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waft aah wer tert (area fe ara tee) apf sages sar-1, Grr, ae feet 110 012 Wt HY sonicurrunat scientisrsneceurrmesr sony |\)) File No. 5(1)/2016-Exam - I Dated : 11 January, 2018 NOTICE Sub:- Online Examination (DR) for the post of Lower Division Clerks in the Institutes of ICAR-2016. This is for information of all the candidates who have registered online, for the subject examination. This examination, scheduled earlier on 28/10/2017, shall now be held on the 24! February, 2018 (Saturday) in computer based online mode, at various exam centres/venues to be decided by the Board. Admission Certificates indicating date/time, venue and detailed instructions in this regard can be downloaded by the applicants from ASRB’s website, from 30% January, 2018 onward. =a (K.N-Choudhary) Deputy Secretary(Exam) ait Sartre wa weet (seta Bh agaUR Five) pft aga TH, TH, = feet 110 012 & j AGRICULTURAL SCIENTISTS RECRUITMENT BOARD Bs (INDIAN COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH) ey Krishi Anusandhan Bhavan-I, Pusa, New Delhi-110012 f Tele : 25840251, 25848172; Fax : 25846311 wra. 5(1)/2016-7haT-1 feat : 11 crated, 2018 fart aR. & Tera A fea Ach fata gel & few street often (atef sreff)-2016 saga ofan tg sohacor set art wat seficant & fae quar & fe Gt A 28.10.2017 ar fauifta shan, art 24 watt, 2018 (eferar) at asa cant fauita fafier cher sedienst oe merger arena Hasna safe & arafaa Fr sresit) sidan, paaa. H aregc F 30 werat, 2018 & wae yar us sacts ay uaa & Bre or feataae, Furr ae sa Hast F faeqa seqee seaaa er “Laho axa, atertt) srafed (afar)