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September 23, 2017 at 9:47pm ·


A govt servant can get Pension and Commutation on
a) Completion of 25 years service
b) attaining the age of 60 years
c) If a Govt servant dies after completing minimum 10 Years service, his Family can get the pension.
Gross Pension= Last Basic Pay X Service in years (Max 30) X 7/300
(Note: 6 months or more than 6 months service will be counted full year.)
If a Govt Servant whose date of birth is 1/1/1970 and date of appointment is 1/3/1990 retires on 28/2/2015
after completing 25 Years service and his Last basic pay is 30000 in Grade 14, his gross pension will be as
Gross Pension = 30000 X 25 X 7/300 = 17500
Commuted Pension = Gross Pension X 35/100 = 17500 X 35/100= 6125
Amount of Commutation=
Commuted Pension X12 X Rate from Commutation Table
= 6125 X 12 X 20.3555 = 1496129
In the above example, age on next birthday of Govt servant on 28/2/2015 becomes 47. ( Age on 1/1/2016).
So we have taken the rate of 47 years from the commutation table which is 20.3555
Net Pension = Gross Pension X 65/100 = 17500 X 65/100 = 11375
Increases on Net Pension are as under.
Medical (25% of Net Pension) = 2843.75
(Note: For Grade 16 and above, Medical is 20%)
25% Increase on Medical = 710.93
15% Increase of year 2010 = 1706.25
15% Increase of year 2011 = 1706.25
10% Increase of year 2013 = 1137.50
10% Increase of year 2014 = 1137.50
7.5% Increase of year 2015 = 853.12
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The Govt servant will get commutation Rs. 1496129 and Pension Rs. 21470 per month.
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Zakir Rahman
‫د ﺷﺌﺮ ﮐﻮﻟﻮ ڈﯾﺮه ڈﯾﺮه ﻣﻨﻨﻪ‬ 1

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Ihsan Ullah
Very informative.......nice post..Allah Taala jazaye khair day.
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Qayoum Ul Haq Khilje

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Muhammad Ayaz
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Sardar Ali Khan Musazai

thanks for nicer information.
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Iqbal Hussain
Apnay bayi ka penshin kud banaow 1

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Engnr Khan
Arshad Khan
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Gul Zada Khan

Useful for every one.
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Iftikhar Ali Khan

Zabar10 sir
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Musharraf Khan
I think it is just preliminary informations for persons due for retirement whatever the case may
be. Figures & Variables can be changed but formula will remain the same. The method &
procedure is applicable all the times. 3

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Suliman Khan
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Murad Khan Yousafzai

Thanks good information
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Muddesar Wazir
Shabash 1

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Ali Man Shah Afridi

Thanks good information
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Amir Zeb
if a person retired on age 60 years but his service is less than 25 years let say 20 years then....?
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Barkat Ali
Gift for everyone 1

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Rehmatmarwat Lakki
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Waqas Ahmad
Qaisar Ali 1

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Rashid Tanoli
Very nice share
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Gauhar Ali Adil

Nice post 1

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Sajid Orakzai
Thanks for sharing valuable information...khalil sb 1

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Zaib Ullah
Tnx for information 1

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Mukhtar Fazal Khan

For those who retired on and upto 30.6.2017
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Mukhtar Fazal Khan

The increases admissible will be 7/2011-7/2015-7/2016 and 7/2017..with med.allow as
mentioned in post..for those who retires on 1/7/2017 and after 1
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Mukhtar Fazal Khan

Agkhyberpakhtunkhwa.gov.pk..go for pension calculator there..very easy to calculate pension 1

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Farman Ali
Zbr10 1

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Hussain Khan
Great 1

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Gul Zeb


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Ihsan Swati
Valuable info sir 1

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Muhammad Ishaq
Nice post....
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