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Prepared by :
Simarpreet Singh
A.P., Civil Engg.
ACET, Amritsar
Table of Contents
 Definition
 Factors
 Classification
 General Specifications for buildings
 Detailed Specifications for buildings
 General Specifications for roads
 Describes the nature and class of
work, materials to be used in work etc.
 Describe quantity of materials,
proportion of mortar, workmanship etc.
which are not mentioned in drawings.
 Drawings and Specifications
collectively define the full structure.
The factors on which specifications
depend upon are mentioned below :
 Nature of the work
 Strength of materials
 Availability of materials
 Quality of Materials
Specifications are of two types :
 General or Brief Specification : It is
different for different classes of
buildings i.e.
◦ First Class
◦ Second Class
◦ Third Class
◦ Fourth Class
 Detailed Specifications
General Specification
(for First Class Buildings)
 Foundation and Plinth :
 DPC : 1:1.5:3 cement concrete of 1”
thickness with standard water proofing
material mixed with cement and two
coatings of bitumen
 : : Flooring :
General Specifications
(Foundation and Plinth)

 First  Second
Class Class  Third  Fourth
Building Building Class Class
s s Building Building
Ist class Ist class
s s
in 1:6 IInd class Sun-dried or
with lime
cement brickwork in kutcha
mortar over
mortar lime mortar bricks in
over 1:4:8 concrete over lime mud mortar
cement concrete
General Specifications
(Damp Proof Course)

 First of bitumen material

Class  Second
Building Class
s Building  Third
1:1.5:3 s Class
cement  Fourth
1:2 cement Building
concrete of Class
1” thickness mortar of
s Building
standard thickness 1:2 cement
mortar of s
water with standard
proofing water 2cm ---
material proofing thickness
mixed with material with standard
cement and water
General Specifications
(Superstructure )

 First  Second Class  Fourth

Class Class Building Class
Building Building s Building
s s Second class s
First class brickwork in
Second class mud mortar. Sun-dried or
brickwork brickwork in kutcha bricks in
with 1:6 Doors and
lime mortar. window mud mortar.
cement Lintels over Doors and
mortar. openings
doors and provided with window
Lintels over windows shall openings
doors and arches of
be of RB. second class provided with
windows arches of
shall be of brickwork in
lime mortar or second class
RCC. brickwork in
wooden planks
lime mortar or
wooden planks
General Specifications

or Jack arched
 First roofs)
Class  Second  Third
Building Class Class  Fourth
s Building
Building Class
Height of s
rooms shall
R.B. slab with s Building
not be less
than 12’.
7.5cm lime Mud over s
concrete bricks or
Over RCC Tile roof over
terracing aove planks over
slab bamboo and
(Flat terraced wooden beams
insulation wooden
roofs over OR G.I. sheet
layer should supports
wooden beams sloping roof
be provided.
General Specifications

 First
Class  Second  Third  Fourth
Building Class Class Class
s Building Building Building
2.5cm s s s
2.5cm cement Brick on edge
concrete Kutcha floor or
concrete over floor over well
over 7.5cm earthen floor
7.5cm lime rammed earth
lime finished with
concrete cow-dung
Verandah floor
shall be of lapping.
brick tile over
lime concrete
General Specifications

distempered outside
 First whitewashed
Class  Second  Third
Building Class Class  Fourth
s Building
Building Class
Inside and s
outside shall
Inside and s Building
be 12mm
cement lime
outside shall Inside and s
be 12mm outside shall
plastered Inside and
cement mortar be plastered
1:1:6. Inside outside shall
plastered 1:6. with lime
and outside be water proof
Ceiling shall be mortar and
whitewashe mud plastered
cement whitewashed
d with
plastered 1:3.
inside and
Detailed Specifications
Sample of Detailed Specifications of
building works is mentioned on link
mentioned below :
General Specifications
 Subgrade : Well consolidated and
compacted with camber 1 in 60
 Soiling : Minimum 1’ wider than metaled
width of road with –
◦ Over burnt bricks filled up with sand and 1”
thick earth lightly compacted
◦ Stone boulders 6” thick well packed and
compacted earth over it
 Inter Coat and Top Coat : Stone ballast
or over burnt brick ballast of 4.5” and
consolidated as well as compacted to 3”
General Specifications
 Bitumen first coat : Stone grit of 20mm
gauge at 220 kg asphalt or Tar no.3 and 1.35
cum stone grit per 100 sqm.
 Bitumen second coat : Stone grit of 12mm
gauge at 120 kg asphalt and 0.75 cum stone
grit per 100 sqm.
 Brick Edging : Over burnt bricks on both
 Misc. :
◦ For heavy traffic wearing surface may be
provided with cement concrete
◦ If subgrade is soft or weak well compacted
thick sub base of inferior materials to be used
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