halber Lebensgr.>/ R20233V.1443.
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GALLE. R19278.1446.
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inv. ?/ D'Hulst R A (1974) Vol. I, p.492-93, n°B19, fig.468 <after RUBENS?, not found in any extant PA or DR>/
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(1984-2009) X,363 <curieus geschildert ...>/ R20304V.1458.

o Paris with the Goddesses (and Cupids)

ƒ Paris in the centre
1566 VAN DER HEYDEN, Pieter: Ornamentprent met het oordeel van Paris (aft DR by Jacob
Floris/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 20.2x14/ Rotterdam, BBM/ inv. L 1970-41 A 13 (PK) / IN/ R11926.1459.
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ƒ Paris to the left

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ƒ Paris to the right
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o Mercury around (without Cupid)

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o Mercury and Cupid(s) around

ƒ Paris in the centre
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ƒ Paris to the left

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ƒ Paris to the right

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o many around
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ƒ Paris in the centre

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ƒ Paris to the left

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ƒ Paris to the right

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Venus, Helen and Paris

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11. Venus and Mars
(see also 15. Venus and Vulcan)
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11. MARS

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Palais Bretzenheim die Statuen Mars u. Venus (Krieg u. Friede?)>/ R20287V.1673.

o Mars alone with Venus

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o Cupid(s) around
ƒ Venus in the centre
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see R4664> R19933V.1679.
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ƒ Venus to the left

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11. MARS

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his casque, another a white charger’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, CHR 8.5.1813/ Sl. –75/ GPI: Sale Catalog Br-1106/ rev PR by C.
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ƒ Venus to the right

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11. MARS

o Cupid(s) and/or others around

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11. MARS

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tableaux de la Galerie Royal de Dresde. Volume II. Contenant cinquante pieces avec une description
de chaque tableau en francois et en italien. Imprimé à Dresde MDCCLVII’)/ IL n° 44/ e/ 44.9x48.3/
London, BMu/ inv.1855-0609.1318/ MAR; IN/ R19209.1741.

11. MARS

rep ana 1757 ‘Venus en enige metgezellinnen spelen met de wapenuitrusting van Mars’/ PR/ ?/ ?/
Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-130.348/ IN/ also in London, BMu/inv.1870-0625.1038/ IN <(aft DR by Aart Schouman/ nt; aft FR
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o Mars loving Venus

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ƒ alone with Venus

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ƒ Cupid(s) around, Venus to the left

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11. MARS

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11. MARS

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ƒ Cupid(s) around, Venus to the right

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11. MARS

c1600 DE PASSE(I), Crispijn: Mars, sein flammendes Herz Venus offenbarend/ PR/ e y/ 24.1x17.8/
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1.1/11/R1551.1183>/ R16823.1816.
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from Venus' breast; two putti support Mars' foot>/ R17062.1820.
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o others around
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<Mars seated at left holding a sword, Venus on his knee with her arm around his neck, a man with outstretched arms standing
behind at right, other figures lying on the ground>/ R18255.1826.
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Francisco/ nt)/ DR/ ?/ 42x52.5/ Liège, MAW/ inv. ?/ IN; Timmers J J M (1942) p.119, n°33 < Mercure ordonnant à
Calypso de laisser partir Ulysse> / R16312.1831.

11. MARS

o Venus and Mars surprised by the Gods

(see also 15. Vulcan)
1536 VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten: Vulkan zeigt den Göttern die in seinem Netz gefangenen
Venus und Mars/ PA/ o w/ 96x99/ Wien, KHM/ inv. GG 6395/ Lowenthal 1995, p.57, fig.40; Mai E (ed) (2000), p.30,
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them>/ R16360.1833.
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of) with Mars seen from the rear/ PA/ o w/ 25.5x38.5/ Rouen, MBA/ inv. 1951.5.3/Bakhuijs D et al. (2009) p.201/ R18118.
rep (cir)/ PA/ o w/ 114x145/ Antwerpen, RH/ inv. ?/ Veldman I M (1977) p.42, note 109C<sim PA by VAN
HEEMSKERCK/ Wien, KHM/ see R1499>/ R16368V.1838.
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Velde C (1975) p.274-275, cat.133, fig.67 <original size pos higher with full length figures; ‘Venus and Cupid’ on a DR
shown in FRANCKEN (II)’ PA/ R19412; sim PA/ o c/ was in inventory 1613 Duc of Aarschot>; Veldman I M (1977) p.42,
note 109B/ R16367.1840.
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rep ‘Mars ende Venus ende al de goden’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ LO/ Veldman I M (1977), p.40, note 101<large PA with life-
size figures =5 pied,1 poucex8 pieds 3 pouces>/ R16361V.1846.
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(1996) pp. 182-185, fig.36/ R18512.1847.
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rep ana ‘Phoebus exposing Mars and Venus to the ridicule of the Olympians’/ PR/ e/ ?/ UN/ Bartsch
(1980), Vol.3, p.337/ R4357.1851.

11. MARS

c1586 SPRANGER, Bartholomeus : Mercury warns Mars and Venus (both seated on the bed)/ PA/ o
c/ 108x80/ Wien, KHM/ inv. 1097/ Balis A et al. (1987), p.279; Mai E (ed) (2001), p.104, fig.1, p.330-1, n°48/
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attributes) by GOLTZIUS/ see R4355)/ DR/ d/ 27.5x20.7/ Dresden, KSK/ inv. C 888/ Reznicek E K J (1980) p.129;
Domela Nieuwenhuis Nyegaard E (1989), p.8, fig.1 <alternative title 'Ceres and Jasion surprised by Jupiter' because there is no
Cupid and attributes of Mars are not present>/ R7412.1853.
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17.3x22.2/ Rotterdam, BBM/ inv. BdH 11656/ Hollstein 1949, IV, p.212, n°94-97 <from series of 4 plates> / R11917.1854.
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20904, rec/ IN/ not prep for PA/ see R2758. R6996.1855.
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p.336-7, n°51/ R2758.1856.
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83.PC.274/ Lowenthal A (1995)/ R300.1864.
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c1615 VISSCHER (II), Claes Jansz.: Phoebus exposes Mars and Venus...(ide aft PR by Hendrik
GOLTZIUS/ see R4357)/ PR/ e/ 17.8x25/ London, BMu/ inv.1947-0412.3.50/ IN <(series) Metamorphoses, pl. 50>/
c1625 DE PASSE (I) (VAN DE PASSE), Crispijn: The discovery of the adultery of Venus and Mars
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28,8/ A’dam, MuF/ inv. ?/ Mai E (ed) (2001), p.121, fig.4 ; MAR/ R9707.1873.
c1650 DE FOUCHIER, Bartram: Apoll und andere Götter erblichen das von Vulkan gefangene
Liebespaar Mars und Venus/ DR/ d/ 41.6x38.7/ Wien, ALB/ inv. 15139/ cat/ R16138.1874.
c1675 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Venus en Mars gevangen door Vulcanus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Solothurn, GAL/ Pigler
A (1974) II, p.168 ; Blankert A et al (1981) p.59 <DE LAIRESSE has painted 8 works of this topic>/ R16272V.1875.

11. MARS

c1675 VERBUYS, Arnold (Jan ?): Mars, Vénus et Mercure/ PA/ o w/ 44.7x36.5/ Angers, MBA/ inv J 407
(J1881)P/ BD 5 p.281; Pigler A (1974) II p.168; pc/ R19937.1876.
c1700 TIDEMAN(N) (TIEDEMAN), Philip: Mars en Venus ontdekt en door de verzamelde goden
bespot/ DR/ ?/ ?/ BiRU/ inv. PK-P-AW 0907 013/ IN/ R17629V.1877.
c1750 DUBOURG, Louis Frabicius: Mars and Venus surprised by Vulcan/ DR/ d/ 13.8x17.8/ Luzern, sa
20.6.1995/ Sl. –46/ IN RKD/ R3280.1878.

12. Venus and other Gods,
Deities or Heroes
Apollo, Bacchus (Dionysus)/Bacchus & Ariadne, Bacchus
& Ceres/‘Sine Cerere et Baccho (Libero) friget Venus’ or ‘Venus
frigida’, Berenice, Caesar, Ceres, Diana, Flora, Ganymedes,
Graces/Nymphs, Hercules, Hyppomenes, Juno, Jupiter,
Mercury (and ‘Education of Cupid’), Minerva (Athena,
Pallas), Muses, Neptune, Pluto, Proserpina, Pygmalion,
Saturn or Time, Tannhäuser, Telemachus, Thanatos

c1575 SADELER (I), Johann: Italy, with Venus and Apollo (aft Hans von Aachen/ nt)/ PR/ e/ ?/
Cambridge, FWM/ inv. 23.I.3-703/ IN <The European Countries (series title)>/ R19511V.1879.
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Mireur/ R17935V.1880.
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Tapisserien für J. F. v. d. Hecke >/ R20269V.1881.
1698 TERWESTEN, Mattheus: Apoll und Venus/ FR/ ?/ ?/ Berlin, SPSG/ Colella (ed.) (1995), p.73, fig.3 <
Schloss Charlottenburg, Deckenbild (zerstört) im ersten Gobelinzimmer, R.103>/ R10943.1882.
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Fontainebleau, sa 29.5.1994/ Sl. –49/ Mayer 1995/ R17509V.1883.
1930 BERCHMANS, Oscar: Apollon entouré de Vénus et Minerve/ RE/ s fronton/ ?/ Liège, Théâtre Royal /
IN IRPA-KIK/ R17830.1884.

Bacchus (Dionysus), Bacchus & Ariadne

c1550 VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten: Aphrodite, Gruppe des Eros und Dionysos/ DR/ d/ 15.4x20.5/
Berlin, KSK/ inv. 79 D 2, fol. 66 recto/ WI; IN/ R16219.1885.
1556 CORT, Cornelis: Bacchus and Venus in a chariot (aft DR? by Frans FLORIS/ nt, or Giulio
Romano/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 22.7x29.5/ R’dam, BBM/ inv. BdH 19219 / Hollstein 1949, V, p.55, n°154/ R5023.1886.
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Hannover, NLM/ inv. PAM956-982/ Schultze J (ed.) (1988) p.278-79, cat.157/ R4450.1887.
prep sim DR/ d/ 23.5x16.5/ NY, exh Herbert E. Feist, Autumn 1971/ WI/ R18454.1888.
c1600 (att) FINSONIUS, Louis: Venus mit Bacchus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV/ R20254V.1889.


c1600 MATHAM, Jacob: Bacchus bemindt Ariadne en neemt haar op tot de sterren, terwijl Venus
en Cupido toekijken (aft Vinckboons, David/ nt )/ PR/ e/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-101.520/ IN/
rep ana ‘Venus embraced by a god (Bacchus?), in the background other gods at a table’/ PR/ e/
22.9x17.5/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XI, p.228, n°216/ R4647.1891.
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RMu/ inv. 10:65/ Boon K G (1978) p.167, n°456/ R17309.1892.
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BdH 9841/ IN/ R1364.1893.
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Sale Catalog Br-12058/ R16820V.1894.
rep ‘Venus nude with Bacchus’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Du Gué Trapier E (1957) p. 265-273 <in inventory of 1682 of Marquis
of Aytona>/ R19965V.1895.
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Bacchus & Ceres – ‘Sine Cerere et Baccho (Libero) friget

Venus’ (Without Ceres and Bacchus, Venus would freeze) or ‘Venus frigida’
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ƒ Cupid(s) around
c1600 MATHAM, Jacob: Venus being undressed by her nymphs, to the left Mars (aft Harlemaeus/
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Jupiter (see also 13. Venus and Psyche)

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IN/ R17218V.2075.
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Russborough House/ IN <stolen 2002?>/ R11400V.2076.
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Cupid covers them with a cloth; Minerva is seen in the clouds)/ DR/ d/ 30x18.5/ LO, Berlin, sa 4.5.1931/ Sl. -
943/ Van Thiel P J J (1965) p.152/ R18549V.2077.
1608 VAN VEEN, Otto: Venus, her hand resting on her chariot and her foot on fasces points at the
open book on which Cupid swears an oath; Jupiter on a cloud (aut ‘Amorum emblemata’)/ IL/ ?/ ?/
A’dam, RPK/ inv ?/ IN emblems/ R16225.2078.
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PA/ o c/ 207x240/ München, APK/ inv. 4884/ Anonymous (1961),p.41-42, fig.28 <3 rep or (wor) in PrCs in BE, DE &
IRL=R3068>; Steingreber E & Lenz C (1989) p.76/ R5999.2080.
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& Liedtke W A (eds) (1992),p.341, cat.274; IN < Offered for sale, Christie’s, London, 20 December 1902, lot 115, as Luca
Giordano, bought in Private Collection, Ireland . Sold, Sotheby’s, London, 17 November 1982, no. 12, to Patrick Matthiesen,
London. Sold by Matthiesen Gallery to the Art Institute, December 1986>/ cop (aft) ‘Les Dieux de l'Olympe’/ PA/ o c/
206x250/ Douai, Musée de la Chartreuse/ inv. 2833/ IN/ R18437. R3068.2081.
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4060 Coll. de Grez cat 4125/ Anonymous (1967a) p.111, n°111; IN <prep or aft RE>/ R16314.2087.


Mercury (and ‘Education of Cupid’)

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E (2002), p.288-289, n°238/ R2952.2088.
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(1974) II, p.13 <Tiziano rejected>; GPI<also (wor) V. Tiziano/ see 1.1/12/R11446.1310>/ rev ‘Mercure enseignant à lire à
l'amour’ PR by J. Bouillard/ see 2.1/12/R11701.2061. R17931.2090.
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Gm1167/ Schweers (2005)/ R2555.2093.
rep ana ‘Merkur und Venus’/ PA/ o w/ 46.1x31.5/ Nürnberg, GNM/ inv. Gm1176/ Schweers (2005)/ rep ide ?
‘Merkur und Venus ‘/ PA/ ?/ ?/ München, BStGS/ inv. 13264/ IN/ R18342V; cop (aft) PA/ o c/ 161x120/ A'dam, SOT
13.11.1991/ Sl. 555-219/ IN/ R12984 ; PR by J. MULLER/ see R4666. R2553.2094.
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Wien, KHM)>/ R18358V.2103.
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3pouce x 1pied 2pouce/ R'dam, sa 20.9.1756> ; Mireur/ R18860V.2105.
c1700 DENYS, Jacob: Venus und Merkur mit einem Säugling vor einem Jupitermonument (aft PA
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Minerva (Athena, Pallas)

c1585 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Athena en Aphrodite/ DR/ d/ 20.7x15.3 ov/ Haarlem, TMu/ inv. ?/ Bosque A de
(1985), p.145/ R9370.2113.
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‘'Telemachus on the island of Cythera')/ R18812V>/ R17120.2115.
prep DR /?/ ?/ UN, LO?/ Cavalli-Bjorkman G (1986) p.114, n°57 < maybe rep (wor) RUBENS>/ rev PR by P. PERRET/ see
R17220 . R18813V.2116.
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by Flemish School/ Dunand & Lemarchand, (1990)., III, p.972, fig.1521/ R10768. R3293.2117.
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p.59, n°274/ R10753.2119.
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IC/ R19594.2120.
c1625 VAN STALBEMPT, Adriaen: Allegory of Love and Ignorance, Wisdom and Learning
(Minerva chasing Venus and Cupid away from a library)/ PA/ o w/ 40x32/ London, PrC/ IN/ idem? as
‘Flemish School’ London, SOT 9.12.2003/ Sl. W03719-308/ IN/ R5482. R13471.2121.
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Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ LO/ Burchard L & d'Hulst R A (1963) nr. 168/ cop (aft) PA/ o w/ 41.3x57.1/ London, CHR 10.7.1998/ Sl. –
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K (1979)/ R18327.2125.
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c1675 VISSCHER, Lambert: Adolescentiam Pallas a Venere auellit (Pallas takes the youth from
the arms of Venus) (rev aft FR by Pietro da Cortona/ see 1.1/12/R701.1326) / PR/ e/ 42.5x69.2/ SF,
FAM/ inv. ?/ IN/ R1382.2127.
c1725 VERKOLJE, Nicolaas: Minerva beschützt einen Schlafenden vor Venus und Amor/ DR/ d u/
31.5x24.3/ Wien, ALB/ inv. 10519/ cat/ R16151.2128.


c1750 (att) BESCHEY, Jacob Andries: Venus and Adonis (? or Hercules?) with Minerva, Saturn
and Cupid/ PA/ ?/ 86.4x116.8/ London, sa Phillips 14.12.1999/ Sl. 30857-165/ IN/ R18491.2129.
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p.314, fig.3/ another prep PA/ es is in Montpellier. R12520.2131.
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o c/ 141 x 116,8/ Wien, KHM/ inv GG_1368/ TBV ; IN/ R20182.2132.

c1980 SEVERIN, Mark: Venus and the Muses (aut Keith Wingrove)/ IL/ e/ 10.4x7.6/ Canberra, NGA/ inv.
95.441/ IN/ R8390V.2133.

1582 COLLAERT, Adriaen: Neptune, Apollo and Venus (aft DR by Jan COLLAERT (I)/ nt)/ PR/ e/
16.8x12.5/ London, BMu/ inv.1876,0708.2399/ IN < title-page of a series of ten plates showing designs for pendants>/
1587 MATHAM, Jacob: Triumph of Venus in the realm of Neptune (aft DR by SPRANGER, nt)/
PR/ e/ 25.6x40.2/ Edinburgh, NGS ?/ inv. ?/ Roethlisberger M (1993),p.435, n°C29, fig. 592 <sim PR by Pieter DE JODE / nt
aft DR by SPRANGER/ nt>/ R18897.2135.
c1600 SPRANGER, Bartholomeus: Venus und Amor im Wagen des Neptun/ DR/ d/ 25.4x19.6/ Wien,
ALB/ inv. 7993/ cat/ R16130.2136.
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and Tritons/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, CHR 18.5.1821/ Sl. –30/ GPI/ R16837V.2137.
1702 TERWESTEN, Mattheus: Venus bittet Neptun die Wogen des Meeres zu besanftigen/ PA/ o c/
198x130/ Berlin, SPSG/ inv. GK I 30250/ Colella, ed. 1995, p.203-204, cat.6.4/ R10948.2138.
prep DR/ d/ 18.5x15/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. RP-T-00-268/ Colella, ed. 1995, p.203-204, cat.6.4/ R10950.2139.
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RKD/ R3366.2140.
1753 FOKKE, Simon: Venus descend pour prier Neptune d'exciter les tempêtes, afin que
Télémaque n'arrive pas en Itaque (Seascape with Venus in the sky in top right, pleading with
Neptune to create storms in order to prevent Telemachus to arrive home in Ithaca) (aut François de
Salignac de la Mothe Fénelon's Télémaque, Rotterdam, 1755)/ IL/ e/ 13.3x8/ London, BMu/ inv. 1887,0722.92/
IN/ R18284.2141.
c1950 CROMMELYNCK, Robert: Vénus et Neptune/ PR/ e (140-400)/ 43.5x33/ Gent, PrC/ R5899.2142.

1526-50 THIRY (DAVENT), Léonard: Plutonem, Veneris iussu, ferit arte Cupido/ DR/ ?/ ?/ UN (aft)
PR/ e/ 13 x 22,7/ Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. 28.1 Geom. (12-1)/ IN/ R19282.2143.
1560 CORT, Cornelis: Venus beveelt Amor het hart van Pluto te raken (Venus orders Cupid to
shoot at Pluto an arrow)/ PR/ e/ 26.2x20.2/ R’dam, BBM/ inv. BdH 15556/ Bartsch 52, p.212,n°186-I(173),
p.213,n°186 copy (173) at Wien, ALB; Van de Velde C (1975) p.415, cat.T71, fig.224 <from 'The story of Pluto and
Proserpine' aft Frans FLORIS/ nt>/ R5024.2144.


b1590 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus ordering Cupid to fire his arrow at Pluto’s heart/ DR/ d/
19.4x14.5/ Paris, SOT 25.3.2009/ Sl. PF9022-38/ IN/ rev PR by J. MATHAM/ see R4649. R15859.2145.
1590 MATHAM, Jacob: Vénus ordonnant à l'Amour, de percer de ses flèches le coeur de Pluton
(rev aft DR by H. GOLTZIUS/ see R15859) / PR/ e/ 18.9x13.7/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ Hollstein 1949, VIII, p.132,
n°225; Hollstein, XI, p.228, n°217/ R4649.2146.
rep ana ‘Venus directing her son to shoot one of his arrows into the heart of the unfeeling Pluto’
(aft H. GOLTZIUS, nt)/ PR/ e/ 18.2x25/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ Hollstein 1949, VIII, p.133, n°285 'Venus, Cupid and
Pluto'; Hollstein, XI, p.228, n°219/ R4655.2147.
1591-94 BLOEMAERT, Abraham: Venus and Amor (Venus, seated on her sacred Mountain Eryx
in Sicily, appeals to Cupid to make Pluto, in his chariot examining the foundations of the island, fall
in love with Proserpina)/ DR/ d/ 28.2x35.9/ Edinburgh, NGS/ inv. RSA 408/ IN RKD; Bolten J (2007) p.181,
n°512<model for DR by R. SAVERY/ see R18821 and rev PR by C. DE PASSE (II)/ see R18822> <a much later (1638-40)
PA of the same topic/ see R20038>/ R3272.2148.
c1600 DE JODE (I), Pieter: Vénus et Cupidon (Vénus ordonnant à l'Amour de percer de ses flèches
le coeur de Pluton)(aft DR ? by B. SPRANGER, nt)/ PR/ e/ 25.3x20.1/ Gravelines, MDE/ inv. 2006.08.0009/
Dunand & Lemarchand (1990), III p.982, fig.1540/ this PR is very sim to the ones listed under 'Sine Baccho et Ceres friget
Venus' by GOLTZIUS/ see R4350 and cops by C. DE PASSE/ see R9771 and DOLENDO/ see R10748. R9319.2149.
c1625 SAVERY, Roelant: Venus verweckt Cupido om Pluto te treffen (Venus en Cupido)/ DR/ d/
16.4x22.3/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Van der Waals J (1988), p.91, cat 100/ rev PR by C. DE PASSE (II)/ see R18822.
c1625 DE PASSE (II), Crispijn: Venus verweckt Cupido om Pluto te treffen (Venus en Cupido)
(rev aft DR by R. SAVERY/ see R18821)/ PR/ e/ 16.3x22.4/ A’dam/ RPK/ inv. ?/ Van der Waals J (1988), p.91, cat
99/ R18822.2151.
c1635 VAN POELENBURCH, Cornelis: Venus and Cupid (with Pluto?)/ DR/ d/ 18.2x15.2/ A'dam, RPK/
inv. RP-T-1882-A-179/ Schapelhouman M & Schatborn P (1998), vol. VI, p.123-24, 148, n°269/ rev PR by VAN
BRONCHORST, Jan Gerritsz/ see R4635. R16101.2152.
1636 VAN BRONKHORST, Jan Gerritsz.: Vénus et l'Amour (et Pluto?) (rev aft DR by C. VAN
POELENBURCH/ see R16101)/ PR/ e/ 18.6x14.8/ Berlin, BAS 26.11.2009/ Sl.-5494/ Hollstein 1949, III, p.228,
n°10/ also in London, BMu/ inv.S2430. R4635.2153.
1638-40 BLOEMAERT, Abraham: Venus and Amor (Venus und Amor auf dem Berge Eryx) / PA/ o
w/ 37x51/ Praha, NGP/ inv. 158-20/ Delbanco G (1928) p.77, cat.48; Roethlisberger M (1993),p.341-343, n°549, fig. 735;
RKD <37x61>/ topic categorization is based on Bolten’s reference, see above 1591-94/ R3272. R20038.2154.

c1600 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: El rapto de Proserpina (Venus, Diana and Minerva vainly try to stop
Pluto)/ PA/ o c/ 180x270/ Madrid, MdP/ inv. P01659/ IN/ R19127.2155.
prep ‘L’enlèvement de Proserpine’/ PA/ o w es/ 26x37/ Bayonne, MuB/ inv. 1000/ Logan A-M (1983) pp. 412-417,
p.414/ PR by (att) SPRUYT, Ph./ see R19481V. R18529.2156.
c1775 (att) SPRUYT, Philippe Lambert Joseph: The rape of Proserpina (aft PA by RUBENS/ see
R19127)/ PR/ e/ 13.9x16.2/ London, BMu/ inv.1891-0414.868/ IN/ R19481V.2157.

c1450 MIELOT, Jehan: Pygmalion am Werk, Pygmalion betet zu Venus, Pygmalion führt die nun
lebende Frau heim (aut Christine de Pisan: ‘Cent Hystoires de Troye’)/ IM/ ?/ ?/ Brussel, KBR/ inv. 9392/
IN/ R1335.2158.
1582 PERRET, Pieter: Pygmalion maakt het beeld van Venus (sic) (aft DR ? by SPECKAERT,
Hans/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 40.5x27.9/ Budapest, MFA/ inv. ?/ Anonymous (1995a), p.338-39, n°193/ R9159.2159.


c1600 SWEELINK, Gerrit Pietersz.: Pygmalion and a study of Venus/ DR/ d/ 51.3x36.5/ London, SOT
11.7.2001/ Sl. L01164 –34/ IN/ R16558.2160.
c1725 VAN LIMBORCH, Hendrik: Venus verhoort de smeekbede van Pygmalion/ PA/ o c/ 55x67.5/
A'dam, SOT 15.6.1983/ Sl. –149/ IN RKD/ R3244.2161.

Saturn or Time
1731 DUBOURG, Louis Frabicius: Venus en de tijd/ PA/ o c/ 33x39/ Wiesbaden, Mu/ inv. 68/ IN RKD ; WI/
rep ide PR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV/ R20243V.2163.

1893 ROMBEAUX, Egide: Le Venusberg/ SC/ z/ 175x120x114/ Gent, MSK/ inv. 1899-O/ Van Lennep J (1992)
p.326/ R6927.2164.
prep 2x SC/ p/ 43.5x27.5x23/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv. 6449&6434/ IRPA-KIK/ R16311.2165.
rep ide ? 1897/ SC/ i/ ?/ Tervuren, exh 1897/ Van Lennep J (1992) p.326/ R18385V.2166.

1753 FOKKE, Simon: Telemachus' dream (Venus on a cloud in top right) (aut François de Salignac
de la Mothe Fénelon ‘Les Avantures de Télémaque, fils d'Ulysse’ pub Jan Daniel Beman, Rotterdam,
1755)/ IL/ e/ 13.3x8.3/ London, BMu/ inv.1887-0722.93/ IN/ R19504.2167.

c1650 QUELLINUS (I), Artus: Vénus et Thanatos/ SC/ z/ 30.6x42x17.7/ München, BNM/ inv. 63-11/ Mai E
(ed) (2001), p.497-98, n°B14/ R1611.2168.

