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Global MBB Forum 2016

LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G) Market Progress

Vice President, GSA
Global mobile Suppliers Association

November 25, 2016 – Tokyo, Japan

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Global mobile broadband footprint with LTE

LTE Market Status 212 operators (40%) are investing in LTE-Advanced or

billion GSA’s Evolution to LTE report – OCTOBER 2016 4.5G / LTE-Advanced Pro in 88 countries
1 in
tions 771 operators investing in LTE in 195 countries
million • 744 operator commitments in 190 countries 166 (31%) of operators have launched LTE-Advanced
obile • 27 pre-commitment trials in 5 more countries or 4.5G / LTE-Advanced Pro networks in 76 countries
537 commercially launched LTE or LTE-
Advanced networks in 170 countries 23 Category 4 101-150 Mbps
DD. incl. 80 LTE TDD (TD-LTE) launched in 47 countries

an 166 launched networks are LTE-Advanced 116 Category 6 151-300 Mbps

of the or LTE-Advanced Pro in 76 countries
s the GSA forecasts 560+ commercially launched 22 Category 9 301-450 Mbps
d by LTE networks by end 2016
nced 6,504 LTE user devices announced
em. (GSA – October 10, 2016) 5 Category 11/12 451-600 Mbps
1.453 billion LTE subscriptions globally: Q2 2016
© GSA www.gsacom.com LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro networks
Page 166 Theoretical peak DL speeds
1-3 560+ LTE networks forecast by end 2016
- 91 LTE-Advanced / LTE-Advanced
GSA Pro networks
107 High industry traction for LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G) deployments 2
117 mobile Suppliers Association 2
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LTE (including LTE-Advanced) devices ecosystem

6,504 LTE user devices

© GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association)

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Smartphone form factor = 64.3%

502 manufacturers
GSA Status of the LTE Ecosystem report: October 10, 2016 + GAMBoD analysis 3

Global mobile Suppliers Association 3

© GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) www.gsacom.com
networks (FDD and TDD deployments)” via the
ks are
LTE UE device characteristics
ution to
link on http://www.gsacom.com
e will be The table below confirms the bands amongst the
re were most supported by the devices ecosystem.
16. Popular
Several bands
devices aresupported in LTEmultimode.
multiband and/or devices # devices UE Category Peak DL/UL speeds
ncy and
rified as
LTE FDD 3,398 Category 4 150/50 Mbps
1800 MHz band 3 3,889 devices
ice the 2600 MHz band 7 3,566 devices
s report 2100 MHz band 1 3,094 devices 419 Category 6 300/50 Mbps
els. The 800 MHz band 20 2,173 devices
e same 800/1800/2600 tri-band 2,060 devices
AWS band 4 1,643 devices 22 Category 7 300/100 Mbps
850 MHz band 5 1,714 devices
900 MHz band 8 1,549 devices
1900 MHz band 2 1,411 devices 61 Category 9 450/50 Mbps
700 MHz band 17 1,308 devices
700 MHz band 13 702 devices
APT700 band 28 469 devices
1 Category 10 450/100 Mbps
700 MHz band 12 411 devices
1900 MHz band 25 322 devices
1 Category 11 600/50 Mbps
2300 MHz band 40 1,927 devices
2600 MHz band 38 1,541 devices
9 Category 12 600/100 Mbps

2600 MHz band 41 1,428 devices
1900 MHz band 39 1,240 devices 24 Category 13 390/150Mbps
largest 3500 MHz band 42/43 87 devices
operator October 2016 © GSA – Global mobile Suppliers Association
ving an
es. The Note 1: Manufacturers have not declared operating frequencies GSA Status of the LTE Ecosystem report: October 10, 2016 + GAMBoD analysis 4
wing. or fallback modes for some products
Note 2: Certain
Global mobile products are
Suppliers Association 4
carrier or country specific and are© GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) www.gsacom.com
therefore not available in all markets
LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G)
LTE-Advanced Pro users enables the Gigabit LTE era and
new business opportunities
•  Extends/enhances CA
•  Faster speeds: Gigabit MBB
•  Lower latency
•  Higher order MIMO, advanced antenna features
•  D2D
3GPP Release 13 & beyond
•  LTE deployment in unlicensed spectrum
•  NB-IoT for LPWA applications
•  Mission critical PTT --- and more ….

