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Evaluation Question Three: What Have You Learnt From Your Audience Feedback?

The audience feedback I received from my individual creations was an integral part to improving my
creations. Listening to my fellow peers who have an interest in the genre was something I needed to
take ideas and inspiration from. The audience feedback that I received was very mixed but this
allowed me determine which advice I would take and it gave me the opportunity to decipher which
feedback was given in relation to an interest in the HipHop genre.

Audience feedback was given to me majorly on my class pitch which then influenced all of my final
products; Music Video, Magazine Advert and DigiPak. Having this opportunity to hear opinions from
my intended audience aided me throughout all the creation processes of my final products. I
received feedback through the forms of comments on my blog and verbal feedback from friends,
family and fellow peers who both were interested in the HipHop genre or were not.

As you can see we received feedback for our artist name from a peer who has an interest in the
HipHop genre, Charlee Feer. This was important to us as it reassured us as a group we had an
appropriate judgement for the conventions of the HipHop genre that we had gathered during
research and planning stages. Others feedback we received feedback from we knew were not people
who had a direct interest into the HipHop genre however the most of our feedback was positive so
we then decided to receive verbal feedback. We targeted people we knew had an interest in
HipHop. Ben Field within out media group was able to turn to his friends Jaisal Patel and Joel Roberts
for this feedback. Joel we later ended using in our Music Video as a vocal artist.
Jaisal Patel ‘The whole Idea sounds good and I think the outdoor shots may work with clever filters
and camera editing but I am unsure as to whether that will fit the song you have chosen? I think
narrative sounds good but do you think it is appropriate and you can do it effectively.’

Joel Roberts ‘You could differ between using Black and White shots normal coloured shots perhaps
depending on the pace or setting? Like if it is outside make it black and white or vice versa.’

The only feedback we took from this verbal consultation was exploring into the achievability of the
narrative aspect we had planned for our Music Video. When we asked other peers as to whether it
was an essential element to the video they all assured us to the extent that we decided to scrap the
whole suggestion of a narrative music video entirely and consequently resort to a wholly narrative
video. In hindsight we have decided as a group this was the best decision we have made during our
preproduction process as the narrative we were going to explore contained the topic of depression.
And of course this is a sensitive issue to handle although it is frequently explored in the HipHop
genre. The narrative element will have also taken the attention away from the artist and therefore
the genre itself meaning our video would target the assumed audience in a less affective way. The
rest of the feedback was taken aboard but not until we had made had our first drafts of the video.
Initially we decided to experiment with our intuition first by shooting the the video as we had
planned and editing it separately. This allowed us the opportunity to filter through our own
individual ideas and then apply the feedback we were given from the minds of fans for the HipHop
genre. By doing this we not only realised how important the feedback we received was initially but
also how our own judgements were not appropriate as we did have to end up changing the location
of the video due it not fitting the genre and the song.

During the process of creating my Digipak I kept in mind the black and white theme people had
commended during our speech for the Music Video. I asked my fellow peers if keeping this idea was
affective and many agreed although one person verbally suggested I introduced colour on one of the
Digipak panels. Bearing this in mind I ignored this suggestion as I was happy with the constant
running theme of the monochrome forms of colour as I thought it fitted well with the HipHop genre.
The lettering I had chosen received feedback of being similar to the rest of the HipHop genre so
consequently I stuck to it but chose many positions and sizes for it and chose the one with the most
positive feedback for my final design. Ultimately it did come down to my personal opinion and I
believe the minute changes I have made to the Digipak have aided it in terms of being a product
fitting with the HipHop genre.

I decided that with the magazine advert I would avoid a theme between this and the Digipak. Verbal
feedback I received included

‘It is like a new thing and offers and element of surprise.’ Charlee Feer

‘I like the lack of identity for the artist in the advert and it is a simplistic style which connotes the fact
he is a new artist.’ Frank Parnell

I decided that because this was positive feedback from fans of the genre this new twist was not
essential to making my ancillary products consistent with one another. I received positive feedback
for my photography skill and choice of photo which I aimed to achieve th purpose of having a lack of
identity for my artist which was achieved. I made improvements to my drafts which were the
additions of the record label and the dates. This helped to conform to usual expectations and give
off a more professional tone. I tried to stray away from typical lexical tone to ensure my reader
grasped the knowledge in an efficient manner and I was told that was an ‘affective device’ to include
as it ‘put across the information quickly’ thus leaving me with my final product.