13. Venus and Psyche

o Venus in her chariot, showing Psyche to Cupid

1575 HOGENBERG, Frans: Venus schickt Amor, um Psyche zu strafen (aft RE by wor Raffaello/
see 1.1/13/R527.1355)/ PR/ e y/ 19,5 x 22,0/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 7113/Hollstein 1949, IX, p.50, n°4-34 <31
plates aft RAPHAEL or Michiel COXIE). Copies aft engs by the Master of the Dice>; IN/ Michiel COXIE (I) was probably
the designer for 44 painted glass-panels 1542-1544 (att) Ecole de Fontainebleau: Histoire de Psyché/ 101x55.5/ Chantilly,
MuC. R19302.2169.
c1600 VAN HAARLEM, Cornelis Cornelisz.: Venus and Cupid (Venus and Cupid floating on a
cloud. She points to the left, where men and women kneel before a young woman...)/ DR/ d/ 20.7x31.5/
LO, München, sa 4.6.1899/ Sl. -134/ Van Thiel P J J (1965) p.152/ R18550V.2170.
1636 VAN LINT, Peter: Venus in her chariot (aft FR by (wor) Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R7138.1362)/
DR/ d/ 41.5x28/ A'dam, CHR 10.11.1999/ Sl. 2438-328/ IN/ R13341.2171.
rep sim ‘Venus and Cupid’ (aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R1253.1363)/ DR/ d/ 41.5x28/ LA,
JPGM/ inv 2000.26/ IN/ R302.2172.
1931 DE BOSSCHÈRE, Jean: Venus searches by land and sea (aut ‘The Golden Asse’ by Lucius
Apuleius, notes by William Adlington. preface by E.B. Osborn. New York, Rarity Press, 1931)/ IL/ ?/ ?/
UN/ IN/ R2074.2173.

o Venus before Jupiter, with Ceres and Juno, with the

Graces, with Mercury
1575 HOGENBERG, Frans: Venus bei Jupiter und Merkur (aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see
1.1/13/R527.1355)/ PR/ e y/ 19,5 x 22,0/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 7127/ Hollstein 1949, IX, p.50, n°4-34 <31 plates
aft RAPHAEL or Michiel COXIE). Copies aft engs by the Master of the Dice>/ Michiel COXIE (I) was probably the designer
for 44 painted glass-panels 1542-1544 (att) Ecole de Fontainebleau: Histoire de Psyché/ 101x55.5/ Chantilly, MuC.
c1585 SPRANGER, Bartholomeus: Venus, Juno en Ceres/ DR/ d/ 22.4x15.9/ Wien, ALB/ inv. 25921/ cat/
rep sim DR/ ?/ ?/ Darmstadt, HLM/ inv. ?/ Bosque A de (1985), p.134/ R9369.2176.
c1600 DE JODE (I ?), Pieter: Vénus devant Jupiter/ DR/ ?/ ov/ UN/ Cavicchioli (2002) p.35, n°13; WI/
1636 VAN LINT, Peter: Venus and Jupiter (aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R8461.1369)/ DR/ d/
41.5x28/ A'dam, CHR 10.11.1999/ Sl. 2438-328/ IN/ R13342.2178.
rep ‘Juno en Ceres pleiten voor Psyche bij Venus’ (aft FR by (wor) Raffaello/ see
1.1/13/R2705.1372)/ DR/ d/ 41.5x28/ A'dam, CHR 10.11.1999/ Sl. 2438-328/ IN/ R3359.2179.
rep ide (att) ‘Juno en Ceres weigeren Venus ter hulp te komen’/ DR/ d/ 40.6x28.1/ Brussel-Bruxelles,
KMSK-MRBA/ inv. 12139/ IRPA-KIK/ R16472.2180.
c1675 DUBOIS, Simon: Venus and Cupid before the assembly of the gods (aft PR by Agostino
Veneziano/ nt, according to G. Vasari aft design by Michel Coxcie/ nt)/ DR/ d/ 4.7x8.5/ London, BMu/ inv.
1932-6-23-3/ Croft-Murray E & Hulton P (1960),p.300-301, n°5/ R16111.2181.


o Venus chides Cupid and punishes Psyche

c1550 (att) MASSIJS, Jan: Vénus et Psyché (Jeunes femmes présentant des fleurs)/ PA/ o w/
114.5x131.5/ Fontainebleau, MNC/ inv. RF 3045/ IN/ R4746.2182.
c1550 SUAVIUS(III), Lambert: Psyche and Venus (rev aft FR by (wor) Raffaello/ see
1.1/13/R7139.1385)/ PR/ e/ 26.1x17.2/ London, BMu/ inv. V,6.40/ Hollstein XXVIII (1984), p.178, n°43/
1575 HOGENBERG, Frans: Venus und Cupid(aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R527.1355)/ PR/ e
y/ 19,5 x 22,0/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 7126/Hollstein 1949, IX, p.50, n°4-34 <31 plates aft RAPHAEL or Michiel
COXIE; copies aft engs by the Master of the Dice>; IN/ Michiel COXIE (I) was probably the designer for 44 painted glass-
panels 1542-1544 (att) Ecole de Fontainebleau: Histoire de Psyché/ 101x55.5/ Chantilly, MuC. R17032.2184.
rep ‘Psyche bei Venus’ (aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R527.1355)/ PR/ e y/ 19,5 x 22,0/
Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 7130/Hollstein 1949, IX, p.50, n°4-34 <31 plates aft RAPHAEL or Michiel COXIE; copies aft
engs by the Master of the Dice>; IN/ R19296.2185.
rep ‘Venus gibt Psyche Aufgaben’(aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R527.1355)/ PR/ e y/ 19,5 x 22,0/
Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 7131/Hollstein 1949, IX, p.50, n°4-34 <31 plates aft RAPHAEL or Michiel COXIE); IN/
rep ‘Venus schickt Psyche Wolle holen’ (aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R527.1355)/ PR/ e y/ 19,5
x 22,0/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 7132/Hollstein 1949, IX, p.50, n°4-34 <31 plates aft RAPHAEL or Michiel COXIE); IN/
rep ‘Venus und Psyche’ (aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R527.1355)/ PR/ e y/ 19,5 x 22,0/
Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 7133/Hollstein 1949, IX, p.50, n°4-34 <31 plates aft RAPHAEL or Michiel COXIE); IN/
c1600 VAN VEEN, Otto: Psyche taking the water of the Styx to Venus (aft FR by wor Raffaello/
see 1.1/13/R7139.1385)/ DR/ d/ 30.4x22.7/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-T-2378/ IN/ R17630.2189.
c1675 TEYLER, Johan: Venus mit Ampel und Dolch am Lager der Psyche/ PR/ e r/ ?/ UN/ TBV < Besitz
des Amsterd. Rab. (142 Blätter)>/ R20281V.2190.
c1700 TERWESTEN (I), Augustinus: Venus und Psyche/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Colella (ed.) (1995), p.40, fig.5/

o Reconciliation, marriage of Psyche, feast of the Gods

c1550 SUSTRIS, Lambert: Riconciliazione di Venere e Cupido/ PA/ o c/ 130x155.5/ Chicago, AIC/ inv. ?/
IN Zeri/ PR by J. MATHAM as ‘Venus, Eros, Ceres and Bacchus in... a ...vineyard’ or 'Sine Cerere et Baccho friget Venus'/
see R4653. R17924.2192.
1575 HOGENBERG, Frans: Amor und Psyche bei den Göttern (aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see
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RAPHAEL or Michiel COXIE). Copies aft engs by the Master of the Dice>; IN/ Michiel COXIE (I) was probably the
designer for 44 painted glass-panels 1542-1544 (att) Ecole de Fontainebleau: Histoire de Psyché/ 101x55.5/ Chantilly, MuC.
rep ‘Die Hochzeit von Amor und Psyche’(aft FR by wor Raffaello/ see 1.1/13/R527.1355)/ PR/ e y/
19,5 x 22,0/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. 7140/Hollstein 1949, IX, p.50, n°4-34 <31 plates aft RAPHAEL or Michiel
COXIE). Copies aft engs by the Master of the Dice>; IN/ R19301.2194.
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fig.1; Schultze J (1988) p.420, cat.312/ R16894.2196.
c1590 BLOEMAERT, Abraham: Wedding of Cupid and Psyche/ PA/ o w/ Ø61.6/ London, RCo/ inv. ?/
Roethlisberger M (1993) p.60, n°11,fig.22/ R18848.2197.


c1625 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Jupiter receiving Psyche on the Olymp/ PA/ o w/ 64x49/ Wien, LMu/ inv
1927-117/ RKD/ R20022.2198.
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c1652 JORDAENS (I), Jacob: Psyche door de goden opgenomen op de Olympus als de bruid van
Amor/ PA/ o c/ 225,5 x 266/ PrC/ IN RKD/ R18231.2200.

14. Venus and Satyrs

o alone with Venus

c1575 DE BACKER Jacob: Schlafende Venus mit Satyren/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV < Im Inventar der Prager
Schatz und Kunstkammer von 1621 >/ R20234V.2201.
c1600 DE VRIES, Adriaen: Venus und Faun/ SC (2)/ z/ ?/ Dresden, SKS/ inv. IX 20,IX36/ Anonymous (1883b),
p.133-4 <Ein Faune mit Venere und Spiegel, in Grünen Gewölbe zu Dresden>; IN/ R17047.2202.
c1600 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Venus surprised by satyr/ DR/ ?/ ?/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ WI/ R18466.2203.
rep sim ‘Venus surprised by two satyrs’/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Celle, PrC N J Otte 1941/ RKD/ R20019.2204.
c1630 VAN DYCK, Antoon: A landscape, with satyrs and Venus sleeping/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 29.3.1828/
Sl. –62/ GPI Sale Catalog Br-12857/ idem? ‘Sleeping Venus and satyrs’/ London, sa 29.5.1804/ Sl. –23/ GPI Sale Catalog Br-
271/ R16813V. R16824V.2205.
c1650 VAN AVONT, Pieter: A sleeping Venus and satyr/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, CHR 1.4.1791/ Sl. –21/ GPI Sale
Catalog Br-A5030/ R16766V.2206.
c1675 SCHALCKEN, Godfried: Reclining Venus and Satyr/ PA/ o c/ 24.5x31.5/ Hartford, WA/ inv. 1958.70/
Hofstede de Groot C (1908) p.333, n°83 <The nude Venus with a satyr (in a landscape) 9''x12''/ A'dam; sa 16.4.1738, n°44 or
45>; pc/ R11424V.2207.
c1675 YKENS, Peter: Schlafende Venus, von Faunen belauscht/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV < Kat. d.
Chlumetzky‘schen Gem.-Smlg in Prag, 1863 Nr 232/ R20292V.2208.
c1695 BERINCX, J. Hendrik: Schlafende Venus von einem Satyr belauscht/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV <PR by
R. Pelletier/ R16980V>/ R20236V.2209.
c1700 VALCK, Gerard: Sleeping Venus and a faun/ PR/ ?/ 15.7x22.4/ Paris, BNF/ inv. ?/ Hollstein XXXI
(1987) p.258, n°20 < pos cop aft PR by or aft Charles Le Brun/ nt>/ R17386.2210.
1974 LUCEBERT: Satyr met Venus der cyclopen/ PA/ u a d/ 75x100/ A'dam, CHR 5.9.2007/ Sl. 2760-0423/ IN/

o Cupid(s) around
c1600 MULLER, Jan: Een rustende Venus in een landzigt, door een zater bespied, ter zyde Cupido
met een spiegel/ DR/ d/ ?/ A'dam, sa 6.4.1789/ Sl.-39/ Reznicek E K J (1980) p.132/ R18525V.2212.
c1600 SADELER (I), Raphaël: Satyr lifting Venus' veil (Amor in background center, Venus
reclining to the right)/ PR/ e/ 17.6x20.4/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, ed. Boon, XXI, p.248, n°174/ also in London,
BMu/ inv.1937-0915.403. R17061.2213.
1604 DE GHEYN (II), Jacob: Slapende Venus en slapende Cupid; aan haar voeten 2 saters, één
licht dunne doek op die haar schoot bedekt/ PA/ ?/ ?/ LO/ Van Mander K (1604/1995) p.371; Blankert et al.
(1999) p.66-67/ R16236V.2214.
prep? ‘'Etude représentant une femme nue au lit'/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. ?/ Anonymous (1980-
81) p.97/ R17993V.2215.
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V, p.136, n°1/ R17001V.2216.
c1675 (att) DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Paysage historique avec Pan châtié par l'Amour/ PA/ o c/
64.8x81/ Nantes, MBA/ inv. 3/ TBV ; pc <also (aft) Albani> / R18763.2217.
c1675 VAN SOMER, Jan: Sleeping Venus and satyr/ PR/ ?/ 17.3x22.8/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXVII,
p.118, n°28 <Venus reclining in right profile under a tree; Cupid behind her>/ R17289V.2218.


c1699 POOL, Matthijs: Vénus endormie surprise par des satyres (aft PA by N. Poussin/ nt)/ PR/ e/
21.4x29.6/ London, BMu/ inv. U8.38/ Andresen 1962, p.187, n°A.356<G.W.126> ; IN < landscape with two satyrs crouched
beside the sleeping Venus, and disrobing the goddess; several cupids hovering around, with one trying to stop the satyrs; in the
background, slightly at right, a couple of shepherds observing the scene.>/ R15384V.2219.
c1700 SCHENK, Pieter: Satyr gazing upon Venus and chased off by Cupid/ PR/ ?/ 25.9x19.6/ Coburg,
CV/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXV, p.9, n°20/ R17154V.2220.

ƒ Venus in the centre

c1543 SUSTRIS, Lambert: Venere, Amore e un satiro/ PA/ o c/ 115x110/ Roma, GaB/ inv. 124/ IN ZERI <
also (att) P. Veronese>/ R536.2221.
c1550 (att) LOMBARD, Lambert: Vénus et Cupidon maîtrisant un satyre/ DR/ d/ 9.2x5.7/ Liège, CED/
inv. ?/IRPA-KIK/ cop sim PA by DE QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck/ see R433. R17776.2222.
1574 VAN TETRODE, Willem Danielsz.: Venus, Amor en satyr/ SC/ ?/ ?/ LO/ Hollstein XXIX (1984),
p.206, n°9 < ?aft the lost SC by TETRODE for the house of Peter ter Layn von Lennep in Köln?>/ R19396V.2223.
rep ide ‘Venus und Amor mit einem Satyr’/ PR/ e y/ 38,4 x 51/ Braunschweig:, HAB/ inv. A3: 81/ IN/ idem? PR
by A. DE WEERDT/ see R16858. R17379.2224.
1574 DE WEERDT, Adriaen: Venus, Amor en satyr (aft LO SC by VAN TETRODE/ see
R19396V)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Nijstad J (1986) p.270, Cat. 9, fig.5/ R16858.2225.
1583 SADELER (I), Raphaël: Satyr and Venus (aft DR ? by M. DE VOS/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 14.5x17.5/ Wien,
ALB/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, ed. Boon, XXI, p.248, n°173 <sitting on a bed; in foreground right Amor>/ R17060V.2226.
1588 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus und Amor, belauscht von einem Satyr/ PR/ e y/ 21,5 x 15,7/
Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. A1: 837a/ IN/ cop (aft) ide ‘A Satyr, Venus and Cupid’/ PR/ e/ 35.56 x 25.56/ LA, CMA/ inv.
M88.91.334/ IN/ R1096; cop ide rev ‘Vénus, Amour et un faune’ (Jupiter et Antiope ?)/ DR/ d/ 37.2x26.6/ Bucharest, MNA/
inv. 80/ EU/ R19522. R19328.2227.
c1600 WIER(I)X, Hieronymus: Conservat cuncta Cupido (Venus with satyr and Cupido)/ PR/ ?/
7.9x5.1/ Rotterdam, BBM/ inv. BdH 9840/ IN/ R1363.2228.
1602-08 DE QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck: Venus berijdt een sater/ PA/ o c/ 186x116/ Brussel-
Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv. ?/ IN/ sim to DR by LOMBARD, Lambert/ see R17776. R433.2229.
1621-27 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Venus with amoretti and a satyr (to the right)/ DR/ d/ 20.5x16.5/ London,
BMu/ inv. 1957,1214.207.115/ Adriani G (1940-1965) p.32, pl.115 <Sitzende Venus mit Amor und einen Satyr>; IN/
rep sim ‘Venus, Cupid and satyr (to the left)’ (aft PA by Tiziano ?/ nt)/ DR/ d/ 20.6x16.5/ London, BMu/
inv. 1957,1214.207.114/ Adriani G (1940,1965) p.31,32, pl.114; Marks, C. (1972) p.104, pl.69 <c.1622-1623>; IN/ at the
bottom: ‘Venus of Urbino’/ see R18280. R15994.2231.
c1675 VAN SOMER, Jan: Venus, Cupid and satyr/ PR/ ?/ 26.1x21.3/ Wien, ALB/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXVII,
p.117, n°25 <Venus seated before rocks at centre, turned to right; holds Cupid with left hand; satyr behind rocks at left>
pendant of n°26/ R17287/ R17286V.2232.

ƒ Venus to the left

c1525 SELLAER, Vincent: Ruhende Venus mit Amor und Satyrn/ PA/ o w/ 98x123/ Braunschweig,
HAUM/ inv. 41/ Bosque A (1985), p.60; Nauhaus J M (2009) p.837 <owner Städtische Museum Braunschweig/ inv. 1200-
1396-00, on loan to HAUM>/ R9367.2233.
rep ide (att) ‘Venus met amors en saters’/ PA/ o w/ 98x128/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/ inv. ?/ IN RKD/
rep ana ‘Venus in haar slaapvertrek belaagd door een opdringerige sater’/ PA/ o w/ 138x100/ Köln, LEM
18.11.2006/ Sl. –1148/ IN RKD/ R18151.2235.
1592-1611 DE BRY, Jan Theodor: Venus, Cupid and monster (aut 'Emblemata Saecularia')/ IL/ e/ 6.5x8/
London, BMu/ inv.1875-0410.162/ IN < illustration from the brothers de Bry's 'Emblemata Saecularia' (Frankfurt). 1592 (1st
edition)>; WI <Emblemata Saecularia 1611 fol.13, aft PRs by Dürer, H S Beham and Agostino Veneziano>/ R18464.2236.


c1600 MATHAM, Jacob: Satyrs admiring the sleeping Venus (aft PA ? by Hans Rottenhammer/
nt)/ PR/ e/ 22.3x16.6/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XI, p.228, n°221; Dunand & Lemarchand, (1990), III, p.901, fig.1411/
1612 VAN DEN VALCKERT, Werner Jacobsz.: Slapende Venus en Cupido door satyrs bespied/
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(1999) p.67-68, note 9/ R16237.2238.
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8077/ Reznicek E K J (1961) p.282-283, K124 A444/ R3324.2239.
c1625 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Venus and Satyr/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, CHR 29.12.1810/ Sl. –43/ GPI Sale Catalog Br-
831/ IN/ R16816V.2240.
prep? ‘Jupiter en Antiope (Venus, Cupido and satyr)’/ DR/ d/ 14.6x17.8/ Köln, LEM 16.11.2002/ Sl. ?/
Stuurmann-Aalbers J & Stuurman R (2005) Vol.29/ R16340.2241.
c1625 VAN POELENBURCH, Cornelis: Venus and a satyr: an allegory of chastity overcome by
lust/ PA/ o y/ 8.5x10.8 ov/ London, SOT 12.2.2008/ Sl. L08030-84/ IN/ PR by J. G. VAN BRONKHORST/ see R16988V.
1637 MUYCKENS, Jan Barentsz.: Nymph (Venus?) and Cupid sleeping, a satyr listening/ PR/ ?/
10.2x13.7/ UN/ Hollstein, XIV, p.123, n°4/ R17086.2243.
c1650 VAN BRON(C)KHORST, Jan Gerritsz.: Venus (?) and satyr (aft PA by VAN
POELENBURCH/ see R12223)/ PR/ e/ 17x21.6/ PrC/ Hollstein 1949, III, p.229, n°12 <'The nymph Antiope surprised
by Jupiter as satyr'; two lines inscription: 'Quid Venerem spectas....'>/ R16998V.2244.
c1650 VERTANGEN, Daniel: Venere e Cupido dormienti, spiati da satiri/ PA/ o w/ 29x37/ Bergamo,
AcC/ inv. 535(458)/ Meijer B W (2009) n° 829, p.218/ R3805.2245.
1667 DE JONGHE, Clement: Landscape with Venus sleeping…, Cupid asleep beyond, a satyr
approaching…/ PR/ e/ 25.3x21.6/ London, BMu/ inv. S.5101/ IN/ R19502.2246.
c1680 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Sleeping Venus (with satyr spying)/ PA/ o c/ 99x124.5/ NY, CHR 10.6.1983/
Sl. –68/ IN RKD/ R3229.2247.
c1700 POLA, Hendrik: Schlafende Venus und Faun/ DR d/ 20,1 x 31,8/ Köln, WRM/ inv. Z 1883/ MAR/
c1700 TERWESTEN (I), Augustinus(?):Venus, von Satyr belauscht/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Berlin, SPSG/ inv. GK I
2272./ IN/ R18292.2249.
c1700 VAN MIERIS, Willem: Slapende Venus en Amor door een sater bespied/ DR/ d b/ 24.4x29.8/
Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. Z 1132/ IN RKD/ R18687.2250.

ƒ Venus to the right

c1600 (att) DE QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck: Vénus et l’Amour (with satyr in the
background)/ PA/ o c/ 68x103/ Paris, DRO 14.3.1997/ Sl. –25/ IN RKD/ R3275.2251.
c1600 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Sovende Venus med Cupido belures af satyrer/ PA/ o w/ 21x19.5/
Kopenhagen, SMK/ inv. 13/ IN <pre LA, JPG/ inv. 71.PB.62 >/ R984.2252.
c1600 SADELER, Aegidius (Gillis): Satyr and Venus (aft LO DR by Christoph Schwartz)/ PR/ ?/
10.4x13.2/ Wien, ALB/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, ed. Boon, XXI, p.32, n°111/ R5038.2253.
1616 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Vénus et l'Amour épiés par un satyre/ PA/ o c/ 100x133/ Paris, MdL/ inv.
R.F. 2125/ Blankert et al. (1999) p.67, fig.1a; Foucart J (2009), p.64/ R578.2254.
c1640 (wor) JORDAENS (I), Jacob: Venus and Eros punishing a satyr/ PA/ o w/ 74.8x106/ A'dam, SOT
18.5.2010/ Sl. AM1090-25/ IN <pre LA, JPG/ inv. 71.PB.62>/ R303.2255.
1640 VAN DE VENNE, Adriaen Pietersz.: Vénus endormie surprise par des satyres/ PA/ o w/ 38x60/
Dunkerque, MBA/ inv. BA. P.657/ IN/ R9317.2256.
1640 VAN POELENBURCH, Cornelis: An italianate landscape with Venus and Cupid sleeping,
two satyrs observing from behind/ PA/ o w/ 23.8x34/ NY, SOT 24.1.2008/ Sl. N08404-235/ IN/ cop (aft) PA/ o w/
26.5x34/ London, BON 8.11.2005/ Sl. 11645-323/ IN/ R6586. R11800.2257.


c1655 LIEVENS, Jan: Landscape with Venus, Cupid and two satyrs/ DR/ d/ 26x43.6/ London, BMu/
inv.1922-0410.3/ IN/ R19505.2258.
c1700 DE COCK, Jan Claudius: Slapende Venus, door een sater bespied/ DR/ d/ 20.7x16.8/ Nürnberg,
GNM/ inv. Hz 4386/646b/ IN RKD <old title: ‘Jupiter en Antiope’, (att) Jacob JORDAENS>/ R3329.2259.
c1700 VAN HAENSBERGEN, Jan: A landscape with Venus and Cupid surprised by satyrs/ PA/ o y/
19.5x24/ London, SOT 31.10.2002/ Sl. W02971-70/ IN/ R5404.2260.
c1750 DE WIT, Jacob: Venus en satyr (?)/ PA/ o c gr/ ?/ A’dam, TIMN/ inv. C388/ IN RKD/ R3258.2261.

o with Cupid(s) and others

1580-1600 (att) DE BRUYN, Abraham: Cupid fighting a satyr and Venus/ PR/ e/ 11x21.1/ London, BMu/
inv. 1848-1125.151/ IN < ornament from a numbered series>/ R19482.2262.
1599-1602 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Sine Cerere et Libero friget Venus (not with Bacchus but with a
satyr)/ PA/ d o c/ 105x80/ Philadelphia, MuA/ inv.1990-100-1/ Reznicek E K J (1961) p.288-289, K131 A329<Venus und
Amor mit zwei Satyrn>; Reznicek E K J (1993) pp. 215-278 p.277 Part III Corrigenda/ R466.2263.
c1630 SPIERINCKS, Karel Philips: Venus with satyrs and cupids/ PA/ o c/ 146x170/ Windsor, RCo/ inv.
RCIN405568/ Anonymous (2008), p.41/ R13223.2264.
1736 BESCHEY, Balthasar: Venus (Flora or Bacchant?) with attendant, putti and satyrs/ PA/ o w/
56x43/ NY, SOT 15.1.1987/ Sl. –122/ IN RKD/ idem?‘Venus’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Paris, sa Sorrières 1842/ Sl. –41/ Mireur <pendant
with n°39 'Flore'>/ R17934V. R3361.2265.

15. Venus and Vulcan
(see also 7. Aeneas or 11. Mars)
c1575 PAUWELS (FIAMMINGO), Frank (Paolo) or FRANCK, Pauwels: Venus in de smidse van
Vulcanus/ DR/ d/ 14.6x20.8/ A'dam, SOT 4.11.2003/ Sl. –7/ IN RKD/ R18706V.2266.
c1590 SPRANGER, Bartholomeus: Venus und Vulkan/ PA?/ ?/ ?/ Graz, LMJ/ inv.?/ Schultze J ed.(1988)
p.283-84/ R16891V.2267.
c1600 BRUEGHEL (I), Jan: Venus in Volcano's farriery/ PA/ o w/ 48.8x73.5/ Moldova, NMA/ inv.?/ IN/
c1645 DE POORTER, Willem: Vénus et Vulcain/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Bruxelles, GaA 1859/ Burger W (1859) p.50 <A'dam,
sa Gerard Hoet 1715>/ R18228V.2269.

o at the forge (Venus requesting arms for Aeneas)

1536 VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten: Venus asks Vulcan to forge Aeneas' armour/ PA/ o c/
166.5x207/ Praha, NGP/ inv. DO 4290/ Veldman I M (1977) p.23, fig.4/ PRs ide by C. BOS/ see R7659 & R18165, sim by DE
PASSE/ see R17215 and ana by THIRY/ see R757. R3340.2270.
1546 BOS, Cornelis: Venus in the forge of Vulcan (ide aft PA by VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten/
see R3340)/ PR/ e/ ?/ Glasgow, HMAG/ inv. GLAHA 2644/ IN/ R18165.2271.
rep rev ide PR/ e/ 28.7x38/ NY, CHR 16.6.2009/ Sl. 2176-77/ Hollstein 1949, III, p.125, n°64; Veldman I M (1977) p.23,
fig.5/ also in Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-120.304. R7659.2272.
1549 FLORIS (DE VRIENDT), Frans: De smidse van Vulcanus 'et Venus arma parat, parat et
puer ipse Cupido, arma viro'/ PA/ o c/ 300x560/ UN, LO?/ Van de Velde C (1975) p.178-79, cat.24; Veldman I M
(1977) p.42, note 110 < painted on triumphal arch for Philip II's entry in Antwerp 1549>/ R16410V.2273.
rep c1560 ‘Venus und Amor in...Schmiede Vulkans’/ PA/ o w/ 170x231/ Berlin, GSM/ inv. 1567/ Van de Velde
C (1975) p. p.275-76, cat.134, fig.68; Veldman I M (1977) p.42/ R11605.2274.
c1600 COLLAERT (I), Hans (Jan Baptist): The forge of Vulcan/ PR/ ?/ 24x?/ NY, MMA/ inv. 17.3.1617/
Williams, Jr H W (1937) pp. 82-87 <PR n°2 of set of four>/ R18511.2275.
c1600 DE CLERCK, Hendrick: Venus and Cupid in the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ o c/ 149x205.5/ Aachen,
SLM/ inv 1932-96/ RKD/ R20035.2276.
c1600 DE PASSE (I) (VAN DE PASSE), Crispijn: Vulcanus maakt voor Thetis de wapens voor
Achilles (?) or ... voor Aeneas op verzoek van Venus (?)/ PR/ e/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv. PK-P-101.263/ Veldman
I M (2001) p.374, fig.229 <Vulcan forging Achilles' shield> Thetis in the verses, but Venus with Cupid depicted/
1606 BRUEGHEL (I), Jan: Le feu (with Venus and Cupid at the left, Vulcan is busy and turns his
back to Venus)/ PA/ o w/ 45x83/ Lyon, MBA/ inv. A75/ Bardon H (1950) p.77-98; IN/ this PA has the same composition
as the ones by VAN BALEN & BRUEGHEL(I)/ see R004 & its many reps, but is not catalogued by Ertz. R3266.2278.
prep (wor) DR/ d/ 21.4x36/ Dresden, KSK/ inv. C3775/ Woollett A & Van Schuchtelen A (2006) p.140-145/


c1608-10 VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k & BRUEGHEL(I), Jan: Allegoria del fuoco (Venus and
Cupid at the left, Vulcan is busy and turns his back to Venus)/ PA/ o w/ 53.8x94.3/ Roma, GDP/ inv. 332/
Woollett A & Van Schuchtelen A (2006) p.140-145, cat.17/ R004.2280.
Several reps (VAN BALEN painted the figures and BRUEGHEL the background and other details)/
Buijs H & Van Berge-Gerbaud M (1991), p.26-31.
a) c1611 ‘Venus in der Schmiede Vulkans’/ PA/ o w/ 54x93/ LO 1945, prev. Berlin, Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum/
inv.678/ Ffoulkes C (1911), p.41-48 ; Ertz K (1979) p.378, cat.252, fig.449/ R18089.2281.
b) ‘The smithy of Vulcan’/ PA/ o w/ 53x93/ London, SOT 24.6.1964/ Sl. ?/ Van Gelder H E & Duverger J eds(1956) II,
p.73, fig.37<as BRUEGHEL(I), Jan/NY, PrC> ; pos ? Mayer 1965, p.238/ although the size is almost the same, this rep has
minor differences with R18089 in the ‘Venus and Cupid’ group. R16539.2282.
c) c1611 ‘Venus in der Schmiede Vulkans’/ PA/ o w/ 54x87/ prev.Bonn, sa Goldkuhle 1927/ Sl. ?/ Ertz K (1979)
p.378-79, cat.254, fig.450/ idem ?WEB, Artprice 10.7.1998. R18090.2283.
d) c1611 (att) ‘Allégorie du feu’/ PA/ o c/ 87x119/ Marseille, MBA/ inv.112/ Ertz K (1979) p.378-79, cat.254, note
484,1°/ R18091V.2284.
e) c1611 (att) ’Allegorie des Feuers’/ PA/ o w/ 51x85/ Schleissheim, MuL/ inv. 1999/ Ertz K (1979) p.378-79,
cat.254, note 484,2°/ R18092V.2285.
f) c1611 (att) ’Allegory of fire’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Firenze, GdU depot/ inv. ?/ Ertz K (1979) p.378-79, cat.254, note 484,3°/
g) c1611 (att) ’Allegory of fire’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ NY, BMu/ inv. ?/ Ertz K (1979) p.378-79, cat.254, note 484,4°/
h) 1603-23 ‘Venus at the forge of Vulcan, or an allegory of fire’/ PA/ o w/ 50.5x88.9/ Worcester, HAM/ inv.
6166/ Ertz K (1979) cat.192 ; IN/ R2581.2288.
cop by (att) BOOTS, Jan/ see R18930; other cops by unknown artists, e.g.: ‘Venus at the forge of
Vulcan’/ PA/ o c/ 54.9x95.3/ NY, MMA/ inv. 29.158.749/ IN/ R11323.
1611 DE VRIES, Adriaen: Vénus chez Vulcain forgeant les armes pour Énée/ RE/ y/ ?/ München, BNM/
inv. 28/ IN/ R2578.2289.
1612 (wor) BRUEGHEL(I), Jan: Venus at the forge of Vulcan (Venus and Cupid to the right)/ PA/ o
w/ 49.5x83.5/ London, SOT 22.4.2004/ Sl. L04030-17/ IN/ R5879.2290.
1617 VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k & BRUEGHEL(I), Jan: Venus asks Vulcan to forge Aeneas'
armour (Venus and Cupid to the right)/ PA/ o w/ 53.3x87/ London, CHR 10.7.1998/ Sl. –8/ IN RKD/
rep ide PA/ o w/ 46.3x83.5/ London, BON 7.7.1999/ Sl. –32/ IN RKD/ R18504.2292.
rep sim 1623 ‘Venus in der Schmiede Vulkans’ (Venus to the right, Cupid to the left) PA/ o w/
73.1x127/ London, CHR 24.3.1972/ Sl. –72/ Ertz K (1979) p.382, cat.383, fig.454/ rep c1650 BRUEGHEL (II), Jan/ see
R5099. R18095.2293.
rep sim 1623 ‘Venus in de smidse van Vulcanus’/ PA/ o y/ 39.4x34.2/ PrC/ Woollett A & Van Schuchtelen A
(2006) p.231, fig.122/ this is a small rep of R18503 without the background. R16704.2294.
rep sim c1630 (att) ‘Venus (to the right, with a dress) in Vulcan's forge/ PA/ o w/ 62.8x107.5/ London, CHR
16.12.98 / Sl. –7/ Ertz K & Nitze C (2008) p.794, cat.397/ byVAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k & BRUEGHEL (I) or (II), Jan?; rep
of 1617 PA/ see R18503 (with Venus nude). R18021.2295.
c1625 FRANCKEN (II), Frans & BRUEGHEL (II), Jan: De smidse van Vulcanus (Venus seated
right without Cupid)/ PA/ o w/ 57x92/ NY, CHR 27.1.2010/ Sl.-10/ IN <pre at Brussel-Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA>/
c1625 SCHUT (I), Cornelis: Venus and Cupid (to the right) in Vulcan's forge/ PR/ e/ 24.3x32/ A’dam,
RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXVI, p.143, n°121 <aft PA without Venus and Cupid>; Anonymous (1922)p. 160, n°2064/ also in
London, BMu/ inv.1983-U412 ; rev cop (aft) ‘Vénus dans la forge de Vulcain’/ PR/ e/ ?/ Bar-le-Duc, Musée Barrois/ inv.
MNR916/ EU/ R19517. R17283.2297.