•  Essential bridge from 4G to 5G Global industry support

105 4.5G commercial/

trial networks

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LTE-Advanced Pro: general understanding
An LTE network is considered as 4.5G (LTE-Advanced Pro) when one of the following features is deployed:
•  Ultra-low latency
•  Enhancements for Machine-Type Communication, including a new low complexity UE (NB-IoT or eMTC)
AND at least one of the following:
4 or more component carriers (CC) are combined downlink using carrier aggregation (up to 32 CC is possible)
Total aggregated bandwidth exceeds 60 MHz
2 or more component carriers (CC) are combined uplink using carrier aggregation
256QAM modulation on the downlink
64QAM modulation on the uplink
A primary licensed cell operating in licensed spectrum is aggregated with a secondary cell operating in unlicensed spectrum to
opportunistically boost data rate (License-Assisted Access – LAA – operation)
Higher order MIMO systems FDD 4T4R / TDD 8T8R or more
Enhancements to indoor positioning
Advanced antenna features (e.g. elevation beamforming)
Superposition coding for enhancement for downlink multiuser transmission
V2X communications
Proximity Services ProSe
Mission Critical PTT

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Current 3GPP CIoT solutions

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CASE - Turkey: 3 LTE-Advanced (4.5G) operators


Nationwide launch Nationwide launch Nationwide launch
(81 provinces) (81 provinces) (81 provinces)

B1, B3, B20, B1 used 4x4 MIMO 3C CA

according to site
256QAM used on some sites 256QAM
VoLTE in all network
4x4 MIMO ready in all network
VoLTE in all network
VoLTE/ViLTE in all network Giga 4.5G: potential 1
Tests combining spectrum Gbps theoretical peak
in B1, B3, B7, and B20 with downlink speed
Up to 600 Mbps peak DL on
256QAM and Higher Order
some sites
MIMO systems FDD 4T4R
Network ready for 800 Mbps achieved 942 Mbps DL

Tests combining 8 bands

Over 1 Gbps by end 2016 achieved 1.5 Gbps downlink 8

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LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G) deployments, trials worldwide (FDD, TDD, IoT)


Australia: Telstra 3C CA, 256QAM: 600 Mbps, Cat 11 devices Spain: Vodafone 600 Mbps with 4x4 MIMO

Finland: DNA 600 Mbps Thailand: AIS launched with LAA achieved 550 Mbps

Netherlands: T-Mobile launched NB-IoT in 4 cities Thailand: TRUE MOVE 335 Mbps

Poland: Play Turkey: Turkcell nationwide, up to 600 Mbps

Poland: Polkomtel Turkey: Turk Telecom nationwide

S. Korea: SK Telecom 3C CA, 256QAM, 500 Mbps Turkey: Vodafone nationwide

USA: T-Mobile US

Global mobile Suppliers Association © GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) www.gsacom.com
LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G) deployments, trials worldwide (FDD, TDD, IoT)
Australia: Optus achieved 1.41 Gbps in trial using 5CC CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256 QAM Germany: DT demoed 1.2 Gbps using 5C CA and 4x4 MIMO. Also demonstrated NB-IoT
Australia: Telstra demonstrated 979 Mbps DL, 129 Mbps UL, trialling NB-IoT Germany: Vodafone deploying 4.5G
Australia: Vodafone deploying NB-IoT Ghana: MTN plans to deploy NB-IoT by end 2018
Austria: A1 tested NB-IoT Greece: Cosmote demonstrated 500 Mbps using 3CC CA FDD/TDD and 256QAM
Austria: T-Mobile demonstrated 5C CA with 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM Hong Kong: 3HK demoed 1 Gbps 3C CA FDD & TDD, 256QAM, to deploy 5CC CA
Azerbaijan: Sazz demonstrated 900 Mbps TDD-LTE-Advanced Pro Hong Kong: China Mobile HK demoed 1 Gbps, now deploying 4.5G, tested Massive MIMO
Bahrain: Batelco deploying NB-IoT Hong Kong: HKT using 4CC CA demonstrated 1.2 Gbps
Belgium: Orange deploying NB-IoT and LTE-M in 1H 2017, extending nationwide by end 2017 Indonesia: Telkomsel trialling 4.5G
Belgium: Proximus using 4C CA demonstrated 1.1 Gbps, now deploying Indonesia: XL Axiata deploying 4.5G
Brazil: Claro demonstrated 682 Mbps using 4C CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM DL Iran: MTN Irancell achieved 1.2 Gbps
Brazil: TIM Brasil studying NB-IoT Ireland: Vodafone deploying NB-IoT
Brazil: Vivo demonstrated 530 Mbps with 3C CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM Italy: TIM demonstrated 500 Mbps
Bulgaria: Mtel is testing 4.5G with 4x4 MIMO Italy: Vodafone achieved 1.2 Gbps in trials
Cameroon: MTN plans to deploy NB-IoT by end 2018 Japan: Softbank demoed 5CC CA (TDD 770 Mbps; launched MassiveMIMO; demoed NB-IoT
Canada: Telus is deploying 4.5G, trialling NB-IoT Kenya: Safaricom trialing NB-IoT
China: CMCC trialled NB-IoT, deployed Massive MIMO TDD in Shanghai demoed 630Mbps Kuwait: Zain demonstrated 1 Gbps in trial, 4.5G is in deployment, NB-IoT planned
China: China Telecom deploying NB-IoT Lebanon: Alfa deploying 4.5G
China: China Unicom deploying NB-IoT Lebanon: Touch deploying 4.5G
Cote d’Ivoire: MTN plans to deploy NB-IoT by end 2018 Lithuania: Mezon trialled 400 Mbps 4.5G
Croatia: T-Hrvatski Telekom trialling LTE-Advanced Pro Lithuania: Omnitel trialled up to 750 Mbps using 4CC CA , 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM
Czech Republic: Vodafone 1.2 Gbps in LTE-A Pro trials with 4C CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM Malaysia: U mobile trialling 4.5G
Denmark: TDC demoed 1 Gbps in LTE-A Pro trial using 3CC CA, 256QAM, 4x4 MIMO Namibia: MTC demonstrated 1 Gbps and is planning to deploy 4.5G
Estonia: Telia reached 1 Gbps in 4.5G trials on live network using 3C CA, 256QAM, 4x4 MIMO Netherlands: Vodafone deploying NB-IoT
Finland: Elisa demonstrated 1.9 Gbps using 5C CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM New Zealand: Spark demonstrated 1.25 Gbps
Finland: Sonera trialled NB-IoT Nigeria: MTN plans to deploy NB-IoT by end 2018
France: Bouygues Telecom using 4CC CA, 256QAM, 4x4 MIMO achieved >1 Gbps, 2C CA UL Norway: TeliaSonera demoed 1 Gbps using 4C CA & targets service launch 2H 2016
France: SFR trialled NB-IoT Norway: Telenor NB-IoT smart parking trial starting January 2017

