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Nama : Wenni Alfianita

Kelas : D-III Teknik Kimia / 1E

NIM : 1731410050
Simple Sentence
1. Yesterday, a chemical engineer created a plastic waste processing device
2. The students are fully aware of the potential dangers of the poison
3. Some solid mixtures are made up of different crystal
4. A student is experimenting to make cheese from pure cow’s milk
5. A researcher writes an article about the dangers of chemicals in food

Compound Sentence
1. Dani weigh the materials and Rina make a note of result
2. The students observe microba in laboratory and teacher controls with calmly
3. Yesterday, Rina discovered a new study but the lecturers rejected
4. We must wear the goggles for protecting the eyes or we don’t expose the eyes to direct rays
5. Dessy was cleaning the laboratory but Dimas was going to the cafeteria

Complex sentence
1. We shouldn’t pour sulfat acid before water, because sulfat acid is an explosive solution
2. Sea water is processed through a distillation process to produce pure water, because
distillation is separating and purifying of liquids
3. Natrium chloride solution can conduct electricity, because natrium chloride solution is
4. I am wearing safety shoes, before i am working in the laboratory
5. When the class began, we were discussing about the danger of mercury
Compound-Complex Sentence
1. The lecturer tells about the toxic hazards on the body and the students wear protective
clothing when they work in the laboratory
2. Tania was washing the flask and Sony was drying the glass beaker with quickly, even though
they knew it was easily broken
3. Lecturers teach about the preparation of the solution but the one of the students did not
understand when the lecturer has delivered repeatedly
4. The technician has read the rules of work in the laboratory but one of the students violates the
rules even though the students know it
5. After the solution is made with aquades, Rina puts it into a bottle and Tony saves it to the
fume hood