c1625 VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k & BRUEGHEL (II), Jan: Venus (to the left) in Vulcan's forge/
PA/ o w/ 54x87/ London, SOT 6.7.1983/ Sl. –18/ Ertz K (1984) p.362-63, cat.197<rep of PA by VAN BALEN &
BRUEGHEL (I)>/ R18111.2298.
rep sim 1628 ‘Allegory of fire’/ PA/ o w/ 53x88/ PrC/ Ertz K (1984) p.367-68, cat.201<cop sim of BRUEGHEL(I),
Jan>/ not cop ide: Venus is turning her body and head towards Vulcan who looks up at her; the same picture was published in
Burlington Magazine November 1974, p.700, fig.105 as 1610-20 Jan BRUEGHEL the Elder: ‘The four elements: fire’/ PA/ o
w/ 53x87.9/ London, Gal H.Terry-Engell at exh NY, MMA.. R18113.2299.
rep ana c1629 ‘Luft und Feuer – Venus (to the left) mit Amor (between Venus and Vulcan) und
Vulkan’ (has stopped working and turns to Venus)/ PA/ o w/ 61.5x94/ Potsdam, ScS/ inv. GK I 7768/ Ertz K
(1984)p.366, cat.202/ rep ide (att) WILLEMSEN, A. & BRUEGHEL (II), J./ see R19115. R18112.2300.
rep ide ‘Venus asks Vulcan to forge Aeneas' armour’/ PA/ o w/ 62.2x94/ Sarasota, RMA/ inv. SN229/ IN<
c1600 BRUEGHEL(I), Jan >; pc/ cop ana by School of BRUEGHEL I, Jan: Vénus dans la forge de Vulcain/ PA/ o w/ 47x64/
Saumur, Château-musée/ inv. 932-11-032/ IN/ R19255. R11318.2301.
c1629 (att) WILLEMSEN, Abraham & BRUEGHEL (II), Jan: Venus in der Schmiede des Vulkan-
Allegorie der Luft und des Feuers/ PA/ o y/ 63.2x96/ Zurich, KOL 26.3.2004/ Sl. –3041/ IN < Expertise von Dr.
Klaus Ertz: ein eigenhändiges Werk von Jan Brueghel II, mit Figurenstaffage von Abraham Willemsen>/ R19115.2302.
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inv. BAL 114795/ IN/ idem? ‘Venus having descended from her car, is represented as soliciting Vulcan for armour for Eneas’
DR/ sk/ ?/ London, sa 24.3.1804, n°19/ GPI <Sale Catalog Br-64>/ R16809V; idem ? London, sa Phillips 12.3.1806, n°42/
GPI <Sale Catalog Br-371>; cop (aft) ‘Venus beseeching Vulcan to forge arms for Aeneas’/ PA/ o c/ 188x142.5/ Liverpool,
WAM/ IN/ R11344. R2580.2303.
rep 1630-32 ‘Venus bittet Vulcan eine Rüstung für Aeneas zu schmieden (Venus-to the right- in der
Schmiede des Vulkan)’/ PA/ o c/ 116.5x156/ Wien, KHM/ inv. 498/ Mai E (ed) (2001), p.350-1, n°57/ cop DR by VAN
DEN BERGH, Matthys/ see R19143. R1622.2304.
rep ide ‘Venus in der Werkstatt des Vulkan’/ PA/ o c/ 107x144/ Potsdam, ScS/ inv. GK I 7762/ Blankert A
(1982), p. 102-103, nr 33, fig. 79 ; IN EU/ cop ide (fol) ‘Venus relieving Mars (?) from his arms’/ PA/ o c/ 104x140.5/ London,
SOT 6.12.2005/ Sl. W05719-557/ IN/ R5503. R16875.2305.
rep ide (wor) ‘Vénus reçoit les armes pour Enée’/ PA/ o c/ 118x143/ Wien, LMu/ inv. GE125/ IN <acquired in
1679>/ R7831.2306.
idem ? ‘Vulcan forging Armour for Venus’ or ‘Venus in the cave of Vulcan’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 1805 & 1829/ GPI <Sale
Catalog Br-311 & Sale Catalog Br-13023>/ R16814 & R16825.
rep ana ‘Vénus (to the left) demande à Vulcain de forger des armes pour son fils Énée/ PA/ o c/
220x145/ Paris, MdL/ inv. 1234/ Bailey C B (1991) p.32 fig. 3; Foucart J (2009), p.128/ .2307. cop ide (aft)/ PA/ o c/
225x160/ London, SOT 18.4.2000/ Sl. –33/ IN RKD/ R18344. R571.2307.
c1630 (wor) FRANCKEN (II), Frans & BRUEGHEL (II), Jan: Venus asks Vulcan to forge Aeneas'
armour/ PA/ o w/ 49.5x71.6/ London, CHR 11.7.2001/ Sl. –18/ IN RKD/ R18234.2308.
c1630 VAN LOON, Theodor: Venus asks Vulcan to forge Aeneas' armour/ PA/ o c/ 144x166/ Valtice,
ScMu/ inv. 328/ EU/ R19159.2309.
1645 DOUFFET, Gérard: Vénus (to the left) dans la forge de Vulcain/ PA/ o c/ 124.5x176/ Liège, MAW/
inv. 1926-152/ Philippe, J (1945); Hendrick J (1973), p.23 <au moins 3 répliques>; Veldman I M (1973), p.95-123, noot 6; IN/
c1650 BRUEGHEL (II), Jan: Venus (to the right) in the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ o w/ 54x94/ London, SOT
10.12.2009/ Sl. LO9637-113/ Ertz K (1984)p.422, cat.261<unidentified figure painter>; IN/ R18069.2311.
rep sim ‘Vénus dans la forge de Vulcain demande des armes pour Enée: allégorie du feu (Venus,
wearing a dress, to the right, Cupid to the left)/ PA/ o w/ 74.5x127/ Paris, DRO 9.5.1990/ Sl. ?/ cat/ rep of 1623
VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k & BRUEGHEL(I), Jan/ see R18095. R5099.2312.
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PaD/ inv. 697/ Meijer B W (1998) n°174, p.138/ R3802.2314.
c1650 VAN DIEPENBEECK, Abraham Jansz.:Venus and Cupid at the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ ?/ ?/
London, CHR 26.2.1813/ Sl. –102/ GPI < Sale Catalog Br-1071>/ R16801V.2315.


c1650 (cir) VAN LOO, Jacob: Venus in the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ o c/ 101.5x88.3/ NY, SOT 6.6.2008/ Sl.
N08457-60/ IN/ R11801.2316.
c1650 VAN POELENBURCH, Cornelis: Venus requesting the arms from Vulcan/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London,
CHR 1.3.1817/ Sl. –70a/ GPI < Sale Catalog Br-1474>/ R16806V.2317.
c1650 VAN THULDEN, Theodoor: Venus zoekt wapens uit bij Vulcanus (‘De winkel van Vulcaen,
daer Venus keur van waapenen uijt soeckt’ or ‘Thetis ontvangt van Hephaistos wapens voor haar
zoon Achilles’)/ PA/ o c/ 380x240/ Den Haag, KPB/ inv.?/ Van Gelder J G (1948,49) p.149, n°3; Blankert et al. (1999)
p.178, fig.29a<noot 3>/ R16239.2318.
1659 (att) BOOTS (Boets), Jan (Johannes): Venus and Cupid in the forge of Vulcan (aft VAN
BALEN & BRUEGHEL /see R004 & reps)/ PA/ o w/ 35.9x46.6/ NY, SOT 28.1.1999/ Sl. –531/ De Marchi N &
Van Miegroet H J (1999) vol.50. p.81- 111 ; IN RKD <aft BRUEGHEL (II)>/ R18930.2319.
1659 (att) VAN BALEN (II), Hendrik: Venus (to the left) at the forge of Vulcan (aft Jan
BRUEGHEL(II))/ PA/ o y/ 66x89/ Stockholm, sa 26.11.1999/ Sl. –372/ IN RKD/ R18752.2320.
rep ide 1660 (att) ‘Venus (to the left) at the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ o y/ 40x52/London, CHR 10.7.1998/ Sl. –
136/ IN RKD <aft BRUEGHEL (II)>/ R18753.2321.
1662 VAN KESSEL, Jan: Venus (to the right) at the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ o c/ 59.5x84/ St. Petersburg,
HMu/ inv. GE1709/ Corsiglia C (ed.) (2001) p.62-63, cat.20/ R2314.2322.
rep ‘Vénus aux forges de Vulcain’/ PA/ o w/ 45x82/ Lyon, MBA/ inv. H 1155/ IN/ idem? with Brueghel, J. (I) and
Balen, H. (I) ‘Venus soliciting the Armour for Eneas’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa Foster 14.5.1830/ Sl. –35/ GPI<Sale Catalog Br-
13202>/ R16778V. R19252V.2323.
rep sim rev (cir) ‘Vénus dans la forge de Vulcain’/ PA/ o y/ 31x39/ Lille, sa Mercier & Cie 11.10.2009/ Sl. –219/
IN <pair avec ‘Le triomphe de Flore’/ R17478.2324.
c1675 (wor) TENIERS (II), David: Venus and Cupid at Vulcan's forge/ PA/ o c/ 54.9x79.1/ NY, CHR
4.10.2007/ Sl. 1886-0045/ IN/ R10514.2325.
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inv. OS I-39/ IN/ R7801.2326.
1686 VAN DEN BERGH, Matthias Jansz.: Venus in de smidse van Vulcanus (aft PA by Antoon
VAN DYCK/ see R1622 or R16875)/ DR/ d/ 20.2x24/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. Z.1205/ IN RKD/
c1690 SMIT, Pieter: Venus and Cupid in the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ o w/ 71x56.5/ London, GAL 1953/ RKD/
1690 TIJSSENS (II), Jan Baptist: Venus besucht Vulkan in seiner Werkstätte/ PA/ o c/ 92x123/ Sibiu,
MNB/ inv. 1188/TBV ; IN Codart/ R15821V.2329.
c1700 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Venus asks Vulcan to forge Aeneas' armour/ PA/ o c/ 120x190/ London,
CHR 19.4.1996/ Sl. –251/ Bardon H (1950) p.77-91; IN RKD/ R3282.2330.
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Wabbes M (1994) Vol.2,p.295/ idem? TBV<as Dumoulin, A. (?); Mythologische Figuren wie Diana, Venus, Endymion
in einem Saal des Rathauses in Lüttich>/ R16748.2331.
1704 VAN MIERIS, Willem: Venus in der Schmiede des Vulkan/ DR/ d/ 31x54.9/ Wien, ALB/ inv. 10295/
Elen A J (1995) fig.12, cat.n°10 <prep for garden vase>/ R16149.2332.
c1725 PLUMIER, Edmond: Vénus dans la forge de Vulcain/ DR/ d/ 29.5x24.5/ Liège, CED/ inv. ?/ IN/
c1725 VAN NIJMEGEN, Dionys: Venus en Vulcanus/ PA/ o c/ 195 x 116/ Heino, MDF/ inv ?/ IN RKD/
c1750 COCLERS, Jean Baptiste: Vénus (to the left) dans la forge de Vulcain/ DR/ d/ 19.5x28.5/ Liège,
CED/ inv.?/ IN/ R17809.2335.
rep ana ‘Vulcain forgeant des armes pour Enée sur la demande de Vénus (to the right)’/ PA/ o c/
160x?/ Modave, CdM/ inv.?/ IN/ PA totally different from DR/ see R17809. R17798.2336.
c1750 DODEMONT, G.: Vénus dans la forge de Vulcain/ DR/ d/ 31.5x49/ Liège, CED/ inv. ?/ IN/


c1800 DE LOVINFOSSE, Pierre Michel: Venus asks Vulcan to forge Aeneas' armour/ PA/ o c/
196x119/ Maastricht, BMu/ inv. 1257/ IN RKD/ R18387.2338.
c1850 WALRAVEN, Jan: Venus and Cupid at the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ ?/ ?/ NL, PrC 1940/ RKD/
c1850 WIERTZ, Antoine Joseph: Vénus dans la forge de Vulcain/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Bruxelles, MuW/ inv. ?/ IN/

o Venus at the forge of Vulcan with Mars

c1550 SUSTRIS, Lambert: Vulkan, Venus und Amor, im Hintergrund der Schmiede erscheint
Mars, die Dienerin nach dem Verbleib Vulkans befragend/ PA/ o c/ 170x250/ München, BNM/ inv. 2408/
Berenson 1958, p.174, pl.1254 <Gemaldegalerie Schleissheim> ; Weddigen E (1994) fig.8, p.105; IC/ R4286.2341.
c1555 VAN NOORT, Willem: De smidse van Vulcanus en de figuren van Mars en Venus en
Cupido/ RE/ s/ 32.6x149/ Utrecht, CMu/ inv. 1778/ IN/ R16298.2342.
c1560 COBAERT, Jacob Cornelisz.: Mars and Venus: the forge of Vulcan/ RE/ z/ 13.5/ London, VAM/
inv. A.88-1937/ IN<designed about 1550-60 by Gughelmo della Porta in Rome and modelled in clay under his supervision by
his Flemish assistant Jacob Cobaert> / rep 1602-21 ‘The discovery of Mars and Venus’/ RE/ z/ 12.7x12.7x1/ University of
Michigan Museum of Art/ inv. 1969/2.158/ IN <as PORTA, Guglielmo della: Vulcan capturing Mars and Venus/ RE/ z/ 14x14/
Washington, NGA/ inv. 1987.9.2/ see 1.1/11/R815.1215> R17654.2343.

o Venus with Vulcan and Cupid(s)

c1546 THIRY (DAVENT), Léonard, (Léon): Vénus dans la forge de Vulcan/ PR/ e/ 32.2x44.4/ Paris,
ENSBA/ inv. 30.36277/ Zenner H (1969) n°LD67 ; Mai E (ed) (2001), p.438, fig.G16/ R757.2344.
1549 COORNHERT, Dirck Volkertsz.: Venus and Cupid in Vulcan's forge/ PR/ e/ 19.7x27.2/ Haarlem,
TMu/ inv. ?/ Veldman I M (1977) p.40, note 101 <reproduced in Gazette des B-A 37(1950) p.176>; New Hollstein (1994) M.
Van Heemskerck, Part II, n°508/ this PR is labeled (aft) VAN HEEMSKERCK, but is different from R3340 (Venus at the
forge). R5026.2345.
1590 VAN HAARLEM, Cornelis Cornelisz: Venus and Vulcan/ PA/ o c/ 181x207/ Stockholm, NMK/ inv.
NM6721/ Cavalli-Bjorkman G (1986) p.58, n°23 < Venus is pointing to the shield of Pallas Athena with the Medusa head> ;
Mai E (ed) (2001), p.344-5, n°55/ R280.2346.
rep ana 1595-1605 ‘Venus at the forge of Vulcan (with his back to the viewer; half-length figures)’/
PA/ o w/ 60x54/ Bückeburg, PrC Fürst von Schaumburg-Lippe/ inv. 615/ IN RKD/ R18584.2347.
c1600 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus and Vulcan/ DR/ d/ 19x27.9/ London, VAM/ inv.?/ Reitlinger H S (1922)
p.137, pl.28/ R15997.2348.
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Van Haeften 2004/ Ertz K & Nitze C (2008) p.801, cat.399/ R7453.2349.
a1607 SPRANGER, Bartholomeus: Venus in der Schmiede des Vulkan/ PA/ o c/ 140x95/ Wien, KHM/
inv. 2001/ Schultze J (ed) (1988) p.283-84, cat.164/ R908.2350.
1615-17 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Venus in de smidse van Vulcanus/ PA/ o w/ 180x200/ Brussel-Bruxelles,
KMSK-MRBA/ inv.1372/ Hoetinck H R (1985), n°247 <prev ‘Sine Cerere et Baccho friget Venus’ see cop in Den Haag, MH
( R6798) : left section was replaced at a later date by Vulcan at his forge; the original left section (old woman and two children
with hot coals) is in Dresden>; IN/ R8203.2351.
c1625 TENIERS (I), David: The forge of Vulcan (with Venus seated - not naked- and Cupid to the
right)/ PA/ o c/ 46x60/ Tokyo, NMWA/ inv. ?/ De Maere J & Wabbes M (1994) Vol.3,p.1141/ R16754.2352.
c1625 (att) TORRENTIUS (VAN DER BEEK), Jan Simons: Venus and Vulcan making love/ PR/
e/ ?/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein XXX (1986) p.174/ R17380V.2353.
c1625 WTEWAEL, Joachim Anthorisz: Venus in the forge of Vulcanus/ DR/ d/ 33.5x23/ St.Louis, CAM/
inv. 126:66/ IN RKD/ R16722.2354.


c1636 DIEUSSART, François: Venus and Cupid at the Forge of Vulcan (on ornate suit of armour
on bust of Lord Arundel, as Earl Marshall)/ SC/ m/ ?/ Oxford, AMu/ inv. ?/ IN/ R14346.2355.
c1650 THIJS, Pieter: Besuch der Venus bei Vulkanus/ PA/ o c/ ?/ Minsk, SKM/ inv. ?/ IN/ R18777.2356.
c1650 (cir) VAN BALEN (II), Hendrik: Venus in the forge of Vulcan/ PA/ o c/ 75.6x73/ Knightsbridge,
BON 23.4.2008/ Sl. 15741-145/ IN/ R12419.2357.
c1675 VAN DEN BOGAERT, Maarten (Desjardins, Martin): Vénus sur des nuages et un Amour
qui lui présente le cordon d'une cuirasse (d'un carquois); Vulcain assis sur une enclume, un bras
posé sur un marteau et tenant une épée; un casque et un bouclier sur une terrasse/ SC/ z/ 50 ?/ Paris, sa
Gaignat 1769/ Sl. –62/ Dacier 1993, XI, p.47-48, nr.62/ R15217S.2358.
1675-80 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Vénus et Cupidon dans la forge de Vulcain/ PR/ e/ 20.5x16.5/ Liège,
CAU/ inv. 8693/ Mai E (ed.) ( 2001), p.473-74, n°G49d/ R15769.2359.

16. Venus Asleep or Awakening/
Venus after Tiziano

Venus asleep or awakening

c1600 MULLER, Jan: Een slaapende Venus/ DR/ ?/ ?/ A'dam, sa 20.1.1772/ Reznicek E (1980) p.132 < Drawings
by Jan Muller known only through sale catalogues (a selection)>/ R18526V.2360.
c1625 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Venus on a bed/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ Du Gué Trapier E (1957) p. 265-273 <in inventory of
1682 of Marquis of Aytona> / R19966V.2361.
1637 VAN PORTENGEN, Pieter: Schlafende Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV/ < schenkte 1637 dem Hiobsspital
(Utrecht?) eine „Schlafende Venus”/ R20273V.2362.
c1650 KONINCK, Philips: Schlafende Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV/ R20264V.2363.
c1650 MOUSIJ(Y)N, Michiel: Venus sleeping on a bed (aft DR ? by J A BACKER/ nt)/ PR/ ?/
23.7x32.7/ UN/ Hollstein 1949, I, p.53, n°10 ; Hollstein, XIV, p.96, n°1/ R16978V.2364.
c1650 WOUTERS, Frans: Schlafende Venus/ PA/ o w/ ?/ UN/ TBV <Aachen, sa 10.12.1937>/ idem? Duverger E
(1984-2009) VI, 402 <Naeckte Venus op panneel> R20291V.2365.
c1700 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard & GLAUBER, Johannes: A recumbent Venus in an elegant
landscape/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, CHR 8.4.1815/ Sl. –71/ GPI Sale Catalog Br-1270/ R16841V.2366.
c1700 GOLE, Jacob: Venus sleeping/ PR/ ?/ 25.5x18.8/ UN/ Hollstein 1949, VII, p.220, n°163a/
c1725 VINCENTIUS, Daniel: Schlafende Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ UN/ TBV/ R20289V.2368.
1755 VAN LIMBORCH, Hendrik: Ruhende Venus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ St. Petersburg, Pa Gatschina/ TBV/
1812 CELS, Cornelis: Le lever de Vénus/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Paris, Salon/ Sl. 1812-177/ Sanchez & Seydoux 1999, T.I,
p.216/ R15046V.2370.
c1925 BAES, Firmin: Vénus endormie/ DR/ u/ 70x100/ Bruxelles, sa 23.5.1978/ Mayer 1979/ R17468V.2371.

o alone
1596-98 DE QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck: Sleeping Venus/ PA/ o w/ 80x152/ Wien, KHM/ inv. 1104/
Balis A et al. (1987) p.254/ R4552.2372.
rep rev ide ‘Vénus endormie’/ PA/ ?/ 70x146/ Dijon, MBA/ inv. ?/ Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.110, fig.7/ R4551.2373.
c1600 GERHARDS, Hubert: Ruhende Venus/ SC/ z/ ?/ Wien, PrC/ Brinckmann A E (1921) p.154, fig.8 <
Sammlung Albert Werner>/ R19986.2374.
c1600 MATHAM, Jacob: The sleeping Venus; Venus lies asleep with her arms folded over her
head…(aft PA by Johann Rottenhammer/ nt)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ IN/ R18279.2375.
c1625 SOUTMAN, Pieter Claesz.: Venere dormiente (rev sim aft PA by G. B. Giorgione/ see
1.1/16/R464.1551)/ PR/ e/ 21.4x32.9/ Roma, ING/ inv ?/ Hollstein, XXVII, p.229, n°13 <Venus or Danae; on the left a
riverlandscape; aft Tiziano/Giorgione> ; Catelli Isola M (1976), p.71, nr.257/ R10485.2376.
1675 LEFEBVRE, Valentin: Venere dormiente (rev sim aft PA by G. B. Giorgione/ see
1.1/16/R464.1551)/ PR/ e/ 23.7x44.7/ Roma, ING/ inv. FN6093/ Catelli Isola M (1976), p.67, nr.210/ also in Glasgow/
HMAG/ inv 10618/ IN <aft Tiziano> R10482.2377.


c1700 SCHENK, Pieter: Venus asleep/ PR/ e/ 18x24.5/ A’dam, RPK/ inv. ?/ Hollstein, XXV, p.68, n°317/ also in
London, BMu/ inv. 1875-0710.215/ IN < aft Isaac Oliver/ nt>. R17159.2378.
c1950 GAILLIARD, Jean Jacques: Vénus couchée/ DR/ d/ ?/ UN/ IRPA-KIK/ R17755.2379.

o with Cupid(s) and others

c1550 (att) COXIE (I), Michiel: Venus asleep and Cupid/ DR/ d/ 15.4x11.4/ London, BMu/ inv. 5226.119
recto/ IN RKD/ R19256.2380.
rep ide rev DR/ ?/ ?/ London, BMu/ inv. 5226.119 verso/ IN RKD/ R19257.2381.
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3318/ R16128. R18896.2382.
1600 DE PASSE (I), Crispijn: Nox nil moderabile suadens/ PR/ e/ 8.6x4.3/ UN/ Hollstein, XV, p.203, n°592
<from set of 4 plates 'The four parts of the day' figures in niches, below decorated cartouches. 4. Woman standing, seen from
behind, holding a lighted torch; in the cartouche a naked woman lying down (with Cupid)>/ R17104.2383.
c1600 DOLENDO, Bartholomeus: The sleeping Venus wounded by Cupid (aft LO PA by M. VAN
HEEMSKERCK)/ PR/ e/ 18x23/ London, BMu/ inv ?/ Hollstein 1949, V, p.258, n°19; New Hollstein (1994) M. Van
Heemskerck, Part II, n°593/ R17002.2384.
c1600 GALLE, Theodoor: Schlafende Venus und schlafender Cupido (aft Lucas Cangiasus =
Cambiaso/ nt)/ PR/ e/ 30.4x24/ Braunschweig, HAB/ inv. A1: 784k/ Hollstein 1949, VII, p.85, n°224; IN/
c1618 RUBENS, Pieter Paul: Studies of Venus (3 x reclining to the right, 2 with Cupid, 1 asleep)/ DR/
d/ 20.3x28.1/ NY, FCo/ inv. 1936.3.59/ Galassi S G (2000) pp. 285-292, n° 15/ R5975.2386.
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(1940,1965) p.33, pl.118v <aus der Giorgionikreis>/ R9665.2387.
rep ‘Ruhende Venus’ (aft PA by Palma il Vecchio/see 1.1/18/R7085.1728)/ DR/ d/ 19.9x15.8/ London,
BMu/ inv. 1957,1214.207.115/ Adriani G (1940-1965) p.32, pl.115v/ R17868.2388.
rep ‘Landscape with sleeping Venus’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ London, sa 4.11.1829/ Sl. –43/ GPI <Sale Catalog Br-13103>/
idem? ‘Sleeping Venus’/ London, sa 4.5.1803/ Sl. –17/ GPI <Sale Catalog Br-187>/ R16811V. R16826V.2389.
c1640 BLOEMAERT, Abraham : Figura sepolcrale di donna in forma di Venere (Venere giacente
con Amorino) (nach der Antike) (aft DR by Giovanni Citosibio Guidi/ nt) (aut ‘Galleria Giustiniana
del marchese Vincenzo Giustiniani’ Roma)/ IL/ Tafel 89/ ?/ UN/ MAR/ R19210.2390.
rep sim IL/ Tafel 90/ ?/ UN/ MAR/ R19211.2391.
c1645 JORDAENS (I), Jacob: De slaap van Venus (Cupido voor de slapende Psyche)/ PA/ o c/
160x260/ A’pen, KMSK/ inv. ?/ Anonymous 1988, p.212 <aft RUBENS 'Cimon and Iphigenia'>/ R17296.2392.
prep ‘Vénus endormie (Le sommeil de Vénus)’/ DR/ d r/ 17.3x26.7/ Lille, MBA/ inv. 970/ Eisler C T (1964) p.83;
D'Hulst R A (1974) Vol. I, p.344-45, n°A262, fig.278/ R6224.2393.
rep ‘Venus asleep’/ PA/ o c/ 167x161/ Kiev, SMu/ inv. 1931-204/ D'Hulst R A (1974) Vol. I, p.344-45, n°A262/
rep (wor) PA/ o c/ 110x143/ Brussel, GAL A. Den Heuvel/ D'Hulst R A (1974) Vol. I, p.344-45, n°A262/
rep (wor) PA/ o c/ 130x205/ Verona, PrC Farina/ D'Hulst R A (1974) Vol. I, p.344-45, n°A262/ R18363V.2396.
c1650 VAN BIJLERT, Jan Hermansz.: Schlafende Venus/ DR/ d/ 22,5 x 30,2/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv. Z
1001/ MAR/ R19199.2397.
c1650 VAN CUYLENBORCH, Abraham: Slapende Venus met Cupido/ PA/ o w/ 22.5x29/ Utrecht, CMu/
inv. 2539/ IN/ R3250.2398.
rep ana ‘Venus en Cupido’/ PA/ o w/ 22.4x28.1/ Utrecht, CMu/ inv. 2538/ IN/ R16297.2399.
c1650 VAN DER BORCHT(II), Hendrik : Sleeping Venus with two amorini (rev aft Parmigianino /
see 1.1/16/R11140.1563)/ PR/ e / ? ov/ London, BMu/ inv. ?/ Roberts 1986, p.54/ R11142.2400.


c1650 (att) VAN POELENBURCH, Cornelis: Sleeping Venus and Cupid, in a landscape/ PA/ o w/
23.6x30/ London, CHR 23.4.2008/ Sl. 5430-0027/ IN/ R12643.2401.
1652 HEERSCHOP, Hendrick: Venus and Cupid resting under a canop/ PR/ e/ 17.5x23.5/ UN/ Hollstein
1949, IX, p.5, n°3/ R17028.2402.
c1675 MAES (MAAS), Nicolaes: Schlafende Venus mit tanzenden Putten/ PA/ o c/ 62x73/ Nîmes, MBA/
inv. IP-284/ Sumowski W (1983) T.V, cat.2129, p.3276/ R18045.2403.
c1700 (att) HOET (I), Gerard: Schlafende Venus mit einem auf ein Hirtenpaar zielende Cupido/
DR/ d/ 15.4x23.4/ Wien, ALB/ inv. 1335/ cat/ R16140.2404.
c1700 VAN DER WERFF, Adriaen: Venus en de liefde ingeslapen/ PA/ o w/ 26.6x30.2/ Kortrijk, MOSSK/
inv. ?/ IRPA-KIK/ cop (aft) ana ‘Venus door Amor gekust’/ PA/ o w/ 25x35/ Twente, RMu/ inv. br. 2019- SK-A-466/ IN/
R3953. R8201.2405.
rep ana ‘Réveil de Vénus’/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Bruxelles, sa J.-P. Meulemeester 13.3.2005/ Sl. ?/ IN/ R3146.2406.
1703 VAN MIERIS, Willem: Venus (asleep) und Amor/ PA/ o c w/ ?/ Dresden, SKSGG/ inv. 1771/ Calabrese
O (ed.) (2003), p.308/ R2221.2407.
1719 VAN DER MIJ(Y)N, Herman: Venus en Amor/ PA/ o w/ 31x37.7/ A’dam, PrC/ IN RKD/ R3248.2408.
c1725 KRAFFT (I), Jan Lauwryn: Venus asleep underneath a canopy, Cupid lying next to her, in a
landscape (aft DR? by Peter Paul RUBENS/ see pos R5975; aft Giorgione)/ PR/ e/ 7.7x13/ London, BMu/
inv. 1891-0414.863/ IN/ R19474V.2409.
c1900 LAMBEAUX, Jef: Liggende vrouw (Venus en Cupido?)/ SC/ z/ 62x90x27/ A'pen, sa Campo
30.3.2004/ Sl. ?/ Stuurmann-Aalbers J & Stuurman R (2005)Vol. 30/ R16341.2410.
1932 DELVAUX, Paul: Vénus endormie/ PA/ o c/ 100x100/ PrC/ Ollinger-Zinque G & Leen F (eds.) (1997) p.79,
n°24/ R392.2411.
prep ‘La Vénus endormie du musée Spitzner’/ DR/ d/ 20.5x26/ PrC/ Ollinger-Zinque G & Leen F (eds.) (1997)
p.185/ R5993.2412.
prep / DR d/ 37x35/ PrC/ Ollinger-Zinque G & Leen F (eds.) (1997) p.187, n°127/ R395.2413.
prep / DR d/ 39x33/ PrC/ Ollinger-Zinque G & Leen F (eds.) (1997) p.187, n°128/ R394.2414.
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52; Monneret (2000), p.167: Salon des Independants, Paris 1991, nr.25 <PrC >; IN/ R396.2415.
rep ana 1944/ PA/ o c/ 177x203.5/ London, TGa/ inv. T00134/ Ollinger-Zinque G & Leen F (eds.) (1997) p. p.116, n°59/
prep ‘Étude pour la Vénus endormie de 1944’/ DR/ d/ 25x35/ Lille, sa Mercier 30.6.2007/ Sl. –97/ IN/
prep Study for 'Sleeping Venus'/ DR/ d/ 23.8x33/ London, BMu/ inv.1973-0414.1/ IN/ R19507V.2418.
rep ana ‘La Venus endormie’/ PA/ o c/ 60x126/ London, CHR 30.11.1981/ Sl. ?/ WI/ R14396.2419.

