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Premature labor, also known as preterm labor, is a very serious complication of

pregnancy. This is defined as labor that begins prior to 37 weeks gestation. About 12% of
mothers today go into labor before 37 weeks of pregnancy. 25% of preterm births are due to an
induction of labor or a recommended cesarean because of health problems with mother or baby.
It is crucial that mothers in this category exhaust every possible option and confirm the medical
necessity of giving birth at this stage of pregnancy before agreeing to an induction or cesarean
prior to 37 weeks

Unfortunately, many women do not understand the signs of premature labor. Early
detection can help prevent premature birth and possibly enable them to carry their pregnancy to
term or to give their baby a better chance of survival.


This is a case of a 22 year old pregnant woman that has been admitted last July 31, 2010
2:00pm at Tamayo Medical Center. We handled the patient two days before she was discharged.
She was diagnosed with Breech Preterm Labor. In this study the group would find out how
breech preterm labor affects the client¶s normal pregnancy. The group would thoroughly discuss
and identify the factors and risks how the client acquired this diagnosis. The study would give an
overview of the client¶s lifestyle, history, and her whole stay at the hospital along with the
management done to her. Also it would also give an insight why those she seeked medical


The group chose this study to relate it in prelim topic which is Maternal and Child
Delivery. They decided to have a depth look into it because of its rarity. They wanted to know
more about this diagnosis in a more hands on approach so this case provided them with that


The study with would be beneficial for the following:

‰c Œ  . It would provide further knowledge about the disease and enhancement
of skills regarding client management would be boosted.
‰c . It could also be of guide and as a reference for future basis regarding
‰c ô    
. It would provide additional information regarding the illness and
possible new skills that can be performed with this kind of client.
‰c ¯    ô 
: Can be of guide and can provide awareness and
understanding regarding the case.


The study would be specific and concise regarding the discussion of the said disease. It
would be limited only to the client¶s main diagnosis and the other disease would not be
thoroughly included. Information was gathered through interview and chart documentation.