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Lesson Plan Template

Name(s): Melih AKKAŞ
Unit Title
Grade Level
6th Grade
2 lesson hours
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
6TH grade students will learn at least 60% of the words that is used to describe occupations and they will learn how to use these words
in daily language.
Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
Direct Method
Online Activity
Concept map
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require Learner Participation)]
1.Review the last week’s topic.
2.Looking at a concept map of family tree.
3.Dialogue with the students.
4.Doing Kahoot in the classroom.
5.Checking answers together.
6.Giving explanation about the homework.

Individual Learning Activities Doing worksheet under teacher’s observation.

Group Learning Activities They will form groups in Kahoot and the group who has the highest
score wins.
The family tree will be presented and students are wanted to participate in a occupations review quiz. At the end of the class they are
given a homework to practice on “I will/want to be ….... in future” sentences.
Measurement & Evaluation
Homework and teacher observation.

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Individual Students will do a worksheet and they are expected to participate in
Performance class discussions.
Measurement & Assessment Activities for Group Students will form groups and they are expected to do a Kahoot quiz.
Homework (optional) Homework,a short essay about their goals,are given this week.

Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan

First,teacher will review the topic with the students for a better understanding.After that,teacher will give an activity sheet to the class
and wait for them to do it.Answers will be checked together.There will be dialogue with the students involving the words they learned
so far.Then,the class will participate in Kahoot and the teacher will reward the winners.Homework will be given this week.Students are
expected to write a short essay about what they want to do when they grow up.