Venus of Urbino (aft PA by V. Tiziano, see 1.1/14/R444.1583)

1558 SUSTRIS, Lambert: Liggende Venus/ PA/ o c/ 116x186/ A’dam, RMu/ inv. SK-A-3479/ Anonymous (1993),
n°186, p.179, 541/ R2092.2420.
rep ide ‘Venere a riposo’/ PA/ o c/ 118x180/ Roma, GaB/ inv 50/ IN Zeri/ R17920.2421.
rep ide ‘Venere a riposo’/ PA/ o c/ ?/ Stockholm, NMK/ inv 95/ IN Zeri/ R17925.2422.
rep ana (cir) ‘Venus and Cupid’/ PA/ o c/ 91x152/ London, BON 3.12.2008/ Sl. 16220-60/ IN/ R15183.2423.
1621-27 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Venus of Urbino/ DR/ d/ 20.6x16.5/ London, BMu/ inv 1957,1214.207.114/
Adriani G (1940,1965) p.31,32, pl.114; Marks, C. (1972) p.104, pl.69 <c.1622-1623>; IN/ at the top: ‘Venus, Cupid and satyr
(to the left)’/ see R15994. R18280.2424.
1657 DANCKERTS, Johan: Venus resting (rev aft PA by Tiziano)/ PR/ e/ 24x35/ London, BMu/ inv
X,1.80/ Hollstein 1949, V, p.136, n°1/ R17000.2425.


1878 FREDERIC, Léon: La Vénus d'Urban' de Titien/ PA/ o c es/ 14.5x21/ Brussel-Bruxelles, KMSK-MRBA/
inv ?/ IRPA-KIK < Planche 37. Album de 59 planches. Etudes d'après des maîtres anciens exécutées à Munich et en Italie> /

Venus with the Musician (aft PAs by V. Tiziano,

see 1.1/14/R447.1589 among others)
1598 COIGNET (I), Gilles: Marte (musicista) e Venere (reclining to the left)/ PA/ o c/ 113x182/ Saintes,
MDM/ inv 989.1.6B/ Lawner L (1988) p.90; IN/ R5740.2427.
rep sim ‘Liegende Venus mit dem Soldaten (Mars et Vénus)’/ PA/ o c/ 145x220/ Leipzig, GAL Franke 1933/
Mérimonde A P de (1966-67) p.271, fig.11; Miedema H (1994) p.79-96 Note n°2 List of works signed <Zittende dame met
Cupido en spinet spelende heer zittend op een trommel>/ idem? ‘een Mars en Venus’ gedaen door Guinget/ A’dam, inv.
28.11.1620 Martsz., Elbert/ n°273/ Montias/ R7234.2428.
rep sim (att)‘Vénus et l'amour’ (Venus reclining to the right, without Mars but with his attributes at
the left side)/ PA/ o w/ 112x162/ Paris, TAJ 11.4.2006/ Sl. –19/ IN/ R6160.2429.
c1600 ISAACSZ., Pieter Fransz.: Vénus au luthiste/ PA/ ?/ ?/ Basel, KMu/ inv. ?/ Mirimonde, A. P. de (1977) p.
200, pl.126, pl.84/ R17713.2430.
c1600 SADELER, Aegidius: Venus, Amor en de luitspeler/ DR/ d/ 19.7x21.5/ Paris, FoC/ inv. 6965/
Anonymous (1980-81) p.170-171, cat.116, pl.83 <le joueur au luth emprunt +/- les traits de Rodolphe II>/ R9705.2431.
c1621 VAN DYCK, Antoon: Venus und der Orgelspieler/ DR/ d/ 20.5x16.5/ London, BMu/ inv
1957,1214.207.111/ Adriani G (1940-1965) p.30, pl.111/ R17865.2432.
c1850 DE KEYSER, Nicaise: Titiaan schildert zijn Venus/ DR/ d/ 6.8x7.8/ A'pen, KMSK/ inv ?/ IRPA-KIK/
rep ana DR/ d/ 3.9x4.5/ A'pen, KMSK/ inv ?/ IRPA-KIK/ R16319.2434.

17. Venus Statues
Callipyga, Capitolina/Cnidia, Felix,
Genetrix, Medici, Milo, Pudica, Victrix

c1575 (att) MONT, Hans: Venus Kallipygos/ SC/ ?/ ?/ Oxford, AMu/ inv ?/ Schultze J ed.(1988) p.168, cat.74/
rep ide SC/ z/ 31/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv Bro.48/ Schultze J ed.(1988) p.168, cat.74 <1610-15, uberarbeitet Modell von
Oxford>/ R16886.2436.
c1700 TERWESTEN, Mattheus: Venus Kallipyge/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK-P-AW 0906 054/ IN/

1591 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus 'ex balneo'/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Haarlem, TMu/ inv KIII24r/ Reznicek E K J (1961)
p.328-29, K213 A169/ R10853.2438.
rep ide DR/ ?/ ?/ Haarlem, TMu/ inv KIII26r/ Reznicek E K J (1961) p.328-29, K212 A168/ R16172.2439.
rep ide ‘Venus (type Cnidia) (Pudic Venus)’/ DR/ d/ 36x15/ Haarlem, TMu/ inv KIII27r/ Reznicek E K J (1961)
p.345-346, K248 A181/ R16166.2440.
rep ide DR/ d/ 33.5x12/ Haarlem, TMu/ inv KIII27r/ Reznicek E K J (1961) p.345-346, K247 A180/ R16167.2441.
1628-30 PANNEELS, Willem: Venus, after Cnidian (aft DR? by RUBENS, nt)/ DR/ d/ 39.3x20.6/
Kopenhagen, SMK/ inv ?/ Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.400, 402, fig.T5/ R11779.2442.
c1668-69 DE BISSCHOP, Jan: Venus at the bath after the antique sculpture in the Vatican
(Cnidian Aphrodite or Venus Belvedere)/ DR/ d/ 7.8x1.8/ prev. col Count Seilern/ Van Gelder J G and I Jost
(1985), p.127, cat46, note 4 <aft DR by Doncker/ nt>/ R18612V.2443.
rep ‘Cnidian Aphrodite (Belvedere) or Venus ex balneo’/ PR/ ?/ ?/ R'dam, BBM/ Van Gelder J G & Jost I (ed.
K. Andrews 1985), p.127, cat 46, pl.46 <aft DR by Doncker/ nt/ R18611.2444.
rep ide ‘Aphrodite (Capitoline)’/ PR/ ?/ ?/ R'dam, BBM/ inv ?/ Van Gelder J G & Jost I (ed. K. Andrews 1985),
p.166-67, cat 81 <aft DR by Tomasso Arrighetti/ nt>/ R18621.2445.
c1675 DE LAIRESSE, Gérard: Venus (3) (Capitolina?)/ PR/ e/ 33x20/ UN/ Timmers J J M (1942) p.129, n°130
'Gravures d'après les statues antiques de la collection Reynst'/ R17417V.2446.
rep ‘Venus (5)’/ PR/ e/ 33x20/ UN/ Timmers J J M (1942) p.129, n°130 'Gravures d'après les statues antiques de la
collection Reynst'/ R17418V.2447.
c1800 HUMBERT DE SUPERVILLE, David Pièrre Giottino: Venus Capitolina/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden,
BiRU/ inv PK 0713/ IN/ R17187.2448.

c1600 GOLTZIUS, Hendrick: Venus Felix/ DR/ d/ 37.2x18.6/ Haarlem, TMu/ inv 23r/ Reznicek E K J (1961)
p.328, K211 A166/ R8073.2449.
rep ide DR/ d/ 37.2x22.5/ Haarlem, TMu/ inv KIII 29r/ Reznicek E K J (1961) p.328, K210 A165/ R16406.2450.


c1725 PRONK, Cornelis: Beeld van naakte godin en Amor, Venus Felix (rev aft PR by François
Perrier/ see 2.1/17/R8074.2476 & C. VAN DALEN (I))/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK 1827/ IN/

c1550 VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten: Venus Genetrix/ DR/ ?/ ?/ UN/ WI/ R16165.2452.
c1640 VAN DEN VALCKERT, Werner Jacobsz.: Venere (nach der Antike) (aut ‘Galleria
Giustiniana del marchese Vincenzo Giustiniani’, Roma)/ IL/pl.44/ ?/ Roma, BiH/ inv ?/ MAR/ R19205.2453.
1675 WEENIX, Jan: Säulengang am Meer (Venus Genetrix ? statue)/ PA/ o c/ 86,3 x 70/ Braunschweig,
HAUM/ inv 367/ MAR/ R19201.2454.
rep ana ‘Elegant gezelschap aan de voet van een standbeeld (Venus Genetrix ?); op de achtergrond
een baai met schepen’/ PA/ o c/ 128,3 x 109,2/ London, CHR 7.4.1997/ Sl. –58/ IN RKD/ R19415.2455.

1640 VAN LINT, Peter: Venus de' Medici/ DR/ d/ 41.6x27/ NY, MMA/ inv 64.197.8/ Bodart D (1970) p.I,128/
rep ide DR/ d/ 41,9x27,4/ NY, MMA/ inv 64.197.9/ Bodart D (1970) p.I,128/ R16633.2457.
rep ide DR/ d/ 41.2x26.9/ Paris, FC/ inv 5830-2/ Bodart D (1970) p.I,128, pl.XXX, fig.46/ R16632.2458.
1657-68 DE BISSCHOP, Jan: Venus Medici/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Paris, FoC/ inv 6812/ Van Gelder J G & Jost I (ed. K.
Andrews 1985), p.130, note 6/ R18610V.2459.
ide DR/ d/ 21.5x13.4/ Paris, FoC/ inv 7254/ Mai E (ed.) (2001), p.402-403, fig. T6 <8 different views known in London,
München, Paris>/ R11780.2460.
rep ide ‘Venus Pudica’/ DR/ d/ ?/ London, VAM/ inv D.1212:13-1889/ IN/ R17684.2461.
rep ide ‘Venus Pudica’/ DR/ d/ ?/ London, VAM/ inv D.1212:16-1889/ IN/ R17683.2462.
rep ide ‘Venus Pudica’/ DR/ d/ ?/ London, VAM/ inv D.1212:17-1889/ IN/ R17682.2463.
rep ide ‘Venus Pudica’/ DR/ d/ ?/ London, VAM/ inv D.1212:18-1889/ IN/ R17681.2464.
rep ide ‘Venus Pudica (Medici)’/ DR/ d/ ?/ London, VAM/ inv D.1212:19-1889/ IN/ R17680.2465.
rep ide DR/ ?/ ?/ München, SGS/ inv 2052/ Van Gelder J G & Jost I (ed. K. Andrews 1985), p.130, note 6/
1668 DE BISSCHOP, Jan: Aphrodite or Venus de'Medici/ PR/ ?/ ?/ R'dam, BBM/ inv ?/ Van Gelder J G &
Jost I (ed. K. Andrews 1985), p.128, cat47, pl.47 <aft DR by Pieter P. Doncker/ nt)/ R18613.2467.
rep ide (aft DR by Adriaen Backer/ nt)/ PR/ ?/ ?/ R'dam, BBM/ inv ?/ Van Gelder J G & Jost I (ed. K. Andrews
1985), p.128, cat 48, pl.48 <aft DR by Pieter P. Doncker/ nt)/ R18614.2468.
rep ide PR/ ?/ ?/ R'dam, BBM/ inv ?/ Van Gelder J G & Jost I (ed. K. Andrews 1985), p.128, cat 49, pl.49 <aft DR by Pieter
P. Doncker/ nt): Blankert et al. (1999) p.216-219, fig.39b/ R12851.2469.
rep ide PR/ ?/ ?/ R'dam, BBM/ inv ?/ Van Gelder J G & Jost I (ed. K. Andrews 1985), p.128, cat50, pl.50 <aft DR by Pieter
P. Doncker/ nt)/ R18615.2470.
1675 COLLIN, Richard: Venus Lieb im Garten deren von Medicis in Rom- Werck von Phidias/ PR/
?/ ?/ UN/ WI/ R16204.2471.
c1675 SCHALCKEN, Godfried : Selbstbildnis des Künstlers? auf dem Tisch eine kleine
Nachbildung der Venus von Medici/ PA/ o w/ 24 x 19/ Frankfurt a/Main, SKI/ inv 166/ MAR/ R19200.2472.


c1675 TEYLER, Johan: Venus von Medici/ PR/ e r/ ?/ UN/ TBV < Besitz des Amsterd. Rab. (142 Blätter)>/
1681 (att) VAN DER MEULEN, Cornelis: Stilleben mit Statuette der Venus Medici/ PA/ ?/ ?/
Södermanland, Ericsberg Castle PrC/ TBV < Smlg Bonde, Ericsberg >/ R20232V.2474.
c1700 TERWESTEN (I), Augustinus: Venus Medici (bust)/ 3xPR/ e/ 14x12.4/ A'dam, RPK/ inv. 2976-2978/
Hollstein XXIX (1984), p.199-200, n°24; Colella (ed.)(1995), p.195-196, cat.5.10, 5.11, 5.12/ R10947.2475.
1704 VAN AUDENAERD, Robert: Venere in atto d'andare al bagno (Medici type) (aut Rossi-
Maffei: ‘Raccolte di Statue antiche e moderne’, Roma) / IL pl CXLIV/ ?/ ?/ Dresden?/ WI/ R16221.2476.
c1725 PRONK, Cornelis: Venus Medicea (rev aft PR by François Perrier/ see 2.1/17/R13276.2483
& C. VAN DALEN (I))/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK 1822/ IN/ R17243.2477.
rep ide (rev aft PR by François Perrier/ see 2.1/17/R15745.2485 & C. VAN DALEN (I))/ DR/ ?/ ?/
Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK 1823/ IN/ R17244.2478.
rep ide (rev aft PR by François Perrier/ see 2.1/17/R15746.2486 & C. VAN DALEN (I))/ DR/ ?/ ?/
Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK 1824/ IN/ R17245.2479.
c1725 VERKOLJE, Nicolaas: Een jongen tekent de buste van Venus de Medici/ PA/ o w/ 25.5x24/
A'dam, sa P. de Boer 1941/ Blankert et al. (1999) p.216-219, cat.39 <Stilleven met Venusbuste>/ R16240.2480.
c1800 DUCQ, Joseph François: Venus Medici/ DR/ d/ 58x37.5/ Brugge, SK/ inv ?/ IRPA-KIK/ R17761.2481.
c1800 GREGORIUS, Albert Jakob Frans: Venus Medici/ DR/ d/ 42x33.5/ Brugge, SK/ inv ?/ IRPA-KIK/
c1800 HUMBERT DE SUPERVILLE, David Pièrre Giottino: Head of the Venus de' Medici/ DR/ d/
36,3 x 27,0/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK-T-622/ IN/ R19446.2483.
rep ide/ DR/ d/ 19,1 x 17,9/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK-T-1286/ IN/ R19447.2484.
rep ‘Venus de Medicis; de armen van Venus’/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK 0671/ IN RKD/ R17186.2485.

1885 VAN ENGELEN, Louis: Zelfportret in atelier (with Venus de Milo)/ PA/ o c/ 104x78.5/ A'pen,
KMSK/ inv 3249/ exh/ R9502V.2486.
c1900 SCHAEFER, Dirk: De Venus van Milo/ DR/ ?/ ?/ Leiden, BiRU/ inv PK 5760/ IN/ R17388V.2487.
c1910 VAN DE WOESTYNE, Gustave: Het model voor de Venus van Milo/ PA/ o c/ 298x193/ PrC/ Gent,
MSK exh 27.3-27.6.2010/ R18924V.2488.
1927 STOBBAERTS, Marcel: Dramatis personae de ‘Vénus’ (de Milo) (aut De Ghelderode, Michel:
'Vénus' tragi-farce en 1 acte. XIV°Cahier de la Flandre Littéraire, Ostende-Bruges)/ IL/ ?/ 14.7x8.9/ Gent,
BiUG/ inv 20GHEL.7/ cat/ R17877.2489.
1931 MAGRITTE, René: Les menottes de cuivre (Vénus de Milo)/ SC/ p o/ 37x11x11.5/ Brussel-Bruxelles,
KMSK-MRBA/ inv ?/ Sylvester D (1992-1997), vol. 2, pag. 427, n° 678/ R1678.2490.
rep ana 1948 ‘La folie des grandeurs II (Vénus de Milo, acephal)’/ PA/ o c/ 99.2x81.5/ Washington DC,
SIHM/ inv 66.3199/ IN/ R5441.2491.
rep sim 1967 ‘Delusions Of Grandeur (La Folie Des Grandeurs)’/ SC/ z/ 123.1 X 82.5/ Washington DC,
SIHM/ inv 72.182/ IN/ R19434.2492.
c1950 VAN HOUT, Gerard: Still life with Venus from Milo/ PA/ o c/ 100x75/ A'dam, CHR 8.9.1994/ Sl.
2235-180/ IN/ R12980.2493.
1961 JORDAAN, Leendert Jurriaan: Snotaap ... en dat op mijn jaren! (Nikita Khrushchev as
Cupid and Venus de Milo)/ IL/ car/ ?/ Vrij Nederland, 18.2.1961/ IN/ R11909.2494.
1969 MILO, Jean: Ma Vénus/ CL/ ?/ ?/ Bruxelles, PaBA/ exh 1973/ cat n°22 / Lambrichs C et al (1972)/
1972 AXELL, Evelyne: Vénus de Milo mise à nu/ PA/ d o w/ 121x154/ Bruxelles, PaBA/ exh 1973/ cat n°3/
IRPA-KIK/ R15719V.2496.
prep 1 DR/ d/ 22x30/ UN/ IRPA-KIK/ R17760V.2497.
prep 2 DR/ d/ 22x30/ UN/ IRPA-KIK/ R17759V.2498.


1972 BURY, Pol: V Ramollissements de la Vénus de Milo/ PR/ l (12-100)/ 66.5x33.5/ Oostende, PMMK/ inv ?/
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Pudica (see alsoVenus Capitolina & Medici)

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18. Venus Unaccompanied and Abstract
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'Venus' which the Prince of Orange bought for 120 florins.>/ R20158V.2543.
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Generalbevollmächtigten, Minister Cobenzl> / R20275V.2557.
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o bust or head
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?/ R’dam, BBM/ inv L 1974.107-49/ IN/ R18145.2566.
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o reclining
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o seated
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o standing
1550 (att) LOMBARD, Lambert : Six figures de Vénus/ DR/ d/ 18.3x5.8/ Liège, CED/ inv ?/ IRPA-KIK/

ƒ on left leg
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Het Pelsken should be seen as a portrait historié of the artist's wife as Venus, the Goddess of Love>/ cop (aft) PA/ o c/ 174.6 x
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ƒ on right leg
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des roses (h= 1 pieds?), pendant d'une bacchante tenant de la main gauche un tambour de basque’>/ R15197S.2623.
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o torso or half-length
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MAP/ inv 66.0585/ IN RKD/ R1901.2629.
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Venus)/ PA/ o c/ 76.2 x 63.3/ Edinbugh, RSA/ inv. 1992.104/ EU < version of the portrait of Diane Gabrielle de Thianges-
Mancini (1672) painted by Ferdinand Voet in Rome, probably as part of a 'series of beauties', for the Mancini family>/
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1959 BURSSENS, Jan: Venus van Nagasaki/ PA/ o h w/ 160x100/ Gent, GAL Lucas De Bruycker Fine Art 2007/
exh/ R10001.2634.
prep DR/ o x b/ 63.5x48.5/ Lokeren, DV 10.3.2007/ Sl. –29/ cat/ R8763V.2635.
2002 LEFLOT, José: Aphrodite/ PA/ o b/ 79x69/ WEB, Artabus 26.3.2007/ R9043.2636.

Index of Artists
The following information is given in sequence: SURNAME, given NAME (alternative names)/dates
and places (a<YEAR>=after; b<YEAR>=before; c<YEAR>=circa; b.=born; d.=dead; a.=active)/
number of works identified in the catalogue/ topics listed in the topic-index/ comments.

1) ALBERTSZ., Jan/b. ?-b1615-d. ?/1/Mercury.
2) ALLAERT, Claesz./b.A'dam 1508-a.c1525-1534-d.?/9/cupids,Hercules,Mars,Paris,shell,Venus.
3) ALLARD, D./b.?-a.c1718 Brussel-d.?/1/apotheosis.
4) ANDRIESSEN, Jurriaan /b.1742 A'dam-d.1819/1/Adonis.
5) ANGELLIS (VAN ANGELLIS), Pieter/b.1685 Dunkercke-d.1734 Rennes/1/Cupid.
6) ANSIAUX, Antoine -Jean-Joseph-Eléonore/b.1764 Liège-d.1840 Paris/4/Adonis,Cupid,
Mercury,Paris. Active in France.
7)ARTHOIS, Jacques d'/b.1613 Brussel-d.1686/2/Adonis.
8) ARTÔT, Paul/b.1875 Bruxelles-d.1985 Ixelles/1/Paris.
Aspruck → VAN ASBROEK, Frans
9) AUTOME, F./b. ?-a.c1950 Brussel-/1/Venus.
10) AXELL, Evelyne/b.1935 Namur-d.1972 Zwijnaarde/3/Milo.

11) BACKER, Gerrit/b.?-a.c1750-d.?/1/Adonis.

12) BACKER, Jacob Adriaensz./b.1608 Harlingen-d.1651 A’dam/4/Adonis,Mars.
13) BACKEREEL, Gillis/b.1572 A’pen-d.a1654,b1662/1/Adonis.
14) BACKEREEL, Jacques/ b.b1600 A’pen-d.a1658/1/Cupid.
15) BADENS, Frans/b.1571 A’pen-d.1618,21 A’dam/5/Adonis,allegory,Bacchus&Ceres.
16) BAES, Firmin/b.1874 Sint-Joost-ten-Node-d.1945 Brussel/1/asleep.
17) BARENTSZ, Michiel/b.?-a.1625,51 A’dam-d.1651 A’dam/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
18) BASTIEN, Alfred/b.1873 Elsene-d.1955/1/Mars.
19) BERCHEM, Nicolaes Pietersz./b.1621,22 Haarlem-d.1683 A’dam/6/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,
20) BERCHMANS, Oscar/b.1869 Liège-d.1950 Han-sur-Lesse/1/Apollo.
21) BERINCX, J. Hendrik/b.?-a.1695 Naarden-d.?/1/satyr.
22) BERNARD, Philippe/b.c1901 ?-d.c1975 ?/1/birth.
23) BERVOETS, Fred/b.1942 Burcht-/1/Venus.
24) BESCHEY, Balthasar/b.1708 A’pen-d.1776/11/Adonis,cupids,Mars,Neptune,Paris,satyrs.
25) BESCHEY, Jacob Andries/b.1710 A’pen-d.1786/3/Adonis,Minerva,Paris. Brother of Balthasar.
26) BESCHEY, Jan Frans/b.1717 A’pen-d.1799/1/Cupid. Brother of Balthasar.
27) BILQUIN, Jean/b.1938 Gent-/1/Venus.
28) BISET, Jean Andreas/b.1672 A’pen-d.1726,46/2/Adonis,Paris.
29) BLAEU, Willem Jansz. (Jansonius, Wilhelmus)/b.1571 Uitgeest-d.1638 A’dam/3/allegory,birth,
30) BLEKER, Dirck/b.1621,22 Haarlem-d.b1702 Den Haag/1/Venus.
31) BLEKERS, Norbert/b.1635 Haarlem-d.1682/1/triumph.
32) BLOCKLANDT VAN MONTFOORT, Anthonie/b.1532 Montfoort – d.1583 Utrecht/15/Adonis,


33) BLOEMAERT, Abraham/b.1566 Gorinchem-d.1651 Utrecht/49/Adonis,Amor,asleep,

34) BLOEMAERT (II), Cornelis/b.c1603 Utrecht-d.1692
Roma/6/apple,asleep,dolphin,flowers,shell. Son of Abraham.
35) BLOEMAERT, Frederick/b.c1614,7 Utrecht-d.1690/1/Cupid. Son of Abraham.
36) BLOEMAERT, Hendrick/b.c1601 Utrecht-d.1672/1/Cupid. Son of Abraham.
Bloosaerken → DE NEVE (NEUE), Franciscus.
37) BLO(O)TELING, Abraham/b.A'dam 1640-d.1690/3/Adonis,bath,Venus.
38) BOECKHORST, Jan/b.1604 Münster-d.1668 A'pen/3/Mars,Paris.
39) BOEL, Cornelis/ b.c1576 A’pen-d.c1621/2/Cupid.
40) BOEYERMANS, Theodor/b.1620 A’pen-d.1678/1/Paris.
41) BOL, Ferdinand/b.1616 Dordrecht-d.1680 A’dam/19/Adonis,Aeneas,chariot,Cupid,Mars,Paris.
42) BOL, Hans/b.1534 Mechelen-d.1593 A'dam/3/Adonis.
43) BOLSWERT, Boetius Adamsz./ b.c1580 Bolsward-d.A'pen 1633/2/birth,Cupid.
44) BOLSWERT, Schelte Adamsz./ b.c1586 Bolsward-d.A'pen 1659/1/Nereids.
45) BOOTS (Boets), Jan (Johannes)/b.1603,4-a.A’pen-d.a1658/2/allegory,Vulcan.
46) BOS, Cornelis/b.1506,10 ’s-Hertogenbosch-d.a1564 Groningen/4/Adonis,chariot,Vulcan.
47) BREENBERGH, Bartholomeus/b.1598 Deventer-d.1657 A’dam/5/Adonis,Cupid,temple.
48) BRIL, Paul/b. 1553,4 Breda?-d. 1626 Roma/6/Adonis,Cupid,Ganymedes.
49) BRUEGHEL(I) (the Elder), Jan/b.1568 Brussel-d.1625 A’pen/18/Adonis,Aeneas, allegory,
Collaborated with DE CLERCK, DE MOMPER, RUBENS
and VAN BALEN (I) for figure-painting.
50) BRUEGHEL(II) (the Younger), Jan/b.1601 A’pen-d.1678/13/Adonis,allegory,Bacchus&Ceres,
Diana,Planet,temple,Vulcan. Collaborated with DE
VAN BALEN (I) & WILLEMSEN for figure-painting.
51) BUDIN, Yves/b.1974 Liège-/1/Venus.
52) BURSSENS, Jan/b.1925 Mechelen-d.2002 Merendree/2/Venus.
53) BURY, Pol /b.1922 La Louvière-d.2005 Paris/7/Anadyomene,Cupid,Milo.
54) BUYS, Jacobus/b.1724 Amsterdam-d.1801/1/Adonis.