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LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G) deployments, trials worldwide …continued
Oman: Omantel demonstrated 1 Gbps using LTE-Advanced Pro technology Spain: Telefonica demoed LAA; demoed 800 Mbps with 4C CA 4x4 MIMO 256QAM,
Qatar: Vodafone demonstrated 780 Mbps, 4.5G now in deployment testing NB-IoT
Philippines: Globe deploying 4.5G, in trials achieved 1.4 Gbps DL using 5C CA Spain: Orange demoed 1.5 Gbps using 4C CA, 4x4 MIMO and 256QAM
Poland: Orange demoed 1 Gbps 4C CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM and 1.91 Gbps 5C CA Spain: Vodafone trialling NB-IoT and will deploy
Poland: T-Mobile demonstrated 4C CA 1.2 Gbps Sri Lanka: Dialog Axiata demoed 1.Gbps using 75 MHz B40, 256QAM, 4x4 MIMO and
Portugal: MEO (PT) demonstrated 1.7 Gbps with 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM plans deployment
Portugal: Nos trialled NB-IoT Sri Lanka: Mobitel trialled LTE-Advanced Pro 4.5G
Portugal: Vodafone demonstrated 300 Mbps using 3C CA and 256QAM Sweden: Telia trialling NB-IoT
Puerto Rico: Claro trialled 4.5G with 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM DL, 64QAM UL Switzerland: Swisscom achieved 1Gbps using LTE-Advanced Pro 4.5G
Qatar: Ooredoo & CMCC (China) demoed 10CC CA FDD-TDD achieving 4.1 Gbps Turkey: Vodafone deploying NB-IoT
Romania: Orange demonstrated 1 Gbps 4.5G UAE: Du demonstrated 900 Mbps using 3C CA with 4x4 MIMO
Romania: Vodafone demonstrated 1.35 Gbps UAE: Etisalat achieved over 1 Gbps using 5C CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM; trialled NB-IoT &
Russia: Megafon 3CC CA, 256QAM, 4x4 MIMO demoed 1 Gbps, trialling NB-IoT deploying
Russia: MTS tested NB-IoT, now in deployment Uganda: MTN plans to deploy NB-IoT by end 2018
Saudi Arabia: STC trialled multiple TDD carriers achieving 1.59 Gbps UK: EE demoed 2.1 Gbps in 4.5G trial; planning to trial NB-IoT in Q2 2017
Singapore: M1 demoed 1Gbps 3CCCA, 256QAM, 4x4 MIMO; 2CC CA 130 Mbps UL, deploying; UK: Vodafone trialling TDD+ with 8T8R
trialled NB-IoT, deploying nationwide in 2017 Ukraine: Lifecell demonstrated 1.5 Gbps using 5C CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM
Singapore: SingTel trialling LTE-Advanced Pro LAA USA: AT&T deploying NB-IoT and Cat M1
Singapore: StarHub demoed >1 Gbps 3CCA,4x4MIMO,256QAM; 2CCA 64QAM UL, deploying USA: Verizon deploying Cat M1
Slovakia: Slovak Telecom demoed 900 Mbps using 3C CA, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM Zambia: MTN plans to deploy NB-IoT by end 2018
South Africa: MTN demoed 1 Gbps (2 unlic. 5GHz bands, 2.1GHz, 4x4 MIMO; deploying NB-IoT
South Africa: Vodacom demoed 1 Gbps 3C CA and also launched an LTE-U ready site
South Africa: Multichoice/WBS deploying 4.5G network
S. Korea: LG Uplus demoed 780 Mbps DL. Launched 108 Mbps 2CC CA UL, deploying NB-IoT
S. Korea: KT demoed NB-IoT, 10C CA trial 3.8Gbps, 3CCA + 256AM 428 Mbps, eLAA/LAA trial
S. Korea: SK Telecom studying NB-IoT


