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Olivia Jost

3819 Janice Street, Philadelphia, PA 19114  (610) 609-9263  ojost23@gmail.com

Online Portfolio: http://www.oliviajostportfolio.weebly.com
Pennsylvania Instructional I Elementary Education Certification (PreK-4)
Pennsylvania Instructional I Special Education Certification (PK-8)

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education, Conferred June 13, 2015, Graduated Cum Laude

Robert B. Pollock Elementary School, School District of Philadelphia
Special Education Teacher, Autism Support Classroom, Grades 3-6, September 2015-Present
 Currently teach students in grades 3-6 in a self-contained Autism Support Classroom
 Develop thorough IEPs with the help and collaboration of regular education teachers, the speech and language therapist,
occupational therapist and physical therapist where necessary that are individualized and specific to the student addressing
needs in functional academics, recreation and leisure, interpersonal communication, vocational, personal maintenance, and
 Maintain accurate and consistent IEP goal data through weekly progress monitoring, monthly progress monitoring, and
annual assessments like the KeyMath3 and Woodcock Reading Mastery Test, Third Edition (WRMT-III)
 Apply and implement STAR Program for students with Autism, including Pivotal Response Training and Discrete Trial
Training as per PhillyAIMS to support student progress in the areas of social and communication skills
 Implement effective teaching practices to support students’ communication and social skills, provide research based
interventions such as Reading Mastery and Connecting Math Concepts, and provide significantly modified lessons as per the
specially designed instruction in their IEPs to support student learning so they can successfully access the general education
 Collaborate and communicate with outside agencies such as BSCs and TSS workers to support positive student behavior
within the school setting
 Implement appropriate use of communication devices as per the individual needs of the students
 Collaborate with regular education and specialist teachers to promote success of student inclusion within the general
education classroom
 Coordinate and plan community based instruction outings so students have the opportunity to practice and apply skills within
the community in order to promote generalization of skills across various settings
 Consistent and professional communication with parents and families through various modes like conferences, IEP meetings,
phone calls and texts through the Google Voice system, emails, written notes, and messages and posts through the ClassDojo
 Heavily involved in school activities and organizations such as Leader in Me and other school events (please see below in
teaching-related experience for specific details)
Albert M. Greenfield Elementary School, School District of Philadelphia
Special Education Student Teacher, Grades K-3, September 2014-December 2014
 Worked one-on-one with kindergarten through 3rd grade students that have a variety of disabilities in a learning support room
and within their inclusive classrooms, assessed students, collected progress monitoring data, and intervened based on data to
support student success within the general education classroom
 Collaborated with my Cooperating Teacher (CT) and general education teachers in order to better meet the needs of all of the
students who receive special education services through differentiation
 Participated in IEP meetings in order to collaborate on measurable annual goals and specially designed instruction that were
appropriate for the individual student
William Meredith Elementary School, School District of Philadelphia
Student Teacher, Grade 4, January 2014-April 2014
 Planned, prepared, and implemented daily lesson that were 4th grade appropriate and differentiated to meet the needs of the
inclusive classroom across all content areas
 Collaborated with CT and other school staff to ensure student needs were met and lessons were appropriate
 Maintained classroom management, assessed student progress, facilitated class discussions to promote higher order thinking
Morton McMichael School, School District of Philadelphia
Pre-Student Teacher, March 2013-June 2013
 Assessed kindergarten students using the DIBELS assessment and analyzed the results
 Developed and implemented individualized intervention plans for four students based on their DIBELS results and specific
 Conducted consistent progress monitoring and benchmark assessments

Leader in Me Leadership Day Team Coordinator, Robert B. Pollock Elementary School
September 2016-Present
 Organize and lead Leadership Day planning meetings with team members
 Develop, plan, and over see Leadership Day, in which students showcase their leadership abilities and knowledge of the
Leader in Me program
 Engage all staff and students in Leadership Day to create an “all-in” atmosphere where each person has an role in the day and
has the opportunity to showcase that role to families, friends, and community members
 Facilitate planning process of other Leader in Me teams and communicate needs of our team to the other coordinators
 Delegate responsibilities to the appropriate people or teams to ensure a smooth planning and development flow
 Create assessment criteria that not only ensures the desired outcome, but provides room for flexibility and creativity among
the students and staff in preparation for Leadership Day
 Use the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People language and mentality to promote student success using the habits and
consistency of language among the students and staff
Newsletter Editor, Robert B. Pollock Elementary School
September 2015-Present
 Organize, create, and maintain a monthly school newsletter containing important school information from various
departments and specialty areas
 Send monthly reminders to staff to submit their piece for the newsletter in a timely fashion
 Receive newsletter submissions and organize them into a newsletter that is both informational and visually appealing
FUNdraiser Team Lead, Robert B. Pollock Elementary School
 Lead a team of staff members in developing, planning, and carrying out school fundraisers that will generate funds for the
school and provide a fun, exciting experience to those attending
 Ensure plan is within budgetary limits
 Communicate effectively to other staff members, parents, families, and community members
Digitability, Philadelphia, PA
Curriculum Developer, June 2014-September 2014
 Created and developed curriculum for an online program that teaches students with autism and other special education
profiles marketable, digital skills including how to write, send, and receive emails
 Managed the company’s social media and blog sites through daily postings, online events, and sample materials in order to
promote Autism Expressed/Digitability


 PhillyAIMS Course Sequence, Completed 2015-2016
 Pennsylvania Teacher Induction Coursework, Currently Enrolled
 Leader in Me Program Professional Development, Completed 2016-2017
 Monthly Professional Developments provided by the School District of Philadelphia


 Quoted in an article in Drexel Magazine for the work I did at McMichael Elementary School, Extra Credit at McMichael
(Article URL: https://drexelmagazine.org/2014/extra-credit/)
 Graduated Cum Laude & Dean’s List 2012-2015