55) CABBAEY, Michiel /b.1660 A'pen-d.1722/1/Adonis.

56) CAILLE, Pierre/b.1912 Tournai-d.1996 Bruxelles/1/Milo.
57) CALLOIGNE, Jan Robert/b.1775 Brugge-d.1830 A'pen or Gent/1/shell.
58) CALVAERT, Denys/b.1540 A’pen-d.1619 Bologna/3/Mars,mirror,sacrifice.
59) CAMPHUYSEN, Joachim Govertsz./b.1601,2 Gorinchem-d.1659 Amsterdam/1/Adonis.
60) CARDON, Antoine/b.1772 Brussel-d.1813 Redgrave/1/Cupid.
61) CARDON, Jan/b.1602,03 A'pen-d.a1651 Affligem?/1/Paris.
62) CASTEELS, Pauwels /b.? A'pen-d.a1677/1/birth.
63) CASTELEYN, Vincent (II)/b.c1600 Haarlem-d.1658/1/Adonis.
64) CELS, Cornelis/b.1778 Lier-d.1859 Brussel/1/awakening.
Claesz., Allaert→ ALLAERT, Claesz.
65) CLOCK, Nicolaes Jansz./b.c1576 Leiden-d.a1602/2/Paris, Peleus&Thetis.
66) CLOSSON, Gilles François Joseph/b.1796 Liège-d.1842/1/temple.
67) CLOUWET, Petrus (CLOUET)/b.1629 A'pen-d.1670/1/garden.
68) COBAERT, Jacob Cornelisz./b.c1535 Enghien-d.1615 Roma/2/Adonis,Vulcan.


69) COCK, Hieronymous (Jérôme)/b.c1510,1518-a.A'pen-d.1570/2/Adonis,Mars.

70) COCLERS, Jean Baptiste/b.1696 Maastricht-d.1772 Liège/4/Mars,Paris,Vulcan.
71) CODDE, Pieter/ b.1599 A’dam-d.1678/3/Adonis,Paris.
72) COECKE VAN AELST, Pieter/b.1502 Aalst-d.1550 Brussel/2/Paris.
73) COELEMANS, Jacobus/b.1654 A'pen-d.1732 Aix-en-Provence/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
74) COIGNET (I), Gilles/b.1542 A’pen-d.1599 Hamburg/5/Bacchus&Ceres, mirror,musician.
75) COLLAERT, Adriaen/b.A'pen c1560-d.1618/9/allegory,Anadyomene,Cupid,Mars,Neptune,
Paris, shell.
76) COLLAERT (I), Jan (Hans)/b.1525,30 A'pen-d.1580/1/Vulcan.
77) COLLAERT (II), Jan (Hans or Jan Baptist)/b.1561,66 A'pen-
Brother of Adriaen.
78) COLLENIUS, Herman/b.1650 Kollum-d.1710,21 Groningen/3/Adonis,Cupid.
79) COLLIN, Richard/b.1626 Luxembourg-d.1696,98 Bruxelles/2/allegory,Medici.
80) COORNHERT, Dirck Volkertsz./b.A'dam 1519-d.Gouda 1590/6/allegory,fountain,Luxuria,
Venus, Vulcan.
81) COOTWIJCK, Jurriaan/b.1714 A’dam-d.1798/2/Amor,Venus.
82) COQUES (COCX), Gonzalez/b.1618 A’pen-d.1684/1/gallery. Collaborated with Dirck VAN
83) CORNEILLE (Cornelis Guillaume van Beverloo)/b.1922 Liège-/5/doves.
Cornelisz. van Haarlem, Cornelis → VAN HAARLEM, Cornelis Cornelisz.
84) CORT, Cornelis/b.1533 Hoorn-d.1578 Roma/3/allegory,Bacchus,Pluto.
85) COSSIERS, Jan (Coetsiers)/b.1600 A'pen-d.1671/1/Venus.
86) COUSIN, Louis (GENTILE, Luigi/PRIMO, Luigi)/ b.1606 Ninove-d.1667Brussel/2/Adonis,
87) COXIE (I), Michiel/b.1499 Mechelen-d.1592/4/asleep,Love,Mars.
88) CRETEN, Johan/b.1963 Sint-Truiden-/1/Milo.
89) CROMMELYNCK, Robert/b.1895 Liège-d.1968/1/Neptune.
90) CYFFLÉ (CIFFLÉ), Paul Louis/b.1724 Brussel-d.1806/2/Adonis,fountain.

91) DALENS (I), Dirck/b.c1600 Dordrecht-d.1676 Zierikzee/1/Paris.

92) DAMERY, Walthère/b.1610,14 Liège ?-d.1672,78/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
93) DANCKERTS, Johan/b.1615,16 Den Haag-d.1686 Haarlem/1/Urbino.
94) DANCKERTS, Justus/b.A'dam 1635-d.1701/2/chariot,satyrs.
95) DARTOIS, Jacques/b.1754 Liège-d.1848/3/Adonis,Mars.
Davent, Léonard → THIRY, Léon . Some sources identify Davent as a French artist.
96) DE BACKER Jacob/b.c1540,5 A’pen-d.1591,1600/13/Aeneas,allegory,Bacchus&Ceres,
97) DE BAUDOUS, Robert Willemsz./ b.c1574,75 Brussel-d.1659 Wassenaar/1/Adonis.
98) DE BAY, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph/b.1779 Mechelen-d.1863 Paris/1/toilet.
99) DE BISSCHOP, Jan (Episcopius, Johannes) /b. 1628 A’dam-d. 1671 Den Haag/27/
100) DE BOSSCHÈRE, Jean/b.1878 Ukkel-d.1953 La Châtre/1/Psyche.
101) DE BOT, Joan /b.1948 Dordrecht-a. New York-/1/birth.
102) DE BRAY, Jan Salomonsz/b.1626,27 Haarlem-d.1697 Amsterdam/2/Adonis,Vulcan.
103) DE BRAY, Salomon/b.1597 A'dam-d.1664 Haarlem/1/Adonis.
104) DE BRUYN, Abraham/b.c1540 A'pen-d.1587 Köln?/2/Adonis,satyrs.
105) DE BRUYN, Nicolaes/b.1571 A’pen-d.1656 R’dam/1/Paris.


106) DE BRY, Jan Theodor/b.1561 Liège-d.1623 Frankfurt a/Main/4/Bacchus&Ceres, Planet,

107) DE CAULLERY, Louis/ b.c1580 Cambrai -d.1621 A’pen/3/Bacchus&Ceres,love,triumph.
108) DE CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe/b.1602 Brussel – d.1674 Paris/1/Aeneas.
109) DECKERS, Jan Frans/ b.1835 A'pen-d.1916/1/Amor.
110) DE CLERCK, Hendrick/b.b1570 Brussel-d.1629,30/20/Adonis,birth,Mars,Paris,
Peleus&Thetis,Vulcan. Collaborated as figure painter with Jan
111) DE CLINGST, C.G. /b.?-a.c1700?-d.?/1/birth.
112) DE COCK, Jan Claudius/b.1667 Brussel-d.1735 A’pen/5/Amor,Cupid,Diana,satyrs.
113) DE CRAYER, Gaspar/b.A'pen 1584-d.Gent 1669/5/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Hercules, Paris.
114) DE DEYSTER, Louis/b.c1656 Brugge-d.1711/1/worship.
115) DE DUYTS, Jan/b.1629 A’pen-d.1676/5/Adonis,Amor.
116) DE FOUCHIER, Bartram/b.1609 Bergen op Zoom-d.1673/1/Mars.
117) DE GEEST (I), Wybrand/b.1592 Leeuwarden-d.1661,65/1/Cupid.
118) DE GHENDT, Emmanuel Jean Nepomucene/b.1738 Sint-Niklaas-d.1815 Paris/1/temple.
119) DE GHEYN (II), Jacob/b.A'pen 1565-d. Den Haag 1629/9/Amor,Anadyomene,
120) DE GHEYN, Jan-Baptist/b. 1660? A'pen?-a. Tournai-d.a1685,9/1/Paris.
121) DE GOBERT, Paul/b.1949 Brussel-/1/Milo.
122) DE GOBERT, Philippe/b.1946 Etterbeek -/1/Milo. Brother of Paul.
123) DE GRAEVE, Jean-Jacques/b.1923 Veurne-a.1977-/3/birth,Paris,Venus.
124) DE GREBBER, Pieter Fransz./b.c1600 Haarlem-d.1652,3/3/Adonis,Juno,Paris.
125) DE HEERE, Lucas/b.c1534 Gent-d.c1584 Paris/1/Paris.
126) DE HENNIN, Adriaen/b. ? Den Haag-d.1710 Oxfordshire/1/Adonis.
127) DE HONDECOETER, Gijsbert Gillisz./b.1603,4 Utrecht-d.1653/1/Adonis.
128) DE HOOGHE, Romeyn/b.1645 A’dam-d.1708 Haarlem/2/Cupid,triumph.
129) DE JODE, Arnold/b.1638 A'pen-d.1667 London/1/Mercury.
130) DE JODE (I), Pieter/b. c1570 A’pen-d.1634/6/allegory,Cupid,Mercury,Paris,Pluto,Psyche.
131) DE JODE (II), Pieter/ b.1601,06 A'pen-d.1674 or later in England?/3/birth,cupids.
De Jonge, Adriaen → JUNIUS, Hadrianus
132) DE JONGHE, Clement/b.c1624 (DE)-a. A’dam-d.1677/1/satyrs.
133) DE KEYSER, Nicaise/b.1813 Zandvliet-d.1887 A'pen/2/musician.
134) DE KEYSER, Thomas/b.1596 A'dam-d.1667/1/Adonis.
135) DE LA HAYE, Reinier/b.c1640 Den Haag-d.a1695 ?/2/Adonis,toilet.
136) DE LAIRESSE, Gérard/b.1641 Liège-d.1711 A’dam/55/Adonis,Aeneas,allegory,asleep,
Peleus&Thetis,sacrifice,satyrs,toilet,triumph, Vulcan.
Collaborated with Jan GLAUBER.
137) DE LAIRESSE, Jacques/b.c1645 Liège-d.1680/1/worship. Brother of Gerard.
138) DE LA MARS, Mechior/b.1570,90 ?-a. c1620 Gent-d.1650 ?/1/cupids.
139) DE LANDTSHEER, Jan/b.1750 Baasrode-d.1828 Brussel/2/cupid,cupids.
140) DELBEKE, Louis/b.1821 Poperinge-d.1891 Schaarbeek/2/Paris.
141) DELMOTTE, Marcel/b.1901 Charleroi-d.1984 Mont-sur-Marchienne/1/birth.
142) DE LOVINFOSSE, Pierre Michel/b.1745 Liège-d.1821/2/Mars,Vulcan.
143) DELSTANCHE, Albert/b.1870 Bruxelles-d.1941 Ohain/1/doves.
144) DELVAUX, Paul/b.1897 Antheit-d.1994 Veurne/15/asleep,birth,temple,worship.
145) DE MOMPER (II), Joos/b.1564 A'pen-d.1635/5/Adonis,Mercury,Paris. Collaborated as
landscape painter with BRUEGHEL(I), Jan, Hendrick DE
CLERCK and VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k.

146) DE MOOR (II), Carel/b.1655 Leiden-d.1738 Warmond/2/Cupid,Venus.

147) DEN ELGER, Willem/b.c1677 Den Haag-d.1703 R’dam/2/allegory,Cupid.
148) DE NEVE (NEUE), Franciscus, (BLOOSAERKEN)/b.1606 A'pen-d.a1688/2/Adonis,bath.
149) DENIS, Simon Joseph Alexandre Clément (Den Schelen)/b.1755 A'pen-d.1813
150) DENYS, Jacob/b.1644 A’pen-d.1708,33/1/Mercury.
151) DE PAPE, Joost/b.c1600 Oudenaarde-d.1646 Roma/1/Adonis.
152) DE PASSE (I), Crispijn (VAN DE PASSE)/b.c1565 Arnemuiden-d.1637 Utrecht/44/
153) DE PASSE (II) (VAN DE PASSE), Crispijn/b.1594 Köln-d.1670 A’dam/6/Adonis,allegory,
154)DE PASSE (VAN DE PASSE), Simon/b.1595 Köln-d.1647 Kopenhagen/1/Aeneas. Oldest son of
DE PASSE (I) (VAN DE PASSE), Crispijn.
155) DE POORTER, Willem/b.1608 Haarlem-d.c1649,51/3/sacrifice,temple,Vulcan.
156) DEPREZ, Henri/b.1729 Liège-d.1797/1/Mars.
157) DE QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck/b.1565,70-d.a1619/12/Adonis,asleep,Cupid, satyrs,
Desjardins, Martin → VAN DEN BOGAERT, Maarten
158) DE ROORE, Jacques Ignatius/b.1686 A'pen-d.1747 Den Haag/2/Amor,Peleus&Thetis.
159) DE RYCK, Willem/ b.1635 A'pen-d.1699 London/1/Mars.
160) DESENFANS, Albert Constant /b.1845 Gemappes-d.1900 Braine-l'Alleud/1/doves.
161) DE VOIS, Ary/b.c1632 Utrecht-d.1680 Leiden/1/Adonis.
162) DE VOS, Cornelis /b.1584 Hulst-d.1651 A’pen/1/birth.
163) DE VOS, Hendrick/b.?-a.c1600?-d.?/1/Mars. Not identified.
164) DE VOS, Maerten/b.1532 A’pen-d.1603/5/Adonis,allegory,Amor,Paris,Spring.
165) DE VOS, Paul (Pedro)/b.1595 Hulst-d.1678 A'pen/1/Adonis.
166) DE VOS, Simon/b.1603 A’pen-d.1676/5/Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,worship.
167) DE VREE, Paul/b.1909 A’pen-d.1982/1/Venus.
168) DE VRIENDT, Juliaan/b.1842 Gent-d.1935 Mortsel/1/Graces.
De Vriendt → FLORIS (DE VRIENDT), Frans
169) DE VRIES, Adriaen /b. c1556 Den Haag-d. 1626 Praha/9/Adonis,apple,bath,Jupiter, satyr,
170) DE WAEL, Cornelis/b.1592 A'pen-d.1667 Roma/1/Paris.
171) DE WEERDT, Adriaen/b.c1510 Brussel-d.c1590 Köln/3/Adonis,Jupiter,satyrs.
172) DE WET (I), Jacob Willemsz/ b.c1610 Haarlem-d.1675/1/birth.
173) DEWEZ, Laurent Benoît/b. 1731 Petit-Rechain (Verviers)-d.1812 Groot-Bijgaarden (Dilbeek)
174) DE WILDE, Frans/ b.c1680-a. A'dam-d.?/1/sea.
175) DE WILDE, Maria /b.1682 A’dam-d.a1755/1/Anadyomene.
176) DE WINT, Roger/b.1942 Brussel-/1/Venus.
177) DE WIT, Jacob/b.1696 A’dam-d.1754/20/ Adonis, Aeneas, Amor, Bacchus&Ceres, cupids,
Jupiter, love, Mars,Mercury, sacrifice, satyrs.
178) DE WITTE (CANDIDO), P(i)eter/b. b.c1548 Brugge?-d.1628 München/2/Aeneas.
179) DIEPSTRATEN, Toon/b.?-a.a1991-/1/Aphrodite.
180) DIERICKX, Omer/b.1862 Brussel -d.1939 Vorst/1/Cupid.
181) DIEUSSART, François/b.c1600 Erquinghem-Lys-d.1661 London/1/Vulcan.
182) DIJCK (DYCK), J. A./b. ?-a.1601-1650-d. ?/1/apotheosis.
183) DIX, John/b.?-a.1964-/1/birth.
184) DODEMONT, G./b.c1701?-d.?/1/Vulcan.
185) DOLENDO, Bartholomeus Willemsz./b.c1571 Leiden-d.c1629/1/asleep.

186) DOLENDO, Zacharias/ b.1561 Leiden-d.b1604/2/Bacchus,Planet.

187) DONNE, W./b.?-a.1680-d.?/1/Cupid.
188) DOORNINK, Ger-Louis (JOADOOR)/b.? Aalten-a. A’dam-/2/Cupid,Milo.
189) DOU, Gerard/b.1613 Leiden-d.1675/1/triumph.
190) DOUDIJNS (Doedyns/Dodens/Diomedes), Willem/b.1626,30 Den Haag-d.1697,98/1/cupids.
191) DOUFFET, Gérard/b.Liège 1594-d.1661,65/1/Vulcan.
192) DUBOIS, Simon/b.Antwerpen 1632-d. London 1708/1/Psyche.
193) DUBOURG, Louis Frabicius/b.1693 A’dam-d.1775/11/Adonis,cupids,Bacchus,Diana, Hymen,
Mars,Paris, Time.
194) DUCQ, Joseph François/b.1762 Ledegem-d.1829 Brugge/3/Anadyomene,attendant,Medici.
195) DUJARDIN, Karel/b.1642 A’dam - d.1678 Venezia/2/Adonis,Aeneas.
196) DUMOULIN, Jean-Baptiste/b.1673 Liege-d.c1740 Hamal/1/Vulcan.
197) DUPONT, Louis/b.1740 Liège-d.1815/1/Venus.
198) DUQUESNOY, François/b.1594 Brussel – d.1643 Livorno/1/Cupid.
199) DU PONT, Juan-Baptista/b. ?-a.1614-d. ?/1/Paris. Not identified.
200) DUSEND, Cornelis Claudius/b.1630-a.Leiden-d.a1635/1/allegory.


201) EDELINCK, J(e)an/b.c1643 A’pen-d.1680 Paris/1/Cupid.

202) ENSOR, James/b.1860 Oostende-d.1949/3/birth,Paris,triumph.
Episcopius, Johannes → DE BISSCHOP, Jan
203) ESSELENS, Jacob/b.1626,28 A’dam-d.1687/1/Adonis.
204) EWOUTS, Hans/ b.? A'pen-a.1540,74 England-d.?/1/Paris.
205) FABRITIUS, Carel/b.1622 Beemster-1654 Delft/1/Adonis.
206) FAYDHERBE, Lucas/b.1617 Mechelen-d.1697/2/Anadyomene,Pudica.
207) FINSONIUS (FINSON), Louis (Ludovicus)/b.c1578 Brugge-d.1617 A’dam/3/Amor,Bacchus,
208) FLINCK, Govert (Govaert)/b.1615 Kleef-d.1660 A’dam/9/Adonis, Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid.
209) FLORIS (DE VRIENDT), Frans/b.1516,19,20 A’pen-d.1570/24/Adonis,Amor,cupids,Mars,
Paris, Vulcan.
210) FOKKE, Simon/b.1712 A’dam-d.1784/3/Cupid,Neptune,Telemachus.
211) FOLON, Jean Michel/b.1934 Uccle-d.2005 Monaco/1/Milo.
212) FORDYN, Hans/b. ?-a.c1600,50 A’pen-d. ?/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
213) FRAIKIN, Charles Auguste/b.1817 Herentals-d.1893 Brussel/5/Anadyomene,Cupid,dove.
214) FRANCHOYS (II), Lucas/b.1616 Mechelen-d.1681/3/Adonis.
Franck, Pauwels → PAUWELS (FIAMMINGO), Frank (Paolo)
215) FRANCKEN (I), Frans/b.1542 Herentals– d.1616 A’pen/1/triumph.
216) FRANCKEN (II), Frans/b.1581 A’pen– d.1642/14/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,gallery,Neptune,
217) FRANCKEN (III), Frans/b.1607 A’pen– d.1667/4/allegory,Love.
218) FRANÇOIS, Pierre Joseph Célestin/ b.1759 Namur-d.1851 Bruxelles/6/Amor,Paris,waves.
219) FREDERIC, Léon/b.1856 Brussel-d.1940/2/toilet,Urbino.
220) FREY, Alice/b.A'pen 1895-d.1981 Oostende/1/toilet.
Fynson→ FINSON, Louis (Ludovico)

221) GAILLIARD, Jean Jacques/b.1890 Brussel-d.1976 Sint-Gillis/3/Anadyomene,asleep,Milo.

222) GALLE (I), Cornelis/b.1576 A’pen-d.1650/3/Cupid,Minerva,Pictura.


223) GALLE (II), Cornelis/b.1615 A’pen-d.1678/2/cupids.

224) GALLE, Philips/b.1537 Haarlem-d.1612 A’pen/11/Adonis,Paris,Planet,temple,triumph,
Venus, worship. Father of Theodoor, Cornelis GALLE (I) en Philips
225) GALLE, Theodoor/b/1571 A’pen-d.1633/2/asleep,Cupid.
226) GALLIS, Pieter/b.1633 Enkhuizen,Hoorn-d.1697 Hoorn/1/Venus.
227) GAUDAEN, Gerard/b.1927 ST.Niklaas-d.2003/1/Paris.
228) GEEFS, Willem (Guillaume)/b.1805 Borgerhout-d.1883 Schaarbeek/1/Cupid.
229) GEERAERTS, Maarten Jozef/b.1707 A’pen-d.1791/2/Peleus&Thetis,sacrifice.
230) GELDORP, Gortzius/b.1553 Leuven-d.c1618 Köln/1/Venus.
231) GELUCK, Philippe/b.1954 Bruxelles-/3/Milo.
232) G(H)EERAERTS (II), Marcus/b.1561,2 Brugge-d.1635,6 London/1/allegory.
233) GENOELS (II), Abraham/b.1640 A’pen-d.1723/1/Adonis.
Gentile → COUSIN, Louis (GENTILE, Luigi/PRIMO, Luigi
234) GENTILS, Vic/b.1919 Ilfracombe (UK)-d.1997 Aalst/1/Venus.
235) GERHARDS, Hubert /b. c1545 s'Hertogenbosch-d.1618,20 München/1/asleep.
Giambologna (Jean de Boulogne) → Vol.1.1 ‘The Italian Venus’
236) GLAUBER, Jan (Polidoro)/b.1646 Utrecht-d.c1725 Schoonhoven/3/Adonis,Paris. Collaborated
237) GODECHARLE, Gilles Lambert/b.1750 Brussel-d.1835/3/Venus,Victrix,water.
238) GOEREE, Jan/ b.1670 Middelburg-d.1731 A’dam/1/flowers(myrrh).
239) GOLE, Jacob/b.c1660 A'dam or Paris-d.1724 A'dam/2/Adonis,asleep.
240) GOLTZIUS, Hendrick/b. 1558 Bracht-d.1617 Haarlem/57/Adonis,Aeneas,apple,Athena,
Bacchus, Bacchus&Ceres,Cnidia,Cupid,dove,Felix,Marina,Mars,
Paris,Pictura,Planet,Pluto,Psyche, Pudica,satyrs,Vulcan,worship.
241) GOSSAERT (MABUSE), Jan/b.c1478 Maubeuge-d.1532 Middelburg/8/Amor,Mars, mirror,
242) GOUDA, Adriaen Arentsz. (GOUD or GOUDT)/b.?-a.c1650 Delft-d.?/1/Adonis.
243) GOUDT, Hendrick/b.c1583 Utrecht-d.1648/1/Amor.
244) GOVAERTS, Abraham/b.1589 A’pen-d.1626/2/Adonis.
245) GOVAERTS, Hendrick/b.1669 Mechelen-d.1720 A’pen/1/Mars.
246) GRAAT, Barend/b.1628 A'dam-d.1709/2/Bacchus&Ceres.
247) GRANDJEAN, Jean/b.1752 A'dam-d.1781 Roma/1/toilet.
248) GREGORIUS, Albert Jakob Frans/b.1774 Brugge-1853/1/Medici.
249) GRIMMER, Jacob/b.c1525 A'pen-d.a1589/1/Paris.
250) GROENNING, Gerard P. (Van Groeningen, Gerard )/b.c1515 South NL-d.?/1/Adonis.
251) GROENSVELD, Johannes (Jan)/ b.c1660 Den Haag-d.1728 A'dam/1/Cupid.
252) GRUPELLO, Gabriël/b.1644 Geraardsbergen-d.1730 Kerkrade/2/Paris,shell.

253) HAECHTANUS, Laurentius (Lorenz VAN HAECHT-GOIDTSENHOUEN)/b. Mechelen
1527-d.1603 A'pen/3/Bacchus&Ceres,Hercules,sandal.
254) HAEGHEN, Jan Baptiste (VAN DER HAEGEN)/b.?-a.1715,40 Brussel-d.1740/1/dolphin.
255) HAMERLINCK, Irène/b.1903 Gent-d. ?/1/Milo.
256) HANS, Jean/b.1670 Grivegnée-d.1742 Liège/1/Mercury.
257) HARDIME, Pieter/b.1677 A’pen-d.1748 Den Haag/1/Venus.
258) HARREWIJN, Jacobus/b.1660 A'dam-d.1727 Brussel/2/Amor,Planet.
259) HEERSCHOP, Hendrick/ b.1626,27 Haarlem-d.a1690/2/Adonis,asleep.


260) HEINEN, Gerrit Hendrik/b.1851 Aalten-d.1930/1/Cupid.

261) HEINS, Armand/b.1856 Gent-d.1938/1/Cythera.
262) HELLEMANS, Pierre-Jean/b.1787 Brussel-d.1845/1/Aeneas.
263) HENDERYCKX, Léopold/b.1888 Sint-Joost-ten-Node-d.1960/1/birth.
264) HERREYNS, Jacob/b.1643 A'pen-d.1732/2/Adonis.
265) HOEFNAGEL, Jacob/b.1575 A’pen-d.c1630 NL/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
266) HOEFNAGEL (Hufnagel), Joris, (Georg, Jons)/b.1542 Antwerpen-d.1600 Wien/1/Cupid.
267) HOET (I), Gerard/b.1648 Zaltbommel-d.1733 Den Haag/19/Adonis,Amor,Anchises,asleep,
Bacchus&Ceres, Mars,nymphs,Paris,triumph.
268) HOET, H. (Hendrick?)/b.?-a.1659 Zaltbommel-d.?/1/Paris.
269) HOGENBERG, Frans/b.b1540 Mechelen-d.1590 Köln/9/Psyche.
270) HOLLANDINE, Luise/b.1622 NL-d.1709 Maubuisson (Val-d'Oise)/1/Mars.
271) HONDIUS, Abraham Daniëlsz./b.c1631 R'dam-d.1691 London/2/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres.
272) HOUBRAKEN, Arnold/b.1660 Dordrecht-d.1719 A’dam/2/Cupid,Mars.
273) HUMBERT DE SUPERVILLE, David Pièrre Giottino/b.1770 Den Haag-d.1849 Leiden/7/
274) HUYBRECHTS, Paul/b.?-a.2006 Herent-/1/birth.
275) HUYSMANS, Cornelis/b.1648 A'pen-d.1727 Mechelen/1/Adonis.
276) HUYSMANS, Jacob/b.c1630 A’pen-d.c1696 London/2/Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid.
277) ISAACSZ., Pieter Fransz./b.1569 Helsingor –d.1625 A’dam/7/Cupid,Mars,music,musician,
278) JACQUET, Joseph/b.?-a.1845 Bruxelles-d.?/1/Amor.
Jansonius, Wilhelmus → BLAEU, Willem Jansz.
279) JANSSENS, Hieronymus/b.1624 A’pen-d.1693/1/allegory. Painted several ‘galleries’ but it is
not clear if Venus is depicted.
280) JANSSENS, Joseph-François/b.1744 Brussel-d.1816/1/toilet.
281) JANSSENS, Victor Honoré/b.1658 Brussel-d.1736/7/Adonis,Aeneas,attendants,Cupid, toilet.
282) JANSSENS VAN NUYSSEN, Abraham/b.1567 A’pen-d.1632/9/Adonis,Aeneas,
Bacchus&Ceres, Jupiter,Lascivia,toilet. Collaborated with
Jan Wildens, landscape painter.
283) JANSZ, Pieter/b.c1602 A'dam-d.1672/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
284) JENET, Johannes/b.?-a.c1625-d.?/1/Adonis.
Joadoor → DOORNINK, Ger-Louis
285) JONGHELINCK, Jacques/b.1530 A’pen-d.1606/2/Venus.
286) JONXIS, Pieter Hendrik /b.1757 Den Haag-d.1843 Utrecht/1/Cupid.
287) JOOSTENS, Paul/b.1889 A'pen-d.1960/1/Planet.
288) JORDAAN, Leendert Jurriaan/b.1885 A’dam-d.1980 Zelhem/2/Milo,Paris.
289) JORDAENS (I), Jacob/b.1593 A’pen-d.1678/27/Adonis,Aeneas,asleep,Bacchus,
290) JUNIUS,Hadrianus (DE JONGE, Adriaen)/b.1511 Hoorn-d.1575 Middelburg/4/apple,
Hercules, Hymen,tortoise.
291) JUVENEL, Nicolas/b.b1540 Dunkercke-d.1597 Nuremberg/2/Cupid,Venus.