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4.5G Devices
Smartphone:600Mbps Ready, 1Gbps Coming

300Mbps/450Mbps* 600Mbps* 1Gbps*

LG#G3 Huawei#Mate#8 LG#G5 Samsung#S7 Sony#


• DL#CAT12,#3CC+4T4R+256QAM#
• DL#CAT9,#3CC#CA+64QAM# • CAT16,#4CC+4T4R+256QAM#
• UL#CAT13,#2CC#+#64QAM#

2015 2016H1 2016H2
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4.5G Devices with 4x4 MIMO
Samsung S7 smartphone (T-Mobile version) Sony Xperia XZ (multiple Japanese &
European operators)

Wi-Fi Station (NTT DoCoMo)

Samsung S7 edge smartphone (T-Mobile version)

Netgear MR1100 mobile router (Telstra)

Huawei B5328 CPE (Europe and Chinese operators)


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Cat 16 devices

Qualcomm Has Launched Sixth Generation Snapdragon X16 Chipset

i 1st Cat 16 LTE modem chipset

• 1st&Chipset&to&support&up&to&1Gbps&speed&

• &Up&to&4CC&Downlink&CA&(4&x&20MHz)&&

• 2CC&&Uplink&CA&&

• 4&x&4&MIMO&

• 256QAM&

• LAA&

• All&3GPP&Approved&Bands&
Netgear announced Mobile Router MR1100
Gigabit Class LTE mobile device with X16 modem • Industry’s&cirst&commercially&announced&&
LTE&Advanced&Pro&modem&,&Available&& 14
15 mobile Suppliers Association
Associaton 14
© GSA (Global mobile Suppliers &
Association) www.gsacom.com
Scaling toPro
LTE-Advanced connect the Internet
(4.5G) deployments oftrials:
and ThingsNB-IoT
Scaling up in performance and mobility
Scaling down in complexity and power

LTE Advanced LTE Cat-1 LTE-M (Cat-M1) NB-IOT

>10 Mbps Up to 10 Mbps Up to 1 Mbps 10s of kbps to 100s of kbps
n x 20 MHz 20 MHz 1.4 MHz narrowband 180 kHz narrowband

LTE Advanced (Today+) LTE IoT (Release 13+)

Mobile Video security Wearables Object Tracking Utility metering Environment monitoring
40 NB-IoT trials, studies, deployments

A1, AT&T, Batelco, CMCC, China Telecom, China Unicom, DT, EE,
Connected car Energy Management
Etisalat (UAE), KT, LG U+,City
Connected healthcare
M1, Megafon, MTN CI/CN/GH/NG/SA/UG/ZA,
infrastructure Smart buildings
MTS RU, Nos, Orange BE, Safaricom, SFR, SK Telecom, Softbank,
Significantly widening the range ofSonera
FI, T-Mobileand consumer
Netherlands, use
Telefonica cases
Spain, Telia SE, Telstra,
Telus, TIM Brasil, Vodafone Australia, Vodafone Ireland, Vodafone
Netherlands, Vodafone Spain, Vodafone Turkey, Zain KW 25


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NB-IoT devices ecosystem

Oviphone NB-IoT smartwatch

Quectel BC95 (module)
Supports B5/B8/B20
Sequans Monarch (module)

Single-chip Cat M1/NB-IoT solution

Ublox SARA-N2 series (module)

HOLLEY NB-IoT Smart electricity, water, gas meters
GOLDCARD NB-IoT Smart gas meter
SARA-N200 for band 8 INNOTEK NB-IoT Smart parking solution
SARA-N201 for band 5 JANZ NB-IoT Smart electricity meter
SARA-N210 for band 20 PIETRO FIORENTINI NB-IOT Smart gas meter
Q-FREE NB-IoT parking sensors
INTEL XMM 7315 chipset
Solutions companies………
Supports Cat M1 and NB-IoT Development services companies ……

QUALCOMM MDM 9206 chipset Lierda NB-IoT (USB dongle)

Supports Cat M1 and NB-IoT For development projects 16

Global mobile Suppliers Association

Associaton 16
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LTE, LTE-Advanced & LTE-Advanced Pro updates

LTE devices database


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