292) KAMPHUYSEN, Jan/b.1760 A’dam-d.a1840/1/Cupid.
293) KEIRINCX, Alexander/b.1600 A'pen-d.1652 A'dam/1/Adonis. Collaborated with Cornelis VAN
294) KESSELS, Matthijs (Matthias)/ b.1784 Maastricht-d.1836 Roma/4/bath,Venus.


295) KETEL, Cornelis/ b.1548 Gouda-d.1616 A'dam/1/allegory.

296) KEY, Willem Adriaensz./b.1515,16 Breda-d.1568 A’pen/6/Cupid,Mars.
297) KEYERT, Rink/b.1709 Leewarden-d.1775/1/Aeneas.
298) KHNOPFF, Fernand/b.1858 Grembergen-1921 Brussel/2/Pudica,Venus.
299) KONINCK (Koningh), Nicolaes/b.?-a.? A’dam-d.1687/1/Cupid.
300) KONINCK, Philips (DE)/b.1619 A'dam-d.1688/1/asleep.
301) KONINCK, Salomon/b.1609 A'dam-d.1656/1/allegory.
302) KRAFFT (I), Jan Lauwryn/b.1694 Brussel-d.a1765/1/asleep.
303) KUYTENBROUWER, Martinus/b.1821 Amersfoort-d.1897 Paris/1/Adonis.
304) LAERMANS, Eugène/b.1864 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek-d.1940/1/Cupid.
305) LAHAUT, Pierre Auguste/b.1931 Etterbeek-/1/Milo.
Lairesse, Gerard de → DE LAIRESSE, Gérard
306) LALAING, Jacques (de)/b.1858 London-d.1917 Brussel/1/shell.
307) LAMBEAUX, Jef/b.1852 A'pen-d.1908 Brussel/2/asleep,water.
308) LAMME, Ary Johannes/b.1812 Dordrecht-d.1900 Berg-en-Dal/1/Love.
309) LAMORLETTE, Nicolaes/b.1600 -a. A'pen-d.1688,89/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
310) LAMSVELT, Jan/b.1674 A'dam-d.1743/1/cupids.
311) LATOUR, Jean/b.1719 Liège-1782 Moislains/2/Adonis,chariot.
312) LAUWERS, Conrad/b.1622,42 A'pen-d.c1685/1/Adonis.
313) LE CAT, ?/b. ?-a.c1640 A’pen-d. ?/1/Adonis.
314) LEFEBVRE, Valentin/b.c1642 Brussel-d.in or a1682 Venezia?/2/asleep,toilet.
315) LEFLOT, José/b.1935 Seraing-/1/Aphrodite.
316) LEJEUNE, Pierre François/b.1721 Brussel-d.1790/1/Amor.
317) LENAIN, Louis/b.1851 Estinnes-au-Val -d.(1903 ? Schaarbeek) 1939 Ukkel/2/Adonis,
318) LENS, Andries/ b.1739 A'pen-d.1822 Brussel/6/Adonis,Aeneas,Cupid,cupids,Minerva.
319) LE ROY, Pierre François/b.1739-d.1812/2/Cupid.
320) LIEVENS, Jan/ b.Leiden 1607-d.A'dam 1674/6/Adonis,bath,Mars,satyrs,Venus.
321) LOIS (LOUIS), Jacob/ b.c1620 R’dam-d.1676/1/Paris.
322) LOMBARD, Lambert/b.1505 Liège-d.1566/25/Adonis,Cupid,Paris,satyr,toilet,Venus, Victrix.
323) LOMMELIN, Adriaen/ b.1637 Amiens-d.c1673 A'pen/1/Paris.
324) LOTYN, Johannes Christoph/b.1618 Brussel-d.1695/1/Apollo.
325) LUCEBERT (Lubertus Jacobus Swaanswijk)/b.1924 A'dam-d.1994 Alkmaar/1/satyrs.
326) LUYCKX, Frans/b.1923 Borgerhout-/1/birth.
327) LUYKEN, Caspar/ b.1672 A’dam-d.1708/3/Adonis,allegory,temple. Son of Jan.

328) MAAS, Geert/b.1944 Nijmegen-/1/Aphrodite.
329) MAAS, Janneke (Houtzager-Maas, Janneke)/b.1950 Breda-/1/birth.
330) MABBOUN, Henry-Léon/b. ?-a.1874 Bruxelles-d. ?/1/birth.
Mabuse → GOSSAERT, Jan
331) MAES, Godfried/b. b.1649 A'pen-d.1700/2/Adonis.
332) MAES (MAAS), Nicolaes/ b.1634 Dordrecht-d.1693 A'dam/3/Adonis,asleep,chariot.
333) MARA, Paul (Leysen, Léopold)/b.1920 A’pen-d.1998/1/Milo.
334) MAGRITTE, René François Ghislain/b. 1898 Lessines – d.1967 Schaerbeek/3/Milo.
335) MARIS, Jacob/b.1837 Den Haag-d.1899 Karlsbad/1/Adonis.
336) MARSY, Gaspard/ b.1629 Cambrai-d.1681 Paris/1/Cupid.
337) MARTENS, Jean-Baptiste/b. ? Wontergem-d.1890 Joinville-le-Pont/1/Amor.
338) MASEREEL, Frans/b.1889 Blankenberge-d.1972 Avignon/1/Venus.


339) MASSIJS, Jan/b.1509 A'pen-d.1575/2/Flora,Psyche.

340) MASSYS (METSYS), Cornelis/ b.c1508 A'pen-d.a1584/8/Cupid,Mars,shell,Venus.
341) MASTER OF HAARLEM (Haarlem Woodcutter)/b.?-a 1485 Haarlem-a A'pen 1487,90-
342) MASTER WITH THE BANDEROLLES/b.?-a.1450-1500-d.?/2/Paris.
343) MASTER OF THE FEMALE HALF-LENGTHS/b. ? -a. South NL c1500-1530 -d.?/3/
344) MATHAM, Adriaen/ b.c1599 Haarlem-d.1660 Den Haag/2/Adonis,Cupid. Son of Jacob.
345) MATHAM, Jacob/b.1571 Haarlem-d.1631/27/allegory,apple,asleep,Bacchus, Bacchus&
346) MATHAM, Theodor (Dirk)/ b.1605,06 Haarlem-d. 1676 A'dam/1/Mars. Son of Jacob.
347) MAURER, Jacob/b.1737 Schaffhausen (CH)-d.1780 Utrecht/1/galleries. Was trained in A’dam.
348) MEEFOUT, Jan/b.1915 A’dam-d.1993/1/Venus.
349) MEERT, Pieter/b.c1620 Brussel-d.1669/1/Amor.
Mehus, Livio/b.1627 Oudenaarde-d.1691 Firenze → see Vol.1.1 ‘The Italian Venus’
350) MELOT, Gilles Hyacinthe (Egide)/ b.1816 A'pen-d.1885 Schaarbeek/1/Marina.
351) MERCIER, Lussie/b.?-a.c2009 Verviers?-/1/attributes.
352) MERTENS, Cornelis/b.? A'pen?-a.1644-1693-d.1693 A'pen/1/Mars.
353) MESKER, Jan/b.1843 Den Haag-d.1890/1/Adonis.
354) METSU, Gabriël/ b.1629 Leiden-d. 1667 A'dam/2/Bacchus,Vulcan.
Metsys→ MASSYS, Cornelis
355) MEURSING, Wicher/b.1928 Amersfoort-d.?/1/birth.
356) MEYT, Conrad (MEIT)/b.1485 Worms-d.1550,51 A’pen/1/Venus.
357) MIEL(E), Jan/b.1599 Beveren-d.1663 Torino/2/Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid.
358) MIELOT, Jehan/b.? Gueschart-a.1448,1472 Brussel, Lille-d.?/1/Pygmalion.
359) MILLET, Jean François dit Francisque/b.1642 A’pen-d.1679,80 Paris/2/Adonis,Mars.
360) MILO, Jean (Van Gindertael, Emile)/b.1906 Sint-Joost-ten-Node-d.1993 Rixensart/1/Milo.
361) MINNE, Joris/b.1897 Oostende-d.1988 A'pen/1/Aphrodite.
362) MOEYAERT, Nicolaes (Claes)/b.c1592,3 A’dam-d.1655/3/Adonis,Paris.
363) MOLKENBOER, Anton/b.1872 Leeuwarden-d.1960 Haarlem/1/shell.
364) Monogrammist G/b.? –a.1500,50-d.?/1/Planet. Getty Ulan:probably Dutch, active 17th century.
365) Monogrammist I C/b.?-a.c1570-d.?/1/Adonis.
366) Monogrammist WKL(or KLW ?)/b.?-a.1653-d.?/1/Cupid.
367) MONT, Hans/b.c1545 Gent -d.a1585 Constantinopel?/5/Adonis,Callipyga,Mars.
368) MONZEE, G./b. ?-a.c2008-/1/Venus.
369) MOREELSE, Paulus/ b.1571 Utrecht-d.1638/14/Adonis,Amor,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,doves,
370) MOSTAERT, Gillis/b.1534 Hulst-d.1598 A'pen/1/Adonis.
371) MOSTAERT, Jan/b.c1475 Haarlem-d.1552,3/1/Peleus&Thetis.
372) MOUFFE, Michel/b.1957 Brussel-/1/birth.
373) MOUSIJ(Y)N, Michiel (MOUZYN,MYZYN)/b.c1630 A'dam-a.Paris-d.?/4/allegory, asleep,
374) MULLER, Harmen Jansz./b.c1540 A'dam-d.1617/2/ Planet.
375) MULLER, Jan Harmensz./b.1571 A'dam-d.1628/12/Adonis,allegory,asleep, Bacchus& Ceres,
376) MUNNIKS, Hendrick/b.? -a.1631,48 Utrecht, Den Haag-d.?/1/Venus.
377) MUYCKENS, Jan Barentsz./b.?-a.A'dam c1637,48-d.?/1/satyrs.
378) MUYS, Robert/b.1742 R'dam-d.1825/1/Dido.
379) MYTENS, Daniel/b.1644 Den Haag-d.1688/1/allegory. pos MYTENS (II)


380) NATALIS, Michel (NOËL)/ b.1610 Liège-d.1668/1/allegory.
381) NAVEZ, Léon/b.1900 Mons-d.1967 Oudergem/1/Paris.
382) NEEFS, Jacob/ b.1610 A'pen-d.a1660/2/birth,Paris.
383) NETSCHER, Caspar/b.1639 Heidelberg -d.1684 Den Haag/9/Adonis,Cupid,music, nymphs,
sacrifice. Since 1642 in The Netherlands.
384) NETSCHER, Constantijn/b.1668 Den Haag-d.1723/2/Adonis,sacrifice. Son of Caspar.
385) NEYTS, Gillis/b.1618,23 Gent(Overijse)(Lille) – d.c1687 Antwerp/1/Adonis.
386) ORTEIL, Robert d’ (de l’)/b. ? Cambrai – a.c1601,2-1668,9 –d. ? Roma/1/birth.
387) ORTKENS, Aert/b.c1475-a. A'pen-d.c1540/1/Paris.

388) PAELINCK, Joseph/b.1781 Oostakker-d.1839 Brussel/1/Paris.

Paludanus → VAN DEN BROECKE, Willem
389) PANNEELS, Willem/ b.c1600-a.A'pen-d.1634 Baden/5/Adonis,Cnide,Cupid,toilet.
390) PAUWELS (FIAMMINGO), Frank (Paolo) or FRANCK, Pauwels/b.1540 A’pen-d.1596
391) PEETERS, Marteen (PETRUS, Martinus)/b.?- a. A’pen-d.c1565/1/Cupid.
392) PEPIJ(Y)N, Marten/b.1575 A'pen-d.1643/1/Paris.
393) PERES (I), Hendrick/b. ?-d.1670,71 A’pen/1/sacrifice.
394) PERRET, Pieter/b. b.1555 Antwerpen-d.c1625 Spain/2/Minerva,Pygmalion.
395) PICHA (Jean-Paul Walravens)/b.1942 Brussel-/1/Milo.
396) PICKENOY, Nicolaes Eliasz./b.1588 A'dam-d.1650/1/Mars.
397) PIENEMAN, Nicolaas/b.1809 Amersfoort-d.1860 A'dam/1/Adonis.
398) PITLOO, Antonie Sminck/b.1791 Arnhem-d.1837 Napoli/3/temple.
399) PLUMIER, Edmond/b.1694 Liège-d.1733/5/Adonis,Diana,Vulcan. Collaborated as figure-
painter with Jean Juppin.
400) PLUMIER, Jacques Théodore/b.1702?-d.1766 Liège/2/Mercury,Paris.
401) POLA, Hendrik/ b.1676 ?-d.1748 Den Haag/2/Adonis,satyrs.
402) POMPE, Jean-Baptiste Engelbert/b.1743 A’pen-d.1810/1/Cupid. Son of Walter.
403) POMPE, Walter/ b.1703 Lith-d.1777 A'pen/1/Mars.
404) POOL, Matthijs/b.1676 A’dam-d.c1732/5/Adonis,Cupid,Mars,satyrs.
405) POSTHUMUS (POSTMA), Herman/b.1513,14-a.Utrecht, Roma, Mantova, Landshut-
406) POTMA, Jacob/b.c1610 Workum-d.1684 Wien/1/Amor.
Primo → COUSIN, Louis (GENTILE, Luigi/PRIMO, Luigi
407) PRONK, Cornelis/b.1691 A’dam-d.1759/6/Anchises,birth,Felix,Medici.
408) PUYENBROEK, Pieter/b.1804 Leuven-d.1884 Schaarbeek/1/mirror.
409) PYNAS, Jacob Symonsz./b.1592,93 Haarlem-d.c1650/1/Paris.
410) PYNAS, Jan Symonsz./b.1581 Alkmaar-d.1631 A’dam/1/toilet.


Quade van Ravesteyn, Dirck de →DE QUADE VAN RAVESTEYN, Dirck

411) QUAST, Pieter Jansz./b.1605,6 A’dam-d.1647/1/Adonis.
412) QUELLINUS (I) (QUELLIEN de Oude), Artus/b.1609 A’pen-d.1668/6/Anadyomene,birth,


413) QUELLINUS (II), Erasmus/b.1607 A’pen-d.1678/6/Adonis,Paris,sacrifice,tritons,triumph.

414) QUELLINUS, Hubertus/b.1619 A’pen-d.1687/1/Venus.
415) QUELLINUS, Jan Erasmus/b.1634 A’pen-d.1715 Mechelen/1/Adonis.
416) REMBRANDT (Van Rijn), Harmensz./b.1606,7 Leiden-d.1669 A’dam/8/allegory,bath, Cupid,
417) RENTINCK, Arnout/b.1712 A'dam-d.1774 Berlin/1/Amor.
418) RICARDOT, Jacques/b. ?-a.1796-d. ?/1/Hermes.
419) ROBIE, Jean-Baptiste/b.1821 Brussel-d.1910/1/Adonis.
420) ROLAND HOLST, Richard N./b.1868 A’dam-d.1938 Bloemendaal/3/allegory,birth.
421) ROMBEAUX, Egide/b.1863 Schaarbeek-d.1942 Ukkel/4/Venus,Venusberg.
422) RONDAS, Willy/b.1910 Bruxelles-d.1975/1/Paris.
423) ROPS, Félicien Victor Joseph/b.1833 Namur-d.1898 Corbeil-Essones/13/Cupid,Cythera,
424) ROYER, Louis/b.1793 Mechelen-d.1868 Amsterdam/1/Cupid.
425) RUBENS, Pieter Paul/b.1577 Siegen-d.1640 A’pen/98/Adonis,allegory,Anadyomene, asleep,
Bacchus&Ceres,birth,Cupid,cupids,feast,garden,Hercules, Juno,
Jupiter,Mars,Minerva, Paris, Peleus&Thetis,Proserpina,Psyche,
sacrifice, satyrs, toilet,triumph,Venus,Vulcan,worship. Collaborated
as figure-painter with Jan BRUEGHEL I & II and F. Snyders.
426) RUTS (ROES), Cornelis/b.? A’pen or Mechelen-a.1586,1600 A’dam, Hoorn-d.?/1/Mars.

427) SADELER, Aegidius (Gillis)/b.1570 A’pen-d.1629 Praha/8/Adonis,allegory,Amor,Cupid,

musician, satyrs,toilet,worship.
428) SADELER (I), Johann/b.1550 Brussel-d.c1600,08 Venezia/6/Adonis,Apollo,feast, music,Paris,
429) SADELER (I), Raphaël/b.A'pen c1560-d.1632 Munchen or 1628 Venezia?/5/ Bacchus&Ceres,
music, Paris, satyrs.
430) SADELER (II), Raphaël/b.A'pen 1584-d.1632 Munchen/1/Adonis.
431) SAENREDAM, Jan Pietersz./b.1565 Zaandam-d.1607 Assendelft/16/apple, Bacchus& Ceres,
432) SALLAERT (Sallaerts), Anton (Antoine,Anthonis)/b.c1580,85 Brussel-d.1650/1/Graces.
433) SAUVAGE, Piat (Pieter) Joseph/b.1744 Tournai-d.1818/4/Cupid,cupids,Paris.
434) SAVERY, Roelant/b.1576 Kortrijk –d. 1639 Utrecht/2/love,Pluto.
435) SAVERY, Salomon/b.1594 A’dam-d.1678/1/Minerva.
436) SCHAAK, Willem/b.?-a.A'dam 1697,1700-d.b1734/1/chariot.
437) SCHAEFER, Dirk/b.1864 Den Haag-d.1941 Voorburg/1/Milo.
438) SCHALCKEN, Godfried/b.1643 Made-d.1706 Den Haag/13/Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid, cupids,
439) SCHEEMAECKERS (II), Pieter/b.1691 A’pen-d.1781/1/Adonis.
440) SCHEFFER, Ary/b.1795 Dordrecht-d.1858 Argenteuil/5/Love.
441) SCHENK, Pieter/b.1660 Elberfeld-d.1713 A'dam or 1711 Leipzig/13/Adonis,asleep, chariot,
442) SCHOBBENS, Alexandre François/b.1720 A’pen-d.1781/1/Venus.
443) SCHOUMAN, Aert/b.1710 Dordrecht-d.1792 Den Haag/1/Adonis.
444) SCHUT (I), Cornelis/b.1597 A’pen-d.1655/10/Adonis,allegory,Bacchus&Ceres,Ceres, Cupid,
Mars, Vulcan.
445) SCHWIND, Jean/b.1935 Gent-/1/Venus.
446) SEGHERS, Daniel/b.1590 A’pen-d.1661/1/Cupid.


447) SEGHERS, Gerard/b.1591 A'pen-d.1651/1/Adonis.

448) SELLAER (Zellaer, Zeelare), Vincent/b. c1490-a.1538-1544 Mechelen-d. 1544,1564/ 7/Amor,
cupids, Mars, satyrs.
449) SERWOUTERS, Pieter/b.1586 A'pen-d.1657 A'dam/1/fountain.
450) SEVERIN, Mark/b.1906 Brussel-d.1987 Ukkel/4/Anchises,birth,Muses,Paris.
451) SLUYTER, Dirk Jurriaan/b.1811 A’dam-d.1886/1/Amor.
452) SMIT, Pieter/b.1662,63 A'dam-d.a1694/1/Vulcan.
453) SMITS, Eugène/b.1826 A’pen-d.1912 Brussel/4/Paris,Venus.
So(e)ns, Jan (Giovanni)/b.1547,48 's-Hertogenbosch-d.1611,14 Parma → Vol.1.1 ‘The Italian
454) SOUTMAN, Pieter Claesz./b.c1580 Haarlem-d.1657/2/asleep,birth.
455) SPE(E)CKAERT, Hans (Jan)/b.1540? Brussel-d.c1577 Roma/5/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres, Mars,
456) SPIERINCKS, Karel Philips/b.1609,10 Brussel-d.1639 Roma/1/satyrs.
457) SPLINTER, Hendrick/b.?-a.1594-1630 Den Haag-d.?/1/Venus.
458) SPRANGER, Bartholomeus/b.1546 A’pen-1611
Praha/54/Adonis,Amor,Anadyomene,Bacchus, Bacchus&
Ceres,Cupid,cupids,Mars,Mercury,Minerva, mirror,
Neptune,Paris,Psyche,shell,toilet, Vulcan.
459) SPRUYT, Philippe Lambert Joseph/b.1727 Gent-d.1801/2/birth,Proserpina.
460) STEYAERT, Anton Ignaz/b.1761 Brugge-d.1841/1/Paris.
461) STOBBAERTS, Marcel/b.1899 Vorst-d.1979/1/Milo.
462) STRADANUS, Joannes (Jan van der Straet)/b.1523 Brugge-d.1605 Firenze/4/allegory, birth,
463) STUYVAERT, Victor/b.1897 Gent-d.1974/1/sacrifice.
464) SUAVIUS(III), Lambert/b.c1510 Liège-d.1567 Frankfurt a/Main?/1/Psyche.
465) SUSTERMANS, Justus/b.1597 A'pen-d.1681 Firenze/1/Cupid.
466) SUSTRIS, Lambert /b.1515,20 A’dam-d.a1568,91 Venezia/20/Adonis,animals,bath,Cupid,
Mars, Mercury,Paris,Psyche,satyrs,Urbino,Vulcan.
467) SUTTERMANS, Jan /b. ?-a.1620,30-d. ?/1/Paris.
468) SUVEE, Joseph Benoît/b.1743 Brugge-d.1807 Roma/3/Cupid,Minerva.
469) SWART, Jan/b.c1490,1500 Groningen -d.1553,73 A'pen?/1/Paris.
470) SWEELINK, Gerrit Pietersz./b.1566 A'dam-d.a1612/1/Pygmalion.

471) TANJE, Pieter/b.1706 Bolsward-d.1761 A’dam/2/Mars. Listed as TANGE, Pierre in Vol.2.1

‘The French Venus’ with one PR ‘Adonis’.
472) TASSAERT, Jean Pierre Antoine/b.1727 A'pen-d.1788 Berlin/3/Amor,Venus.
473) TASSAERT, Philippe Joseph/b.1732 A’pen-d.1803 London/2/Adonis,Cupid.
474) TENIERS (I), David/b. 1582 A’pen-d. 1649/2/Paris,Vulcan.
475) TENIERS (II), David/b.1610 A’pen-d.1690 Brussel/20/Adonis,bath,Cupid,gallery, toilet,
triumph,Vulcan. Son of TENIERS (I), David.
476) TEN OEVER, Hendrick/b.1639 Zwolle-d.1716/1/Venus.
477) TENVEY, Jan Pieter/b.1883 A’dam-d.?/1/Anadyomene.
478) TER BORCH (II), Gerard/b.1617 Zwolle-d.1681 Deventer/1/Paris.
479) TER BORCH, Moses/b.1645 Zwolle-d.1667 Harwich/1/Diana. Brother of Gerard.
480) TERWESTEN (I), Augustinus/b.1649 Den Haag (Oudekerk)-d.1711 Berlin/10/Adonis, Medici,


481) TERWESTEN, Mattheus/b.1670 Den Haag-d.1767/17/Adonis,Aeneas,Apollo, Bacchus,

482) TEYLER, Johan/ b.1648 Nijmegen-d.1712 ?/6/Amor,doves,fountain,Medici,Psyche,tortoise.
483) THEYS, Yvan/b.1936 Marke-d.2005 Warcoing/2/Venus.
484) THIJS, Pieter/b.1624 A’pen-d.1677/2/Adonis,Vulcan.
485) THIRY (DAVENT), Léonard, (Léon) (d'Averne, Leonard)/b.c1500 Deventer-a.1536 France-
d.c1550 A’pen/13/Adonis,Cupid,Graces,Jupiter,Luxuria, Mars,
Pluto,Venus,Vulcan. Some sources identify DAVENT, Léon as a
French artist (Ecole de Fontainebleau).
486) THIVART, Daniel/b.1611 A'dam-d.1656/1/Adonis.
487) THOMAS, Henri Joseph/b.1878 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek-d.1972 Brussel/1/Venus.
488) THOMAS, Jan (VAN YPEREN)/b.1617 Ieper-d.1673,78 Wien/2/Adonis,Cupid.
489) TIDEMAN(N) (TIEDEMAN), Philip(p)/b.1657 Hamburg-d.1705 A'dam/4/Adonis,Flora,Mars.
490) TIJSSENS (II), Jan Baptist/b.1657 A’pen-d.a1723/1/Vulcan.
491) TILENS (THIELENS), Jan/ b.1589 A’pen-d.1630/1/Adonis.
492) TOEPUT (POZZOSERRATO), Lodewijk/b.c1550 A’pen-d.1603,05 Treviso/5/Adonis,
493) TOL, Claes Jacobsz./b.?-a.1634,52 Utrecht-d.?/1/Paris.
494) TORRENTIUS (VAN DER BEECK), Johannes (Jan Simonsz.)/ b.1589 A'dam-d.1644/ 2/
495) TROOST, Cornelis/b.1696 A'dam-d.1750/1/chariot.


Vaenius, Otto → VAN VEEN (VAENIUS), Otto

496) VAILLANT, Wallerant/b.1623 Lille-d.1677 A'dam/3/Adonis,Anchises.
497) VALCK, Gerard/b.1651 A'dam-d.1726/2/Adonis,satyr.
498) VALCK (I), Petrus (Pieter)/ b.?-a.1575 Venezia-d.?/1/Planet.
499) VALCKX (VALCK), Peter/b.1734 Mechelen-d.1785/1/fountain. Sculptor.
Van Aken, Jozef → VAN HAECKEN, Joseph
500) VAN ALSLOOT, Denis/b.c1570 Mechelen-d.c1627/1/Adonis. Collaborated with Hendrick DE
501) VAN ASBROEK (ASPRUCK), Frans/b.Brussel c1575-d.Augsburg a1603/4/Amor, Eros, toilet.
502) VAN AUDENAERD, Robert / b.1663 Gent-d.1743/1/crouching.
503) VAN AVONT, Peeter (Pieter)/b.1600 Mechelen-d.1652 A’pen/4/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,
cupids, satyrs.
504) VAN BALEN (I), Hendri(c)k/b.1572 A’pen-d.1632/49/Adonis,allegory,Amor, Bacchus& Ceres,
cupids, Love, Mars, Paris,Peleus&Thetis,shell,Vulcan.
Collaborated as figure painter with Jan BRUEGHEL (I) & (II) for
several ‘Allegory of fire=Venus in the forge of Vulcan’ and other
works; collaborated also with Joos DE MOMPER and Abraham
GOVAERTS who painted landscapes.
505) VAN BALEN (II), Hendrik (the Younger)/b.1623 Antwerp-d.1661/6/Bacchus&Ceres,Paris,
Vulcan. Collaborated as figure painter with Jan BRUEGHEL
506) VAN BALEN, Jan/b.1611 A'pen-d.1654/2/allegory, Peleus&Thetis. Brother of Hendrik (II);
collaborated as figure painter with Jan BRUEGHEL (II).
507) VAN BIJLERT, Jan Hermansz./b. 1597,98 Utrecht-d. 1671/7/Adonis,Amor,asleep,Cupid,
cupids, Paris,toilet.


508) VAN BLOEMEN (Horisont/Orrizonte), Jan Frans/b.1662 A’pen-d. 1749 Roma/4/ Adonis,
509) VAN BOSSUIT, Francis (François)/b.1635 Brussel-d.1692 A’dam/3/Adonis,Cupid.
510) VAN BREE, Philippe-Jacques/b.1786 A’pen-d.1871 Brussel/1/Paris.
511) VAN BREEN (I), Gilles/b.c1560 ?-a.Haarlem, Köln-d.a1602 ?/1/allegory.
512) VAN BRON(C)KHORST, Gerard (Gerrit)/b.c1636,37 Utrecht-d.1673/1/cupids. Son of Jan
513) VAN BRON(C)KHORST, Jan Gerritsz./b.1603 Utrecht-d.1661 A’dam/4/Bacchus,Pluto,
514) VAN CLEEF, Joost (sotte CLEEF)/b.c1520 A'pen-d.c1556/2/Cupid,Paris.
515) VAN CLEVE (I), Marten/b.1527 A’pen-d.1577,81/1/feast.
516) VAN CONINXLOO (II), Gillis/b.1544 A’pen – d.1607 A’dam/2/Adonis,Paris.
517) VAN COUWENBERGH, Christiaen Gillisz./b.1604 Delft-d.1667 Köln/6/Adonis, Bacchus&
518) VAN CUYLENBORCH, Abraham/b.1620 Utrecht-d.1658/4/Adonis,asleep,Paris.
519) VAN DALEN (I), Cornelis/b.c1602-d.1665 A’dam/1/sea. Engraver who collaborated with
François Perrier, seeVol.2.1 ‘The French Venus’.
520) VAN DALEN (II), Cornelis/b.1638 A’dam-d.b1664/2/Cupid.
521) VAN DELEN, Dirck/b.1604,5 Heusen (NB) – d.1671 Arnemuiden/1/Cupid. Collaborated with
COQUES, Gonzalez.
522) VAN DEN BERGE, Pieter/b.1659 ?-d.1737 A’dam/4/Adonis,allegory,Mars.
523) VAN DEN BERGH, Matthias Jansz./b.1615,17 Ieper-d.1687 Alkmaar/2/Venus frigida,Vulcan.
524) VAN DEN BERGHE, Augustin/b.1756 Brugge-d.1836 Beauvais/1/Adonis.
525) VAN DEN BERGHE, Fritz /b.1883 Gent-d.1939/1/birth.
526) VAN DEN BOGAERT, Maarten (Desjardins, Martin)/b.1639,40 Breda-d.1694 Paris/1/
527) VAN DEN BORCHT, Anton/b.?-a. 1650-1652-d.?/1/cupids.
528) VAN DEN BOS (Sylvius), Balthasar/b.1518 's Hertogenbos-d.1580A'pen/1/Paris.
529) VAN DEN BROECK, Barbara/b.1560 A'pen-d.?/1/Adonis. Daughter of Chrispijn.
530) VAN DEN BROECK, Chrispijn/b.1524 Mechelen-d.1590,1 A'pen?/8/Adonis, allegory, Mars,
Paris, Peleus&Thetis.
531) VAN DEN BROECK, Hendrick/b.1520 Mechelen-d.1597 Roma/1/Cupid.
532) VAN DEN BROECKE (PALUDANUS), Willem/ b.Mechelen 1530-d.1579 A’pen/1/Eros.
533) VAN DEN DORPE, Rombaut./ b.?-a. c1506,24 Mechelen-d.?/1/Paris.
534) VAN (DEN) DYCK, Daniel/b.c1610 A’pen?- a.1631,34 A’pen-a.1657-1663 Mantova-d. ? /3/
535) VAN DEN HOECKE, Jan/b.1611 A’pen-d.1651 A’pen or Brussel/3/Adonis,Cupid,Mars.
536) VAN DEN HOUTE, Adriaen/b.c1459 Mechelen-d.1521/1/Paris.
537) VAN DEN KERCKHOVE, Jean-François/b.c1815 A’pen-d.1885 Brussel/1/Amor.
538) VAN DEN NYPOORT, Justus/ b.c1625 Utrecht-d.a1692 Praha?/1/Cupid.
539) VAN DEN QUEBORN, Crispijn/b.1604 Den Haag-d.1652/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
540) VAN DEN STEEN – NELS, Guy/b.?-a.c2000?-/1/Venus.
541) VAN DEN VALCKERT, Werner Jacobsz./b.c1585 A’dam-d.a1635/4/Cupid,Genetrix,
542) VAN DEN WIJNGAERDE, Franciscus/b.1614 A’pen-d.1679/2/Amor,Peleus&Thetis.
Van de Passe → DE PASSE, Crispijn (I) & (II)
543) VAN DER BORCHT (II), Hendrik/b.1614 Frankenthal-d.c1690/2/Amor,asleep.
544) VAN DER BORCHT (I), Pieter/b.1545 Mechelen-d.1608 A'pen/1/Adonis.
545) VAN DER BURG, Adriaan/b.Dordrecht 1693-d.1733/2/Adonis,Cupid.


546) VAN DER ELST, Hieronymus/b.? (Northern Netherlands)-a.15951612 Bremen-d.? /2/

547) VAN DE REYN, Jan/ b.1610 Dunkerck-d.1678/1/Peleus&Thetis.
548) VAN DER GOUWEN, Gilliam /b.? A’pen?-a. Haarlem-d.a1720/1/birth.
549) VAN DER HAGEN, Carel/b.?-a.c1675?-d.?/1/Mars.
550) VAN DER HELST, Lodewijk/b.1642 A'dam-d.a1683/1/Venus.
551) VAN DER HEYDEN, Pieter/b.c1530 A'pen?-d.a1572/1/Paris.
552) VAN DER LAECK, Reynier/b.c1615,20 Den Haag-d.b1648?,a1658?/2/Adonis,Cupid.
553) VAN DER LA(E)M(N)EN, Christoph Jacobsz./b.c1606,15 Brussel-d.1651 A’pen/2/ Diana,
554) VAN DER LA(A)NEN, Jasper/b.c1585 ?-a. A'pen-d.a1624/3/Adonis.
555) VAN DER LISSE, Dirck/b.1607 Den Haag-d.1669/2/Adonis,Venus.
556) VAN DER MERCK, Jacob Fransz./b.c1610 's-Gravendeel-d.1664 Leiden/2/Adonis.
557) VAN DER MEULEN, Cornelis (Vermeulen)/b.1642 Dordrecht-d.1691 Stockholm/1/Medici.
558) VAN DER MIJ, Hieronymus/b.1687 Leiden-d.1761/1/cupids.
559) VAN DER MIJN, George /b.1723,28 London-d.1763 A'dam/1/galleries.
560) VAN DER MIJ(Y)N, Herman/b. 1684 A’dam-d.1741 London/4/asleep,Cupid,cupids.
Van der Straet, Jan → STRADANUS, Joannes
561) VAN DER NEER, Eglon/b.1634 A’dam-d.1703 Düsseldorf/4/Adonis,allegory,Mars.
562) VAN DER NEER, Jacob Jan/ b.1760 A'pen-d.1838/1/Mars.
563) VAN DER PLA(E)S, Pieter/b.c1644 A'dam-d.1687,1708/1/Diana.
564) VAN DER POEL, Egbert Lievensz./b.1621 Delft-d.1664 Rotterdam/1/Aeneas.
565) VAN DER SCHARDT, Jan Gregor/b.c1530 Nijmegen-d.a1581 Nürnberg/3/shell,Venus.
566) VAN DER VEKEN, Willem Philip/b.1863 A’pen-d.?/1/crouching.
567) VAN DER VOORT (I), Michiel de Oude/b.1667 A’pen-d.1737/1/Cupid.
568) VAN DER WERFF, Adriaen/b.1659 Kralingen-d.1722 R’dam/14/Adonis,asleep, awakening,
569) VAN DER WERFF, Pieter/b.1665 R’dam-d.1722/3/Cupid,Pictura,Pudica.
570) VAN DE VELDE (II), Jan/b.c1593 Haarlem-d.1641 Enkhuizen/2/garden,temple.
571) VAN DE VENNE, Adriaen Pietersz./b.1589 Delft-d.1662 Den Haag/3/Cupid,satyrs,toilet.
572) VAN DE WOESTYNE, Gustave/b.1881 Gent-d.1947 Ukkel/1/Milo.
573) VAN DIEPENBEECK, Abraham Jansz./b.1596 ‘s Hertogenbosch-d.1675 A’pen /10/ Adonis,
Graces,Jupiter,Love,Mars,triumph, Vulcan.
574) VAN DIJK, G./b.?-a.c1978-/1/Venus.
575) VAN DOETECHUM (I), Joannes (or Lucas)/b.c1530 Deventer-d.1608?/2/Adonis,Cupid.
576) VAN DONGEN, Kees/b.1877 Delfshaven-d.1968 Monte Carlo/1/Venus.
577) VANDORNE, François/b.1776 Leuven-d.1848/1/Diomedes.
578) VAN DUYVEN, Steven/ b.? Amersfoort?-d.1684,92 Kampen?/1/Paris.
579) VAN DYCK, Antoon/b.1599 A’pen-d.1641 London/46/Adonis,asleep,Bacchus,bath,Cupid,
580) VAN EGMONT, Justus/b.1601 Leiden-d.1674 A’pen/2/Aeneas,birth.
581) VAN EMPEL, Ruud/b.1958 Breda- /2/Venus.
582) VAN ENGELEN, Louis/b.1856 Lier-d.1940 A’pen/1/Milo.
583) VAN EVERDINGEN, Allaert/b.1621 Alkmaar-d.1675 A’dam/1/Cupid.
584) VAN EVERDINGEN, Cesar Boetius/b.1616,7 Alkmaar-d.1678/5/Amor,Bacchus, toilet, Venus.
Brother of Allaert.
585) VAN FALENS, Karel/b.1683 A'pen-d.1733 Paris/1/Amor.
586) VAN GAESBEECK, Adriaen/b.1621 Leiden-d.1650/1/allegory.
587) VAN GEEL, Jan-Lodewijk/b.1787 Mechelen-d.1852 Brussel/2/Venus.


588) VAN GIBLANT, Claes/b. ?-a.c1594-d. ?/1/Cupid.

589) VAN GOGH, Vincent/b.1853 Groot-Zundert-d.1890 Auvers-sur-Oise/1/Venus.
Van Groeningen, Gerard → GROENNING, Gerard P.
590) VAN GUNST, Pieter Stevensz./b.c1659 A’dam-d.1724/1/Mars.
591) VAN GYSEGEM, Paul/b.1935 Berlare-/1/Venus.
592) VAN HAALBEECK, Jan/b.?-a.1613-d.?/1/Planet.
593) VAN HAARLEM, Cornelis Cornelisz./b.1562 Haarlem-d.1638/64/Adonis,Aphrodite,
594) VAN HAECHT (II), Willem/b.1593 A'pen-d.1637/4/gallery.
595) VAN HAECKEN, Joseph (VAN AKEN, Jozef)/b.1699? A’pen-d.1749 London/1/allegory.
596) VAN HAENSBERGEN, Jan/b.1642 Gorinchem, Utrecht – d.1705 Den Haag/3/ Bacchus&
597) VAN HAELEN, Pieter/b.1612 A’pen-d.1687/1/Cupid.
598) VAN HAMME, Fernand/b.1911 Sint-Joost-ten-Node-d.1976 Brussel/1/shell
599) VAN HEEMSKERCK, Maarten/b.1498 Heemskerk- d.1574 Haarlem/20/bath,crouching,
Cupid, Dionysus,Genetrix,Marina,Mars,Paris,Planet,
sandal, Victrix,Vulcan.
600) VAN HELT STOCKADE, Nicolaes/b.1614 Nijmegen-d.1669 A'dam/4/Adonis,Paris.
601) VAN HEMESSEN, Jan Sanders/b.c1500 Hemiksem-d.a1575/2/music,Planet.
602) VAN HENDRIC(K), T./b.?-a.c1650?-d.?/1/Adonis. Not identified, pupil of VAN DYCK.
603) VAN HERP (I), Willem (Gilliam)/b.1613-14 A’pen-d.1677/5/Adonis,birth,flowers, Mars,
604) VAN HOLSTEYN, Cornelis Pieter/b.1618 Haarlem-d.1658 A’dam/1/Adonis.
605) VAN HONTHORST, Gerard (Gerrit)/b.1592 Utrecht-d.1656/9/Adonis, Bacchus&Ceres,
606) VAN HOOGSTRATEN, Samuel/b.1627 Dordrecht – d.1678/2/Adonis,Cupid.
607) VAN HOUT, Gerard/b.1914 R’dam-d.1992 Zeist/1/Milo.
608) VAN HUYSUM, Jan/ b. A'dam 1682-d.1749/1/Cupid.
609) VAN KESSEL (I), Jan/b.1626 A’pen-d.1679/8/Adonis,allegory,Flora,Mars,Vulcan.
Collaborated with BRUEGHEL(I), JAN & VAN BALEN (I),
610) VAN KESSEL, Theodorus/ b.c1620 ?-d.a1660 A'pen/2/Adonis,Cupid.
611) VAN KESSEL, Willem/b.?-a.1695,1727 Tiel-d.?/1/Aeneas.
612) VAN KITTENSTEYN, Cornelis/b.1598 Delft-d.1652 Haarlem/1/Adonis.
613) VAN LAER, Pieter/b.1599 Haarlem-d.1642? Roma?/1/temple.
614) VAN LEMENS, Balthazar/b.1637 A’pen-d.1704 London/1/Adonis.
615) VAN LEUSDEN, Willem/b.1886 Utrecht-d.1974/2/animal,Venus.
616) VAN LEYDEN, Lucas/b.1494 Leiden-d.1533/3/Cupid,Marina,Mars.
617) VAN LIMBORCH, Hendrik/b.1681 Den Haag-d.1759/8/Adonis,Amor, asleep,Cupid,cupids,
Paris, Pygmalion.
618) VAN LINT, Hendrik Frans/b.1684 A’pen-d.1763 Roma/1/temple.
619) VAN LINT, Peter/b. 1609 A’pen –d.1690/12/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Mars,Medici,Psyche.
620) VAN LIESEBETTEN, Peter/b.1630 A’pen-d.1678/1/Cupid.
621) VAN LOENEN, Johan Cornelisz./ b. Utrecht b.c1590-d. Utrecht a1643/1/Mars.
622) VAN LOGTEREN, Ignatius/b.1685 A’dam-d.1732/1/Adonis.
623) VAN LOO, Jacob/b. 1614 Sluis-d.1670 Paris/5/Adonis,allegory,Cupid,Vulcan.
624) VAN LOON, Theodor/b.1581,82 Erkelenz-d.1649 Maastricht/1/Vulcan.
625) VAN MALSEN, T./ b.? -a. Gorinchem 1692-94 - d.?/1/Diana.
626) VAN MANDER, Karel/b.1548 Meulebeke-d.1606 A’dam/5/Adonis.Bacchus&Ceres, garden,

627) VAN MIEREVELT, Michiel Jansz./b.1567 Delft-d.1641/2/cupids,Paris.

628) VAN MIERIS (I), Frans/b.1635 Leiden-d.1681/1/cupids.
629) VAN MIERIS (II), Frans/b.1689 Leiden-d.1763/3/Adonis,Bacchus,Cupid. Son of Willem.
630) VAN MIERIS, Willem/b.1662 Leiden-d.1747/26/Adonis,asleep,attributes, Bacchus&
Ceres,Cupid,Flora,Mars,Paris,satyrs,Vulcan. Son of Frans (I).
631) VAN MOL, Pieter/b.1599 ?-d.1650 Paris/2/Jupiter,Venus.
632) VAN NECK, Jan/b.1634,35 Naarden-d.1714 A’dam/6/Adonis,Aeneas,allegory, cupids,
633) VAN NIEULANDT (I), Adriaen/b.c1586 A'pen-d.1658/1/Adonis
634) VAN NIEULANDT (II), Willem (Terranova)/b.c1584 A'pen-d.1635 A'dam/4/Adonis, temple.
635) VAN NIJMEGEN, Elias/b.1667 Nijmegen-d.1755 R’dam/1/Mercury.
636) VAN NIJMEGEN, Dionys/b.1705 R’dam-d.1798/1/Vulcan.
637) VAN NOORDT, Johannes (Jan)/b.1623,24-a. A’dam-d.a1676/2/Graces,nymphs.
Van Noort, Willem → VAN OORDT, Willem
638) VAN OORDT, Willem/b.b1524 Utrecht?-d.1556 Utrecht/1/Vulcan.
639) VAN OOST (I), Jacob/b.1603 Brugge-d.1671/1/Adonis.
640) VAN OPSTAL (II), Caspar Jacob/b.1654 A’pen-d.1717/1/Adonis.
641) VAN ORLEY(II), Jan/b.1665 Brussel-d.1735/3/Adonis,toilet,triumph. Made cartoons for
642) VAN ORLEY (II), Richard/b.1663 Brussel-d.1732/1/toilet.
643) VAN OVERBEEK, Bonaventura/b.c1659,60 A'dam-d.1705/4/temple.
644) VAN PANDEREN, Egbert/ b.c1580 Haarlem -d.1637 A’pen/1/cupids.
645) VAN PAPENHOVEN, Alexander/b.1668 A’pen-d.1759/1/Amor.
646) VAN POELENBURCH, Cornelis/b.1594,95 Utrecht-d.1667/25/Adonis,asleep,Bacchus&Ceres,
Venus,Vulcan. Collaborated with Jan Both and others
for landscape painting.
647) VAN PORTENGEN, Pieter/b.c1612-d.1643 Utrecht/1/asleep.
648) VAN REYSSCHOOT, Emanuel/b. Gent 1713-d.1772/1/Victrix.
649) VAN RUYVEN, Pieter Jansz./ b.1651 Delft-d.1719/1/Apollo.
650) VAN SAVOYEN, Carel/b.1619 A’pen-d.1665 A’dam/3/dolphin,Paris,Venus.
651) VAN SCHAAK, Jeremias/b.?-a.Delft 1695, Den Haag 1727-d.?/1/Adonis.
652) VAN SCHOOR, Louis/b.?-d.1702 A'pen/1/birth.
653) VAN SCHOOTEN, Floris Gerritsz./b.1580,88-d.1656 Haarlem/1/Adonis.
654) VAN SCOREL, Jan/b.1495 Schoorl-d.1562 Utrecht/9/Amor,Cupid,Paris.
655) VAN SICHEM (II), Christoffel/ b.c1581 Basel-d.1658 A'dam/1/Spring.
656) VAN SLINGELANDT, Pieter Cornelisz./b.1640 Leiden-d.1691/1/Adonis.
657) VAN SOMER, Jan/b.c1645 A'dam-a.London-d.a1699/5/Bacchus,Mars,satyr. Brother of VAN
SOMER (II), Paulus
658) VAN SOMER (II), Paulus/b.c1649 A'dam-a.Paris, London-d.1694/5/Adonis,Amor.
Van Rijn → REMBRANDT, Harmensz.
659) VAN SOMEREN, Barend (Bernard)/b.1572 A’pen-d.1632,35/1/Mars.
660) VAN SOMER(EN), Hendrick/b.1615- A'dam-d.c1685 A'dam/1/Adonis. Son of Barent.
661) VAN STALBEMPT, Adriaen/b.1580 A’pen-d.1662/3/Love,Minerva,nymphs.
662) VAN STEENLANT, Frederick/b.?-a.1641 A'pen-d.?/1/cupids.
663) VAN SWANENBURG, Willem Isaacsz. /b.1580 Leiden-d.1612/2/Amor,Paris.
664) VAN SWANEVELT, Herman/b.1603 Woerden-d.1655 Paris/9/Adonis.
665) VAN TETRODE, Willem Danielsz./b.? Brussel-a.1550,74-d. ?/2/Jupiter,Pudica.
666) VAN THIELEN, Jan Philip/b.1618 Mechelen-d.1667/2/Adonis,Amor.


667) VAN THULDEN, Theodoor/b.1606 's-Hertogenbosch –d. 1669/7/Adonis,allegory,Cupid,

668) VAN ‘T NET, Gerrit/b.1910 Eemnes-d.1971 A’dam/2/Venus.
669) VAN TROYEN, Jan/b.c1610 Brussel-d.c1670,1/1/toilet.
670) VAN UYTTENBROECK, Jan Matheus/b.c1585 Den Haag-d..1648,51/1/Paris.
671) VAN VALCKENBORCH, Frederick/b.1566 A’pen – d.1623 Nürnberg/5/Adonis,Mars,Planet.
672) VAN VEEN (VAENIUS), Otto/b. 1556 Leiden-d. 1629 Brussel/10/Bacchus,Bacchus&Ceres,
Cupid, Jupiter, Mars,Minerva, Psyche,Venus.
673) VAN VIANEN, Jan/b.c1660 Haarlem-d.1730 ?)/2/Cupid,Jupiter.
674) VAN VIANEN, Paulus Willemsz./ b.c1570 Utrecht -d.1613,14 Praha/2/Adonis,Paris.
675) VAN WINGHE, Joos/b.1544 Brussel-d.1603 Frankfurt a/Main/5/apple,birth,feast,toilet.
676) VAN ZIJL, Roeloff /b.1586 Utrecht –d.1656/1/Cupid.
677) VEEN, Pieter/b.1667 R’dam-d.1736/1/Adonis.
678) VELIJN, Philippus/b.1787 Leiden-d.1836 A’dam/2/Mars,Paris.
679) VELLERT (VAN STAREN), Dirck Jacobsz/b.1480,85 A’dam-d.1547/1/shell.
680) VERBUYS, Arnold (Jan ?)/b.c1645 Dordrecht-d.c1717 Den Haag/1/Mars.
681) VERHAECHT, Tobias/b.1561 A’pen-d.1631/1/Adonis.
682) VERHULST, Rombout/b.1624 Mechelen-d.1698 Den Haag/2/attributes,Mars.
683) VERKOLJE, Jan/b.1650 A’dam-d.1693 Delft/4/Adonis,Aeneas,Cupid,nymphs.
684) VERKOLJE, Nicolaas/b.1673 Delft-d.1746 A’dam/8/Adonis,Aeneas,Cupid, Medici, Minerva,
Paris. Son of Jan.
685) VERMEYEN, Jan Cornelisz./ b.c1504 Beverwijk-d.1559 Brussel/1/Cupid.
686) VERSCHAEREN, Jan Antoon/b.1803 A'pen-d.1863/1/Adonis.
687) VERSCHAFFELT, Pieter Anton/b.1710 Gent-d.1793 Mannheim/2/Cupid,Mars.
688) VERSCHOOR, Willem/b.1620,40 Delft-d.1678/2/Adonis,Mars.
689) VERTANGEN, Daniel/b.c1600 A’dam-d.c1681,4/9/Adonis,Bacchus,Mars,Paris,satyrs.
690) VERVISCH, Godfried/b.1930 Ieper-/1/Venus.
691) VERWILT, Adriaan Fransz./b.c1582 A’pen-d.1639,41 R’dam/1/Venus.
692) VICTO(O)RS, Jan/ b.1619 A'dam-d.1676 Indonesia/1/Cupid.
693) VIEILLEVOYE, Joseph Barthélémy/b.1798 Verviers-d.1855 Liège/1/Adonis.
694) VINCENTIUS, Daniel/b. ?-d.1739 Den Haag/2/asleep,Cupid.
695) VISSCHER (II), Claes Jansz/b.1586 A’dam-d.1652/2/Cupid,temple.
696) VISSCHER (II), Cornelis (DE) b.1628,29 Haarlem-d.1658/1/temple.
697) VISSCHER, Lambert/b.c1633 A’dam-d.a1690 (Italy)/1/Pallas.
698) VLERICK, Pieter/ b.1539 Kortrijk-d.1581 Doornik/1/Venus.
699) VLOORS, Emile/b.1871Borgerhout - d.1952 A'pen/1/sacrifice.
700) VOET, Jacob Ferdinand/b.1639 A’pen-d.1689 Paris/1/Aphrodite.
701) VOORHOUT (I), Johannes/b.1647 Uithoorn-d.1723 A’dam/1/Planet.
702) VORSTERMAN (I), Lucas/b.1595 Zaltbommel-d.1675 A'pen/3/Adonis, Bacchus&Ceres,
703) VORSTERMAN (II), Lucas /b.1624 A'pen-d.1666,76/1/toilet.
704) VRIESENDORP, Heleen/b.1944 ?-/1/Milo.
705) VROOM, Cornelis Hendriksz./b.1590,92 Haarlem-d.1661/1/temple.

W- Z

706) WALRAVEN, Jan/b.1827 A'dam-d.a1874/1/Vulcan.

707) WASSENBERGH, Jan Abel/b.1689 Groningen-d.1750/1/Mars.
708) WATERLOO, Anthonie/b.1609 Lille-d.1690 Utrecht/1/Adonis.
709) WAUMANS, Coenraet/b.1619 A'pen-d.1661,73/1/Mars.


710) WEENIX, Jan/b.1640,41 A’dam-d.1719/2/Genetrix.

711) WIERTZ, Antoine Joseph/b.1806 Dinant-d.1865 Bruxelles/1/Vulcan.
712) WIER(I)X (Wiericz), Hieronymus/b.1553,54 A’pen-d.1619/5/allegory,Bacchus,Cupid, satyrs,
713) WIER(I)X (Wiericz), Johan(nes) (Jan)/b.c1549 A’pen-d.c1620/6/bath,cupids,Mars,Paris.
714) WIJNBERG, Nicolaas/b.1918 A’dam-d.2006 Laren/1/Paris.
715) WILKENS, Theodoor/b.c1690 A’dam-d.c1748/1/temple.
716) WILLEBEECK, Peter/b.?-a.1632,48 A'pen-d.?/1/birth.
717) WILLEBOIRTS BOSSCHAERT, Thomas/b.1613 Bergen op Zoom-d.1654 A’pen/16/ Adonis,
718) WILLEMSEN, Abraham/b.1605,10 ?-d.1672 A’pen/1/Vulcan. Figure painter with
719) WILLINK, Carel/b.1900 A'dam-d.1983/2/Berenice,Venus.
720) WOLFVOET (II), Victor/b.1612 A'pen-d.1652/2/Mars,Paris.
721) WOUTERS, Frans/b.1612 A’pen-d.1659/15/Adonis,asleep,Cupid,Mars,mirror,Paris,toilet.
722) WOUWERMAN(S), Philips/b.1619 Haarlem-d.1668/1/fountain.
723) WTEWAEL, Joachim Anthonisz./b.1566 Utrecht –d. 1638/46/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres, Cupid,
724) WTEWAEL, Peter/b.1596 Utrecht-d.1660/2/Adonis,love. Oldest son of Joachim.
725) WULFFAERT, Adriaan/b.1804 Goes-d.1873 Gent/1/Mars.
726) YKENS, Frans/b.1601 A’pen-d.1693 Brussel/2/Adonis,Cupid.
727) YKENS, Peter/b.1648 A'pen-d.1695/1/satyrs.
728) ZWIERS, Wim/b.1922 R'dam-/1/allegory.

Directory of Owners and Auctioneers
The following information is given in sequence: city name in alphabetical order in the language(s) of
the country/ country acronym/ abbreviation of the owner or auctioneer/ name of the owner or
auctioneer in the language of the country/approximete number of works/ topics listed in the topic-
Theapproximate number of works means that the sum of these works does not correspond to the total
number of works identified in the catalogue.
Note: only the most important auctioneers are listed; WEB-sites which offer artworks for sale, are
listed at the end;approximate numbers of artworks at unknown locations (UN) or lost/looted (LO) and
in private or artists collections(PrC) are also given at the end of this Directory.

Aachen, DE/SLM/ Suermondt-Ludwig Museum/1/Vulcan.

Ajaccio, FR/ MF/Musée Fresch/1/Cupid.
Alkmaar, NL/SMu/Stedelijk Museum/1/Amor.
Amherst, USA/SCMA/Smith College Museum of Art/1/Adonis.
Amsterdam (A’dam), NL/CHR/Christie’s Auctioneer/25/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,cupids,
love, Milo, Paris,Psyche,satyrs,temple.
CS/Centraal Station/1/Cupid.
HMu/Historisch Museum/2/allegory,cupids.
MuF/Museum Fodor/2/Mars,Paris.
PrC/Private Collections/11/Adonis,allegory,asleep,Mars,Paris.
shell, temple, Urbino,Venus,water.
Love,Luxuria, Mars, Mercury,mirror,Neptune,Paris,Peleus&Thetis,
SOT/Sotheby’s Auctioneer/23/Adonis,allegory,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,
cupids, Love,Paris,Pygmalion,satyrs,toilet, Vulcan.
TIMN/Theater Instituut-Museum Nederland/2/Adonis,satyrs.
VGM/Van Gogh Museum/1/Venus.
Andenne, BE/MuC/Musée Communal/1/Hermes.
Angers, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Mars.
Antwerpen (A'pen), BE/KMSK/Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten/11/Adonis,Amor,asleep,
Cupid, Mars, Milo, musician,Paris,Venus frigida.
MMVDB/ Museum Mayer van den Bergh/2/Adonis,Aeneas.
MuV/Museum Vleeshuis/1/Mars.
SPK/Stedelijk Prentenkabinet/11/Adonis,birth,Cupid,Diana, garden, Paris,
Auckland, NZ/AAG/Art Gallery Toi o Tanaki/1/Paris.
Augsburg, DE/BSG/Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Staatsgalerie/1/Amor.


Baltimore, USA/MuA/Museum of Art/2/Adonis,apple.

Barnard Castle, UK/BoMu/Bowes Museum/1/allegory.
Basel, CH/KM/Kunstmuseum/1/musician.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Adonis.
Bayonne, FR/MuB/Musée Bonnat/3/bath,Proserpina,triumph.
Bayreuth, DE/NSc/ Neuen Schloss/1/triumph.
Bergamo, IT/AcC/Accademia Carrara/1/Adonis.
Berlin, DE/BAS/Bassenge Auctioneer/5/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Paris,Pluto.
GSM/Gemäldegalerie Staatliche Museen/12/Amor,Bacchus,Cupid,Mars,Paris,Vulcan.
LS/Leo Spik Auctioneer/1/Aeneas.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Cupid.
SPSG/Sammlung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten/6/Adonis,Aeneas,cupids,Mars.
SkS/Skulpturensammlung (Museum Bode)/1/Adonis.
Bern, CH/GAL/Gallery/1/Mars.
Besançon, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/3/Adonis,Jupiter,tritons.
Blois, FR/Ch/Château/2/Adonis,cupids.
Bordeaux, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/dolphin.
Boston, USA/MFA/Museum of Fine Arts/2/allegory,Paris.
Braunschweig, DE/HAB/Herzog August Bibliothek/15/Aeneas,allegory,Amor,asleep,Bacchus,
Bacchus&Ceres, Mars,music,Paris,Planet,Pluto,satyrs,worship.
HAUM/Herzog Anton Ulrigh Museum/49/Adonis,Amor,Anteros,asleep,
Bacchus&Ceres, bath,birth,chariot,Genetrix,Love,Mars,mirror, Paris,
Bremen, DE/KuH/Kunsthalle/6/Adonis,allegory,Flora,Mars,Paris.
Bristol, UK/CMAG/City Museum and Art Gallery/1/Venus.
Brugge, BE/SK/Steinmetzkabinet/4/attendant,sacrifice,Medici.
Brunswick (Maine), USA/BCMA/ Bowdoin College Museum of Art/1/Ceres.
Brussel-Bruxelles, BE/CoR/Collection Royale/1/sacrifice.
GaA/Galerie d’Arenberg/5/Adonis,Amor,feast,Peleus&Thetis,Vulcan.
HG/Henri Godts, Auctioneer/2/feast, temple.
KBR/Koninklijke Bibliotheek-Bibliothèque Royale/2/Cupid,Pygmalion.
KMSK-MRBA/Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten-Musées Royaux
des Beaux-Arts/38/Adonis,Aeneas,Amor,Anadyomene,apple,
KP-PR/Koninklijk Park-Parc Royal/3/doves,mirror,shell.
MdlC/Ministère de la Culture - Administration des Beaux-Arts/4/birth,Milo,
MuW/Musée Wiertz/1/Vulcan.
MVG/Ministerie Vlaamse Gemeenschap - Afd. Beeldende Kunst en Musea/2/
PaBA/Palais des Beaux-Arts/13/Milo,Venus.
PrC/Private Collections/2/Adonis,shell.


Bucharest, RO/MNA/Museul Nat. de Artà/1/Cupid.

Bückeburg, DE/PrC/Private Collection/1/Vulcan.
Budapest, HU/MFA/Szépmüvészeti Mùzeum(Museum of Fine Arts)/10/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,
Cupid, Love, Paris, Psyche.
PrC/Private Collections/2/Adonis,Mars.
Bysta, SE/PrC/Private Collection/1/toilet.

Caen, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/2/Adonis,allegory.

Calais, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Adonis.
Cambridge, UK/FWM/Fitzwilliams Museum/6/Adonis,Apollo,fountain,Paris,Pudica,shell.
Cambridge (Boston), USA/FAM/Fogg Art Museum/6/Adonis,Jupiter,Mars,Neptune,Paris.
Cambridge (Boston), USA/HAM/Harvard Art Museum/1/Adonis.
Canberra, AU/NGA/National Gallery of Australia/1/Muses.
Cesky Krumlov, CZ/ Castle/1/Paris.
Châlons-en-Champagne, FR/MuM/Musée Municipal/1/allegory.
Chambéry, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Diana.
Chantilly, FR/MuC/Musée Condé/1/cupids.
Chapel Hill, USA/AAM/Ackland Art Museum/2/Cupid,Venus.
Chatsworth, UK/DCo/Devonshire Collection/1/asleep.
Chazelles, FR/PrC/Private Collection/1/toilet.
Chicago, USA/AIC/Art Institute of Chicago/3/Jupiter,Peleus&Thetis,Psyche.
Cleveland, USA/MuA/Museum of Art/4/Adonis,Mars,Paris.
Coburg, DE/CV/Coburg Veste/5/Amor,Cupid,dolphin,Mars,satyrs.
Cognac, FR/MuM/Musée Municipal/1/cupids.
Columbus, USA/MuA/Museum of Art/1/Adonis.
Cremona, IT/MuC/Museo Civico/1/mirror.


Dallas, USA/MuA/Museum of Art/1/Cupid.

Darmstadt, DE/HLM/Hessisches Landesmuseum/5/Adonis,Cupid,Mars,Paris,Psyche.
Den Haag, NL/GAL/Galleries/1/Adonis.
KBi/Koninklijke Bibliotheek/2/allegory,Cupid.
KPB/Koninklijk Paleis Huis ten Bos/3/Adonis,Juno,Vulcan.
MH/ Mauritshuis/9/Adonis,gallery,Mars,Paris,Peleus&Thetis,Psyche,Venus.
PrC/Private Collections/3/Adonis,Anadyomene,Paris.
RBK/ Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst/1/Adonis.
ScI/Sculptuur Instituut/1/Venus.
SNK/Stichting Nederlands Kunstbezit/3/Graces,nymphs,Paris.
Dessau, DE/GAL/Gallery/1/ Peleus&Thetis.
ScG/ Schloss Georgium/1/birth.
SMSM/ Staatliches Museum Schloß Mosigkau/2/Mars,Paris.
Detroit, USA/DIA/Detroit Institute of Arts/1/Adonis.
Dijon, FR/GAL/Galleries/1/Adonis.
MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/asleep.
MuM/Musée Magnin/2/Adonis,Aeneas.


MuT/ Dijon, Musee Trimolet/1/sacrifice.

Doetinghem, NL/KDS/Kasteel De Slangenburg/2/Amor,Anchises.
Dordrecht, NL/DMu/Dordrechts Museum/8/Love,Paris.
SKSGG/Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Gemäldegalerie/11/Amor,asleep, Bacchus,
SKSGGW/Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Grünes Gewölbe/1/Venus.
Dunkerque, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/satyrs.
Durham, UK, TBM/ The Bowes Museum/2/Adonis.
Düsseldorf, DE/KuA/Kunstakademie/1/apple.
.Ecouen, FR/MuR/Musée de la Renaissance/1/Cupid.
Edinburgh, UK/NGS/National Gallery of Scotland/5/Cupid,Neptune,Paris,Peleus&Thetis,Pluto.
Eichenzell, DE/MSF/Hessische Hausstiftung, Museum Schloss Fasanerie/1/Adonis.
El Paso, USA/MuA/Museum of Art/1/Mercury. Already an entry in Vol.1.1
Erlangen, DE/BiU/Bibliotek Universität/1/Paris.


Finspong, SE/PrC/private Collection/1/Adonis.

Firenze, IT/GdU/Galleria degli Uffizi/22/Adonis,Aeneas,Amor,Diana,Firenze,Mars,Paris,
Peleus&Thetis, Pudica,sacrifice,Victrix,Vulcan.
PaP/Palazzo Pitti/1/Mars.
PrC/Private Collections/1/sacrifice.
Fontainebleau, FR/MNC/Musée National du Château /.
Frankfurt a/Main, DE/PrC/Private Collections/2/Adonis,Cupid.
SKI/Städelsches Kunstinstitut/3/Mars,Medici.
Genova, IT/ GaNL/Galleria Nazionale della Liguria/1/Amor.
PaB/Palazzo Bianco/1/Mars.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Adonis.
Gent, BE/BiUG/Bibliotheek Universiteit Gent/1/Milo.
MSK/Museum Schone Kunsten/4/Mars,Milo,Paris,Venusberg.
PrC/Private Collections/4/Cythera,Neptune,sacrifice,Venus.
STAM/ Stadsmuseum Gent/1/Paris.
Glasgow, UK/HMAG/Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow/2/Venus,Vulcan.
KMu/Kelvingrove Museum/4/Adonis,allegory,Peleus&Thetis,sacrifice.
Göttingen, DE/KSU/Kunstsammlung der Universität, Graphische Sammlung/3/cupids,
Gravelines, FR/MDE/ Musée du dessin et de l’estampe/1/Pluto.
Graz, AT/LMJ/Landesmuseum Joanneum/5/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Mars,Paris,Vulcan.
Grimbergen, BE/AP/Abdij van de Premonstratenzers/2/temple.
Haarlem, NL/FHM/Frans Hals Museum/4/Adonis,Cupid,Peleus&Thetis,Vulcan.
TMu/Teylers Museum/11/apple,Athena,Cnidia,Felix,Paris,Pudica,Vulcan.
Hamburg, DE/KuH/Kunsthalle/2/Adonis,Amor.
Hannover, DE/NLM/ Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum/3/Adonis,Bacchus,Mars.
Hartford (Connecticut), USA/ WA/ Wadsworth Atheneum/1/satyrs.
Heino, NL/MDF/Museum De Fundatie/3/Adonis,Vulcan.


Helsinki, FI/MuS/Museum Sinebrychoff/2/Adonis.

Herentals, BE/MuF/Museum Fraikin/2/Cupid.
Hoevelaken, NL/PrC/Private Collection/1/Aeneas.
Hopetoun, UK/HH/Hope House/1/Adonis.
Houston, USA/MFA/Museum of Fine Arts/1/cupids.
Jehay, BE/ChJ/Château de Jehay/1/Venus.
Jerusalem, IL/IMu/Israel Museum/1/Adonis.
Karlsruhe, DE/ SKH/Staatliche Kunsthalle/3/apotheosis,toilet,worship.
Kassel, DE/SKS/Staatliche Kunstsammlung/8/Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,mirror,Paris,toilet.
Kelowna (B.C.), CA/GAL/Gallery/1/Aphrodite.
Kiev, UA/SMu/ State Museum/2/Adonis,asleep.
Knightsbridge, UK/BON/Bonhams Auctioneer/2/Adonis,Vulcan.
Köln, DE/LEM/Lempertz Auctioneer/16/Adonis,Aeneas,Amor,Cupid,Diana,Mars,Paris,satyrs.
MAK/Museum für Angewandte Kunst/1/Anadyomene.
WRM/Wallraf-Richartz Museum/7/Adonis,Aeneas,allegory,Cupid,Mars,satyrs.
Kopenhagen, DK/SMK/Statens Museum for Kunst/17/Adonis,Aeneas,Cnide,Cupid,feast,Paris,
Kortrijk, BE/MOSSK/ Museum voor Oudheidkunde en Sierkunst en Schone Kunsten/1/asleep.

La Fère, FR/ MJA/Musée Jeanne d'Aboville/1/worship.

Landshut, DE/BVSGS/Bayerische Verwaltung der staatliche Schlösser, Gärten und Seen/1/swans.
Laren, NL/SMu/Singer Museum/1/Adonis.
Lausanne, CH/CoD/Collection Dunand/4/Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,cupids,Graces.
Lawrence(Kansas), USA/ SMA/ Kansas University Spencer Museum of Art/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
Leeds, UK/University/1/allegory.
Leek, NL/NRM/ Nationaal Rijtuigmuseum/2/Cupid.
Leiden, NL/BiRU/Bibliotheek Rijksuniversiteit/79/Adonis,Aeneas,allegory,Amor,Anchises,
id,cupids, Diana,
Psyche, Pudica, satyrs,triumph,Venus,Vulcan,worship.
SMu/ Stedelijk Museum/1/Cupid.
Leipzig, DE/MBK/Museum der bildenden Künste/6/Adonis,Cupid,cupids,doves,mirror,toilet.
Le Mans, FR/ MuT/Musée de Tessé/2/toilet,triumph.
Lemgo, DE/WRM/Weserrenaissance-Museum Schloß Brake/1/Mars.
Le Puy-en-Velay, FR/MuC/Musée Crozatier/1/Adonis.
Liberec, CZ/OGa/Oblastni Galerie/1/Adonis.
Liège, BE/Adm/Administration/3/Adonis,chariot,Mars.
CAU/Collections Artistiques de l’Université/3/Adonis,Mars,Vulcan.
CED/Cabinet des Estampes et des Dessins/28/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid, Mercury,
satyrs, temple,toilet,Venus,Victrix,Vulcan.
HdV/Hôtel de Ville/6/Adonis,Diana,Mercury,Vulcan.
MAMAC/ Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain/1/birth.
MAW/Musée de l’Art Wallon/6/Adonis,Paris,Vulcan.
MuA/ Musée d'Ansembourg/2/Mars.
MuC/Musée Curtius/4/Adonis,Mars,triumph.
PaJ/Palais de Justice/1/Mars.


TR/Théâtre Royal/1/Apollo.
Lier, BE/ MuWVC/ Museum Wuyts-Van Campen en Baron Caroly/1/Adonis.
Lille, FR/MBA/ Musée des Beaux-Arts/6/apple,asleep,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,Minerva.
Linköping, SE/SMu/Stads Museum/1/Cupid.
Ljubljana, SI/NGa/Narodna Galerija/1/Paris.
Lokeren, BE/DV/De Vuyst auctioneer/6/birth,Milo,Paris,sacrifice,Venus.
London, UK/BMu/British Museum/109/Adonis,allegory,asleep,Bacchus,Bacchus&Ceres, bath,
Neptune,Paris,Planet,Pluto,Proserpina,Psyche,satyrs, Telemachus,temple,
toilet, Urbino, Venus, water.
BON/Bonhams, Auctioneer/7/Adonis,Aeneas,cupids,Mars,Paris,toilet,Urbino.
CHR/Christie’s, Auctioneer/80/Adonis,allegory,Aphrodite,asleep,Bacchus&Ceres,
birth,chariot, Cupid,cupids,Diana,doves,gallery,Genetrix,Love,Mars, nymphs,
Paris,Peleus&Thetis, sacrifice,toilet,triumph,Vulcan.
CIAG/ Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery/5/Adonis,Mercury,sacrifice.
DuC/Dulwich College/4/Adonis,Cupid,Mars,Paris.
NGa/National Gallery/7/birth,Cupid,Minerva,Paris.
PrC/Private Collections/7/Adonis,Minerva,Paris,toilet.
RCo/Royal Collection/1/Psyche.
SOT/Sotheby’s, Auctioneer/60/Adonis,Aneas,allegory,Bacchus&Ceres, birth,Cupid,
cupids, gallery,Jupiter,Mars,nymphs,Paris,Peleus&Thetis, Planet,Pygmalion,
satyrs,toilet, Venus, Vulcan.
TGa/Tate Gallery/1/asleep.
VAM/Victoria & Albert Museums/5/crouching,Cupid,Medici,Vulcan.
WCo/Wallace Collection/3/attributes,Cupid,cupids.
Longniddry, East Lothian (UK)/GH/ Gosford House, col Earl of Wemyss/2/Adonis.
Los Angeles (LA), USA/CMA/County Museum of Art/5/Bacchus&Ceres,Mars,Planet,toilet,Venus.
FGa/Fisher Gallery Armand Hammer Foundation/1/roses.
JPGM/J. Paul Getty Museum/9/Adonis,Aeneas,Cupid,Helen,Mars.
MACC/ Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center/1/Adonis.
Louisville, USA/SAM/Speed Art Museum/1/allegory.
Lviv, UA/ NMu/ National Museum/1/Cupid.
Lyon, FR/MBA/ Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Vulcan.

Maastricht, NL/BMu/Bonnefantenmuseum/1/Vulcan.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Adonis.
TEFAF/The European Fine Art Fair/4/Bacchus&Ceres,bath,Cupid,Paris.
Madrid, ES/ABASF/Academia de Belles Artes de San Fernando/1/Adonis.
MdP/Museo del Prado/13/allegory,birth,gallery,Paris,Peleus&Thetis,Proserpina.
MLG/Museo Lazaro Galdiano/1/gallery.
MTB/Museo Thyssen Bornemisza/1/toilet.
PaR/Palacio Real/1/Venus.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Adonis.
Mainz, DE/GGa/Gemäldegalerie/1/Aeneas.
Malmaison, FR/CBP/Château et Bois-Préau/1/Amor.
Mannheim, DE/BRHB/ Bretzenheim & Rheinische Hypothekenbank/1/Cupid.


Mantova, IN/PaD/Palazzo Ducale/2/Aeneas,cupids.

Mariemont, BE/ Mu/ Musée/3/Cupid,Milo,water.
Marseille,-FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/3/Adonis,Hercules,Vulcan.
Mechelen, BE/MHB/Museum Hof van Busleyden/1/Adonis.
Miami, USA/ LAM/Lowe Art Museum/1/Paris.
VMG/Vizcaya Museum & Gardens/1/Cupid.
Miami Beach, USA/BMA/Bass Museum of Art/1/Adonis.
Milano, IT/PrC/Private Collections/1/Mars.
SOT/ Sotheby’s Auctioneer/1/Cupid.
Minneapolis, USA/MIA/Institute of Art/1/Adonis.
Minsk, BRU/SKM/ Staatliches Kunstmuseum/1/Vulcan.
Modave, BE/CdM/Château de Modave/1/Vulcan.
Modena, IT/GaE/Galleria Estense/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
Moldova, MD/NMA/National Museum of Arts/1/Vulcan.
Monaco, FR/SOT/Sotheby's Auctioneer/3/Adonis,Cupid,Neptune.
Montpellier, FR/MuF/Musée Fabre/1/Mars.
Morez, FR/MuL/Musée de la Lunette/1/Aeneas.
Moscow, RU/PMu/Pushkin-Museum/3/Cupid,Paris,Pictura.
München, DE/APK/Alte Pinakothek/9/Adonis,CupidoJupiter,Mars,Minerva,Paris,Peleus&Thetis.
BNM/Bayerisches Nationalmuseum/5/Adonis,sacrifice,Thanatos,Vulcan.
BStGS/Bayerischen Staatsgemäldesammlungen/7/Adonis,allegory,Amor,Love,
Mercury, tritons,triumph.
HAM/Hampel Auctioneer/2/Adonis,Bacchus.
PrC/Private Collections/3/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Peleus&Thetis.
SGS/ Staatliche Graphische Sammlung/5/Adonis,Cupid,Mars,Medici,Paris.
Münster, DE/GAL/Gallery/1/Adonis.


Namur, BE/MFR/Musée Félicien Rops/4/Cupid,Cythera.

Namur, BE/MGC/Musée de Groesbeeck de Croix/2/Cupid.
Nancy, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Paris.
Nantes, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/2/Adonis,satyrs.
Napoli, IT/MSM/Museo di San Martino/1/temple.
MuC/Museo di Capodimonte/2/Cupid.
MuF/ Museo Filangieri /1/Amor.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Adonis.
Neuburg a/Donau, DE/ SGa/ Staatsgalerie Neuburg an der Donau/1/Aeneas.
New Haven, USA/YUAG/Yale University Art Gallery/2/Bacchus&Ceres,Mercury.
New York (NY), USA/BMu/Brooklyn Museum/1/Vulcan.
BON/Bonhams Auctioneer/1/Mars.
CHR/Christie’s Auctioneer/23/Adonis,attendants,Cupid,gallery,Love,Mars,
Paris, Pictura,satyrs,Venus,Vulcan.
FCo/Frick Collection/2/allegory,asleep.
GAL/several Galleries/4/Adonis,Aeneas,Amor,Venus.
MMA/Metropolitan Museum of Art/9/Adonis,Cupid,Medici,Paris,temple,
MOMA/Museum of Modern Art/1/birth.


PML/ Pierpont Morgan Library/1/Cupid.

PrC/Private Collections/3/Paris,toilet.
SOT/Sotheby’s Auctioneer/32/Adonis,Aeneas,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,cupids,
doves, gallery,Mars,music,Paris,Peleus&Thetis,satyrs,Venus,Vulcan.
Nîmes, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/asleep.
Nogent s/Seine, FR/CMT/Château de La Motte-Tilly/1/doves.
Norfolk, USA/CMA/Chrysler Museum of Art/2/Adonis,cupids.
Northampton (MA), USA/SCM/Smith College Museum/1/Mars.
Nottingham, UK/CMAG/Castle Museum and Art Gallery/1/Cupid.
Nürnberg, DE/GNM/Germanisches Nationalmuseum/8/Adonis,Cupid,Mars,Mercury,Paris,
Oldenburg, DE/LMS/ Landesmuseum Das Schloß/1/Mars.
Oostende, BE/PMMK/Provinciaal Museum voor Moderne Kunst/2/Milo,Planet.
Orléans, FR/MBA/ Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Adonis.
Oslo, NO/NaGA/Nasjonalgalleriet/1/Paris.
Ottawa, CA/MBA-NGC/Musée des Beaux-Arts de Canada-National Gallery of
Otterlo, NL/KMM/Kröller-Müller Museum/1/Berenice.
Oxford, UK/AMu/Ashmolean Museum/4/Bacchus&Ceres,Mars,Mercury,Vulcan.


Paris, FR/BNF/Bibliothèque Nationale de France/8/Adonis,Bacchus,Bacchus&Ceres,music,Planet,

satyrs, shell.
CHR/Christie’s Auctioneer/2/Cupid,Mercury.
DRO/Drouot Auction House/8/Adonis,satyrs,Venus,Vulcan.
ENSBA/Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts/5/Mars,Paris,Vulcan.
FoC/Fondation Custodia/10/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,crouching,cupids,galleries, Medici,
musician, Victrix.
GAL/Galeries (several)/3/Adonis,birth,Mars.
MdL/Musée du Louvre/31/Adonis,Aeneas,allegory,Cupid,doves,Hercules,Marina, Mars,
PIA/Piasa Auctioneer/3/Adonis,cupids,Graces.
PrC/several Private Collections/3/Cupid,Mars,toilet.
SOT/Sotheby's Auctioneer/3/Adonis,Pluto,worship.
TAJ/Etude Tajan Auctioneer/9/Cupid,Jupiter,Paris,Planet,triumph.
Parma, IT/BiP/Biblioteca Palatina/1/Nereids.
Passadena, USA/NSMA/Norton Simon Museum of Art/1/Mars.
Périgeux, FR/MuP/Musée du Périgord/1/allegory.
Perpignan, FR/MHR/Musée Hyacinthe Rigaud/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
Petworth, UK/PH/Petworth House/1/galleries.
Philadelphia, USA/MuA/Museum of Art/5/Adonis,allegory,satyrs,toilet.
PAFA/Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts/1/Aeneas.
Piacenza, IT/PaF/Palazzo Farnese/1/Amor.
Pommersfelden, DE/ScW/Schloss Weissenstein/5/Bacchus&Ceres,Paris,Peleus&Thetis.
Potsdam, DE/NPa/Neues Palais/5/Adonis,cupids,Mars,Venus.
ScS/Schloss Sanssouci/5/Amor,Cupid,Vulcan.
Poznan, PL/MNP/ Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu/1/Mars.
Praha, CZ/Castle/1/Juno.


NGP/Narodni Galerie v Praze/13/Adonis,Bacchus,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,Mars,Paris,

NLi/National Library/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
Quimper, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Cupid.

Rennes, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/2/birth,Mars.

Rhode Island, USA/SoD/School of Design/1/Paris.
Riga, LV/AMM/Arzemju Makslas Museum/1/Amor.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Adonis.
Rijswijk, NL/Pa/Palace/1/sacrifice.
Roma, IT/BiH/Bibliotheca Hertziana/8/apple,dolphin,Genetrix,shell,temple.
GaB/ Galleria Borghese/2/satyrs,Urbino.
GaC/Galleria Colonna/1/Mars.
GDP/Galleria Doria Pamphilj/2/Adonis,Vulcan.
ING/Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica/5/Adonis,asleep,bath.
Rotterdam(R’dam), NL/BBM/Boymans-van Beuningen Museum/49/Adonis,allegory,apple,
Mars, Medici, Paris, Pictura, Planet,Pluto, satyrs,shell,worship.
Rouen, FR/BiM/Bibliothèque Municipale/2/Mars, Peleus&Thetis.
MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/2/Mars,Minerva.
Rovigo, IT/PAC/Pinacoteca dell'Accademia dei Concordi/1/mirror.

Sacramento, USA/CAM/Crocker Art Museum/1/Adonis.

Saintes, FR/MDM/Musée Dupuy-Mestreau/1/musician.
San Diego, USA/University/2/temple.
San Francisco(SF), USA/FAM/Fine Art Museum/7/apple,Cupid,cupids,flowers,Pallas,shell,temple.
Sarasota, (FL) USA/RMA/Ringling Museum of Art/1/Vulcan.
Seneffe, BE/FCC/ Fondation Culturelle du château de Seneffe/1/toilet.
Schleissheim, DE/MuL/Museum Lustheim/3/gallery,Vulcan.
's-Hertogenbosch, NL/CoS/Collectie Stadhuis/1/Adonis.
NBM/Noordbrabants Museum/4/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Hyppomenes.
Sibiu, RO/MNB/Muzeul National Brukenthal/7/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,Mars,Paris,
Peleus&Thetis, Vulcan.
Solothurn, CH/GAL/Gallery/1/Mars.
St.Louis, USA/CAM/City Art Museum/1/Vulcan.
St.Niklaas, BE/SMu/Stedelijk Museum/5/birth,Paris,Venus.
St.Petersburg, RU/HMu/Hermitage Museum/18/Adonis,Amor,Anadyomene,Bacchus&Ceres,
Cupid, garden, Mars, Mercury, Paris,Vulcan.
PPa/ Pavlovsk Palace/3/Adonis,Mars.
Stockholm, SE/HMu/ Hallwylska Museet/1/Cupid.
NMK/National Museum for Kunst/17/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,bath,cupids,Flora,
Minerva, Paris, Urbino, Venus,Vulcan,worship.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Paris.
ScR/ Schloss Rosenberg/1/Adonis.
UMu/University Museum/1/Adonis.


Strasbourg, FR/MBA/ Musée des Beaux-Arts/2/Mars,Vulcan.

Stuttgart, DE/LBi/Landesbibliothek/3/apple,Hercules,Hymen.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Paris.
Suffolk, UK/IMu/ Ipswich Museum/2/Cupid.

Tarbes, FR/MuM/Musée Massey/1/Paris.

Tel Aviv, IL/MuA/Museum of Art/1/Cupid.
Tokyo, JP/NMWA/National Museum of Western Art/2/Paris,Vulcan.
Torino, IT/GaS/Galleria Sabauda/1/Paris.
PaM/Palazzo Madama/1/triumph.
Toronto, CA/AGO/Art Gallery of Ontario/1/Paris.
Toulouse, FR/MdA/Musée des Augustins/1/Adonis.
Tournai, BE/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Cupid.
Treviso, IT/MuC/ Museo Civico Luigi Bailo/1/Cupid.
Troyes, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/2/Cupid.
Twenthe, NL/RMT/Rijksmuseum Twenthe/1/Bacchus&Ceres.
Udine, IT/ MuC/Museo Civico/1/Amor.
Utrecht, NL/BiUn/Bibliotheek Universiteit/1/Cupid.
CMu/Centraal Museum/10/Adonis,asleep,doves,temple,Venus,Vulcan.

V- W-Y-Z

Vaduz, LT/LMu/ Liechtenstein Museum/2/Adonis,Paris.

Valenciennes, FR/MBA/Musée des Beaux-Arts/1/Paris.
Valtice, CZ/ScMu/Schlossmuseum/1/Vulcan.
Venezia, IT/CaP/Ca' Pesaro-Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna/1/Cupid.
Versailles, FR/CVT/Châteaux de Versailles et du Grand Trianon/1/Cupid.
Warszawa, PL/MNW/Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie/4/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid,Mars.
MuA/Museum Archbishof/1/Adonis.
Washington, DC USA/NGA/National Gallery of Art/4/Adonis,Paris.
SIHM/Smithsonian Institute, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden/ 2/
Weimar, DE/ GNM/ Goethe-Nationalmuseum/4/Bacchus&Ceres,Minerva,Paris.
Wellington, NZ/MNZ/Museum New Zealand Te Papa/4/Adonis.
Wichelen, BE/PrC/Private Collection/1/triumph.
Wien, AT/ABK/Akademie der Bildenden Kunst/3/Bacchus&Ceres,Paris.
garden, Graces,Hercules,Mars,Mercury,Minerva,Neptune,Paris,Psyche,satyrs,
shell, Venus, Vulcan.
DOR/Dorotheum Auctioneers/21/Adonis,Amor,animals,Bacchus&Ceres,Cupid, cupids,
doves, mirror,Paris.
KHM/Kunsthistorisches Museum/22/Adonis,Amor,apple,bath,birth,Bacchus&Ceres,
Cupid, feast,gallery,Jupiter,Mars,Mercury,Minerva,Venus,Vulcan.
LMu/Liechtenstein Museum/6/Adonis,mirror,Psyche,Vulcan.
PrC/Private Collection/1/asleep.


Wiesbaden, DE/Mu/ Museum/1/Time.

Williamstown (Mass), USA/SFCI/Sterling and Francine Clark Institute/3/Cupid,Paris.
Wiltshire, UK/Corsham Court/1/Paris.
Windsor, UK/RCo/Royal Collection/1/satyrs.
Worcester (MA), USA/HAM/Higgins Armory Museum/1/Vulcan.
WAM/Worcester Art Museum/3/Bacchus,Cupid,Peleus&Thetis.
Wroclaw, PL/ Collection Ossolineum/1/Cupid.
York, UK/AGa/Art Gallery/1/Cupid.
Zürich, CH/KOL/Koller Auctioneer/7/Adonis,Bacchus&Ceres,Mars,Paris,Venus,Vulcan.
PrC/Private Collection/1/Cupid.
Ruzicka Stiftung/1/Adonis.


Auction in Europe/2/Venus.


UN or LO = unknown locations or lost or looted /287/Adonis,Aeneas,allegory,Amor,Anadyomene,

Aphrodite,Apollo,apple,Ascagnio,asleep,Bacchus,Bacchus&Ceres, bath,birth,Capitolina,
chariot, crouching, Cupid, cupids, Diana,doves,Eros,fountain,Genetrix, Hercules,Hymen,
Jupiter,Love,Marina,Mars, Medici,Milo, Minerva, nymphs,Paris,Peleus&Thetis,Planet,
Psyche,sacrifice,satyrs,sea,shell,Spring,temple,Time,toilet,tortoise,tritons,triumph, Venus,


PrC=Private Collections or Artist's Collection/73/Adonis,allegory,Amor,Anadyomene,asleep,
Bacchus&Ceres,birth, chariot, Cupid,Eros,fountain,Mars,Medici,Mercury,Paris,Psyche,
sacrifice, satyrs,shell,temple, toilet, triumph,Venus,Victrix,Vulcan,worship.

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